Chapter 407 – With Skysplit In Hand!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Your concubine?” An Nanjing gazed at him while seeming to be no sure of what he said, and she asked once more in a drawn-out voice. Her voice was extremely calm, and it was like she was talking with a friend.

Luo Feng nodded while the burning desire in his eyes seemed material. He said, “You were bound to be mine since the moment I saw you. No matter which sect you’re from, I’ll definitely get you!” His voice was filled with heroic spirit, and it was extremely resolute.

An Nanjing’s appearance wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, and it could only be considered to be superior. However, her composed and confident bearing was unique. It was exactly that bearing which made her possess unparalleled charm, and such charm was sufficient to move the heart of any man.

However, when they thought about An Nanjing’s natural talent and strength, the countless tempted profounders in the surroundings felt deep helplessness and inferiority! Because if it was in terms of strength and natural talent, then Yang Ye was probably the only one amongst the younger generation who was worthy of her!

Meanwhile, one of the beautiful women by Luo Feng’s side suddenly said to An Nanjing, “Why aren’t you thanking his Royal Highness? Being able to receive his favor is a form of fortune that you’ve accumulated for three generations. From today onward, regardless of whether it’s cultivation techniques, combat techniques, or cultivation resources, you’ll have an endless supply of them all. Even inner court disciples of the Ninth Rank Sects don’t receive such treatment!”

Another woman said, “Moreover, if you please his Royal Highness, then you can even obtain his guidance. His Royal Highness is a fourth rank Spirit Realm expert, and he had even slaughtered a peak Spirit Realm expert in the past. Huh? What’re you still standing there for? Quickly come over and serve his Royal Highness….”

An Nanjing’s eyes had instantly lit up when she heard that Luo Feng had killed a peak Spirit Realm expert, and she said, “Are you very strong?”

Luo Feng instantly smiled complacently when he heard this, and he said in his heart, So she was actually that easy to deal with. I was even prepared to take her by force.

He immediately nodded and acted humble. “Not at all, I’m just ordinary. However, I’m just invincible within the Spirit Realm. I’m still inferior to Exalt Realm experts!”

“You’re invincible within the Spirit Realm?” An Nanjing’s brows raised as she said, “How about you take a punch of mine? If you’re still able to stand here on this arena after you do, then I’ll spare your life, alright?”

Luo Feng was stunned, and then he roared with laughter. This woman is truly too interesting. She’s merely a second rank Spirit Realm profounder, yet she actually dares to boast like that to me?

He immediately spread his arms and didn’t put up any defenses as he said, “Come, I’ll take a punch from you, and I won’t defend against it!”

When Yang Ye and the others heard Luo Feng, the corners of their mouths couldn’t help but twitch, and even Qian Huan and the other representatives were no exception. He’s going to take a punch from her without defending himself? Is there something wrong with him in the head? They’d only heard of people who court death, but they’d witnessed a living example right now.

An Nanjing nodded slightly. In the next moment, she vanished on the spot, and then her fist suddenly blasted onto Luo Feng’s stomach. In an instant, the smile on his face froze. To be more precise, the smile on his face had frozen at the instant An Nanjing attacked because her strength was obvious when she attacked. It was at that moment that he knew he’d fucked up!

He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late.

When An Nanjing’s fist smashed onto Luo Feng’s stomach, his eyes had instantly opened wide, and then his figure curled forward as it flew backward. Mouthful after mouthful of blood sprayed incessantly out of Luo Feng as he flew through the air, and he finally crashed to the ground after flying for almost 300m. Moreover, he smashed open a deep pit on the ground!

“Too weak!” An Nanjing shook her head slowly as she walked towards the Luo Feng.

The four women by Luo Feng’s side were flabbergasted, and they were instantly shocked when they saw An Nanjing walk towards Luo Feng. Their figures flashed to obstruct An Nanjing’s path while a terrifying aura erupted from them. The spectators in the surroundings were shocked because all four women were actually Spirit Realm experts!

One of them pointed her finger at An Nanjing and said furiously, “You actually dared to injure his Royal Highness. You are dead no matter who you are! Your family and sect are….”

The woman hadn’t finished speaking when An Nanjing had vanished on the spot, and she was already behind the woman when she appeared again. At the same time, An Nanjing’s fist had smashed down upon the woman’s back before the clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded. The woman’s body seemed as if it had been broken in half, and her figure was blasted flying while maintaining a weird shape. There was no further movement or sound from her upon crashing to the ground!

“I don’t like being threatened!” An Nanjing glanced indifferently at the woman, and then she turned around and walked towards Luo Feng.

The spectators were astounded, especially the three remaining women. At this moment, they were shocked to the extreme because An Nanjing had instantly annihilated a Spirit Realm profounder…. My god! Who exactly is this woman?

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart as he watched this from the side. Because Luo Feng had come to look for trouble with him, yet Luo Feng had offended this battle addict, An Nanjing, and he felt that it couldn’t be any better to have An Nanjing to help deal with Luo Feng.

The other three women were astounded when they noticed that An Nanjing actually intended to kill Luo Feng because they didn’t dare allow Luo Feng to die just like that. However, they didn’t dare step forward to stop An Nanjing as well. One of the women flashed over to the nine dragons, and then she gazed at An Nanjing as she said in a ghastly voice, “Kill her!”


The dragons instantly let out a deafening and furious roar as they shot straight down towards An Nanjing.

An Nanjing stopped moving and raised her head to gaze at the dragons while her eyes narrowed slightly, and then she flipped her palm and Skysplit appeared there. The profound energy within her body surged as countless strands of profound energy poured swiftly into Skysplit….

The hearts of the spectators shuddered when they saw An Nanjing withdraw Skysplit. They knew that she was really infuriated. How terrifying was An Nanjing when she held Skysplit in hand? They didn’t know the answer to that before this, but they knew now!

An Nanjing’s figure flashed and charged into the sky while she suddenly tapped Skysplit at the enormous dragon in the lead. Skysplit had merely come into contact with its heart when a light crack immediately resounded, and the scale at the tip of her spear had immediately split apart. Moreover, the crack was spreading towards the surroundings at a visible speed, and it only took less than two breaths of time for the scales throughout that enormous dragon to crack apart and fall off….

An Nanjing’s figure flashed once more. She arrived before the 2nd dragon before she tapped once more with her spear…. In less than 15 minutes, all nine dragons had fallen from the sky.

The spectators gasped when they saw the corpses of these dragons because the bodies of those dragons had actually cracked apart, and these cracks were so numerous like spiderwebs!

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression as well because An Nanjing who held Skysplit in her hand was truly extremely terrifying! How many people in the Spirit Realm can resist a single strike of her spear?

Yang Ye felt no fear, and only his blood seethed. At this moment, he was slightly unable to restrain himself from having the impulse to fight her properly to his heart’s content!

“A genius favored by the gods! A true genius favored by the gods!” Qian Huan said in a low voice, “If she’s given the time to grow, then she’ll definitely be another existence like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. The Exalted Han Empire is truly unfortunate. 10,000 years ago, it offended the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor and made him kill his way to their Imperial Palace, causing the Exalted Han Empire to suffer huge losses and not dare speak of uniting the various territories anymore. Now, 10,000 years later, it has offended the Martial God of this era. Haha! Looks like the heavens really refuse to bless the Exalted Han Empire!”

The other three women who arrived here with Luo Feng were completely stunned. Even though these dragons aren’t pure-blooded, they are still dragons. Moreover, they are dragons at the Spirit Rank! But they were killed by that woman just like that? Is she really not an Exalt Realm expert? If she’s only a Spirit Realm profounders, then….

They didn’t dare continue on this train of thought!

Meanwhile, Luo Feng had crawled out from the pit, and the corners of his eyes instantly twitched violently when he saw the corpses of those nine dragons. Because he’d spend a huge amount of wealth in order to obtain them! But they’d perished just like that! At this moment, even his heart felt like it was bleeding!

“You weren’t able to withstand my punch. So, you must die!” An Nanjing held Skysplit in her hand as she walked slowly towards Luo Feng.

“Do you know who I am!?” There wasn’t even a trace of a smile on Luo Feng’s face, and there was only solemnness.

“It doesn’t matter to me at all!” An Nanjing stopped when she was around 20m away from Luo Feng, and then she suddenly raised her head towards the sky and said, “He’ll really die if you still refuse to show yourself!”

The others in the surroundings were shocked. Luo Feng has help?

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s brows knit together while his expression turned unprecedentedly solemn.

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