Chapter 325 – Xiao Tianji!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet mink stared fixedly at Yang Ye while she held the Icesoul Fruit with her claws. Her lively violet eyes were gradually filled with glistening droplets of water.

Yang Ye’s head hurt when he saw the violet mink in such a state, and he stretched out his hand to embrace the violet mink. He rubbed his chin against her furry little head as he said in a gentle voice, “Little Fellow, what’re you doing here?”

The violet mink’s place in Yang Ye’s heart could truly be described as irreplaceable! It could be said that even Su Qingshi couldn’t compare to the violet mink! Because only the little fellow had accompanied him all the way through life and death!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, he could betray the heavens, he could betray the earth, and he could even betray the world. However, he would absolutely not betray the little fellow!

The violet mink rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s chin, and then she raised her head to gaze at Yang Ye before she started gesticulating with her little claws….

After a short while, Yang Ye understood what the little fellow meant, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He said, “You’re saying that you snuck out again?”

The violet mink nodded, and then she revealed a brilliant smile.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, and then he rubbed the little fellow’s head and said, “Do you know that your Imperial Father and mother will be worried about you?”

At this moment, he was extremely moved in his heart. He knew that besides because the little fellow was reluctant to leave his side, the other reason why the little fellow had snuck out was that she was worried about him! After all, he had countless enemies now!

Right at this moment, Xiao Yuxi asked in a low voice. “It… is a Spatial Mink?”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he asked. “You know the little fellow’s clansmen?”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye with a strange gaze upon seeing Yang Ye nod towards her, and then she glanced at the violet mink and said, “Why is it with you? And it’s even so close to you….”

At this moment, Xiao Yuxi was extremely shocked. She naturally knew of the Spatial Minks. Even her clan and father were extremely fearful of this terrifying clan! However, she’d never imagined that she would actually see a Spatial Mink being so close to a human. After all, the demon race had always been hostile and looked down upon the human race!

Yang Ye grinned and said, “That’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it slowly in the future!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he lowered his head to look at the little fellow and said, “Little Fellow, since you’ve come, then how about we fight the extraordinary geniuses of the various territories together?”

The violet mink’s eyes lit up, and then she swiftly nodded. Because she loved fighting and plundering the most.

Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he held the little fellow in his arms as he flashed towards the depths of the tomb. Xiao Yuxi remained silent for a moment, and then her figure flashed to follow behind him.

Not long after Yang Ye, the violet mink, and Xiao Yuxi left, the space at the spot where they stood earlier had suddenly warped, and then a man and woman appeared there. They were none other than the Mink Emperor and Demon Empress who had stopped the little fellow from being together with Yang Ye.

The Demon Empress asked with a low voice while she gazed at the direction that Yang Ye and the violet mink had vanished towards. “Is he really the Undertaker’s disciple?”

The Mink Emperor nodded and said, “It should be true!”

When he spoke up to here, the Mink Emperor’s expression suddenly turned solemn as he said, “This kid is slightly mysterious. I’ve tried to discover the path his destiny takes in the future, but I failed to obtain any information because his future is completely hazy. Nothing can be seen of it!”

“You’re actually unable to discern the destiny of a King Realm profounder with your strength?” asked the Demon Empress with a frown on her face.

“No one in this world can discern his future!” right at this moment, a third voice suddenly resounded here, and then a middle aged man who wore a luxurious robe appeared mysteriously in front of the Demon Empress and Mink Emperor.

The middle aged man was handsome, his long hair hung loosely on his shoulders while he held a string of violet colored prayer beads in his hand, and his entire body emanated an indifferent and extraordinary. However, his eyes were covered by a white cloth!

Their expressions changed slightly when they saw this middle aged man. It wasn’t because this middle aged man’s sudden appearance here, and it was instead because of what the middle aged man had said! They would have naturally maintained their composure if it was anyone else who’d spoken such words, but it was different when it was said by this middle aged man!

Because this middle aged man was the Seer of this present age.

What did this title represent? It represented the ability to discern the secrets of the heavens and predict the future! Perhaps the strengths of those who held this title had never been very formidable throughout the past, but their ability of prediction was unrivaled! However, at this moment, the Seer of this age had said that no one could discern the future of a King Realm profounder….

“Xiao Tianji, what do you mean!?” The Demon Empress said in a low voice. “Even you’re unable to see through his future?”

Xiao Tianji shook his head and said, “His past and future are concealed by a mysterious force. Even I’m unable to see through his future!”

“Then will following him bring fortune or misfortune to Zi’er?!” The Demon Empress was slightly displeased.

Xiao Tianji smiled and said, “Demon Empress, it’s actually not important anymore. You ought to be aware of the outcome that awaits all of us if the Heavenpath is still obstructed 100 years from now!”

“But Zi’er is a violet-eyed Spatial Mink that rarely appear every few ten thousand years!” The Demon Empress said in a low voice. “With her natural endowment and talent, she may not necessarily be unable to possess the ability to pass through a ‘Boundary’ in 100 years from now.”

“But what if she fails?” asked Xiao Tianji.

The Demon Empress’s expression changed, and then she fell silent!

“Have the two of you noticed!?” Meanwhile, Xiao Tianji said abruptly, “Just like that little girl of mine, the destiny of everyone by that kid’s side has started to gradually change!”

The Mink Emperor and Demon Empress’s expressions changed simultaneously.

“Haha!!” Meanwhile, Xiao Tianji suddenly laughed lightly, and he laughed for a while before he said, “The secrets of the heavens! The secrets of the heavens! Discerning the secrets of the heavens has made every single generation of my Xiao Clan pay a heavy price. I originally thought that it would end with me, and I would be able to make the heavens show mercy to my Xiao Clan. However, I never expected that Xi’er would still have to pay a price. But fortunately, the heavens didn’t sentence her to death and gave her a chance to survive. Haha!!”

After Xiao Tianji left, the Demon Empress said in a heavy voice. “I still don’t want Zi’er to be by the side of a human. She actually threatened us with her life when we took her back by force this time. I think that Zi’er might have fallen for that kid. If they continue staying together, then I’m afraid….”

The Mink Emperor laughed bitterly and said, “But what can we do about it? I feel very fortunate that I didn’t kill that kid on that day, otherwise, she would probably never forgive me. Alas, I’m worried about Zi’er’s betrothal with that kid from the Ancient Void Dragon Clan, Hao Tian! That kid has already attained the Spirit Rank now!”

“Hmph! Since he dared to steal Zi’er’s heart, then he can think of a way himself!” The Demon Empress grunted coldly.

The Demon Emperor laughed bitterly when he heard this, and then he waved his hand, causing the space in front of them to warp before both of them vanished on the spot.


The further they went into the tomb, the stronger the bone piercing cold winds were. This made Yang Ye feel increasingly excited and delighted because it represented that they were getting closer and closer to the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

He’d personally experienced how formidable the Nether Ghostflame was, so how could the Ninth Hell Cold Gale that was similarly Natural Treasure be any weaker? If he was able to subdue the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then his strength would definitely improve greatly. At that time, he would really have the confidence and trump cards to go against the various monstrous geniuses of the entire continent!

Of course, most importantly, he could take revenge on Mo Qingyu!

Suddenly, Xiao Yuxi stopped moving, and she gazed at the luxurious buildings that were like palaces in the distance and said, “This is the Nether God’s Tomb!”


Right at this moment, an enormous bang suddenly resounded, and then the entire palace trembled!

“It’s Mo Ke!” Xiao Yuxi revealed a solemn expression and said, “He has actually utilized Devil Energy!”

Yang Ye frowned and was just about to ask what Devil Energy was. However, roaring laughter suddenly resounded from the palace, and then a few figures flashed out from within it. Yang Ye decisively pulled back Xiao Yuxi who was about to move forward and hid at the side. After all, he loved to reap the benefits without any effort!

Xiao Yuxi’s figure stiffened when Yang Ye held her hand, and then she blushed. She was just about to struggle free from Yang Ye’s grasp when he said, “Their enemy is definitely an extremely formidable fellow since that fellow was able to make Mo Ke angry. If we charge out now, then it’s very likely for Mo Ke and those fellows from the nether territory to deal with us first. Even though we aren’t afraid of them, it isn’t necessary to show ourselves now!”

“Let go of my hand first!” Xiao Yuxi blushed as she glared at Yang Ye and spoke with an embarrassed and furious tone.

“Hand?” Yang Ye was stunned and said, “What hand?”

“You’re holding my hand!” Xiao Yuxi glared at Yang Ye with a blush on her face. If it wasn’t because she was afraid of harming Yang Ye, she would have even used her saber!

Yang Ye lowered his head to have a look when he heard this, and then he noticed that he was actually holding on forcefully to her hand. Yang Ye hurriedly let go of her and smiled with embarrassment. He said, “Err, I was too agitated just now, so I held it a bit too tightly. Don’t take offense, alright….”

Xiao Yuxi glared at Yang Ye, and then she turned her head away and fell silent.

The atmosphere here instantly became slightly embarrassing.

After a short while passed, Yang Ye was just about to say something when Xiao Yuxi suddenly said, “It’s useless. With the strengths they possess, they’ll be able to sense us as soon as they come close!”

“Don’t worry!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he patted the violet mink on its head. The violet mink understood his attentions, and she waved her little claw, causing them to be instantly enveloped by a barrier of violet light!

“What’s this?” said Xiao Yuxi with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t know as well.” Yang Ye said, “In any case, even a Spirit Realm expert wouldn’t be able to notice us while we’re enveloped by this thing. Because it seems to be capable of isolating our auras!

Xiao Yuxi glanced at the violet mink, and then she remained silent.

“Haha! As expected of the most monstrous genius in the devil race for the last thousand years and the existence who’s most likely to become the Devil God. You were actually able to fight me, Mu Jun, equally with the fist. Interesting… interesting…. Haha!!”

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