Chapter 353 – An Nanjing!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye hadn’t chosen to cultivate his physical body in the Treasure Gathering Room. He’d left Ancient Domain City and arrived in the depths of a mountain range that was a few thousand kilometers away from the city.

At a pool of water, Yang Ye utilized the Nether Ghostflame to forcefully merge the Blood Essence of the four divine beasts, and then he tossed the merged Blood Essence into the pool. In an instant, the water within the entire pool had immediately turned shockingly red!

After that, Yang Ye extracted the essence of the five natural herbs before pouring them all into the pool of water, causing strands of faint and refreshing fragrance to drift out from within the pool.

After he finished doing all of that, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he flicked his finger and the Nether Ghostflame appeared on his palm!

It could be said that the Nether Ghostflame was the key. Because it would be completely meaningless even if he just cultivated the Heavenly Devil Physique to its highest level without the Nether Ghostflame. After all, Mo Ke had already accomplished that.

Actually, since the very beginning, he hadn’t attached importance to the Heavenly Devil Physique, and he’d attached importance to the methods of cultivation provided within this technique. Because it was exactly what he lacked! Otherwise, if he merely utilized the Nether Ghostflame to simply temper his body, then the effects would be extremely limited! It could be said that he wasn’t cultivating the Heavenly Devil Physique. He was utilizing the techniques of cultivation within the Heavenly Devil Physique to create a new technique of his own!

With a flick of his finger, the Nether Ghostflame flew into the pool of water. In an instant, the entire pool of water had started to boil and transform into an ocean of fire. The water within the pool wasn’t evaporated by the Nether Ghostflames because it was being controlled by Yang Ye, and the water within the pool started to seethe incessantly like lava instead!

The wave of heat that swept towards Yang Ye caused his clothes to be instantly transformed into ash while the intense burning feeling he felt caused Yang Ye’s brows to knit together. However, he didn’t hesitate at all before he leaped into the pool of water!

What a familiar feeling! said Yang Ye as he entered the ocean of fire.

This was much better than any other time in the past. After all, his current physical body was incomparable to when he’d just tempered his body for the first time. Moreover, his body had a certain level of resistance towards the Nether Ghostflame after being tempered by it on numerous occasions. So, the tempering he experienced this time was much easier when compared to the past!

According to the description of the Heavenly Devil Physique, he had to absorb the energy contained within the five natural herbs and Blood Essence of the four divine beasts, and he was only barely able to attain the 1st level of the Heavenly Devil Physique by fully refining and absorbing them. However, Yang Ye didn’t act entirely according to this method. He mainly absorbed the Blood Essence, and he utilized the natural herbs to nourish and repair his body!

After all, the Blood Essence contained extremely violent energy and coupled with the ceaseless burning of the Nether Ghostflame, even the ceaseless repair provided by his violet profound energy was insufficient to repair his body. So, he utilized those natural herbs to assist in this!

After all, his physical body required constant stimulation! The greater the stimulation it received the stronger his physical body would be. Even though this was like inflicting self-torture, it was needless to say that this method was extremely effective!

Presently, Yang Ye had to absorb, refine, and stimulate over and over again….

Actually, it was just Yang Ye who was cultivating painstakingly in the Ancient Battlefield. There were numerous other monstrous geniuses who were doing the same. All of these monstrous geniuses had huge ambitions. Yes, their ambition was naturally to be the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings!

What did the 1st represent? It represented the strongest amongst the younger generation on Profounder Continent! It represented being remembered forever in the history of the continent! It represented receiving the Karmic Luck and protection of the heavens! It represented….

In short, no matter if it’s reputation or authority, one would possess both upon obtaining the 1st!

Moreover, all of them were geniuses, so how could they be willing to submit before their peers?

The Ninth Hell, the Nether God’s Tomb.

Mo Ke sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed slightly. Strands of Devil Energy seeped out incessantly from his body and ceaselessly corroded the pitch black spear in front of him. This spear was exactly the Nether God’s Spear!

That day, he’d pursued the Evil Lord for a few thousand kilometers with Hun You, and the Evil Lord had taken the initiative to hand the spear over because he wasn’t a match for them. Of course, they’d definitely fought for a while! In short, no matter what, the Nether God’s Spear had fallen into Mo Ke’s hands. After he obtained it, he’d come to the tomb with Hun You, and he’d started to refine it. However, this process of refinement had actually gone on for almost two months!

As his Devil Energy ceaselessly corroded the spear, it started to tremble violently as if it intended to charge free from the layer of Devil Energy!

Suddenly, Mo Ke opened his eyes and stretched his right hand forward before he grabbed tightly onto the spear. However, the spear started trembling even more violently. Even with the strength that Mo Ke possessed, the spear was actually on the verge of struggling free from his grasp!

Mo Ke grunted coldly, and then a strand of Devil Energy surged like a torrent into the Nether God’s Spear.

After around 15 minutes, the spear finally calmed down!

“Congratulations!” Right at this moment, Hun You suddenly appeared behind Mo Ke, and he said, “You’ve finally obtained its acknowledgment after such a long period of refinement!”

Mo Ke grunted coldly and said, “Unfortunately, that fellow, Evil Lord, was able to escape. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been done a long time ago!”

“He won’t be able to escape. Because he’ll have to ascend the Hidden Dragon Pagoda in the end, right?” said Hun You.

Mo Ke nodded and said, “You’ve succeeded in obtaining the Nether God’s inheritance?”

“Of course!” A wisp of a solemn expression flashed in Mo Ke’s eyes when he heard this. Because even he had to fear Hun You who’d obtained the Nether God’s inheritance!

As if he knew what Mo Ke was thinking, Hun You said, “Our true enemies are the humans. At the very least, we’re allies until all the human profounders are annihilated, right?”

Mo Ke nodded. Right at this moment, a youth from the devil race had suddenly appeared here. He arrived in front of Mo Ke before he knelt on the ground with a thump, and he spoke with blood red eyes. “Big Brother, Mo Yu and a total of 106 other brothers who were hunting humans outside Ancient Domain City were annihilated. You must avenge them!”

“What!?” Mo Ke’s eyes instantly opened wide while a strand of terrifying Devil Energy surged out explosively from within his body, and he said furiously, “Say that one more time!”

That youth’s heart felt cold beneath the terrifying imposing aura that Mo Ke emanated, and he couldn’t help but take a few steps back and was unable to speak another word!

“He’s not wrong!” Meanwhile, Hun You suddenly said, “It wasn’t just 107 members of your devil race, even members of my nether race perished as well. It was that sword cultivator, Yang Ye, who we took to be an ant that day!”

Mo Ke took a deep breath while killing intent surged violently in his eyes. He said, “It was him? Good! Good! Very good! You kill 107 brothers of my devil race! Good! Very good! Since you killed 107 brothers of my devil race, I’ll slaughter your entire family! No! I’ll slaughter all the human profounders in the Ancient Battlefield!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke’s figure flashed and instantly vanished on the spot with the Nether God’s Spear in his hand.

“Haha! Go on and kill! Kill until blood flows into a river! The taste of souls! HAHAHA!!!” Hun You vanished on the spot as well.


At the same time that Mo Ke and Hun You’s groups were heading to Ancient Domain City to look for Yang Ye, a woman had arrived at the foot of a mountain in the ocean towards the south of the southern territory.

This mountain was 30km tall, and its sides were completely smooth like a mirror from top to bottom. There wasn’t any foothold for one to use.

A woman had arrived at the foot of the mountain. She wore greyish white clothes that stuck tightly to her body, causing her hot and voluptuous figure to be on full display. Her jet black hair was tied into a ponytail behind her head, and it flowed all the way down to her elbows. She had an oval shaped face, a sharp chin, slanted eyes, and a sharp and fierce gaze. Even though her appearance wasn’t peerlessly beautiful, she had a unique bearing that was attractive on its own.

She kept her hands behind her back as she raised her head to gaze at the peak of the mountain that extended into the end of her field of vision. Her gaze was indifferent as she said, “This is Martial God Mountain? Haha, the Martial God? I hope you don’t disappoint me, An Nanjing! Otherwise, I’ll flatten this mountain!” As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing strode step by step towards the smooth surface of the mountain.

When she arrived before the mountain wall, her eyes had narrowed slightly before she suddenly punched the smooth mountain wall with both fists!


A muffled bang resounded, and then two impressions of her fists that were around a few centimeters deep had appeared there!

An Nanjing leaped up, and her feet descended into those impressions. After that, she smashed her fists forward once more…. Just like that, An Nanjing utilized such a method to gradually climb up the mountain….

It was slightly slow, but her gaze was extremely firm, and her face didn’t have even a trace of exhaustion or fear. It was like this 30km tall mountain was just flat ground to her….


Below Ancient Domain City, the severed heads of a few hundred human profounders had been arranged into two huge characters ‘杨叶’. On the other hand, their corpses had been hung on the city walls, causing fresh blood to dye the ground outside the city red!

Mo Ke held the Nether God’s spear in his hand while he stood proudly below the city, and the spear had already transformed from its original pitch black color into scarlet red right now.

Countless human profounders were looking at this with astonishment from atop the city, and their eyes were filled with extreme terror as they gazed at Mo Ke who was like a god of slaughter!

“Yang Ye, if you don’t show yourself, then I’ll kill 100 human profounders every single day until all the human profounders in the Ancient Battlefield are annihilated!” Mo Ke’s voice was like a resounding bell that swept over from afar.

Right at this moment, a few dozen human profounders were brought over to Mo Ke.

“Yang Ye, will you show yourself or not!” Mo Ke shouted in a serious voice.

No one answered him, and the area atop the city wall was completely deathly silent.

“Yang Ye, you bastard! Show yourself! You had the ability to kill the members of the devil race and nether race, so don’t you have the ability to stand up for what you did? AHHHHHH!”

“Mo Ke, it was Yang Ye who wronged you, not us. It was he who killed the members of your devil race and not us. Go look for Yang Ye if you have the ability! What’s the point of killing us?”

“Haha! All of you spineless bastards! Isn’t it just death? I fucking admire Yang Ye! There are tens of thousands of us, but we’re actually being hunted and killed by less than 100 profounders from the devil race! What a fucking humiliation! Only Yang Ye fared to lead a group to go against them, and he even killed over 100 fellows from the devil race! Do you know how fucking delighted I was when I heard the news? Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to meet him!”

“You idiot! If you want to die, then die yourself! I don’t want to die! Boss Mo Ke, so long as you let me live, I’m willing to join the devil race, I’m willing….”

However, Mo Ke didn’t even spare a glance at these profounders. He merely remained silent for 10 breaths of time before he raised his left hand, and then suddenly waved it down as he said, “Kill them all!”

What was Yang Ye doing at this moment?

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