Chapter 40 – Returning To The Sect! Cultivating!

Almighty Sword Domain

After she sent Yang Ye to the training grounds, Su Qingshi turned around and left. During this entire period of time, she hadn’t spoken a single word to Yang Ye, and this caused him to feel slightly helpless and reluctant. However, he was clearly aware that it was mostly because of his tight embrace that her attitude seemed so cold and indifferent now, and Yang Ye’s face flushed slightly red when he recalled his display on the sword.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind. It wasn’t the time to think about relationships because he had even more important things to do right now. He still clearly remembered that the Outer Court Exam was about to begin over 10 days from now. Of course, becoming an outer court disciple wasn’t his main objective, and his objective was to become an inner court disciple instead. However, he had to first become an outer court disciple before he could become an inner court disciple!

Besides that, he had a battle of life and death against Liu Qingyu! He could only win in that battle because defeat was equivalent to death, and he didn’t want to die! Moreover, there was also the Ascension Rankings a year from now. In short, no matter if it was for his loved ones, himself, or for his future Dao Companion, he had to cultivate with all his might.

Only with pressure is there motivation! Yang Ye walked towards Clear Breeze Gorge. Now, it was time for him to cultivate desperately.


There were seven main peaks in the Sword Sect, and the largest peak in the Sword Sect, Sky Peak, was where the Sword Sect’s Master resided. Sky Peak was the residence of the Sect Master’s line resided, and it was the highest of the seven peaks.

Sky Peak, Sky Hall.

Sky Hall was the largest building on Sky Peak, and at the same time, it was the place where the Sword Sect discussed important affairs. It was extremely vast, and it could accommodate over 10,000 people. If any major incident arose in the Sword Sect, then the Peak Masters of the seven main peaks and all the elders of the inner court would converge here.

At this moment, two men and a woman were standing within Sky Hall. The woman was precisely Su Qingshi who’d just returned to the Sword Sect. As for the other two men, they were exactly Yu Heng and the white haired old man that had headed to Death Mountain Range to search for Su Qingshi that day.

After he finished listening to Su Qingshi, the white haired old man’s expression turned icy cold, and ghastly killing intent flashed through his eyes as he said, “Those disciples of my Sword Sect were really killed by the Ghost Sect. How audacious of them! They actually dared to enter into the territory of my Sword Sect to kill our disciples. The Ghost Sect is really getting more and more unbridled!”

Su Qingshi said in a low voice, “Martial Uncle Yu Lin, the members of the Ghost Sect would probably have not traveled such a distance to the Grand Myriad Mountains just to temper themselves and kill a few outer court disciples of my Sword Sect. Qingshi feels that the Ghost Sect is definitely planning something in the Grand Myriad Mountains, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to dispatch Bloodhand and another few Spirit Realm experts to the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

Yu Heng nodded with agreement from the side and said, “Senior Brother, Qingshi is right, the Ghost Sect arrived silently at the Grand Myriad Mountains and even dispatched so many Spirit Realm experts. They’re definitely planning something, and our Sword Sect must take precautions against it.”

When he heard this, Yu Lin pondered deeply for a moment, and then he said in a low voice, “Yu Heng, ask Yu Sha to dispatch 10 Sword Guards, and ask them to search Nether Wolf Gorge, Snake Forest, and Death Abyss inch by inch and kill any members of the Ghost Sect they see.” As soon as he finished speaking, he paused for a moment and said, “Yu Heng, for safety’s sake, you go as well. If you encounter any trouble that you’re unable to deal with, then notify me via Transmission Talismans!”

“Yes!” Yu Heng nodded before turning around and leaving the hall.

After Yu Heng left, Yu Lin looked at Su Qingshi and hesitated for a moment before he said, “Qingshi, Yu Heng and I captured two disciples of the Ghost Sect that day, and they said that you leaped down Death Abyss with someone. Is that true?”

“It is!” Su Qingshi didn’t conceal the truth.

Yu Lin’s mouth opened when he heard this, and he intended to say something. However, when he noticed Su Qingshi drooping eyes, he didn’t say anything in the end, and he just smiled and said, “No matter what, it’s good since you’ve returned. Besides that, if you encounter disciples of the Ghost Sect in the future, you must remember not to be careless and underestimate your opponent. After all, you’re the only person in the Sword Sect that has occupied a position in the Hidden Dragon Rankings.”

“Qingshi will commit it to memory!”

“That’s good. Go on and rest!”

After she left Sky Hall, Su Qingshi looked towards the direction of Labor Peak. In the end, she hadn’t spoken about Yang Ye while she was within the hall. With Yang Ye’s strength and five element Profound Energy, if she told them about him, then he would definitely be valued highly by the Sword Sect. However, conversely, Yang Ye would also become a target for all.

A tree that stood above the forest would definitely be destroyed by the wind. If others were to know that Yang Ye didn’t just possess gold element Profound Energy, and he was even a Talisman Master. The powers that had hostile relationships with the Sword Sect would definitely dispatch experts to eliminate Yang Ye. Especially the Ghost Sect, they would absolutely not allow a disciple like Yang Ye to grow.

So, after considering everything, in the end, she’d decided to not disclose the fact that Yang Ye was a Talisman Master and possessed gold element Profound Energy.

The Sword Sect is still a bit too weak…. Su Qingshi sighed. If Yang Ye was a disciple of the Origin School or the two palaces, then no matter how audacious the Ghost Sect was, it would dare make a move against Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye was in the Sword Sect, so the Ghost Sect dared to do it. It wasn’t only because the Ghost Sect and the Sword Sect were bitter enemies, and it was also because the Sword Sect was at the bottom in strength amongst the six great powers!


His trip to the Grand Myriad Mountains allowed Yang Ye to obtain sword skills at the Profound Rank and Earth Rank, and he’d even obtained a movement technique. All of these three techniques were extremely useful to him now, especially the Sword Control Technique. When Yang Ye carefully recalled everything about the Sword Control Technique, he almost jumped up with excitement because he would be able to control a sword and fly once the Sword Control Technique was cultivated to the 1st level!

The Sword Sect had sword techniques related to controlling a sword to fly, but the Outer Court Elders had said that one had to attain the Spirit Realm before it was possible. Because only the Profound Energy of Spirit Realm experts was sufficient to sustain the consumption of this technique. Moreover, once one attained the Spirit Realm, the sword could be placed within the Dantian to be nurtured, allowing one to communicate with the sword and form a certain level of a link with the sword. Only in this way would one be able to control a sword and fly.

So, even though flying on a sword was something all the disciples of the Sword Sect dreamt of, its difficulty caused them to stop before it. Even Outer Court Elders utilized flying treasures when they left the sect.

However, now, Yang Ye didn’t have to attain the Spirit Realm in order to fly on a sword like the disciples of the Sword Sect had to. He only had to cultivate this Earth Rank technique to the 1st level, and he would be able to utilize his Profound Energy to control his sword and attain the effect of flying on a sword. Of course, it was a slightly huge consumption of Profound Energy, but Yang Ye who possessed a few tens of thousands of Energy Stones didn’t care about the consumption of Profound Energy at all.

The Sword Control Technique was divided into two levels. The first level, controlling swords with Profound Energy, and the 2nd level, controlling swords with the heart. Of course, as an Earth Rank technique, the Sword Control Technique didn’t merely make the sword move according to one’s will, and it had numerous profound methods of usage. Just like when he’d obtained this inheritance that day, and that black figure had made the sword emanate sword qi while it had left his grasp!

If the Sword Control Technique was cultivated the 2nd level, then it would be equivalent to possessing independent support. The sword moved according to will, and this was extremely terrifying. Actually, strictly speaking, the Sword Control Technique couldn’t be said to be a sword technique, and it should be considered as an auxiliary technique. Because it wasn’t a move at all, yet it was absolutely not weak because its auxiliary ability was extremely heaven defying.

Just think about it, if one’s sword suddenly flew behind one’s opponent in battle and executed a strand of sword qi, what would be the outcome? Moreover, the black figure in the inheritance didn’t state that one could only control a single sword. As for how many swords one was able to control, it depended entirely on one’s own ability.

In the next few days, besides eating, Yang Ye spend all of his time cultivating sword techniques in Cool Breeze Gorge. He had to cultivate three sword techniques now, and it could be said to be extremely laborious. However, Yang Ye felt extremely excited instead when faced with this. Because in the past, he didn’t possess any techniques to cultivate, yet now he’d suddenly obtained a Profound Rank and Earth Rank sword technique, so how could he not be excited?

The Sword Qi Finger technique wasn’t too bad, and after three days of bitterly cultivating it without end, Yang Ye was finally able to execute a strand of sword qi with his finger, whereas, he was able to execute two strands of sword qi with the Energy Split Sword Technique. However, the Sword Control Technique’s progress was extremely slow. So long as his sword left his grasp, it was at most able to stay in the air for around 10 breaths of time before it would fall to the group, let alone move.

However, Yang Ye wasn’t dispirited by this. He was able to train in the Basic Sword Technique for two years, so how could he be unable to persist in cultivating an Earth Rank technique? If once wasn’t enough, then try a hundred times. If a hundred times weren’t enough, then try 10,000 times. Success would arrive eventually.

On this day, Yang Ye stood atop that enormous rock he usually utilized to cultivate on in Cool Breeze Gorge, and a sword floated in the air before him. His hands remained in a forward lifting position while his eyes stared fixedly at the sword that floated in the air before him, and he didn’t even dare blink.

The violet mink wasn’t too far away from him, and it mimicked him and was staring fixedly at the sword as well. However, it wasn’t as serious as Yang Ye, and its lively eyes blinked frequently. It seemed extremely cute.

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye gradually moved his hands. Along with the movement of his hands, the sword that floated at their center suddenly started to tremble before it gradually started moving as well. However, it was slightly slow, and if one didn’t look carefully, it was utterly impossible to notice its movement.

Yang Ye was delighted when he saw the sword move slowly, but he didn’t dare be careless, and he held his breath in concentration for a while before continuing to move slowly.

“Little Laborer, you’re finally back….” Right at this moment, a clear, melodious, and familiar voice sounded out from the right. When he heard this voice, Yang Ye’s hand trembled, and the sword instantly fell to the ground. Yang Ye’s entire face turned black when he witnessed this scene, and then he turned around to look at the culprit.

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