Chapter 479 – Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

A hill-sized black bear stood before Yang Ye and Ding Shaoyao. It was truly too big to the point that the two of them couldn’t even compare to the size of its foot.

An old man and a young man leaped down from the black bear, and a wisp of a ghastly expression flashed through their eyes upon laying eyes on Ding Shaoyao, whereas, Ding Shaoyao’s face sank a little when she saw them.

The old man quickly revealed a smile and said, “Shaoyao, it’s great that you’re fine. The two of us were really too worried! Hmph! Those fellows from the Skydevil Sect are truly audacious! They actually dared to target you! Don’t worry, Second Uncle will definitely help you vent later. Hmm? Who’s he?” The old man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye as he finished speaking.

“He’s a friend a made in the southern territory!” Ding Shaoyao spoke indifferently and said, “Second Uncle, where’s my father?”

The old man withdrew his gaze from Yang Ye and sighed lightly. “Your father fell into an ambush the Skydevil Sect set while trying to rush to your rescue, and he’s heavily injured and unconscious right now. Right, Second Uncle is standing in as patriarch of the clan for now. Alright, let’s just return to the clan first. Don’t worry, no one can harm you while Second Uncle is here!”

Ding Shaoyao clenched her fist tightly when she heard the old man, and then she glanced at him and fell silent for a while before she said, “Second Uncle, I thought that you wouldn’t do something as stupid as colluding with outsiders even if you wanted to seize the position of patriarch. But I thought too highly of your intelligence in the end. You actually dared to go against the words of our ancestors just for the sake of seizing the position of patriarch, and you secretly colluded with outsiders to take control of my Ding Clan. Aren’t you afraid that Ancestor will bind your soul in Sunray Cave and keep you from reincarnation for eternity?”

“Ding Shaoyao! What’s the meaning of that!” The face of the young man by the old man’s side sank, and he spoke ragefully.

The old man waved his hand and said, “Shaoyao, you’re still that intelligent. I never thought about concealing it from you. So, will you be obedient and leave with Second Uncle, or should I kill you? Truthfully speaking, I don’t want to kill you because I need you to take care of most of the clan’s businesses. But it can’t be helped because you just had to expose everything. Alas, why can’t you act dumb for once?”

“How’s my father?” asked Ding Shaoyao in a flat voice.

“Don’t worry, he’ll live. I never expected that he would actually be able to hold on until he returned to the clan. I underestimated him a little. I can’t do anything to him now that he has returned to the clan. However, whether he can wake up or not is another thing. Haha….” The old man started laughing with slight delight.

“Father, what about this guy!?” Meanwhile, the young man suddenly spoke from the side.

The old man glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Since he heard something he shouldn’t have heard, then just kill him!”

A ray of light flashed, and then a head flew into the air.

It was naturally not Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye’s figure flashed as he grabbed Ding Shaoyao in his arms and vanished on the spot. At this moment, he felt extremely aggrieved because he was sure that this woman knew that he would attack and save her. Truthfully speaking, he really hated being schemed against, but it couldn’t be helped because he had to save her. Their conversation told him that if he didn’t save her, then this Ding Clan of theirs would really fall into the old man’s hands.

The old man was clearly colluding with the Skydevil Sect and the other sects in the Ocean of Anarchy, so it was even to the extent that the old man might have sided with Luo Jun by now. So, he had to rescue her, otherwise, the Ding Clan would immediately fall into Luo Jun’s hands once the old man succeeded in seizing control over the Ding Clan.

Yang Ye felt that this woman in his arms might have said all of those things on purpose so that he would be aware of the current situation that the Ding Clan was in….

How scheming of her! Yang Ye felt slightly fearful!

The old man stared blankly at the young man’s corpse for a while, and then his eyes suddenly turned crimson red once he returned to his senses. After that, a roar that sounded like the roar of a wild beast erupted from him. “Little Bitch! Bastard! I, Ding Xiang, swear that I’ll kill both of you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Yang Ye shook his head when he heard this furious roar from over 50km away, and then he lowered his head to gaze at the woman in his arms. “Are you feeling very proud of yourself now?”

“Aren’t you able to kill Exalt Realm experts? Why are you running?” asked Ding Shaoyao.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he stretched out his hand and slapped her on the butt while he said angrily, “He’s a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert, and he even has an Exalt Rank Darkbeast by his side! What about me? I’m only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm! Do I look like I’m invincible? What’re you glaring at me for? I’ll leave you behind in this desolate mountain!”

Ding Shaoyao glared angrily at Yang Ye while her chest rose and fell rapidly. Obviously, Yang Ye’s slap on her butt had infuriated her!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he said, “That was quick! Stop glaring at me. Aren’t you very smart? Quickly think of a way to get out of this predicament, otherwise, you might really die here. Let me be frank with you in advance. If push comes to shove, I’ll leave you behind and flee myself.”

Ding Shaoyao just continued glaring furiously at Yang Ye without speaking a single word.

Yang Ye was slightly speechless, and he felt that she was as stubborn as Xiao Yuxi.

“Do you want to rescue your father or not?” Yang Ye said, “I’m 80% confident in my ability to escape if I leave you here. How confident are you in your ability to escape if you get left here? If you don’t even have 10% confidence, then quickly think of a way out of this.”

Ding Shaoyao’s expression eased up a little when she heard Yang Ye, and then she fell silent for a moment before she said, “Kill him. It’s the easiest and most direct method.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched violently as he said, “Will you do it?”

“If you kill him, then I represent the Ding Clan to promise you that my Ding Clan will ally itself with the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire against Luo Jun. If we become allies, then unless Luo Jun obtains the World Portrait, otherwise, ordinary troops from the Exalted Han Empire would be unable to travel to the southern territory because all the military vessels in the Ocean of Anarchy are under my Ding Clan’s control!” said Ding Shaoyao.

“How am I to trust you?” Yang Ye was slightly tempted because if she was telling the truth, then it would undoubtedly put an end to Luo Jun’s ability to gain any reinforcements in the southern territory, and it was impossible for Luo Jun to conquer the entire southern territory with just the Souleater Corps. However, he didn’t really trust her because she was too smart, and she might stab him in the back if he was careless in the slightest.

“Luo Jun has acted against my Ding Clan and almost killed both my father and I. Do you think it’s possible for my Ding Clan to side with him if my father maintains control over the clan?” said Ding Shaoyao.

“That isn’t enough! I’ll give you one final chance. If you still can’t convince me, then I’m sorry. I’ll have no choice but to leave you here.” Yang Ye was willing to save her, but he wasn’t willing to be used by her. So, he refused to believe her if she wasn’t able to truly display her sincerity.

“Then tell me how I should make you trust me! Or perhaps what I should do to earn your trust!?” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye was speechless….

“Bastard! Give me back my son!!!” Right at this moment, a wave of intense fluctuation arose in the space behind Yang Ye, and then Ding Xiang appeared over 50m behind Yang Ye with a ferocious expression on his face.

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