Chapter 437 – Void Flash!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye glanced at Su Qingshi who laid within his arms and grinned, and then condensed wings from his profound energy and flashed over to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor who was in midair.

He didn’t care about the fate of the Sword Sect’s disciples nor did he care about the fate of the Sword Sect. He only cared about Su Qingshi. It felt like needles were piercing is heart as he watched Su Qingshi in such a weak, struggling, and painful state, and it was exactly that scene which told him he was unable to steel his heart and cruelly refuse her. He couldn’t bear to refuse her!

In the end, he was unable to act mercilessly towards her!

“The Sword Domain, peak 7th level Slaughter Sword Intent, and the Enlightened Sword Heart! Good! Good! Very good!” The Unfettered one gazed at Yang Ye while his smile grew even wider, and he said, “You accomplish such a state at the mere age of 20. You’re really not bad. It isn’t inferior to my own accomplishments all those years ago. Luckily, the Sword Sect still has a trace of hope!”

Yang Ye was about to speak when Yuan Tian suddenly made a clawing motion towards Yang Ye from afar, and then an enormous claw pierced through space and arrived instantaneously before Yang Ye’s head. Yang Ye’s expression changed because this was utterly not something that he could resist. Fortunately, the Unfettered One had directly transformed into a ray of light that entered his body!

In an instant, Yang Ye’s aura had immediately changed, and the shock and astonishment in his eyes had transformed into indifference and disregard!

‘Yang Ye’ flicked with his finger, and then a strand of sword qi slashed horizontally and instantly slashed the enormous claw into half.

Yuan Tian’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene, and he was extremely regretful in his heart. I shouldn’t have talked so much nonsense earlier and shouldn’t have hesitated. I should have attacked immediately and destroyed this wisp of soul even if I had to pay a small price. What a waste!

Right, why has Yang Ye appeared here? Could it be that all the disciples dispatched from the sect have been annihilated?

“Sword! Come to me!” ‘Yang Ye’ took a step forward while he gestured with his right hand. After that, a ray of light short into the sky from a mountain that was 5,000km away from the Sword Sect. The ray of light shot through space and instantly arrived in the sky above the Sword Sect, and then the light around is dispersed to reveal a sword that was covered in talisman markings.

“It’s Void Flash!” Su Muzhe exclaimed from below. Void Flash was at the Dao Rank, and it was crafted from Spatial Stones that were gathered from meteors. It possessed the shocking ability to piece through space. It was a sword that belonged to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor all those years ago, and it had stayed by the Unfettered One’s side for over a thousand years until the Unfettered One encountered the Heavenly Inquisitor. This sword was ranked at the 2nd position amongst the Dao Artifacts of that time, and it was merely inferior to the Heavenly Inquisitor!

The expressions of Yuan Tian and the others changed when they saw this sword as they’d recognized it.

“Retreat!” Yuan Tian hesitated for a moment before his figure flashed towards the distance. It was impossible to annihilate the Sword Sect today and staying here was utterly meaningless!

Ghost King and Yu Linglong hesitated for a moment before they flashed towards the distance. With the strength they possessed, the three of them had a chance to annihilate ‘Yang Ye’ if they paid a certain price, but none of them was willing to pay that price.

When the disciples of the three sects saw their Sect Masters retreating, they hurriedly retreated as well and didn’t dare remain in the Sword Sect.

Yuan Tian and the others were extremely swift, and only an instant had passed before they were 500km away.

Right at this moment, ‘Yang Ye’ suddenly laughed coldly and said, “Trying to flee?” After that, he swiftly stabbed Void Flash forward.

A shocking scene occurred. Void Flash’s blade instantly pierced through the space in front of ‘Yang Ye’, and then the pupils of Ghost King who was already 500km away had suddenly constricted. Because the blade of a sword had suddenly appeared in front of him, and then it pierced through his chest!

As a Monarch Realm expert, unless his soul was completely obliterated, otherwise, he wouldn’t truly die even if his physical body was destroyed. At this moment, even though his heart had been shattered from the stab it suffered, he hadn’t really died. Of course, he was on the verge of it because the vitality within his body was vanishing at a speed that astounded him!

“Bloodslip!” Ghost King shouted as his figure exploded apart with a bang, and then it transformed into a rain of blood that covered the sky as it dispersed towards the distance.

“Sword Sect! I, Ghost King, will definitely return this a hundredfold!”

In the sky above the Sword Sect, ‘Yang Ye’s’ eyes narrowed slightly, and then he immediately slashed towards the right.

Yu Linglong who was fleeing through space 500km away had suddenly stopped while astonishment flashed through her eyes. Because a ray of light had suddenly appeared in the space in front of her, and it was slashing down towards her at a speed she couldn’t evade!

“Flower Destruction!” Yu Linglong shouted as her body suddenly exploded apart, and it transformed into countless petals that blasted against the ray of light!


An enormous explosion rumbled and resounded in this expanse of space. A short while late, the ray of light dispersed while the countless petals slowly merged together in midair to gradually form Yu Linglong’s figure. At this moment, her countenance was ghastly pale while her clothes were tattered, and the skin beneath her clothes were covered in scars created by a sword.

Yu Linglong glanced resentfully towards the Sword Sect, and then she said, “Slaughter Sword Intent! It actually almost destroyed my foundation! How ruthless of you, Unfettered One! I, Yu Linglong, will remember this, and I’ll definitely return it a hundredfold in the future!” As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Linglong immediately tore open the space in front of her, entered it, and vanished on the spot.

In the sky above the Sword Sect, ‘Yang Ye’ frowned and tightened the grip on his sword as he intended to attack once more. However, he hesitated for a moment before abandoning the idea in the end. He said in a low voice, “What a pity…. If only this kid’s cultivation was a little higher. This kid’s body will definitely be unable to endure it if I were to utilize Void Flash again. What a pity….”

As he finished speaking these words, the Unfettered One’s soul instantly left Yang Ye’s body and floated in front of him.

At this moment, the shock within Yang Ye’s heart simply couldn’t be described with words. Even though the Unfettered One had taken control of his body just now, his consciousness was still wide awake. The two attacks the Unfettered One executed earlier including at least three types of Sword Intent. Of course, most importantly, his method of attack had actually disregarded the barriers of space. It was simply like a simplified version of the little fellow’s violet light….

Right, this sword as well!

Yang Ye lowered his head to gaze at the sword in his hand, and then he hesitated for a moment before he stabbed it lightly towards the area in front of him. Yang Ye watched in astonishment as the sword actually pierced into space, and then its tip and blade appeared over 30m away. The hilt was still in his hand, but its tip and blade were over 30m away. This sword….

Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva as he twisted his wrist a little and placed the sword within the tiny vortex. From this moment onward, this sword was his, and no one could take it from him!

The Unfettered One seemed as if he hadn’t noticed Yang Ye’s actions, and he shot his gaze towards the members of the Sword Sect and said, “From this moment onward, the position of Sect Master in the Sword Sect will be held by this kid, and no one in the Sword Sect can disobey his orders. I’ll definitely kill anyone who dares to disobey him. Do all of you have any objections?”

The members of the Sword Sect on the ground below were stunned. Yang Ye has become the Sect Master? How old is he right now? Moreover, his strength seems to be a little insufficient….

Yang Ye was stunned. The Sword Sect’s Master? What a joke! Not to mention whether they would be willing to accept it, even I am unwilling to become the Sect Master of the Sword Sect!

The current state of the Sword Sect was obvious. Even though it had repelled the Origin School and the other sects, but who knew if those three sects would attack again later?

Besides that, there was enmity between him and the Sword Sect. In short, it was very inadvisable for him to become the Sword Sect’s Master!

The Unfettered One paid no attention to the members of the Sword Sect on the ground below, and he gazed at Su Muzhe instead. With his strength, he was naturally aware that Su Muzhe was the strongest in the Sword Sect.

Su Muzhe’s eyelids drooped while there was unwillingness in his eyes. He’d bitterly managed the Sword Sect for many years, so he was naturally quite unwilling to give it up so easily. However, he understood the Founding Ancestor’s intentions. The Sword Sect needed someone with potential, and Yang Ye was undoubtedly such a person!

“Senior!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “My strength is weak, so how could I assume the responsibility of being the Sect Master of the Sword Sect? Moreover, I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect. I merely stood forward this time because I couldn’t bear to see someone whom I love being troubled and sad. Otherwise, to be perfectly honest, I would absolutely not step forward and cooperate with Senior!”

The Unfettered One pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Nevermind, I don’t know exactly what sort of enmity exists between you and the sword sect, but regardless of that, you’ve done the Sword Sect a great kindness this time. I don’t like owing others a favor, so I’ll compensate you in a while.”

When he spoke up to here, he gazed at Su Muzhe and said, “You’re too preoccupied by gains and losses, and you’re calculative and concerned about too many things. This has caused your heart toward the sword to be bound. Even though you’ve relied on external forces to advance into the Monarch Realm, that’s all you can achieve. Regardless of whether it’s the Sword Dao or cultivation, it’s impossible for you to improve again unless you obtain a huge fortuitous encounter!”

Su Muzhe’s figure shook. A short while later, he suddenly roared with laughter, and he laughed for a while before he bowed towards the Unfettered One and said, “Thank you, Founding Ancestor, for enlightening Muzhe!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Muzhe turned around to gaze at the disciples of the Swords Sect and said, “From this moment onward, Su Qingshi will hold the position of Sect Master, and the entire sect must fully support her!”

Actually, Su Muzhe wanted to follow along with the Unfettered One’s intentions and make Yang Ye the Sect Master. But it was clearly impossible because Yang Ye clearly refused and rejected the Sword Sect. However, he couldn’t allow the relationship between Yang Ye and the Sword Sect to continuing growing worse, and the only method to resolve that was to allow Su Qingshi to be the Sect Master!

Once Su Qingshi was the Sect Master, then could Yang Ye keep out of the Sword Sect’s affairs or become hostile towards the Sword Sect?

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. What a move! If she becomes the Sword Sect’s Master, then I’ll probably really be unable to continue regarding it as an enemy….

But if I think about it from another angle…. If Su Qingshi is the Sword Sect’s Master, then isn’t that equivalent to it being mine as well? Even though the Sword Sect is in a horrible state right now, it still possesses numerous experts in the end. Moreover, it has a huge amount of influence in the mortal world.

In short, this isn’t really a bad thing!

“Yes!” The disciples of the Sword Sect didn’t dare hesitate and hurriedly expressed their acknowledgement.

The Unfettered One nodded lightly in midair because Su Muzhe’s decision was satisfactory to him.

After that, the Unfettered One gazed at Yang Ye, and then he waved his right hand before he immediately vanished on the spot with Yang Ye.

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