Chapter 276 – Kill!

Almighty Sword Domain


The dagger swept past Yang Ye’s neck. However, it was like the dagger had struck hard metal, and it emanated the resounding sound of metal colliding with each other!

Leng Jun who held the dagger was stunned. Obviously, he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s physical body would actually be strong to such a terrifying extent! In next to no time, he recovered from his shock, and he didn’t hesitate to vanish mysteriously on the spot.

In the next moment, he’d appeared over 10m away!

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression as he watched the black figure vanish from his field of vision. Earlier, if it wasn’t for the strength of his physical body, then he would have probably become a headless corpse by now.

Perhaps the combat ability of these King Realm assassins wasn’t very terrifying. However, he had no choice but to fear their ability when it came to techniques of assassination. Just like the moment that assassin had chosen just now. That moment was exactly the moment where Yang Ye had let his guard down and was the most relaxed. Yet it was exactly this subtle instant that had been accurately grasped by that assassin!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and started to become serious. Presently, the assassins were aware that his physical body was formidable, so they would definitely go all out when they attacked next! Of course, he wasn’t afraid of them. He was just truly unwilling for what happened earlier to repeat itself and suffer an attack yet have no choice but to just watch as the enemy left!

Such a feeling was truly extremely aggrieving!

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he walked slowly towards Leng Feng who’d been stabbed by the 36 swords to the point he seemed like a porcupine. As Yang Ye gazed at Leng Feng’s corpse, he issued a command in his heart, and the 36 swords instantly flew back into the sword chest. After that, Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and the spatial ring on Leng Feng’s index finger flew into his palm.

Yang Ye shook his head after he took a glance at the content of the spatial ring, and then a wisp of disappointment flashed in his eyes. Besides over a thousand energy stones, there was nothing else within the spatial ring!

Are all of these assassins so poor? Yang Ye glanced at Leng Feng’s corpse with disdain, and then he intended to leave. However, right at this moment, his gaze had inadvertently descended onto a red iron token on Leng Feng’s waist. After a moment of hesitation, Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and the red iron token flew into his palm. When he focused his gaze onto the iron token, he noticed that a single scarlet red character ‘’ that represented blood was inscribed on the front of the token.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Ye had roughly guessed what it was. It was probably a form of identification in the League of Doom! Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he placed the iron token into his spatial ring because he felt that he might have a use for it in the future.

After he finished doing all of this, Yang Ye didn’t stay here any longer, and he flashed towards the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains.

After around 15minutes later, Leng Jun suddenly appeared where Yang Ye stood just now. He glanced at the direction that Yang Ye had left towards before he glanced at Leng Feng’s corpse, and he had an extremely solemn expression in his eyes. Earlier, he’d already arrived here when Leng Feng clashed with Yang Ye, but he hadn’t made a move because he was waiting for the best opportunity!

In the end, he’d found the best opportunity just as he’d wished. However, he’d never imagined that Yang Ye’s physical body was actually strong to such a terrifying extent, and it was even harder than iron!

Right at this moment, Leng Yin suddenly appeared by Leng Jun’s side. He glanced at Leng Feng’s corpse before he frowned, and then he gazed at Leng Jun and said, “You fought him?”

Leng Jun nodded and said, “You were right. Yang Ye really does deserve to be the 1st on the Ascension Rankings. His strength is utterly not inferior to an ordinary King Realm expert. Besides the fact that he was careless and had underestimated Yang Ye, Yang Ye’s own strength was the main reason for Leng Feng’s death! No wonder the higher-ups sent all three of us to carry out this assignment!”

“His strength is formidable?” Leng Yin chuckled and said, “That’s great. I haven’t encountered such an interesting target for many years. Do you know? At the moment that I was injured by him the other day, that feeling of excitement returned to me once more! The higher-ups promised that we would be able to become earth assassins in advance if we’re able to kill him. But now, even if the higher-ups give up on assassinating him, I would still not give up on assassinating him!”

Leng Jun glanced indifferently at Leng Yin, and then he said, “I hope you’re fully satisfied with the excitement you get from this assassination!” As soon as he finished speaking, Leng Jun’s figure shook and vanished on the spot.

Leng Yin grunted coldly, and then he didn’t stay here any longer. His figure flashed towards the distance!

Yang Ye was riding Grey swiftly through a plain. All along the way, he’d been maintaining a high level of vigilance at all times. However, he was slightly depressed because the other two assassins hadn’t made another appearance for the last two days. However, Yang Ye was sure that they were very close time, and perhaps they were keeping an eye on him from somewhere while waiting for a suitable opportunity to launch a lethal attack!

It was exactly because of this reason that he hadn’t set up another trap for them throughout these past two days.

Now, the first thing he had to do wasn’t to try and kill them, and it was to escape them and blend into the shadows. Because only in this way would he have an opportunity to kill them. Otherwise, with the strange movement technique they possessed, it would be useless even if he summoned all of the King Rank Darkbeasts he had! On the other hand, if he wanted to escape them and blend into the shadows, then he had no choice but to summon Grey!

With Grey as his means of travel, Yang Ye rode Grey for two more days before he intended to start his counterattack. However, right at this moment, the sound of battle suddenly resounded from afar, and it caused Yang Ye to frown.

Yang Ye immediately decided to abandon his plans to set up an ambush, and then he placed Grey back into the tiny vortex before he flashed forward. Since there were sounds of battle, then it would definitely be impossible to ambush those two assassins because the assassins would definitely take precautions if they heard the sound of battle!

However, Yang Ye was still slightly puzzled because while this place wasn’t the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains, it was at the border of the inner area of the Grand Myriad Mountains. The reason he was able to arrive here was that Grey had led the way, and this place could be said to belong to the Darkbeasts. If humans were to attack Darkbeasts here, then it would be no different than courting death.

On a hill, two women were standing back to back with swords in their hands while 20 King Rank Flameroar Lions and the corpses of other Flameroar Lions covered the ground!

When Yang Ye arrived here and saw the corpses that covered the ground, he was instantly astounded. He was clearly aware of the strength possessed by these Flameroar Lions, yet these two women were actually able to annihilate so many. After all, these two women were merely at the first rank of the King Realm!

Yang Ye started to size them up. Both of them were around the age of 20 and had pretty appearances. Especially the woman on the left, she possessed a pair of slender and fair legs, a figure that was neither thin nor fat, and while her appearance couldn’t be considered to be peerless, it possessed a charm of its own. Especially when she was encircled by those Darkbeasts, the faint smile that hung on her face added a little more charm to her.

On the other hand, the woman on the right was slightly chubby. Her face was round yet hadn’t affected her beauty. Especially the pair of large eyes she possessed, they were extremely bright and beautiful to the point of being unforgettable. In any case, in Yang Ye’s opinion, this woman was the first woman he’d seen that possessed such a figure yet was still pretty! However, the woman’s expression was the complete opposite of the faint smile that hung on the face of the woman on the left. At this moment, her expression was solemn while her bright and beautiful eyes flashed with a wisp of worry from time to time!

“Weiwei, what should we do? More and more members of this lion pack are arriving as we kill them. We’re utterly unable to annihilate them. Once the profound energy within our bodies is exhausted, then this damnable place will be our grave! I don’t want to die, nor do I want to become the food of these animals!” The slightly chubby woman spoke with slight anxiousness.

The woman called Weiwei grinned and said, “Don’t worry Yanyan, with Big Sister here, you don’t have to worry no matter how many Flameroar Lions there are.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she tapped the tip of her toe on the ground, and then her figure shot forward. When she’d shot 3m forward, she suddenly tapped the ground lightly once more, and then her figure spun on the spot. At the same time, the sword in her hand swept out in an extremely natural manner.

In an instant, a snow white strand of sword qi took the form of a crescent as it shot explosively towards six King Rank Flameroar Lions that were standing in front of her. Because they were too huge, they were utterly unable to evade this strand of sword qi, and the sword qi collided with them.

After that, hissing sounds erupted as the six King Rank Darkbeasts were instantly transformed into 12 pieces under Yang Ye’s astounded gaze….

She’d instantly annihilated six King Rank Darkbeasts with a single strike…. Of course, Yang Ye was even more shocked because the woman had actually comprehended Sword Intent. Moreover, it was even 3rd level Sword Intent!

“Darling, you’re amazing!” Meanwhile, the woman called Yanyan suddenly cried out loudly, and then she ran to the woman called Weiwei before forcefully embracing her. Moreover, she even pecked Weiwei’s cheek. This scene instantly stunned Yang Ye who was hiding in the shadows!

Weiwei blushed. Right when she was about to say something, the Flameroar Lions in the surroundings had suddenly roared furiously, and then they pounced ferociously at the two women. Obviously, her actions had infuriated these King Rank Darkbeasts!

Besides that, the entire ground had started to tremble lightly. After that, countless Flameroar Lions suddenly appeared in the distance, and then they swarmed towards the two women.

Both their expressions changed when they witnessed this scene. Even though they possessed extremely formidable strengths, not to mention them, even a Spirit Realm expert would have no choice but to retreat temporarily when facing such a huge swarm of Darkbeasts!

Weiwei hesitated for a moment before she decisively grabbed the woman by her side who’d been completely scared stiff, and then she leaped up. At the instant she leaped up, a pair of pure white wings that were formed from profound energy had appeared on her shoulder.

Right at this moment, a wisp of hesitation flashed in her eyes again, and then she sighed lightly. After that, her figure flashed, and in a few breaths of time, she’d descended onto the spot where Yang Ye was hidden!

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw the woman come over abruptly. What does she intend to do?

Right when he was puzzled, the woman called Weiwei had suddenly grabbed his shoulder, and then she soared into the sky and flashed towards the distance!

Yang Ye gazed at the dense expanse of Darkbeasts on the ground below before he glanced at the woman by his side, and then he blinked. This woman is rescuing me? Why is she rescuing me? Could it be that I’ve encountered a kindhearted person that only exists in stories?

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