Chapter 45 – Bet

Almighty Sword Domain

The Sword Servant Pagoda resided on a lone small peak, and it covered an area of over 1km2. It had a total of 29 levels, and every single level was around 15 meters in height. So, when one looked up at the pagoda from the ground, it was utterly impossible to lay eyes upon its top.

Cao Huo had a solemn expression as he gazed at the Sword Servant Pagoda before him. After a short while, he turned around to look at the youths behind him that had shocked and curious expressions. He said, “The Sword Servant Pagoda is a Dao Artifact that the Founding Ancestor himself created all those years ago, and at the same time, it’s one of our Sword Sect’s ultimate treasures. It’s greatly beneficial to all of you to cultivate within it. So, if it’s possible, try your best to ascend as many levels as you can because the higher you go, then longer you can stay within it!”

The crowd clamored with noise when they heard Cao Huo, and all of their gazes towards the Sword Servant Pagoda burned with desire. They’d never expected that the pagoda was actually a Dao Artifact!

What was a Dao Artifact? It was a treasure that surpassed Dark Artifacts! Even though most of their origins weren’t bad, but not to mention a Dao Artifact, even Earth Rank and Profound Rank Dark Artifacts were treasures that they’d rarely seen. Now, when they saw a Dao Artifact of legend, how could they not be excited?

Not to mention those youths, even Yang Ye who had a cold and steady disposition was slightly excited. Earlier, when he noticed the symbols on the pagoda, he knew that the pagoda was definitely not ordinary. However, he’d never imagined that this colossal structure would actually be a Dao Artifact. He’d experienced the might of an Earth Rank Dark Treasure, and it could be described as terrifying. So, as a Dao Artifact that surpassed Dark Artifacts, how terrifying would its might be?

Cao Huo shook his head and smiled when he noticed the burning gazes that the youths revealed. Their expressions are more or less just like mine from all those years ago!

He continued. “Don’t get excited. Remember what I say next. After you enter the pagoda, a sword servant will appear at every level, and you’ll be able to ascend to the next level by defeating the sword servant, whereas, you’ll be teleported out if you’re defeated. Right, you’ll have two hours to rest with every level you ascend.”

“Elder Cao, can we utilize talisman and other external sources of strength within the pagoda?” Meanwhile, a woman that wore a green dress walked over to Cao Huo and asked respectfully.

As he gazed at this woman before him, Cao Huo revealed a gentle smile. During the 2nd stage, it was this woman before him and Jiang Yuan that performed the best. Moreover, all three of them who were examiners in the Outer Court Exam were pleasantly surprised because this 16 year old woman had actually attained the peak of the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. This caused all three of them to be extremely excited.

“This test’s objective is to test everyone’s live combat ability. So, you can’t utilize any things like Energy Stones or talismans!” Cao Huo spoke in a gentle voice.

The woman in a green dress cupped her fists towards Cao Huo upon hearing this, and then she withdrew to the side.

“It’s merely an Illusion Formation, so why is there any need for any external sources of strength?” Meanwhile, Jiang Yuan glanced at the woman in a green dress and spoke indifferently. Even though he spoke in an extremely calm tone, the disdain and provocative expression in the corners of his eyes weren’t concealed at all.

The woman’s expression changed. She was respectful to the elder, but it didn’t mean that she would be respectful to others. She immediately grunted coldly and said, “What high sounding sentiments. But watch out or you might cut your tongue!”

“Is that so?” Jiang Yuan suddenly started laughing, and he said, “I noticed that your performance in the Illusion Formation earlier was really good, so I wonder if you’re interested in having a bet with me?”

“What’re we betting on?” The woman’s brows raised as she spoke in a cold voice. In the city she was from, she’d never been afraid of anyone.

When he saw the two of them competing with each other, Cao Huo didn’t stop them, and he started watching with interest instead.

When he heard the woman, Jiang Yuan flipped his right hand, and a fiery red sword appeared in his hand. He held the fiery red sword as he said proudly, “We’ll bet on who’ll be able to go higher in the pagoda. I’ll bet this low-grade Profound Rank sword, Crimson Red!”

After he lost interest in Yang Ye, Jiang Yuan had found another person to serve as contrast for him. However, to his slight surprise, this woman in a green dress before him had attained the peak of the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm at the age of 16 as well. However, he wasn’t afraid at all, and he was even more excited instead. With such a person to serve as contrast for him, his reputation would definitely become even more resounding. In the future, not only would he receive the attention of the higher-ups in the Sword Sect, it would be even easier for him to establish his own network in the Sword Sect!

When they saw Jiang Yuan actually produce a Profound Rank Dark Artifact, all the others in the surroundings went into an uproar while the gazes of numerous young women towards Jiang Yuan carried a trace of burning desire. Jiang Yuan had a formidable cultivation, and he himself was handsome. Moreover, he’d casually produced a Profound Rank sword, so he was simply the epitome of a rich and handsome person!

On the other hand, the gazes of some young men burned with desire as well. Of course, it didn’t mean that they swung that way, and it was instead because they were already prepared to form a relationship with Jiang Yuan. They couldn’t be said to seek out those who were strong and influential because wherever there were people, there was competition. These young men and young women had just entered the Sword Sect, so they definitely had to find someone to rely on first or form a small group.

To the youths from poor families, Jiang Yuan who possessed a formidable strength and was wealthy was a good person to rely on.

Yang Ye was slightly surprised when he saw Jiang Yuan casually produce a Profound Rank Dark Artifact. But he wasn’t tempted by it because he possessed a Profound Rank treasure as well, and it was even a mid-grade Profound Rank treasure. However, he just couldn’t utilize it.

After feeling shocked for a moment, the expression of the woman in a green dress returned to normal. She refused to show weakness and flipped her hand to reveal a bright red and fist sized fruit. She said, “A Profound Rank treasure, Vermillion Spirit Fruit. Its value isn’t inferior to your Crimson Red Sword!”

Jiang Yuan was slightly surprised when he saw the woman casually produce a Profound Rank treasure. He took a glance at the fruit before he said, “Alright!”

“I’ll join in as well!” Right at this moment, a seemingly urgent voice resounded. When everyone noticed the owner of this voice, they were shocked.

It was none other than Yang Ye who’d spoken. With Yang Ye’s disposition, he would naturally not participate in such bets, but he had no other choice! When the women withdrew that Vermillion Spirit Fruit, the little fellow that was sleeping within the tiny vortex had suddenly awakened. After that, it strongly requested that Yang Ye obtained possession of that fruit, and if Yang Ye didn’t agree, then it would seize it.

The little fellow’s origins were mysterious, so how could he possibly allow the little fellow to show itself and seize the fruit? Moreover, it was the first time that the little fellow so urgently desired something. So, Yang Ye had no choice but to participate in this bet.

When they noticed it was Yang Ye, not only were Jiang Yuan and the woman in a green dress slightly surprised, even Elder Cao Huo who stood at the side was slightly surprised. He naturally recognized Yang Ye. If it wasn’t because of Yang Ye, then that little she-devil might have continued causing trouble for a long time on that day. However, he didn’t understand why Yang Ye intended to participate in this bet. After all, Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t just a little bit inferior to Jiang Yuan and the woman!

“You?” Jiang Yuan said with disdain, “We have Profound Rank treasures, what do you have?”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and flipped his right palm, causing the Profound Rank sword to appear in his hand. He said, “I have a Profound Rank treasure as well. That’s enough, right?”

This time, it wasn’t just Jiang Yuan and the woman that were surprised, even the others in the vicinity were surprised. When had Profound Rank treasures become so ordinary? Three have actually appeared in an instant!

“I agree!” Meanwhile, the woman spoke abruptly. She didn’t mind siding with someone that didn’t like Jiang Yuan because it would cause Jiang Yuan to feel displeased.

When he heard the woman agree, Jiang Yuan grunted coldly and said, “Since you desire to give your treasure away, then we’ll let you join in as well!” As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t spare another glance at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t have any good impression of this conceited and arrogant fellow before him, so he directly disregarded Jiang Yuan as well. After that, he nodded lightly to the woman as a form of greeting.

When she saw Yang Ye greet her, she hesitated for a moment before she nodded slightly in greeting as well.

At this moment, Cao Huo smiled as he said in a clear voice, “The Sword Sect doesn’t restrict its disciples from competing with each other because only with the pressure of competition would all of you be able to grow quickly. However, all of you must remember that while competition is allowed, all of you can’t stab your competition in the back. Once you’re discovered to have stabbed a fellow disciple in the back, then the sect will cripple your cultivation and kick you out from the sect. Be sure to keep that in mind!”

Everyone hurriedly nodded upon hearing this, and even Jiang Yuan and the woman in a green dress nodded hurriedly as well. They didn’t dare object to it at all.

Cao Huo nodded with satisfaction when he saw everyone nod, and then he said with a smile, “Right, I have something to tell all of you. During an Outer Court Exam of the past, someone ascended to the 20th level of the pagoda. This result is the best result in my Sword Sect for the last 100 years. I hope someone amongst all of you’ll be able to break this record and make a name for yourself in the Sword Sect!”

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