Chapter 395 – Agreeing To Fight Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

In the end, Yang Ye had played a small trick. He wasn’t confident in his ability to defeat An Nanjing, even if he utilized his strongest trump card, the Sword Domain! Of course, if he did utilize it, then he was confident in his ability to remain undefeated. Simply speaking, if they wanted to decide on a victor between them, then they really had to fight to the death!

Besides the agreement he had with the Founding Emperor, Yang Ye had participated in the Hidden Dragon Rankings because of Xiao Yuxi. As for the reputation of 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, he didn’t care about it at all because it wasn’t able to provide any benefits to him!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, material benefits were the most real! The reason he had such thoughts was probably because he’d been too poor throughout his youth….

An Nanjing stared fixedly at Yang Ye on the Hidden Dragon Arena while the shock in her eyes gradually transformed into excitement. Her pervasive gaze caused Yang Ye’s scalp to go numb. It was because An Nanjing’s gaze was really invasive, and it was like a pervert who’d laid eyes on a great beauty!

Yang Ye’s entire body felt cold when he thought of that!

“I never expected that someone in the younger generation of Profounder Continent would actually comprehend ‘Domain’ before me.” An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye as she said, “Looks like I’ve been underestimating you since the beginning. You’ve won the bet. However, I still want to fight you. 10,000 years ago, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor relied on the Sword Domain to reign supreme over the world. Now, another person who comprehended Sword Domain has appeared, the heavens are truly kind to me!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “You can concentrate on your cultivation, but I can’t. I have too many things to do. So, can we delay the battle between us?”

At this moment, he only wanted to revive Xiao Yuxi, improve his strength, and then return to the southern territory.

This time, he couldn’t allow his mother to continue staying in the Flower Palace no matter what and no matter what price he had to pay! Because he didn’t have much time left to live….

A wisp of hesitation flashed through An Nanjing’s eyes. She really wanted to fight Yang Ye to her heart’s content right now. However, Yang Ye clearly had no intention to fight right now, so wouldn’t victory under such conditions be meaningless?

She pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Alright!”

A wisp of a smile appeared on Yang Ye’s face when he heard this. He wasn’t afraid of An Nanjing, but he truly didn’t want to fight An Nanjing in a life and death battle right now. Of course, if she didn’t agree, then he could only fight with his life on the line!

“Actually, even I am not confident in defeating your right now!” Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly said, “You’ve comprehended Sword Domain and coupled with the Enlightened Sword Heart that you possess, you’d be invincible within your Sword Domain. Even though it’s like that, I still want to fight you right now because I really want to see exactly how formidable the Sword Domain is!”

“We’ll always have a chance in the future, right?” said Yang Ye with a smile on his face.

An Nanjing nodded slightly and said, “You’re right, there’s a long time ahead of us.”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing turned around and walked off the arena to display her attitude towards the outcome.

An Nanjing admitted defeat just like that? What does this mean? All the spectators were puzzled.

The newly repaired barrier of light on the arena could isolate sound and coupled with the fact that Yang Ye had intentionally restricted the Sword Domain when he utilized it, so the spectators outside the arena were utterly unaware of exactly what had happened between Yang Ye and An Nanjing! As for Yang Ye and An Nanjing themselves, they would naturally not provide any explanation!

Of course, there were two others who were aware of everything, and it was Qian Huan and Feng Xiu!

Both of them were utterly stunned when Yang Ye utilized the Sword Domain. My god! Why did I just see? The Sword Domain? A youth around the age of 20 has actually comprehended the Sword Domain!The Sword Domain!

Even sword cultivators who have lived for over a thousand years haven’t been able to comprehend the Sword Domain! Moreover, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor seemed to have been over 30 when he comprehended the Sword Domain, right?

The fellow, Yang Ye’s, natural talent is actually more terrifying than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor?

A strand of regret suddenly arose from the bottom of their hearts. Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and even the Sword Domain! Moreover, he was only around 20 years ago. They’d actually refused such a genius because he didn’t possess a sufficient lifespan…. Even if their sects had to spend all its resources, there would be no hesitation for the sake of such a genius!

Because once such a genius was able to mature, then such a genius wouldn’t just be able to protect a sect for countless years, such a genius could even lead a sect to glory! Unfortunately, they’d actually shut the door to their sects in his face…. Especially Feng Xiu, his face was really burning right now. Because he’d said that a thousand geniuses like Yang Ye couldn’t compare to a fraction of An Nanjing. Yet now, An Nanjing had admitted defeat….

This was simply like a slap to the face!

Qian Huan sighed lightly before he appeared on the arena. He glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated expression before he gazed at the others below the arena and said, “Does anyone else intend to issue a challenge?”

No one answered Qian Huan.

Challenge him? What a joke! Did you not see how Mu Jun died and An Nanjing admitted defeat? Isn’t challenging him equivalent to courting death?

When he saw them remain silent, Qian Huan nodded slightly and said, “Since it’s like that, then the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings is Yang Ye!”

The profounders from the southern territory instantly erupted with deafening cheers upon hearing this. How long has it been? A profounder that obtained the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings has finally appeared in the southern territory again!

They weren’t just happy because they’d gone through life and death with Yang Ye, it was also because they could finally hold their heads up high!

After 10,000 years, a profounder from the southern territory had seized the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings again. This was an honor to all the profounders from the southern territory!

Qian Huan waved his hand, and then the scene before the eyes of everyone changed. Their consciousness blurred for a moment, and then they were outside the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. On the other hand, the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was already underground once more.

Yang Ye opened his eyes and sized up his surroundings. He noticed that all the profounders who entered the Hidden Dragon Pagoda were standing in the surroundings, but they were much fewer when compared to the amount that had entered the pagoda…. Besides that, there were over 10 profounders with unfathomably deep auras standing ahead of them. There were both men and women amongst them, and it was impossible to discern heir age from just their outward appearance!

However, Yang Ye was slightly surprised because he saw An Biru amongst them! She seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze and looked at him before nodding lightly to him. Moreover, her eyes and face carried a smile that moved the heart.

The gazes of these people swept past Yang Ye and the others before finally descending onto An Nanjing. An Biru’s gaze had descended onto An Nanjing as well, but unlike the excited gazes revealed by the others, her gaze was only solemn and cold!

“The Martial God? You’re the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, right?” Meanwhile, an old man suddenly said, “Not bad, not bad. You were able to comprehend so many Intents at such a young age, and you’ve even improved them to the 8th level or above. Little girl, you’re really not bad. Right, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Li Fengyu, a Monarch Realm expert. I still don’t have a disciple until now, so how about you be mine?”

“Be your disciple?” Meanwhile, an old man by Li Fengyu’s side suddenly laughed coldly. “Li Fengyu, do you even have the qualifications to be her master? With her natural talent and natural endowment, it will take 200 years at most for her to surpass you. At that time, how would your tiny Seventh Rank Sect foster her? Could it be you want her to be busy trying to collect cultivation resources all day just like you?”

“Brother Wang Yu is right!” Another old man suddenly said, “Only a Ninth Rank Sect can provide for her natural talent and natural endowment. Eight Rank Sects and below are utterly unable to accommodate her. Brother Li, I know you want to look for an extraordinarily monstrous genius to revive your sect, but do you think your sect can provide for her? You’re just like me, so it’s best to be more realistic.”

Li Fengyu laughed bitterly, but he still didn’t intend to give up and was just about to speak. However, An Nanjing suddenly said, “Seniors, you don’t have to waste your energy, I have a sect and a master. Besides that, I’m not the 1st!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and said, “I owe you three requests. Come to the An Clan to look for me if you need something!”

An Nanjing didn’t stay here any longer after she finished speaking, and she turned around and left.

The others around her were stunned. The Martial God isn’t the 1st?

All of them shot their gazes towards Qian Huan who had a slightly bitter expression.

The latter smiled bitterly before he shot his gaze at Yang Ye.

All of them followed Qian Huan’s gaze and looked at Yang Ye as well. Besides An Biru who had a gaze filled with excitement, the others had gazes that were filled with astonishment….

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