Chapter 413 – Treasures!

Almighty Sword Domain

The white dragon’s abode was huge, and it could accommodate at least 10,000 plus people. White mist floated throughout the spacious cave.

Yang Ye’s heart instantly started thumping violently when he saw the white mist, and his eyes emanated a burning glow. Because the white mist was Spirit Energy, and it had taken material form like mist because it was too dense!

At this moment, Yang Ye had the impulse to stay here for a long time! Because the energy here was countless times denser than it was on the 5th level of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. He was confident that he only had to cultivate here for a year at most before he could rise to the peak of the Spirit Realm! Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay here now. So, he was extremely depressed and conflicted in his heart!

Xiao Yuxi was shocked by this scene before her as well. Because the Spirit Energy here was truly extremely dense, and it was absolutely not something that any sect or clan could compare to. This was a true paradise for profounders!

Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi were extremely shocked but the white dragon in front of them seemed to be used to it. It was like the white mist was just air to it.

“Come, the things I’ve gathered are ahead,” said the white dragon.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, suppressed the shock in his heart, and then held Xiao Yuxi’s hand as he followed the white dragon.

The white dragon led Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi to a corner of its abode, and then it pointed ahead. “These are all the things I’ve gathered here. Those shiny and glowing things are formed naturally here. They aren’t nice to eat, so I just tossed them here….”

Suddenly, the white dragon stopped speaking because it noticed that both Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi were utterly stunned on the spot as if they were frozen there!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind was completely blank, and his eyes were filled with the shiny and glowing things that the white dragon spoke off. It wasn’t just him, even Xiao Yuxi’s bright eyes were opened wide while shock filled them.

What had they laid eyes on?

It was a huge pile of top-grade energy stones that stood in front of them, and there were over 10,000 of them! What was it like to possess over 10,000 top-grade energy stones? Even Ninth Rank Sects probably didn’t possess so many top-grade energy stones!

Yang Ye was unable to control himself anymore. He pounced forward and hugged the pile of top-grade energy stones tightly. Because these top-grade energy stones were sufficient for him to cultivate to the Monarch Realm. In short, from today onward, he didn’t have to worry about cultivation resources. Moreover, these top-grade energy stones could allow those 105 brothers of his to gain a tremendous improvement in their strengths!

In short, these top-grade energy stones could be utilized for a huge number of things.

“Those aren’t top-grade energy stones!” Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi’s voice resounded by Yang Ye’s ears.

“They aren’t top-grade energy stones?” Yang Ye picked one up and took a look. Sure enough, he noticed that the energy stone in his hand wasn’t just larger than a top-grade energy stone, the energy within it was even more abundant and pure.

“These are extreme-grade energy stones!” Xiao Yuxi spoke with a solemn voice. “These are even more precious and rarer than top-grade energy stones. A single extreme-grade energy stone is equivalent to 100 top-grade energy stones, and even Ninth Rank Sects probably don’t have many of them. You absolutely can’t allow others to find out about this, otherwise, you’ll become the common enemy of the entire continent!”

“It’s not mine!” Yang Ye placed the extreme-grade energy stone back down, and then he smiled as he gazed at Xiao Yuxi. “It’s ours. All of this belongs to us!”

The corners of Xiao Yuxi’s mouth curled up slightly when she heard this, and then a charming smile appeared on her face. She gazed at Yang Ye while traces of tender affection appeared in her eyes, and she said lightly, “Yes, it belongs to our family!”

Yang Ye’s heart thumped when he saw how Xiao Yuxi looked while seeming to be embarrassed, and if it wasn’t because the white dragon was still at the side, he would have already taken her in his arms and got a little playful with her!

Yang Ye suppressed the desire in his heart, waved his right hand, and then put all the extreme-grade energy stones behind him into his Vortex Dantian. He didn’t dare place such treasures within his spatial ring. After all, some experts could see through spatial rings, and if others were to notice he possessed so many extreme-grade energy stones, then the whole world would become his enemy!

“You want these things?” Meanwhile, the white dragon said with astonishment, “These things taste really bad!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard this. Taste? This fellow actually ate them and even says they taste very bad….

At this moment, Yang Ye really wanted to bash this dragon up! However, he could only suppress this terrifying thought of his when he recalled the strength this dragon possessed, and he said, “Perhaps they are useless to you, but they are quite useful to humans like us. Right, in any case, they are useless to you, so you don’t mind giving them to me, right?”

“You can have them all if you want.” The white dragon was very generous and said, “There are some other things ahead, and they are much tastier. However, I’ve gotten tired of eating them. There are some other things that are just like these shiny rocks. Even though they are very beautiful, they taste awful. You can have them all if you like!”

Yang Ye was delighted, and then he looked ahead towards the corner that the white dragon spoke about, and his eyes instantly opened wide when he saw the treasures at that corner. There were all sorts of ores there. The ores were very huge, and they were in all shapes and sized. Some of them were dim, lusterless, and extremely ordinary; but there were also some that flickered with dazzling light and were extremely resplendent.

There were a few tens of thousands of such rocks!

They were naturally not rocks. They were extremely precious ores instead.

Besides these ores, those things that the white dragon said were tasty resided there as well, and Yang Ye’s heartbeat quickened when he saw them.

They were actually spirit herbs, and all of them were at the low-grade Heaven Rank or above. It was even to the extent that he saw some that he’d only seen in books, like the Immortal Soul Herb that surpassed the Heaven Rank and could regrow the body, the Beast Limit Herb that was capable of allowing Exalt Rank Darkbeasts to have a certain chance of directly advancing in their cultivation, the….

In short, Yang Ye noticed no less than 30 plus herbs that surpassed the Heaven Rank with a single glance. These spirit herbs were called Dao Grade herbs. He knew some of them, but he didn’t recognize most of them. As for the Heaven Rank herbs, there were countless of them. In any case, there were no less than 10,000 of them!

We’re rich! When he saw all of this, Yang Ye was excited to the point even his hands started to tremble. Yang Ye swore that if anyone in the outside world found out about these treasures, then it would definitely cause a rain of blood throughout Profounder Continent, and it would make countless sects and innumerable extraordinary experts on the continent go mad!~ It was even to the extent that the other non-human territories would definitely make a move as well!

No expert or sect could disregard these treasures! After all, how many extraordinary experts could be nurtured if they possessed these treasures?

Especially those ores. How many sets of Dark Treasures could be crafted from those ores? There were both cultivation resources and resources to craft Dark Treasures here. In other words, so long as any sect obtained all of these treasures, then it could definitely allow all its disciples to experience a tremendous improvement in their strengths within a short period!

After a moment of excitement and happiness, Yang Ye started to calm down. Even though these treasures were great, they couldn’t see the light of day. At the very least, he couldn’t expose too much of it, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to survive no matter how many lives he had.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Ye placed all of these treasures within the tiny vortex.

Meanwhile, the white dragon suddenly said, “Human, these things are useful to you, right?”

Could Yang Ye deny it? His skin really wasn’t that thick!

So, he immediately nodded and said, “They are very useful to me. These treasures are sufficient to provide for me until I attain the Monarch Realm.”

“Now, you can tell me how you’re taking me out of the valley!” The white dragon said, “There are formidable restrictions around this valley. I can move about freely within the valley, but I’ll trigger the restrictions if I try to leave the valley, and the restrictions will attack me. Moreover, the experts from the various sects that reside in Ancient Domain City will swiftly rush over. So, if your method doesn’t work, then I’m truly sorry but you have to die. Because if those greedy humans were to notice this place, then they would definitely stop at nothing to seize my possessions! Even though I don’t really like them, I don’t want to give them to those damnable humans!”

Yang Ye knew that the main reason why the white dragon had been so generous, brought him here first, and given him these treasures in advance wasn’t because it trusted him, and it was because the white dragon was confident in its strength.

Indeed, his strength was no different than the strength of an ant when compared to the white dragon. Even though it was quite demoralizing, it was a fact!

The white dragon’s eyes gradually turned cold when it saw Yang Ye remain silent. It didn’t like being tricked, especially by a human!

At this moment, Xiao Yuxi’s beautiful eyes were on Yang Ye as well. She was very curious about how Yang Ye intended to bring the white dragon with him. She knew that Yang Ye had a way to accomplish it or Yang Ye wouldn’t have taken such a risk....

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