Chapter 475 – The Ocean of Anarchy!

Almighty Sword Domain


A ray of light pierced through the chest of that assassin who was bound by the Immortal Binding Rope, and then the Sword Intent in that attack instantly crushed the internal organs within that black clothed assassin’s body.

His eyes were opened wide. Even at the moment before his death, he still couldn’t figure out why Mo Mingjin and Hong would help Yang Ye. Unfortunately, he would never be able to figure it out.

After he passed the black clothed assassin’s corpse to the Sword Spirit, Yang Ye withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and started absorbing the energy within it. Even though they’d annihilated a fourth rank Exalt Realm assassin with ease this time, Yang Ye hadn’t aroused any intent to underestimate his opponents at all. Yang Ye was very clearly aware that the reason he’d been able to kill them with such ease was that he’d taken them by surprise!

If he hadn’t, then perhaps Yang Ye and the two Sword Servants could kill that black clothed assassin, but it would absolutely not be accomplished with such ease. Moreover, the slightest mistake might allow that fellow to escape or notify his companions.

So, Yang Ye didn’t think that Exalt Realm experts weren’t a threat to him anymore since he was able to kill two of them in succession.

Just like that, another two hours passed before the profound energy within Yang Ye’s body recovered, and the Sword Servant had been refined by the Sword Spirit as well. All that was left was to subdue it. With the experience he’d accumulated from his first two attempts, it was clearly much easier for Yang Ye this time, and he’d succeeded in less than an hour.

This Sword Servant had a name as well. But the sake of convenience, Yang Ye renamed those two assassins from the central territory. Mo Mingjin was called Black One and the other black clothed assassin was called Black Two…. As for Hong, she was still called Hong.

As he gazed at the three Sword Servants who stood before him, Yang Ye had no choice but to sigh with emotion about how extraordinary the Sword Spirit was and the Sword Emperor who created such a technique. Because it was truly an extraordinary technique. It wasn’t extraordinary because it could take control of Exalt Realm experts, and the main reason was because besides their lack of emotion and a will of their own, they were no different than a living person in every other aspect!

That was exactly why Hong and Black One had been able to deceive Black Two with ease just now. It was because their outer appearances were no different than that of a living person. So, unless they scanned the Sword Servants with their Divine Sense, otherwise, it was impossible to discern that the Sword Servants weren’t living people by relying solely on one’s eyes!

If someone close to me was refined into a Sword Servant…. Yang Ye instantly shuddered with fear with he thought of this possibility, and he felt fortunate in his heart that this secret technique had fallen into his hands. Otherwise, if it had fallen into the hands of others like Luo Jun, then it would truly be terrifying!

After he put the three Sword Servants away, the blue sword chest he carried on his back vanished as well. He’d found out from Black Two that there were 3 more Exalt Realm assassins in the mountain range, and two of them were at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm while the last was at the sixth rank of the Exalt Realm.

Yang Ye immediately decided to give up on subduing them because the Sword Spirit said that fifth rank Exalt Realm experts were definitely not existences he could subdue right now. The fifth rank of the Exalt Realm was a divide, and the gap between those below the fifth rank and those at the fifth rank or above was extremely huge. This wasn’t displayed solely by their strength and attainments in the secrets of space, and it included their souls as well!

The soul couldn’t be destroyed when a Sword Spirit was refined and created. However, the souls of fifth rank Exalt Realm experts could leave their bodies just like his Sword Soul Technique which allowed his soul to leave his body. Even though their souls couldn’t leave their bodies for too long, they possessed a certain level of ability to resist.

To put it simply, the souls of fifth rank Exalt Realm experts weren’t like the souls of experts below the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm which merely resisted unconsciously. Their souls could resist consciously!

The current strength of Yang Ye’s soul was utterly incapable of going against the soul of a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert! So, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to give up on kill them. Because failure would represent that his possession of the Sword Servants would be exposed. He didn’t want to expose it right now because he wanted to give Luo Jun a huge pleasant surprise in the future!

Three black clothed figures were gathered together somewhere on the mountain range, and they had extremely solemn expressions on their faces. Because they noticed that they weren’t able to contact the other two of their companions anymore!

“They are dead!” The sixth rank Exalt Realm expert amongst them spoke in a low voice.

The others were shocked and said, “Chen Zhou, that should be impossible, right? Both of them are at the fourth rank of the Exalt Realm. How could Yang Ye possibly kill them with the strength he possesses? Moreover, he didn’t cause even the slightest commotion!”

“Wu Cang is right!” The last black clothed figure said in a low voice, “I admit that the Sword Emperor’s strength is very extraordinary. But I think it’s impossible for him to kill the two of them without making a single sound or causing the slightest bit of commotion. After all, they are both at the Exalt Realm. Even if Yang Ye possesses some sort of shocking trump card, they’re still capable of fleeing or resisting him for some time!”

“I didn’t believe it in the beginning as well!” Chen Zhou said, “But a received a transmission from the Mortal Emperor just now. The Mortal Emperor said that their Soul Tablets have burnt up. In other words, they are really dead. However, I don’t know if they died at Yang Ye’s hands or not. But I think that it’s definitely related to him even if he wasn’t the one who killed them!”

Their expressions instantly changed upon hearing this.

Chen Zhou said, “This Sword Emperor is extremely mysterious. Not only does he possess numerous Dao Artifacts, he’s even able to conceal his aura. Moreover, his strength far surpasses any profounder at the same realm of cultivation. He’s the most monstrous genius I’ve even seen, and he’ll definitely become another formidable enemy of the Mortal Emperor if he’s allowed to mature. I’m truly unable to figure out why the heavens and the earth would allow such a monstrous genius to appear here when it has chosen the Mortal Emperor as its representative? Was his presence allowed in order to temper the Mortal Emperor?”

“It must be like that!” Wu Cang said, “Didn’t huge amounts of monstrous geniuses surge into appearance when the Mortal Emperor appeared in the continent during the ancient times? But didn’t all of them submit before the feet of the Mortal Emperor in the end? Even though the Sword Emperor is a monstrous genius, he’ll still be a steppingstone for the Mortal Emperor in the end!”

“I hope so!” said Chen Zhou. He was completely indifferent when he heard Yang Ye’s name while he was in the central territory in the past. After all, Yang Ye was merely at the Spirit Realm. So how monstrous could Yang Ye be? Yet now, he noticed that this Sword Emperor was such a monstrous genius that even he was slightly fearful!

He wasn’t afraid of Yang Ye’s current strength, he was afraid of Yang Ye’s future strength. He could imagine that once Yang Ye stepped foot into the Exalt Realm, then it would probably be impossible for anyone beneath the Monarch Realm to kill Yang Ye!

“Brother Chen , should we continue pursuing Yang Ye, or….” Asked Wu Cang.

Chen Zhou shook his head and said, “There are only three illusion formations left outside the Saint Ruins. The Mortal Emperor has ordered us to immediately return to the central territory, and there’ll naturally be others to deal with Yang Ye in our stead. Alas, I presume the Mortal Emperor is displeased with us, otherwise, he wouldn’t dispatch others to replace us. I originally thought that killed a Spirit Realm profounder would be extremely easy for us. But I never expected that not only were we unable to kill him, we even lost two of our own. We’ve really lost face for our Assassin Battalion this time.”

“The members of the Asura Battalion will definitely ridicule us if we return like this!” Wu Cang said, “Why don’t we avoid rushing to the central territory right away and wait for Yang Ye to arrive exhausted before us at the Ocean of Anarchy? Yang Ye’s objective is the Saint Ruins, and the Ocean of Anarchy is the way to the central territory. So, he’ll definitely have to past through there, and we’ll definitely be able to wait for him to come to us if we wait there!”

Chen Zhou was slightly tempted by this suggestion because he really didn’t want to return just like this. After all, it was truly quite embarrassing. Even though Yang Ye was an extraordinarily monstrous genius, would others care about that detail? In their eyes, the only fact that remained would be that the five of them had pursued a Spirit Realm profounder, yet not only were they unable to kill their target, they’d even lost two of their own. Moreover, they’d even returned with their tails between their legs….

Chen Zhou hesitated for a moment before he decided. “Let’s go to the Ocean of Anarchy. I refuse to believe that he’ll give up on heading to the central territory!”

As soon as he finished speaking, their figures flashed and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye appeared where they stood not long after they’d left. He was originally prepared to head to the Ocean of Anarchy just now, but Black One and Black Two suddenly received a message from Chen Zhou. Chen Zhou had merely intended to inform the other two, but he probably hadn’t imagined that Black One and Black Two had received the message as well.

Yang Ye naturally refused to miss such an opportunity. So, he’d snuck over. Moreover, it was fortunate that he’d snuck over because if he just headed to the Ocean of Anarchy without coming here, then he would have definitely fallen into their trap. Even though he wasn’t afraid of them, he didn’t want to have them chasing after him. After all, his objective was the Saint Ruins, and the southern territory would truly be finished if he were late and allowed Luo Jun to obtain the World Portrait!

Yang Ye fell silent on the spot for some time, and then his figure flashed onto his sword and shot towards the Ocean of Anarchy.

After he eavesdropped on their conversation, Yang Ye knew that he had to speed up his journey to the central territory. Unfortunately, those three bastards actually refused to return to the central territory and intended to continue obstructing him at the Ocean of Anarchy. Yang Ye wouldn’t have minded playing with them if it were at any ordinary time. However, he really didn’t have the mood to fight them right now!

The World Portrait was the most important thing!

Yang Ye stopped flying on his sword when he was about to reach the Ocean of Anarchy because doing that would undoubtedly be like giving away his position to the three assassins.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stopped moving and turned around to look. He saw a group dashing swiftly towards him, and there were a few hundred people in that group. A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes because this group was using Windbreaker Horses, and every single one of the people in that group was at the King Realm at least!

They noticed Yang Ye as well, and they immediately tightened their grip on their weapons while their eyes were filled with vigilance.

Yang Ye didn’t want to cause trouble, so he flashed over to the side and made way for them.

The group whistled past Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye noticed that there was a carriage amidst this group, and the guards surrounded it tightly. Obviously, the status and identity of that person within the carriage wasn’t simple at all. However, it had nothing to do with him.

Right at this moment, the group suddenly stopped moving.

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