Chapter 349 – The Price!

Almighty Sword Domain

Doing it was very pleasurable but mutual cultivation was quite tiring. However, Yang Ye found happiness in his exhaustion! Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that he seemed to have become addicted to that feeling of ecstasy!

However, he felt like he’d lost something every single time he did it. He didn’t understand at the beginning, but when he saw the hair that fell to his shoulders, he understood that it was his lifespan which was being lost! Because there was some white hair amidst his black hair!

Is this the price of defying the heavens? Yang Ye chuckled lightly before he lowered his head to gaze at Xiao Yuxi who was still ‘sleeping’ in his arms, and his gaze was filled with a gentle expression. He lowered his head to peck her forehead lightly, and then he said, “No matter what price I have to pay or even if I lose my life, I’ll definitely revive you. I’ll kill anyone who stops me, and if even the heavens stop me, then I’ll slaughter the heavens!”

Did he have feelings for her because he felt indebted to her? Yang Ye didn’t know if that was the case. All he knew was that he would revive her no matter what the price was.

Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that when he spoke these words, Xiao Yuxi’s eyelashes had trembled slightly, and a wisp of rosiness arose on her face….

An hour later, Yang Ye returned to Ancient Domain City on his sword. He bought a huge amount of materials required to craft talismans, and then he found a room in an inn before he started crafting the talismans!

At this moment, he needed a huge amount of energy stones because he could only cultivate new sword techniques without any worries, purchase the materials required to cultivate the Heavenly Devil Physique, and provide for the tiny vortex if he possessed sufficient energy stones!

In short, he needed an enormous amount of energy stones right now. Fortunately, he was a talisman master as well, and he was even an Earth Talisman Master. Thus, so long as he had the materials, he could craft an enormous number of high-grade talismans. Every single one of such talismans could be considered as a huge amount of energy stones!

He hadn’t crafted talismans for a long time, so Yang Ye didn’t choose to craft Technique Talismans right off the bat, and he crafted talismans of the five elements instead. He drew carefully with the brush…. Just like that, an hour passed. At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye suddenly stopped drawing with the brush, and then a Strength Talisman appeared before him!

However, Yang Ye was stunned when he saw the Strength Talisman’s quality. Why? Because it was actually not at the high-grade, and it was at the top-grade instead! A top-grade talisman of the five elements! What sort of notion was this? The gap between the top-grade and the high-grade wasn’t just a tiny bit! The might and effects of a top-grade talisman were at least a few times greater than a high-grade talisman!

Of course, its price was a few times higher as well!

Why has it become a top-grade talisman? Could it be that my technique has improved again? In next to no time, Yang Ye denied this thought because he hadn’t practiced at all during the last few months. Since he hadn’t practiced, how could it have improved? If it wasn’t an improvement, then why?

As he gazed silently at the talisman, Yang Ye suddenly frowned, and then his gaze descended onto the fine violet colored lines on it. He felt silent for a moment once more, and then he said, “Could it be because of the transformation my profound energy experienced?”

After pondering deeply for a moment, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and then an empty piece of talisman paper appeared on the stone table in front of him….

One hour later, a Strider Talisman had appeared. Just like the last talisman, it was a top-grade talisman as well! Yang Ye started laughing as he gazed at it because he’d confirmed that the reason the talismans that he crafted were at the top-grade was because of his profound energy! In other words, all the talismans he crafted from now on would be at the top-grade!

When he thought up to here, a smile gradually stretched out on Yang Ye’s face!

In the next few days, Yang Ye entered into a frenzy of talisman crafting, and he paid no attention to the outside world. Of course, it wasn’t complete disregard, and he’d still paid a huge amount of attention to matters related to Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others.

Half a month had passed, and Yang Ye had crafted almost 1,000 top-grade talismans of the five elements. He hadn’t chosen to craft Technique Talismans because he was only able to craft mid-rank Technique Talismans with the ability he currently possessed. Mid-rank Technique Talismans were utterly useless in the southern territory, even if they were top-grade mid-rank Technique Talismans!

So, he’d chosen to craft basic talismans of the five elements. Because they were extremely useful to ordinary profounders. He believed that numerous profounders would be willing to pay a huge price to purchase these top-grade talismans!

Yang Ye gathered all the top-grade talismans on the table and put them away, and then he took a deep breath and stood up before he said, “Did you find out?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a black shadow suddenly appeared in the room. The black shadow bowed to Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, besides the extraordinary force, the Enforcement Team, that was jointly established by the human, devil, nether, and demon race, there are three more powers in the city. One of them is the City Governor’s Estate. The City Governor is rather mysterious because no one in Ancient Domain City has laid eyes on the governor. Something else worthy of mentioning is that the Enforcement Team is supposedly very respectful towards the governor!”

“A mysterious City Governor?” Yang Ye frowned, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “What about the other two powers?”

“The other two are respectively the Southern An Clan and the Northern An Clan.” The black shadow said, “Both their forces are enormous because they control all the businesses in Ancient Domain City. Something worthy of mentioning is that they were originally a single clan, and even the Enforcement Team wasn’t as strong as them before they split into two. Unfortunately, there was a rift within the clan, and they split into two clans. However, their strength still can’t be underestimated. Otherwise, it’s impossible for them to survive for so many years within Ancient Domain City and even be able to continuously maintain possession of all the businesses here!”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled before he said, “Looks like the situation in this city is very complicated! Right, you said they control all the businesses in the city. In other words, they’re extremely wealthy?”

“Sword Master, you wouldn’t be thinking of robbing them, right!?” The black shadow spoke with shock. “Sword Master, you absolutely can’t do that. They are extremely wealthy indeed, but their strength and resources are extremely terrifying as well. To be frank, any one of them is equivalent to the southern territory’s Origin School!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Don’t get anxious. Don’t worry, I won’t court death! Right, both these clans should have auction houses, right?”

The black shadow instantly heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this, and then he said, “Of course! The Northern An Clan possesses an auction house called the Treasure Gathering Pavilion. They’re said to have gathered all the treasures in the continent. Moreover, they say that so long as you have the money, then there’s no treasure you can’t get there!”

“They speak so highly of themselves?” said Yang Ye.

The black shadow nodded and said, “Actually, they aren’t exaggerating or boasting because their resources and reserves are extremely terrifying indeed. Their An Clan has been residing in Ancient Domain City since it was established here. They have a history of over 10,000 years, so even some Hidden Clans can’t compare to them!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Alright. It doesn’t matter if they are exaggerating or they truly possess that ability. In any case, it’s all the same to me. Right, what about the Southern An Clan?”

“They have an auction house as well, and it’s called Treasure Gathering Room. They have a practically arrogant declaration as well — Gather the treasures of the world, gather the wealth of the world! Right, this place we’re at right now belongs to the Southern An Clan!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye grinned and said, “Then I’ll head to the Southern An Clan first! Right, you don’t have to follow me. Go and work hard on your cultivation. I’ll summon you if I need you!”

“Yes!” The black shadow’s figure shook, and then he vanished mysteriously from the room!

Yang Ye walked out of the room, and then he traveled to the auction house which was called the Treasure Gathering Room. When he arrived here, even Yang Ye who’d experienced a great deal still couldn’t help but be shocked by the scene in front of him. It was luxurious, truly luxurious!

An extremely luxurious palace stood before him. Yes, it could really be described to be a palace. Because the materials used to build this palace was actually high-grade Earth Rank Yellow Sunstone. It was usually produced at the center of volcanoes, and it wasn’t just extremely hard, it had a special ability as well. It could emanate heat, and it was even immune to fire element techniques!

Yellow Sunstone was extremely precious, especially to profounders who possessed fire element profound energy or cultivated fire element techniques. However, Yang Ye had never expected that the Treasure Gathering Room would actually be built from such a rare material! This level of extravagance made Yang Ye have the impulse to rob this place!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and suppressed those thoughts that had arisen in his heart, and then he walked towards the entrance. Right when he was about to walk through the entrance, the two pretty girls who stood by the sides of the entrance had blocked his path. They sized him up, and they frowned when they noticed that Yang Ye’s dressing was rather ordinary. One of them said coldly, “This is the Treasure Gathering Room, people with no business here are prohibited from entering, otherwise, they’ll be killed without mercy!”

Yang Ye was instantly displeased by her tone. However, he didn’t flare up, and he just said, “Isn’t this an auction house! I’ve come to auction some things!”

“Sell things?” The woman who had a mole on the left corner of her mouth laughed with disdain and said, “Based on your dressing, you should be a profounder from the southern territory, right? How could a backwater place like that have anything to auction? You’re probably not aware of it but our Treasure Gathering Room requires a payment of 5,000 energy stones before anything can be auctioned away. Do you even have 5,000 energy stones?”

The other woman spoke with displeasure. “A’Xiu, he’d just a pauper, don’t waste your breath on him and drive him away. Looking at him really makes my eyes hurt.”

The woman who had a mole on the corner of her mouth instantly glared at Yang Ye when she heard this, and she said, “Did you hear that? Why are you still standing here? If you don’t leave now, then you won’t be able to even if you wanted!”

Yang Ye didn’t get angry, and he just glanced indifferently at them and said, “I’m very curious, who exactly instructed the two of you to infuriate me? Tell me who it was. I’ll go look for that person and let the two of you go, alright?”

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