Chapter 351 – Soulseek Sword Technique!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Madam is very right. When we’re in danger or in need of help, the people close to us are the only people in the world who would help us irrespective of right or wrong, life or death. So, I’m just like Madam, I help my loved ones and disregard reason. Because even if you sided with ‘reason’, ‘reason’ wouldn’t side with you! After all, this is a world where the biggest fist is the most reasonable!”

The woman smiled as she nodded and said, “Young Master Yang is absolutely right. Our subsequent discussions will definitely be much smoother since Young Master Yang is able to think in this way!”

“I’m very curious!” said Yang Ye.

The woman smiled, and then she flicked her finger, causing a scroll to appear in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was puzzled by this when the woman said, “Take a look at it first!”

Yang Ye suppressed the bewilderment in his heart and opened the scroll.

Soulseek Sword Technique, mid-grade Heaven Rank. The body is used as the medium while profound energy acts as the catalyst to condense the energy of the heavens and the earth into a sword. The sword locks onto the soul, and the sword will remain until the soul is destroyed!

Caution, this technique exhausts a huge amount of profound energy, so it can’t be cultivated by profounders beneath the fifth rank of the Spirit Realm. Once a sword is condensed by the profound energy is insufficient, then the user will suffer backlash from the energy of the heavens and the earth! Never forget this!

Yang Ye closed the scroll, and then he raised his head to gaze at her before he spoke with a calm expression. “What’s the meaning of this, Madam?”

Even though he seemed extremely calm on the surface, tempestuous waves were surging through Yang Ye’s heart! If it was merely a sword technique of this quality, then he would naturally not be so excited. He was excited by an effect that the Soulseek Sword Technique possessed! That effect was its ability to lock onto his enemy’s soul and remain active until the soul was destroyed!

If the Soulseek Sword Technique was combined with the Nether Ghostflame or Ninth Hell Cold Gale….

When he thought about how a thread of the Nether Ghostflame would pursue his enemy incessantly, Yang Ye had the impulse to flee from this place with the Soulseek Sword Technique’s scroll!

The woman glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang is much more composed than I expected!”

Yang Ye placed the scroll onto the table and said, “Madam, truthfully speaking, this sword technique is extremely helpful to me. However, I understand that there’s no free food in this world. Since you presented such a precious treasure to me as soon as we met, then won’t you tell me the reason first?”

“Smart people are really easy to deal with!” The woman smiled and said, “I’ll get straight to the point. Young Master Yang has probably noticed it as well, how can a woman like me manage such vast properties of the Southern An Clan? So, I hope that Young Master Yang will join the An Clan!”

“Marry into the An Clan?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he hurriedly shook his head and said, “Madam, I have to say that you’re very beautiful indeed. Unfortunately, I already have someone in my heart, so it’s absolutely impossible!” What a joke! Marry into the An Clan? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to allowing his wife to support him? Yang Ye absolutely refused to do that no matter how fond of the Soulseek Sword Technique he was!

The corners of the middle aged man’s mouth instantly twitched when he heard Yang Ye.

“What!?” A wisp of rosiness, embarrassment, and anger flashed on her face, and she glared fiercely at Yang Ye and said, “I meant that I hope Young Master Yang would join a secret group of my An Clan!”

“You’re not asking me to marry into the An Clan?” Yang Ye was instantly embarrassed. So I was mistaken.

Fortunately, he was thick skinned, and he merely smiled with embarrassment before he said seriously, “A secret group? A guard?”

The woman glanced at Yang Ye, and her expression returned to calm when she noticed that it didn’t seem like Yang Ye was teasing her on purpose. She said, “Not a guard. This secret group is an organization established by my An Clan, and it’s equivalent to being Honorary Elders. My An Clan will provide all of you with a certain amount of cultivation resources every single year, and all of you can even mobilize a certain amount of forces of my An Clan.”

“Then what do we need to do?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

“Nothing much!” The woman smiled and said, “Promise to do 3 things for my An Clan every year. Of course, they will absolutely be within the scope of your ability. Besides that, all of you have to lend a hand if my An Clan is in danger!”

“Just that?” asked Yang Ye.

The woman nodded.

Yang Ye pondered deeply and said, “Madam, I’d like to know what sort of cultivation resources will be provided?”

“10,000 energy stones every month!” The woman said, “Moreover, we’ll provide all of you with cultivation techniques and various combat techniques. Of course, they won’t be provided for free, and you have to exchange Contribution Points for them.”

“Contribution Points?” The woman nodded and said, “The contribution points of my An Clan. My An Clan frequently issues some assignments or needs some things done when it’s inconvenient for our An Clan to complete it ourselves. If you do it and complete it, then you’ll obtain the corresponding amount of contribution points! Let me disclose a little to you. If you have sufficient contribution points, then you can even exchange them for high-grade Heaven Rank combat techniques and treasures!”

Yang Ye glanced at the woman, and then he shook his head and said, “Madam, that’s really an effective move!”

At this moment, Yang Ye felt slight admiration towards this woman. Because while the members of this secret group seemed to possess a huge amount of freedom and weren’t restrained by the An Clan, it was actually not like that at all. For the sake of those so-called contribution points, how could those experts not fight desperately for the An Clan’s sake?

This was a vivid display of the saying — money can even move the gods!

“We’re just making an exchange for what we need!” The woman smiled and said, “So are you willing to join?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he shook his head and said, “I’m sorry but I refuse!”

“Why?” The woman wasn’t surprised.

“I don’t like being tied down!” Yang Ye said, “This is a form of restraint, and I don’t like that. Even though I’m very tempted by this sword technique, but I’m still going to refuse!”

“So that’s the reason!” The woman nodded and said, “I respect Young Master Yang’s decision. However, please do take this sword technique! I, An Biru don’t take back what I’ve given!”

“I don’t accept what I do not deserve!” Yang Ye shook his head and refused. What a joke! He wasn’t an idiot! How could it be that simple? He absolutely refused to believe that! He knew that he would definitely fall into her trap if he were to take it, and he’d discerned that this woman was just like Qin Xiyue. She was full of schemed!

“Looks like Young Master Yang is very vigilant towards me!” An Biru smiled and said, “How about this? I’ll give this sword technique to Young Master Yang if you do something for me. What do you think?”

She really was planning something! Yang Ye put on a fake smile and said, “Madam An, you should have said so earlier. Why beat around the bush like that? I, Yang Ye, am a straightforward person, and I don’t like all of that. So, if you want to work together with me, then please be frank at all times, alright?”

“That’s fine!” An Biru smiled and said, “Actually, even if I didn’t ask Young Master Yang to do this, you’d still do it once the Hidden Dragon Pagoda is opened. Because I need Young Master Yang to stop someone from obtaining the 1st during the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and that person is An Nanjing. Perhaps you haven’t heard of her yet, but I believe that it wouldn’t be long before Young Master Yang… no, the entire continent will know her name!”

“An Nanjing?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “She has the An surname as well?”

“You’re not wrong, there really is a link between her and I. However, it isn’t any of your business! All you have to do is stop her from obtaining the 1st when the Hidden Dragon Rankings begin, alright?” An Biru spoke in an indifferent tone.

“Of course!” Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to agree, and then he put the Soulseek Sword Technique away. Why would he not agree? In any case, An Biru had only asked him to stop her. An Biru hadn’t said that he had to succeed or that he had to kill her. So, he would stop her if he could when the time came, but wouldn’t there be others there to accomplish it even if he failed?

After all, even though he didn’t know who An Nanjing was, she would have to face the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, Mo Ke, Mu Jun, Hun You, and the other extraordinary geniuses in order to seize the 1st….

Perhaps she’ll be killed by someone else before I even encounter her?

So, he had no reason to refuse, and he took the Soulseek Sword Technique with a clear conscience!

The shameless are invincible!

An Biru glanced indifferently at him yet didn’t speak.

“Madam An, I have some business to conduct with you!” Yang Ye finally thought about his actual business here which was to auction off the talismans.

“Go ahead.”

Yang Ye withdrew a top-grade talisman of the five elements and passed it to An Biru, and then he smiled and remained silent as he gazed at her.

An Biru frowned when she saw that it was a talisman of the five elements because she naturally didn’t value such talismans. However, in next to no time, a trace of surprise had appeared in her eyes, and she was instantly interested when she noticed that it was a top-grade talisman! Of course, she wasn’t interested in the talisman but the person who crafted it!

“Young Master Yang is a talisman master?” asked An Biru.

“Yes!” Yang Ye didn’t conceal it.

“Young Master Yang crafted this!”


A wisp of a smile appeared on An Biru’s face, and she said, “I was almost deceived. I never expected that Young Master Yang would actually be a genius talisman master. Hmm, what’s you’re success rate of crafting top-grade talismans? 20% or perhaps 30%?”

“50%!” Yang Ye held back a little because he didn’t want her to think that he was a freak.

An Biru restrained the smile on her face and spoke with slight displeasure. “Young Master Yang, stop joking!”

Joking? Yang Ye shook his head, and then he moved his hand forward before 1,000 top-grade talismans appeared in front of her.

An Biru was instantly stunned upon seeing these talismans.

With her experience and wealth, what had she not see in her life? But she’d still been shocked by this scene because all 1,000 of these talismans were top-grade talismans. My god! All of them are top-grade talismans! What is this? Huh? The return of the Founding Ancestor of all talisman masters?

“I want all of them!” An Biru paused for a moment and said, “Right, I want as many as you have. The price isn’t a problem. Right, I can even form a long term arrangement with Young Master Yang. In other words, my Treasure Gathering Room will take all the talismans that you craft. Young Master Yang, you can set the conditions and price!”

He wasn’t surprised by this because top-grade talismans were extremely rare. Not to mention that it was a thousand!

With a flip of his wrist, a list appeared in front of An Biru, and she instantly frowned upon looking through the list.

The treasures on the list were naturally the materials Yang Ye required in order to cultivate the Heavenly Devil Physique!

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