Chapter 404 – Absorbed!

Almighty Sword Domain

After the incident that day, Yang Ye had never seen An Biru again. He knew that she was avoiding him, or perhaps it should be said that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Even though Yang Ye felt quite uncomfortable when facing this situation, he respected her choice. However, he felt that it wasn’t suitable for him to continue staying in the An Clan, and he’d left it instead!

After he left the An Clan, Yang Ye arrived at an opening that was over 500km towards the south of Ancient Domain City. There was an enormous, deep, and pitch black pit there.

“Little Yun, are you sure it’s here?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Yun suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye and said, “I’m sure. Nangong Meng and Li Qingshui died here because this deep pit was created by the Violetcloud Lightning. Unfortunately, two geniuses perished just like that!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “With the strengths that they possessed, it should be possible for them to escape even if they weren’t a match for Luo Xue. I think that they underestimated their enemy, and that was the reason which led to their deaths at Luo Xue’s hands. Otherwise, Luo Xue would have been able to kill one of them at most if they’d chosen to retreat!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Ye Yun as he said, “Little Yun, I know that you and all the other brothers are extremely proud. But remember that you must treat all enemies seriously. After all, many people die from underestimating their enemies and acting carelessly. Understand?”

When he saw Yang Ye speak seriously, Ye Yun restrained his grin and nodded seriously. He said, “Don’t worry Sword Master, the other brothers and I won’t be careless or underestimate our enemies. After all, we’re just like Sword Master, we have a huge debt of blood to avenge!”

“Good!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned around and waved his right hand. A white jade urn instantly descended into the deep pit. It was Xi Luo’s ashes that resided within the urn!

Yang Ye gazed at the enormous deep pit and said in a low voice, “Now, you can stay eternally by your Meng’meng’s side. I hope you don’t fall for someone who doesn’t love you back in your next lifetime!”

Yang Ye stood silently on the spot for a short while before he turned around and gazed at Ye Yun. He said, “How is like at the Hidden Dragon Rankings?”

Ye Yun smiled when he heard this. “Leng Yin, Leng Jun, and Zhang Liu should be able to enter the top 10. Practically no one amongst the human profounders is a match for them, and it’s only the profounders from the devil, nether, and demon race that will be difficult to deal with. However, I believe that they’ll be able to overcome their enemies.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Have the brothers we sent back to the southern territory to gather information returned?”

Ye Yun’s expression became heavy when he heard this, and he said, “Sword Master, our journey back will probably be extremely dangerous. According to the information we gathered, a huge group of experts left the Ghost Sect, Flower Palace, and Origin School when they heard that you obtained the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Moreover, their whereabouts were unknown after they left their respective sects. The weakest amongst these experts are at the Spirit Realm, and it’s very likely for Exalt Realm experts to be present amongst them!”

“Exalt Realm experts?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. After a short while, he said, “What about the Sword Sect?”

“The Sword Sect hasn’t taken any unusual action for now!” Ye Yun said, “Even though the Sword Sect hasn’t taken any unusual action, but we really have to be careful this time. Because I’ve obtained information that the League of Doom has dispatched assassins to assassinate us on the way back to the southern territory. It looks like they’ve found out about our relationship with you!”

“If they know, they know!” Yang Ye said in a low voice, “In any case, I’ve never thought of concealing it from them. How many brothers do we have right now?”

“105!” Ye Yun said, “Over 80% of them are already ninth rank King Realm profounders. Right, Zhang Liu, Leng Jun, Leng Yin, eight other brothers, and I are all at the Spirit Realm. However, it’s probably quite difficult for us to return safely with this little bit of strength we possess. Most importantly, where should we go once we have returned to the southern territory?”

Yang Ye said, “I’ve thought about that, so you don’t have to worry. Your job is to ceaselessly gather information from the southern territory and work hard on improving your strength. After all, the journey back won’t be peaceful at all, and you might not be able to return safely if you’re too weak!”

Ye Yun grinned as he said, “Haha! Don’t worry! I, Ye Yun, don’t want to die just yet! My Pei Jun is still waiting for me at the southern territory. I don’t want her to become a widow!”

“Pei Jun?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he smiled as he said, “Your wife?”

“Kind of!” Ye Yun revealed a sly smile as he said, “We aren’t married formally, but we’ve done everything that should be done. Now we just have to return to the southern territory and head to her clan to ask for her hand in marriage. Right, Sword Master, can you follow me there when the time comes? I refuse to believe her father would dare to refuse with the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings and the current Sword Emperor helping me ask for her hand in marriage. Haha!!”

“It’s fine if he does!” Yang Ye smiled. “If worse comes to worst, we brothers will help you take her!”

“Haha! That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

After Ye Yun left, Yang Ye found a distant mountain range that had a pool in its depths, and a tiny ball of flames floated above the pool.

For some unknown reason, a huge amount of the True Dragon’s blood still remained in his body after he’d absorbed it that day. So, he intended to fully absorb it now, and for the sake of preventing the True Dragon’s blood from making him burn with the flames of desire, he’d specially chosen this pool to be the place he cultivated at.


Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to leap into the pool, and then he immediately started to circulate his profound energy and absorb the remaining energy of the True Dragon’s blood without any restraint.

As its energy was ceaselessly absorbed by him, a type of dark gold color had gradually appeared on his skin, and it wasn’t just his skin, even the meridians and bones within his body had become dark gold in color!

Because it was only the remaining energy, so it wasn’t long before Yang Ye had absorbed most of it.

However, an unexpected event suddenly occurred at the moment Yang Ye absorbed the last bit of energy around an hour later!


An enormous world shaking roar suddenly resounded in Yang Ye’s mind. In an instant, Yang Ye’s face warped while sharp pain came from his eardrums, and he bled from all seven apertures.

“Ant! How dare you devour my Blood Essence!?” A strand of gold light flashed, and then an enormous ethereal golden dragon appeared in front of Yang Ye. The enormous dragon was over a kilometer long, and it blotted out the sky.

Yang Ye opened his eyes, and his pupils immediately constricted when he saw the enormous golden dragon that blotted out the sky. But in next to no time, a wisp of a savage expression flashed through his eyes because it wasn’t the dragon’s actual body. It was only a strand of its soul that had been left behind within the Blood Essence! Since it was only a remaining strand of its soul, then why would he, Yang Ye, fear it?

“Ant! How truly audacious of you! You actually dared to devour the Blood Essence of my Divine Gold Dragon Clan! Aren’t you afraid that it would bring a monstrous calamity down upon your human race?” The Divine Gold Dragon stared at Yang Ye while strands of terrifying Dragon Pressure enveloped down towards Yang Ye like a storm!

A strand of Sword Intent shot into the sky!

Yang Ye said ferociously, “You’re just a remaining strand of soul, so you should just be obedient and allow me to absorb you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and shot forward explosively. He arrived in front of the Divine Gold Dragon’s soul remnant, and then he said, “Sword Domain!”

In an instant, a terrifying force suddenly appeared around Yang Ye and the Divine Gold Dragon.

“Sword Domain! It’s actually Sword Domain! Who exactly are you!?” The Divine Gold Dragon revealed astonishment in its eyes as it cried out involuntarily.

Yang Ye would naturally not waste his breath on it. He swung Dragonbone incessantly, causing countless strands of sword qi to shoot forward explosively and instantly drowned the enormous Divine Gold Dragon beneath countless strands of sword qi. If it was his usual sword qi, then perhaps it would be useless against the enormous golden dragon, but his sword qi was being enhanced by his Sword Domain right now, so its might had multiplied by countless times.

“AH!!! Human! No matter who you are, my Divine Gold Dragon Clan will definitely annihilate you and prevent you from ever reincarnating!” The gold dragons instantly dispersed on the spot while it roared in a sharp voice.

Yang Ye was delighted by this, and he didn’t hesitate to absorb the energy from it.

After around two hours passed, Yang Ye opened his eyes and clenched his right hand tightly into a fist. He shouted loudly as he suddenly smashed his fist down towards the pool from afar!

A gale swept out from the movement of his fist, and it instantly arrived at the pool. In an instant, an enormous bang resounded before a pillar of water that was enormous like the dragon from before had shot into the sky, and it shot up over 60m into the air!

Yang Ye was delighted when he witnessed this scene. Currently, the strength of his punch carried the strength of at least 10,000 pounds. That was something that even a peak Spirit Rank Demon Beast didn’t possess!

At this moment, the physical strength he possessed had definitely surpassed both Mo Ke and Luo Xue!

“Looks like I possess that trace of Dragon Might. Otherwise, I would possess 7,000 pounds of strength at most after I absorbed the energy within that droplet of True Dragon’s blood. I’m afraid that even the physical strength of some Exalt Realm experts can’t compare to my, right?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he gazed at the vortex that had appeared in the pool, and his eyes revealed a trace of undisguised happiness.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed as he swiftly looked at his chest. He noticed that a blood red mark had suddenly appeared there. Yang Ye’s brows instantly knit together tightly when he saw the mark, and he said to himself. Shit!

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