Chapter 453 – Souleater

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as they left the Flower Palace, Yang Ye immediately fainted and fell from the sky. Right when he was about to descend to the ground, a wave of fragrance blew over as he felt himself falling in a soft embrace before he lost consciousness completely.

An Nanjing’s brows were knit together slightly as she gazed at Yang Ye who rested in her arms, and she said, “I hope that technique which forcefully raised your cultivation won’t harm your foundation. Otherwise, it would really be too boring!”

An Exalt Realm expert of the An Clan asked. “Young Miss, where should we go now?”

An Nanjing pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “To the Darkbeast Empire. Only by residing there can he be temporarily safe!” As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing sped up and flashed towards the Darkbeast Empire.

After Yang Ye and the others left, the news of how Yang Ye utilized a cultivation at the second rank of the Spirit Realm to kill numerous Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace had spread throughout the entire southern territory in less than a day as the Grand Qin Empire had spread it intentionally. The southern territory instantly started seething with excitement. Moreover, the destruction of the Flower Palace’s graveyard at Yang Ye’s hands had spread throughout the southern territory as well.

At this moment, Yang Ye was the deserving number one expert in the southern territory’s younger generation, and he became the person that countless young profounders admired and pursued. Because the information spread by the Grand Qin Empire said that Yang Ye had attacked the Flower Palace out of rage in order to save his mother, and Yang Ye was a kindhearted person who was oppressed by the Flower Palace and forced to do this. On the other hand, the Grand Qin Empire’s propaganda made the Flower Palace seem like a heartless bully against the weak…. In short, all sorts of bad descriptions had been given to the Flower Palace, and its reputation suffered a disastrous decline!

Moreover, from that day onward, the Flower Palace sealed itself off, and it started to slowly fade away from public view.

The Sword Sect.

The disciples of the entire Sword Sect cheered when they heard of this. It could be said that Yang Ye had helped them take revenge. After all, numerous fellow disciples of their sect had perished at the hands of the Flower Sect not too long ago. However, all of them did feel slightly regretful because Yang Ye wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect anymore!

If Yang Ye was still a disciple of their sect, then just this battle would have allowed the Sword Sect’s reputation to resound throughout the southern territory now. Unfortunately, Yang Ye wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect anymore, so no matter how great his reputation was, it was his own reputation and wasn’t related to the Sword Sect at all!

Cool Breeze Gorge. Su Qingshi sat quietly on an enormous rock, and her icy cold face had a rare smile on it when she heard Yang Ye had left safely from the Flower Palace. She didn’t care how many Exalt Realm experts he’d killed or how great his reputation was, she only cared about whether he was still alive!

Su Qingshi stood up, glanced towards the direction of the Darkbeast Empire, and then she walked towards the entrance of the gorge. Since Yang Ye was fine and well, then she could be at ease and reorganize the Sword Sect!

At a certain spot in the distance, Su Muzhe immediately heaved a sight of relief when he saw Su Qingshi heading towards the entrance of the gorge. Because Su Qingshi had been sitting there for a few days and nights now. If Yang Ye were to have fallen in the Flower Palace, then even he didn’t dare imagine what sort of madness his daughter might do at that time…. Fortunately, Yang Ye was alive!


The Grand Myriad Mountains, the Darkbeast Empire.

An Nanjing and the others had returned here for 3 days now, but Yang Ye was still unconscious. Yang Ye was very heavily injured, especially after he endured that attack from Qian Yan, a Monarch Realm expert. His body and internal organs had suffered a heavy injury from it, and even the Beast Emperor exclaimed with admiration at Yang Ye’s ability to stay alive after suffering such a heavy injury!

Even more shocking to the Beast Emperor was that Yang Ye’s injuries were actually healing at an extremely terrifying rate! As for why he still hadn’t awakened, even the Beast Emperor wasn’t really sure! However, he was sure that Yang Ye’s life wasn’t in danger!

Time trickled by, and Yang Ye’s eyes opened slowly on the 5th day since he fell unconscious. Once he woke up, Yang Ye noticed that his cultivation had dropped to the ninth rank of the King Realm! This allowed Yang Ye to instantly heave a sigh of relief because it was merely a drop in his realm of cultivation, so the situation wasn’t too bad. After all, he just had to work hard and would be able to quickly attain the Spirit Realm again!

After he woke up, the first thing Yang Ye did was start cultivating madly.

Why did his mother die? Why was he unable to destroy the Flower Palace? There was only a single reason, it was because he was too weak!

Of course, most importantly, Yang Ye didn’t want anything to happen to his loved ones and those he cared about. His younger sister, Yuxi, Qingshi…. He still had many people he had to protect. So, he had to become stronger. He had to become strong to the point that no one in this entire world could threaten him or the people he cared about!

On a mountain deep within the Grand Myriad Mountains, Yang Ye held Dragonbone in his grasp as he swung it swiftly without end. As he swung it, numerous strands of sword qi that were fine like threads shot violently towards the surroundings like dense expanses of rain, and it caused a dense number of pin-sized holes to appear all around him.

It was the Sword Threads technique that the Sword Spirit had passed down to him. Even though it wasn’t as formidable as the sword technique he created himself, the Sword of Elements, it had an advantage — it was dense and almost impossible to evade. Moreover, if he merely released a single thread, then it could even catch his opponent off guard and would be almost impossible to take precautions against.

The Sword of Elements required a moment to accumulate strength, and it took time to execute. However, the Sword Threads had no such limitations. It could be executed swiftly, and it was extremely practical regardless of whether it was a one on one battle or a battle against a group!

Besides the Sword Threads, Yang Ye studied the so-called Sword Soul that the Unfettered One’s soul had told him about. It wasn’t very complicated, and to put it simply, it was just executing a sword technique in the form of a soul. Of course, it wasn’t called a sword technique anymore, and it was a soul technique. This form of attack was similar to An Nanjing’s Triad Mantra. It was extremely mysterious because it could disregard the defenses of all treasures except some specific treasures.

Even a high-grade Heaven Rank treasure was useless before a soul technique!

In order to execute a soul technique, he had to first be able to control his soul, or in other words, allow his soul to leave his body. Fortunately, the method to accomplish that was recorded within the memories of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, so Yang Ye didn’t have to think of a method himself.

With the memory fragments that the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had left behind, Yang Ye’s cultivation in both the Sword Threads and soul had improved at an alarming speed. Because the memories the Unfettered One left behind contained a huge amount of experience and comprehension in cultivation, and it was exactly that which allowed Yang Ye to avoid numerous wrong paths on his way. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, he was able to clearly realize his own flaws, and it allowed his speed of cultivation to be simply terrifying.

Besides that, Yang Ye couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because the difference between finding a path on one’s own and having the guidance of another was truly too huge!

So, Yang Ye just cultivated throughout the next period, and he cultivated insanely and incessantly.

After cultivating madly for almost half a month of time, Yang Ye’s Sword Threads had attained the initial-stage, and he could execute it at will. However, the speed and might they possessed was much weaker than those executed by the Sword Spirit. Of course, it was under the circumstances that he didn’t enhance it with his 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent, otherwise, it would be much stronger than the Sword Threads executed by the Sword Spirit!

But in that way, it wouldn’t be the Sword Threads that were strong, it would be his 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent instead! So, Yang Ye hadn’t enhanced them with Sword Intent as he trained!

Besides that, Yang Ye’s cultivation had advanced once more into the Spirit Realm after this half a month of cultivation, and it was even more solid that before. Yang Ye wasn’t surprised by his ability to advance into the Spirit Realm so quickly because he’d been a Spirit Realm expert, so the problems and shackles that existed between the King Realm and Spirit Realm didn’t exist to him!

After he advanced into the Spirit Realm again, he went looking for An Nanjing and the two of them started to spar with each other. Because only actual combat could effectively improve their combat strengths and they would never be able to realize their own insufficiencies if they were to just cultivate by themselves. After all, the situation during a battle changed incessantly at every instant, and only actual combat could help them ceaselessly perfect their strengths and grow stronger!

An Nanjing didn’t refuse Yang Ye’s suggestion because she needed an opponent as well, and only Yang Ye was capable of being her opponent below the Exalt Realm.

The two of them didn’t utilize Skysplit and Void Flash. After all, they weren’t trying to decide life and death. But if they didn’t utilize Skysplit and Void Flash, then they noticed that both of them were unable to harm the other.

Yang Ye’s strength came from his Sword Domain and Enlightened Sword Heart, and An Nanjing was unable to harm him while he had these two abilities; An Nanjing’s strength came from her formidable instinct in combat. Regardless of what sort of danger she faced, she was able to dodge and counterattack like it was a part of her instinct, and it really gave Yang Ye a headache. Because he was still unable to hit her even if he utilized all his ability!

Both of them fought to their heart’s content and were filled with happiness, but they were unable to decide on a victor.

Just like that, they started sparring together, cultivating together, and exchanging comprehensions every single day in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and it allowed their strengths to improve at a terrifying rate. Especially Yang Ye, his improvement was immeasurable after An Nanjing shared her comprehensions with him. Because regardless of whether it was in terms of control or the utilization of combat techniques, An Nanjing was far superior to him!

Especially when it came to attacking. Some details that An Nanjing spoke of even shocked him to the extreme because they were details that he hadn’t paid attention to in the past. At the same time, he felt fortunate in his heart. He knew that he would definitely not be a match for An Nanjing if it wasn’t for his Enlightened Sword Heart.

Because only when An Nanjing called it to his attention did Yang Ye understand an important principle now. Just a single difference in posture might affect the swing of his sword and the speed of his sword. It was even to the extent that it might even affect the strength of his sword techniques and sword qi. Simply speaking, subtle things like the speed of the wind, the landscape, and even light could be used!

Now, he finally understood why An Nanjing was so formidable. It was because she utilized everything that she could utilize to their limits in every single battle she encountered!

Yang Ye had gained a huge amount of gains from the exchange, and so had An Nanjing. Yang Ye himself possessed almost no experience, but he had the experiences and comprehensions of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. So, casually speaking about any comprehensions or experiences that the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor gave him was capable of making An Nanjing fall into deep thought before continuously seeking guidance from him….

Yang Ye would naturally not blush because of this. After all, all of it belonged to him, so why should he feel embarrassed?

So, the two of them cultivated in the mountains for over a month, just like that. However, right when they intended to continue cultivating like this, another major event had occurred in the southern territory.

The Exalted Han Empire’s Souleater Corps that horrified countless sects had passed through the barrier between territories and arrived at the southern territory!

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