Chapter 457 – Seeking Her Hand In Marriage!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he left Su Qingshi with reluctance, Yang Ye arrived at the Imperial Capital. At this moment, Yang Ye was wearing a bright red robe and holding a hand in his hand. He was dressed just like a member of a wealthy family. Ye Yun was by his side. At this moment, Ye Yun had shed his black cloak and wore a luxurious robe instead, and it made him seem rather graceful and handsome.

“Sword Master….” Ye Yun had just spoken when Yang Ye swung the fan and knocked him on the head with it. Yang Ye said helplessly, “How many times have I told you? I’m not the Sword Master now. I’m your big brother, so call me big brother. Understand?”

Besides to see Little Yao and Yuxi, Yang Ye had come to the Imperial Capital for another thing, and it was to help Ye Yun propose. It was something he’d promised Ye Yun in the past, so he naturally wouldn’t go back on his word.

Ye Yun smiled with embarrassment and said, “Yes, Big Brother. Do you think we’ll be able to succeed? Pei Jun’s father is known for being a snob. I heard that her father wants to marry her to the Young Master of some clan!”

“Isn’t it better like that?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Why is it better? Because in my opinion, everything that can be accomplished with wealth isn’t a problem at all. If he dares to refuse, then we’ll toss wealth at him until he does. Understand? What else can we do when we’re rich? We can act willfully!”

Ye Yun was speechless.

In next to no time, the two of them arrived at an estate called the Pei Estate.

“Who’re you?” A guard of the Pei Estate obstructed their path.

Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and an energy stone flew over to the guard. He said, “I’m Ye Yang, and this is my brother, Ye Yun. We brothers have come her to pay a visit to Patriarch Pei Hu. Please notify him of our arrival!”

The guard was stunned. He didn’t even have the mood to listen to Yang Ye anymore because his eyes were staring fixedly at the energy stone he was holding in both hands.

“My god! An energy stone! It’s actually an energy stone….” The guard muttered lightly and sounded as if he’d lost his soul. After all, it was something that he could only earn by working non-stop without eating or drinking for two years at least. Yet now, he’d obtained one for merely notifying the patriarch of someone’s arrival….

In next to no time, the guard ran towards the estate like a madman. At the same time, he shouted madly. “My Lord, someone is looking for you….” At this moment, the guard had used every single ounce of his strength, and his voice could be heard throughout the entire Pei Estate.

This time, it was Yang Ye and Ye Yun who were stunned.

At the Pei Clan’s hall.

The lord of Pei Estate was called Pei Hu, and he was a fifth rank Spirit Realm expert. Moreover, he was one with wild ambition. However, the Pei Estate couldn’t even be considered a third-rate power in the Imperial Capital, and this had always been a sore point in Pei Hu’s heart because he wanted to develop and expand the Pei Estate to the point it was an existence comparable to the four great clans of the Imperial Capital.

Unfortunately, the Pei Estate was still insignificant after 20 plus years of hard work. Thus, he’d placed his sights on his daughter. He intended to utilize his daughter to form a union by marriage. Once he gave his daughter away to those great clans and obtained their support, then the Pei Estate could definitely be strengthened to the point of rising into the ranks of second-rate or even first-rate clans!

However, his daughter refused to cooperate, and it was exactly that which gave him a huge headache in the recent years.

“You’ve come to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage?” Pei Hu gazed coldly at Yang Ye and Ye Yun in the hall. He would have driven them out a long time ago if it wasn’t for their dressing which was quite good. Seeking my daughter’s hand in marriage? Two little kids have come to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage? What a joke!

Yang Ye nodded and smiled. “My Brother laid eyes on your distinguished daughter by chance, and he has been lovesick ever since. He hasn’t been able to eat or sleep well, and she has been constantly on his mind. My brother has lost over 50kg of weight in the last year, and he was even on the verge of taking his own life on a few occasions. Alas, the only end of love is death!”

Ye Yun was dumbstruck as he listened to Yang Ye. Isn’t that a little too over the top?

Yang Ye paid no attention to Ye Yun and continued. “Since fate brought us together here, I truly believe that my brother and your distinguished daughter are fated by the heavens. So, please fulfill their wish to be together!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It was the first time he’d done something like this, so he didn’t know how it should be done. However, he had no other choice because he’d promised Ye Yun that he would. So he had to do it!

Since he had no other choice, then all he could do was say everything he felt sounded nice.

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings were very silent.

Pei Hu looked coldly at Yang Ye. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t see through Yang Ye’s origins and was afraid that Yang Ye was a Young Master from a huge clan, he would have slapped Yang Ye flying a long time ago. Because he felt that these words were like an insult to his intelligence. Fated by the heavens? Lost over 50kg of weight? Does he think I’m an idiot?

“You’ve come to seek her hand in marriage? Haha! How truly laughable! Pei Jun belongs to me, Shangguan Ji!” Right at this moment, a young man walked in while roaring with laughter. After he entered the hall, he glanced at Yang Ye and Ye Yun with contempt before he gazed at Pei Hu and said, “Patriarch Pei, I, Shangguan Ji, have come to seek your daughter’s hand in marriage today. Quickly ask you daughter, Pei Jun, to leave with me. She’ll be a member of my Shangguan Clan from now on!”

Killing intent surged in Ye Yun’s eyes while Yang Ye’s face turned cold as well.

Pei Hu’s expression was slightly unsightly as he said, “Young Master Shangguan, it should be the parents of both sides that conduct and agree upon this. Isn’t it quite inappropriate for you to come on your own?” Even though he wanted to curry favor with the clans and Shangguan Ji’s identity conformed to that requirement of his, he knew that this proposal was probably not supported by the Shangguan Clan. So, if he were to marry his daughter over, then she would probably be tossed aside after Shangguan Ji had his fun. After all, he’d seen many examples of this throughout the years.

“Inappropriate?” Shangguan Ji chuckled and said, “What’s inappropriate about it. Since I saw your daughter, Pei Jun, this Young Master hasn’t been able to eat or sleep. That enchanting figure, gentle appearance….”


Suddenly, Shangguan Ji was blasted flying. It was none other than Ye Yun who’d launched the attack. After all, how could he endure it when someone tease her in front of him?

“You….” Pei Hu was stunned. He hadn’t expected that this fellow actually dared to strike Shangguan Ji. Most importantly, he hadn’t imagined that this fellow before him was actually so formidable. Shangguan Ji is a King Realm expert, but he wasn’t even able to resist a single strike from this fellow. Moreover, why do I feel slightly horrified from the killing intent he emanated? I’m a fifth rank Spirit Realm expert!

“Lord Pei!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Let me get straight to the point. Tell me your conditions. My brother is definitely marrying your daughter. Truthfully speaking, you’re really benefitting greatly by getting him as your son-in-law. Do you realize? He’s already a Spirit Realm expert while at the age of 20. Heh, there’s probably only a few with such natural talent even in the entire Imperial Capital, right?”

“The Spirit Realm?” Pei Hu was surprised and said, “Is he really just 20? Is he really at the Spirit Realm?”

“Of course!” Yang Ye glanced at Ye Yun.

Ye Yun stopped concealing his aura, and his imposing aura at the Spirit Realm immediately erupted from within him and caused Pei Hu to gasp. It really is the Spirit Realm! If such a genius becomes my son-in-law, then it wouldn’t be a loss at all. It would simply be a huge gain!

Right when Pei Hu was about to agree, Shangguan Ji had suddenly roared from outside the Pei Estate. “Good! Very good! You actually dared to hit me! Very good indeed! I’ll definitely annihilate your entire family no matter who you are! I’ll definitely destroy your entire family!!!”

Shangguan Ji’s words caused Pei Hu to shudder. Only now did he recall that this fellow before him, Ye Yun, had struck a Young Master of the Shangguan Clan! Even though it was only a Young Master from a branch of the Shangguan Clan, he was still from the Shangguan Clan. Would he be able to survive the Shangguan Clan’s rage? The slightest mistake might even cause my Pei Estate to be dragged down with him!

Ye Yun spoke indifferently as if he knew what Pei Hu was thinking, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about the Shangguan Clan. My Big Brother will deal with them. You just have to marry Pei Jun to me. Right, my Big Brother is rich, so you can ask for some things as the dowry for our marriage….”

Yang Ye instantly rolled his eyes. What was it like when someone started siding with the family of their other half, Yang Ye could be said to have obtained firsthand experience right now. This fellow has completely forgotten his loyalties in the face of love! If it were at any other time, Yang Ye would have definitely given this fellow a good beating. But now….

“Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it if the Shangguan Clan comes looking for trouble with us. You just have to set your mind at ease and marry your daughter to my brother!” said Yang Ye.

Pei Hu had discerned some clues when he saw Yang Ye and Ye Yun acting in such a calm and casual manner. After all, he wasn’t an idiot, and he knew that they were definitely so calm and composed because they were confident. However, he wasn’t able to fully trust them. After all, the Shangguan Clan was one of the four great clans, and its strength, resources, and reserves were extremely terrifying.

When he thought up to here, Pei Hu said, “I’ll have to ask for my daughter’s opinion about this. After all, it’s related to her future happiness, so I have to ask for her opinion. Right?” I’ll delay! I’ll delay until these two fellows decide the outcome with the Shangguan Clan. Otherwise, he would absolutely not marry his daughter off to Ye Yun because he didn’t want to offend the Shangguan Clan.

“I’m willing!” Right at this moment, a gentle voice resounded here.

Everyone looked over to the source of the voice, and they saw a woman standing at the doorway while gazing at Ye Yun. Her eyes were filled with tender affection that even a blindman could notice. She wasn’t very beautiful, but she was pleasing to the eye, and her extremely frail and delicate appearance easily aroused a man’s desire to protect her.

Yang Ye glanced at Ye Yun and noticed that this fellow had completely restrained his killing intent. Moreover, his eyes were filled with tender affection as he met that woman’s gaze. Yang Ye shook his head. Who would have imagined that this fellow who kills without batting an eyelid would have such a side to him?

In next to no time, the two of them were in each other’s arms while disregarding Yang Ye and Pei Hu’s presence.

“I knew you would come for me!” said the woman in soft voice.

Ye Yun spoke casually. “I promised you that I would definitely come to take your hand in marriage! I’ve brought my Big Brother with me today. He’s very formidable, and he’ll definitely be able to convince your father!”

The woman glanced at Pei Jun with embarrassment. After that, she struggled free from Pei Jun’s embrace, walked over to Yang Ye, and bowed to Yang Ye as she said, “Big Brother! Thank you, Big Brother!”

Yang Ye raised his hand in midair as he said, “That kid is lucky. Since it’s our first time meeting each other, this is for you.” As he spoke, a sword that was suffused with a cold glow appeared before Pei Jun.

Pei Hu’s eyes opened wide when he saw this sword, and he pointed a finger at it as he spoke with disbelief. “The Heaven Rank!”

Pei Jun was stunned as well. Even though she was only at the first rank of the King Realm, she still possessed some knowledge and experience. So, she’d sensed that this sword might be of very high quality when she first laid eyes upon it, and she confirmed her thoughts upon hearing her father. She immediately shook his head and said, “This… this is too precious. I can’t accept it….”

A wisp of admiration flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. Her character isn’t bad. She’s worthy of Ye Yun cherishing her like this.

Ye Yun directly took the sword from Yang Ye and placed it on Pei Jun’s hand before he said, “There’s no need to be polite. Just take it if Big Brother gave it to you. Big Brother has a huge number of things like this!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he said, “He’s right. Just take it. I have a lot more of things like this!”

Pei Jun glared at Ye Yun, and then she bowed slightly to Yang Ye and said, “Thank you, Big Brother!”

Pei Hu’s eyelids twitched when he heard Yang Ye, and he hurriedly said, “Marry! Marry! I’ll prepare for the marriage right now!” At this moment, he wasn’t interested in finding out why his daughter knew this fellow. All he knew was that these two fellows had a huge amount of Heaven Rank treasures….

“You actually dared to strike a member of my Shangguan Clan in the Imperial Capital? Haha! Let me see who exactly had such gall! Come out and face death so that my attacks don’t harm the innocent!”

Right at this moment, a thunderous voice resounded in the sky above Pei Estate.

An Exalt Realm expert!

Pei Hu and Pei Jun’s expressions changed violently!

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