Chapter 402 – Little Girl!

Almighty Sword Domain

In merely an instant, the clothes An Biru wore had been transformed into ash, and then An Biru moaned lightly while her brows knit together tightly.

As she watched Yang Ye rampage about like a wild beast, ghastly killing intent appeared in her eyes. Even though she was called Madam An and was the Master of the An Clan, a man had never taken advantage of her in any way!

Even though she had a slightly good impression of Yang Ye and had intentions to unite with him, that was under the condition that she did it willingly and not forced as she was right now!

After a long time passed, An Biru suddenly noticed that she could move. She didn’t hesitate to stretch out her right hand and grab Yang Ye by the neck, and she just had to exert strength a little and Yang Ye’s head would be separated from his body!

An Biru hadn’t noticed that a strand of violet light had flashed through Yang Ye’s neck at the instant she grabbed him by the neck!

An Biru’s eyes were blank as she held Yang Ye by the neck and gazed at his crimson red eyes. She knew that Yang Ye hadn’t done it intentionally, and he’d been affected by the True Dragon’s blood. Moreover, the reason this had happened to them was because someone had made this happen from the shadows….

An Biru took a deep breath and asked herself about it. The answer she got was that she didn’t want to kill the young man in front of her, so it was pointless even if she looked for a million more excuses!

Suddenly, Yang Ye grew faster and faster while his movements grew more and more intense, and the sharp pain she felt from a certain area caused An Biru’s brows to knit together once more!

As he ceaselessly vented his desire, Yang Ye’s skin started to gradually change color, and it transformed from dark gold into bright gold….


After an unknown amount of time passed, Yang Ye’s eyes gradually recovered their clarity, and he was instantly stunned when he saw the woman who laid below him.

What’s going on?

Wasn’t I cultivation?

How did this happen?

“Are you still not going to get up?” An Biru stared Yang Ye straight in the eyes as she spoke coldly.

Yang Ye stared blankly at her when he heard this, and he was just about to get up hastily when he felt his legs were extremely weak. So, his figure has just risen slightly when it pressed down once more upon her.

Two completely different moans instantly escaped their lips….

Yang Ye took a deep breath and didn’t attempt to get up again. In any case, it had already happened, so what could possibly be done even if he did get up immediately? He just laid on her like that. He ordered his thoughts for a moment before he said, “I… I don’t know why this happened. All I know is that all of that isn’t very important anymore. The most important thing is the present.”

“The present?” An Biru stared right at him and said, “What do you intend to do now?”

“I don’t want to speak any words of apology or to act shamelessly because they are all meaningless!” Yang Ye said in a low voice, “I know that you’ll definitely ridicule me if I said that I would take responsibility. After all, no matter if it’s your strength or background, they both far surpass me. But I still want to say that you’re mine now, and I’m your first!”

“So what?” An Biru had a cold smile on the corners of her mouth, and her gaze was icy cold. “Could it be that you think I’m like every other woman? That I would become yours just because I lost my purity to you?”

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “If you wanted to kill me, then I would have been dead a long time ago, right?”

“Perhaps you’ll die a moment from now!” An Biru’s voice was still icy cold.

Yang Ye shook his head when he heard this, and then he said seriously, “I refuse to spout nonsense to you. In any case, you’re mine now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately swooped down and kissed her on the lips.

In Yang Ye’s opinion, any words he said right now were empty when it had already come to this. In any case, she was his now, and that was the most important. As for the problem of whether there were any feelings between them, it wasn’t very important to him whether she loved him or not. In any case, since they’d united as one, and she was his, then he would treat her well and never betray her!

Love was just that simple to Yang Ye….

Yang Ye was stunned….

Actually, Yang Ye was extremely perturbed in his heart right now. Even though he spoke in such a domineering manner, he was very clearly aware of the strength which she possessed, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist at all if she intended to kill him.

He was gambling right now. He was gambling on whether she had any feelings towards him, and if she didn’t… then the consequences were obvious.

After a short while passed, An Biru still hadn’t reacted at all and had just allowed his actions. Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief upon noticing this.

However, right at this moment, a strand of terrifying force suddenly erupted from within her, and it blasted Yang Ye flying by almost 300m while Yang Ye’s golden skin instantly split apart….

An Biru directly flashed over to Yang Ye, and then she stretched out her hand and grabbed his neck as his figure crashed towards the ground. But right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred. A strand of violet light suddenly erupted from Yang Ye’s body, and it instantly struck An Biru and blasted her flying!

Both Yang Ye and An Biru’s expressions changed violently!

A little girl appeared here under their astounded gazes. The little girl was around 13 or 14 years old. Her figure was dainty and petite, and she was floating in midair, causing a pair of little feet that was pure white like jade to be revealed. She wore a white colored palace dress that was embroidered with a flower pattern, and her wide white sleeves concealed her hands. She held a scepter in her right hand, and there was a dazzling and crystalline blue colored gem at the top of the scepter!

Even though she was young, she was very pretty, extremely pretty. It could be said that Yang Ye could imagine extraordinary her beauty would be once she grew up, and she would definitely be even more gorgeous than Yin Xuan’er. Of course, it would be better if that proud expression wasn’t hanging on her face!

The little girl glanced coldly at Yang Ye before her gaze moved towards An Biru. She said, “You ignorant woman! It’s an honor for you to receive his affection, yet not only are you not grateful, you actually want to kill him! You’re truly beyond stupid. Could it be you don’t understand that receiving his affection is an extraordinary fortune to you?”

Yang Ye felt speechless when he heard this.

An Biru stood up slowly, and she gazed at the little girl as she said in a low voice. “Who exactly are you!?” Even though she made a very composed and calm display, tempestuous waves were raging through her heart! Exactly how terrifying is this little girl’s strength? Even a Monarch Realm expert isn’t as terrifying as her!“Since you’ve asked, then I’ll tell you! I’m the person who’ll destroy this continent in the future!” The little girl raised her right hand slowly, and she pointed the gem at An Biru as she said, “Woman, this Princess didn’t intend to kill you in the beginning. Unfortunately, you’re aware of my existence. Even though killing you will make me fall into deep slumber once more, it can’t be helped. What else can I do when the Primordial Tower’s owner is too weak! Ah!!! Why did it have to choose such an idiot as its master? It truly angers this Princess to death! AHHHH!!!!”

As the little girl flared-up, the scepter in her hand instantly emanated a blue glow. An Biru’s pupils constricted violently when she saw the blue glow because the energy contained within it even made her soul tremble slightly! At the same time, she felt even more astounded in her heart because she was an expert at the peak of the Exalt Realm, and she was only half a step away from the Monarch Realm!

Even my aunt can’t make me feel like this! Who exactly is this little girl?

The blue glow grew brighter and brighter, and the energy within it seemed as if it could obliterate the world, and this sight horrified An Biru.

However, right when she was about to fight desperately to the death, Yang Ye had appeared in front of her.

Yang Ye smiled lightly to her, and then he turned around to gaze at the little girl and said, “I never expected that there would actually be someone within me, and I never imagined that this person would actually be so strong. I don’t know what objective you had by residing within me, and I don’t know who you are as well. However, I hope that you don’t harm anyone close to me!”

“Do you realize that you’ll be instantly annihilated if the people of the outside world find out about me?” The little girl glared at Yang Ye and seemed to intend to shoot the blue glow on the scepter at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I do!”

“Then why won’t you let me kill her! Are you an idiot?” The little girl grew even more furious while the scepter in her hand started to tremble violently. Obviously, she was on the verge of losing control of her anger.

Yang Ye’s face darkened. At this moment, he had the impulse to give this little girl a good bearing. What sort of temper is that? Even Bao’er is better than her!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he turned around to gaze at An Biru as he said with a smile on his face, “I would be dead by now if she wanted to kill me. I already owe her a great deal, so how could I make her die because of me? I don’t seek right or wrong when I do things, I only seek a clear conscience!”

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