Chapter 416 – Returning To The Southern Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

“An extreme-grade energy stone!” The black clothed woman’s voice carried dense shock. She seemed to be unsure, so she waved her right hand and the energy stone in Yang Ye’s hand few into her own. She sensed the pure energy contained within the shiny extreme-grade energy stones. This time, she was sure that it was really an extreme-grade energy stone!

“How did you come to possess this extreme-grade energy stone!? How many do you have?” asked the black clothed woman in a low voice. Even though extreme-grade energy stones were precious, it wasn’t something the An Clan didn’t possess. The reason she was shocked was that the energy contained within this extreme-grade energy stone was much denser and purer than any she’d seen in the past.

Of course, most importantly, she wondered why Yang Ye possessed an extreme-grade energy stone. After all, top-grade energy stones and above usually only existed within those extraordinary clans and sects. Perhaps some independent cultivators might possess some top-grade energy stones, but it was practically impossible for them to possess extreme-grade energy stones!~

If Yang Ye was a Monarch Realm expert, then she would feel shocked if he possessed an extreme-grade energy stones, but Yang Ye was merely a Spirit Realm expert….

“I can’t tell you that! You just have to tell me if this extreme-grade energy stone can be used in exchange for that Specter Set!” Yang Ye would naturally not tell her where he obtained it. He hadn’t shown it to her out of trust, and it was because he had no other choice. After all, he really needed the Specter Sets because it would be able to guarantee a little extra safety to the lives of those 105 brothers of his!

Otherwise, he would absolutely not reveal the extreme-grade energy stones.

The black clothes woman fell silent for a moment before she said, “Even though an extreme-grade energy stone is precious, it’s undoubtedly impossible to exchange a single one for that entire set.”

When she spoke up to this point, she paused for a moment before she said, “Unless you have even more!”

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he heard this because those last few words she spoke made him sense an indescribable feeling of danger. Even Monarch Realm experts are tempted by such energy stones! If I were to expose too many, then this woman would definitely try to kill me to seize them from me. How would I resist her then?

So, Yang Ye had a decision when he thought up to here!

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Sorry, I don’t have more. Since it can’t be exchanged for a Specter Set, then I’ll be leaving!” Yang Ye turned around and left as soon as he finished speaking. Even though he was really tempted by that set of equipment, his life was still more important.

Yang Ye had only taken two steps when he suddenly stopped moving because An Biru had suddenly appeared in front of him. At this moment, her gaze was indifferent and calm as water as she gazed at him, and it was like she was looking at a stranger.

“Five extreme-grade energy stones for a set. You can get as many as you want so long as you have sufficient extreme-grade energy stones!” said An Biru in a cold voice.

“I want 200 sets!” Yang Ye didn’t exchange pleasantries or engage in small talk with her.

An Biru glanced at the black clothed woman, and then the latter nodded lightly before she vanished on the spot.

Only Yang Ye and An Biru remained here. Yang Ye felt silent while An Biru was the same, and the atmosphere between them instantly became slightly strange.

“I’m sorry for what happened the other day!” Yang Ye felt that he should apologize. After all, it was he who’d violated her. Even though it was because of the true dragon’s blood, he’d still done it no matter what. It was fine to make a mistake, but a man had to have the courage to admit the mistake and take responsibility for it.

“Did you think an apology would be enough to make up for everything?” An Biru stared right at him as she spoke in an icy cold voice.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he said, “I never spoke about compensating you with anything because I know that nothing can accomplish that, and doing that would only be an insult to you. I’m going back to the southern territory, and I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to return to the Ancient Battlefield once I do that. I promise that if I’m still alive at that time, then I’ll definitely come to the Ancient Battlefield, and we can put an end to everything then. Alright?”

In the end, he was at fault for the incident that occurred that day, and he’d never thought about pushing away the responsibility for it. However, he couldn’t put an end to it with her right now because he had something even more important to accomplish.

An Biru gazed at him in silence while Yang Ye met her gaze. A short while later, An Biru seemed to be unable to endure Yang Ye’s gaze and moved her gaze away before she said, “Remember what you’ve said!”

“Of course!”

Meanwhile, the black clothed woman had appeared in front of Yang Ye. At the same time, a pitch black spatial ring appeared in front of him as well.

Yang Ye was delighted when he glanced at the contents of the spatial ring. At the same time, he sighed with admiration in his heart about the wealth that the An Clan possessed. Because there were exactly 200 sets of the Specter Set within the spatial ring. 200 sets! Every single part of the sets was a low-grade Heaven Rank treasure, yet the An Clan had produced it with such ease. Such a display of wealth is probably something even some Ninth Rank Sects can’t accomplish, right!?

Yang Ye wasn’t hesitant at all. He waved his right hand and a thousand extreme-grade energy stones appeared in front of them. He didn’t trust the black clothed woman before he had some trust towards An Biru. Because he was able to sense that she had no intention to kill him or harm him. After all, he would be dead if she had!

An Biru and the black clothed woman could be considered as existences who had seen the world and experienced many grand scenes, yet they were still shocked when they saw these 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones.

Even a Ninth Rank Sect would probably be unable to produce 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones like this! But this fellow, Yang Ye, has done it so casually. Where exactly did he obtain these energy stones? Both of them were puzzled in their hearts.

Both of them gazed at Yang Ye in silence. Even though they possessed all the information related to Yang Ye, they felt that they’d just gotten to know him right now. It was especially so for An Biru, and that feeling was extremely strong.

“If you return to the southern territory while possessing this little bit of strength, then you’ll definitely have only a small chance of survival!” An Biru suddenly said, “The southern territory is like a volcano that’s on the verge of erupting, and it only needs a spark before it would fully erupt. It’s very likely for one to be burned into ashes while residing at the center of the volcano or even in its vicinity, understand?”

At this moment, even An Biru herself didn’t understand her mental state right now, and she didn’t understand why she would speak such words. Did she hate Yang Ye? Did she not hate him? She didn’t know the answer because she’d never thought about it seriously. She could be said to have been constantly avoiding this question. She was avoiding it in the past, avoiding it now, and might even continue avoiding it in the future!

Yang Ye was slightly surprised because her voice carried a concerned tone, and a sliver of warmth arose in his heart as he said, “I naturally understand what I have to face when I return this time, but I have no choice. The person most dear to me is there. If I can’t rescue her this time, then I’ll kill until the world’s upside down!”

“Your mother?” asked An Biru.

Yang Ye nodded.

An Biru fell silent. She knew that no one could talk Yang Ye out of returning to the southern territory. However, she still refused to give up and said, “The resources and reserves of the Flower Palace are really not something you can resist right now. They have two Monarch Realm experts, a few dozen Exalt Realm experts, and countless experts at the Spirit Realm and below. What about you? What do you have?”

Yang Ye grinned. What did he have? He naturally had his own trump cards and plans because he wasn’t stupid enough to return to the southern territory and give his life away.

“You intend to rely on that little girl?” asked An Biru in a low voice.

“That would be great if it was possible!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly. The strength of that mysterious little girl was undeniable. However, would she possibly help him? The little girl was filled with ill feelings towards him. Moreover, even if she was willing to help him, he wouldn’t dare allow her to do so. After all, once her existence was exposed, then it was very likely that the tiny vortex would be exposed as well. At that time, countless experts would come looking for him….

Yang Ye’s entire body shuddered when he thought of this possibility.

An Biru stopped asking further questions. She merely glanced at Yang Ye before she turned around and left. She took a few steps before she suddenly stopped, and she spoke with her back towards him. “I felt something appear within me that day. Did you transfer Karmic Luck to me on the Hidden Dragon Arena that day?”

“Yes!” Yang Ye nodded. He had indeed included An Biru when he transferred Karmic Luck that day.

An Biru stood silently on the spot for a moment, and then she said, “I don’t like owing others! Qing! Hong!”

As soon as she finished speaking, two black robed women had instantly appeared behind her.

The two of them bowed to her, and then they bowed to the black clothed woman at the side before they stood silently at the side.

“Both of them are at the Exalt Realm. I’ll leave them with you to help you, and you can consider it as me returning the favor for the Karmic Luck!” An Biru left quickly upon speaking these words.

The black clothed woman glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said to the two black robed women, “Return after escorting him to the southern territory. Don’t interfere in the matters within the southern territory, understand?”

Both of them spoke respectfully. “Yes, Master!”

The black clothed woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Good luck!” As soon as she finished, her figure shook lightly before she suddenly vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose. Was that really a wish with good intent? Yang Ye shook his head and glanced at the black robed women. A wisp of warmth flowed in his heart as he gazed at them because he knew that An Biru was lying when she said she wanted to return the favor, and she was really just using it as an excuse to help him.

Yang Ye shook his head again and stopped thinking about all of that, and then he left the chamber. Because it was pointless to think about all of that right now.


At an opening that was a few hundred kilometers away from Ancient Domain City, Yang Ye stood there while 105 black robed figures stood in front of him.

They hadn’t utilized any techniques, yet others were unable to sense even a trace of their aura, and it was like they’d fused into one with the air.

Yang Ye nodded with satisfaction as he gazed at them. The Specter Set really isn’t bad. These assassins have become even more terrifying while wearing that set of equipment, and they’ll become the nightmare of all my enemies!Ye Yun asked. “Sword Master, shall we leave now?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “We’re still one person short.”

Ye Yun was stunned. He was just about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly smiled and said, “She’s here!”

Ye Yun looked along Yang Ye’s gaze, and he was immediately stunned when he saw the person who’d arrived.

It was none other than the Martial God, An Nanjing!

An Nanjing had Skysplit on her back and was walking slowly towards them.

The Sword Master was waiting for her?

— End of Book Three —

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