Chapter 439 – Passionless Cliff!

Almighty Sword Domain

After the Origin School, Flower Palace, and Ghost Sect left in defeat, the Grand Qin Empire had suddenly led its army to attack all the other five sects besides the Sword Sect. Countless experts had swarmed out from the Imperial Capital, and they surged towards the five sects in a formidable array.

At the same time, the Founding Emperor started to act against the clans that were related to the six great sects, and a few tens of thousands of clans had been annihilated overnight.

The entire southern territory was in chaos!

After he received the news that the Grand Qin Empire had attacked, Yang Ye immediately bid farewell to Su Qingshi and returned to the Grand Myriad Mountains. After that, he led over 40 Exalt Realm experts, 30 Exalt Rank Darkbeasts, and over 100 Spirit Rank Darkbeasts towards the Flower Palace.

One day later. Yang Ye’s group arrived near the Flower Palace. Yang Ye accepted the Beast Emperor’s suggestion and didn’t lead them to attack the Flower Palace directly, and he allowed the Beast Emperor to take him to Passionless Cliff. Because for some unknown reason, the forces of the Grand Qin Empire hadn’t attacked the Flower Palace, and they’d set up camp in a city 500km away from the Flower Palace.

At this moment, the Flower Palace could be said to be crowded, and every few meters of its territory had a disciple standing on guard there. At the same time, the grand formation of the Flower Palace had been activated, and even a mosquito couldn’t enter the Flower Palace without being noticed! However, with the Beast Emperor leading him in, Yang Ye didn’t alarm anyone from the Flower Palace before he arrived at Passionless Cliff!

“Go on down!” The Beast Emperor gazed at the ghastly Passionless Cliff and said, “There seems to be a form of restriction set up in that place. The restriction wouldn’t be able to endure my strength if I were to head down. In that way, it would definitely alarm the experts of the Flower Palace.”

Yang Ye nodded and was just about to head down when the Beast Emperor said, “Remember to be careful once you get down there. Because I’ve sensed two auras in this Flower Palace that are very obscure yet formidable. If they’re alarmed, then even I would probably be unable to leave safely if they use the grand formation of the Flower Palace against me as well!”

Yang Ye said, “I’ll be careful!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to form wings from his profound energy and leap down.

The Beast Emperor had a solemn expression as he watched Yang Ye leap down Passionless Cliff, and he shot his gaze towards the center of the Flower Palace while he said in a low voice, “Why do I sense another faint aura besides them, but how could the Flower Palace possibly possess that many Monarch Realm experts? Could I be mistaken?”

The Beast King frowned as he continued on this train of thought.

After some time passed, Yang Ye’s feet finally touched the ground. A ghastly and cold expanse filled his surroundings while countless cold gales raged through the air. However, these cold winds weren’t able to affect him at all, conversely, he noticed that all the cold winds were actually absorbed by the Ninth Hell Cold Gale within him as soon as he arrived here!

Yang Ye restrained the Ninth Hell Cold Gale because even though it could absorb the cold winds here, he hadn’t come here to do that. He sized up his surroundings before his figure flashed forward, and rows of pitch black pillars quickly appeared within his field of vision.

Many people were tied on those pillars. Some were alive while even more were died, and their corpses were rotting. In next to no time, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto an enormous pillar on the round platform in the distance, and he instantly clenched his hands tightly when he saw the person tied to that pillar.

When he walked over to the pillar, his face was already covered in tears without him realizing. At this moment, Feng Yu’s face was ghastly pale while her eyes were closed tight, and her entire body was covered pitch black iron chains that were densely covered in all sorts of symbols. Moreover, the cold winds in the surroundings were ceaselessly torturing her. Besides that, there were even countless bright red marks of the whip which seemed like numerous centipedes on her face.

Yang Ye’s hand which he’d stretched towards Feng Yu had stopped in midair, and then he closed his eyes with pain. When he opened his eyes once more, his eyes were crimson red, and the Slaughter Sword Intent he emanated caused the baleful cold wins in the surroundings to be instantly minced into nothingness!

At this moment, Feng Yu suddenly opened her eyes slowly, and she was stunned open seeing Yang Ye. After that, she said with slight uncertainty, “Ye’er?”

Yang Ye took a few steps forward and arrived before Feng Yu, and then he squeezed out a smile as he said, “It’s me. Don’t speak for now, Mother. Allow me to get you out of here first!”

As he spoke, he flipped his palm and Dragonbone appeared within it. Right when he was about to slash apart those chains that covered Feng Yu, she suddenly cried out. “Wait!”

When she saw Yang Ye stop, her eyes were filled with a bewildered expression as she continued. “These chains are crafted from Earth Rank iron that are extremely hard, and they are even inscribed with talismans. Ye’er, you’re utterly unable to slash them apart.”

Yang Ye said, “Don’t worry Mother. This sword in my hand was crafted from the bones of a dragon, and it’s extremely hard. So, it’ll cut through these chains like butter!” As he spoke, Yang Ye raised his sword and was about to strike.

On the other hand, Feng Yu shook her head and stopped him once more. She said, “These iron chains can’t be broken. Because once they are, then it’ll definitely alarm the Flower Palace. With your strength at the First Heaven… Eh!” When she spoke up to this point, shock flashed through her eyes as Feng Yu said, “Ye’er, you’re already at the Spirit Realm?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Mother, I have the strength to rescue you now. These chains can’t stop me!”

“I advise you not to do that!” It wasn’t Feng Yu who spoke these words, and it was a woman who was 10m to the side. The woman was around 30 years of age, had a pale countenance and seemed dispirited. Moreover, her eves were dim and lifeless while even her voice was weak as if she were on the verge of death.

Yang Ye knew with a single glance that she wasn’t far from death! When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye’s pupils suddenly constricted before he swiftly turned around to gaze at his mother. Because his mother was in an almost similar state right now, but he was too excited just now and hadn’t noticed until now!

The woman who spoke earlier continued. “I don’t know how you got in here but let me tell you that these chains have a transmission talisman hidden within them. If you slash these iron chains apart, then the transmission talisman within them will be activated, and it’ll only take a few breaths of time before the experts of the Flower Palace would rush over here. At that time, not to mention rescuing your mother, even you would die here!”

“She’s right!” Feng Yu said, “Ye’er, even if I die right now, I’d be able to go without much regrets after being able to see you now. If you’re really thinking on my behalf, then leave quickly, and then take Little Yao away from the southern territory and never return!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Mother, don’t you know me? Do you think it’s possibly for me to leave you here? I’ve worked hard all my life so that our family could be together. So long as I’m able to rescue you from here, then we’ll be able to be united. At that time, we can leave the southern territory, go somewhere else, and never return. Alright?”

The glow of tears flickered in Feng YU’s eyes as she said, “Silly child, the resources and reserves of the Flower Palace aren’t something that you can go against. It’ll still be in time if you leave now. You won’t be able to leave if you’re noticed by them.”

Yang Ye shook his head, didn’t continue wasting his breath, and just swung his sword.


The chains on Feng Yu’s body were immediately slashed apart. At the same time, a strand of fluctuation flickered into appearance. However, it had just flickered when a strand of violet light flashed at an extremely swift speed, and it instantly minced the fluctuation into pieces.

Without the chains to restrain her, Feng Yu’s body instantly fell weakly to the ground. Yang Ye hurriedly moved forward to support her, and then he withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and gave it to her so that she could absorb the energy within it.

“How swift!” Meanwhile, the woman who spoke earlier exclaimed with shock. She hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s sword would actually be so swift to the point he could even capture the traces of a transmission talisman and slash it into pieces!

Yang Ye supported Feng Yu up as he walked towards the distance. However, he hadn’t even taken two steps when a woman appeared not too far away from them, and then killing intent surged explosively within his eyes upon laying eyes on her! He knew this woman, or it should be said that he would never forget her. Because this woman was that very same woman who he’d seen torturing his mother through the Space Mirror!

“Who are you? How dare you trespass into a forbidden area of my Flower Palace!” Leng Yu’s eyes narrowed and were filled with killing intent. She’d originally intended to come here and vent her displeasure and gain some entertainment and joy from these criminals of the sect. After all, it was her only source of joy now. But she hadn’t expected that an outsider would actually be within Passionless Cliff, and it was even a man!

In next to no time, Leng Yu’s gaze descended onto Feng Yu, and then her face fell as she said, “I never expected that someone would actually come to rescue you, nor did I expect that it would be a young man. Could he be a lover of yours? Tsk, tsk. Feng Yu, your abilities of seduction are truly extraordinary!”

Leng Yu was naturally unafraid of Yang Ye because she’d immediately discerned that Yang Ye was only a Spirit Realm profounder, and she was already at the eighth rank of the Spirit Realm!

Suddenly, Leng Yu’s expression changed violently because Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and he was already in front of her when his figure appeared again. Leng Yu was horrified. What speed is this?

Right when she was about to dodge, a strand of invisible energy suddenly appeared around her, and then she instantly felt like a huge mountain had pressed down upon her, causing her to be unable to even catch her breath!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had directly grabbed her neck but didn’t crush it. His eyes seemed like they had oceans of blood within them as he recalled how this woman whipped his mother that day, and his killing intent almost took material form. He said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you straightaway. I’ll return the pain you inflicted on my mother by tenfold, a hundredfold! Once you’ve been tortured to the extreme, I’ll refine you into a Sword Servant, and then I’ll sell you to the brothels of the Grand Qin Empire so you can be a whore for eternity!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye disregarded the terror that filled Leng Yu’s eyes as he issued a command in his heart, and the Sword Spirit took Leng Yu into the space within the ancient sheath and suppressed her there.

“Ye’er, you….” Feng Yu gazed at Yang Ye with slight shock. Leng Yu was a seventh rank Spirit Realm expert! But she was captured by my son without even being able to resist. Is he really my son? Moreover, I should be holding a legendary extreme-grade energy stone in my hand, right!?

At this moment, Feng Yu felt like she didn’t recognize Yang Ye anymore!

At this moment, Yang Ye had no intention of explaining anything to Feng Yu as it wasn’t the time for that. Right when he intended to take her away with him, a woman in palace clothes had suddenly appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he saw this woman!

A Monarch Realm expert!

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