Chapter 488 – The Situation Is Bad!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Don’t you dare!” Lu Jianyao glared at Yang Ye like a furious lioness.

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Miss Lu, do you think you’re a match for me? To put it bluntly, what could you possibly do to me if I had ill intent towards you?”

Lu Jianyao’s expression changed when she heard this, and then her sword swished over to her own neck as she said, “If… if you dare to humiliate me… then… then I’ll rather die than let you succeed!”

Yang Ye was stunned. So I’m that sort of person in her eyes! Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Miss Lu, it’s good that you intend to go out into the world to temper yourself, and I approve of your decision. However, you shouldn’t do it with me. Going around with me isn’t a form of tempering, it’s a way to seek death. I’m not trying to scare you but all the sects here like the Skydevil Sect have started to search for me, and those Exalt Realm assassins from before are probably still looking for me as well. Miss Lu, I can’t even protect myself, so how could I possibly protect you?”

Lu Jianyao lowered her sword and fell silent.

Yang Ye continued. “I promised your father that I would take care of you, but you’ve seen the current situation for yourself. We’re only at the Ocean of Anarchy now, but we’ve already been obstructed and besieged by so many people. If we do arrive at the central territory, we would be at the Exalted Han Empire’s territory, so who knows how many assassins we would encounter then? So, listen to my advice and return to Ancient Domain City!”

She was the daughter of Ancient Domain City’s Governor, so Yang Ye didn’t want to make the relationship between them become bad. Moreover, so long as one didn’t go past the limits that he deemed acceptable or touched upon his taboos, then he was quite an understanding person.

Lu Jianyao fell silent for a while before she said, “Yang Ye, you’re a sword cultivator as well, so you should be aware what returning to Ancient Domain City now would mean to me. We sword cultivators should advance courageously and be fearless of challenges and difficulties, right? Of course, I understand that I would really be a burden to you if I were to follow you. So, I’ve decided that I’ll head to the central territory by myself. It’ll be my problem if I’m unlucky and suffer calamity, and it isn’t related to you at all!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Jianyao bowed slightly to Yang Ye before she said, “Thank you for taking care of me throughout this period. I’ll remember this kindness!” Lu Jianyao turned around and walked away upon finishing.

“Wait!” said Yang Ye.

Lu Jianyao turned around, and she couldn’t help but frown because she thought that Yang Ye intended to stop her.

Yang Ye withdrew five talismans and 10 top-grade energy stones before he passed them to her and said, “I have no reason to stop you. Otherwise, I would be standing in the way of your path of the sword. Even though we haven’t gotten along well, we can still be considered to have gone through thick and thin together. These talismans and energy stones should be useful to you. Don’t die. I hope I’ll be able to see you in the central territory!”

Lu Jianyao was stunned. She took them, took a long glance at Yang Ye, and said, “Thank you. I too hope that I’ll be able to see you in the central territory!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t stay longer and left.

As he watched her figure vanish from his field of vision, Yang Ye suddenly felt that she seemed to have become much more mature. In the past, she would absolutely not accept those things from him, and she would even make trouble for no reason. But now, she hadn’t just taken them from him, she’d even thanked him….

Yang Ye shook his head, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

He had to ride a ship in order to travel to the central territory, otherwise, it was impossible to fly to the central territory even if he was at the Exalt Realm. Because violet winds raged throughout the Ocean of Anarchy all year round, and it was even to the extent that there were storms and tornadoes. So, if one were to fly in the air, one would have to resist these tornados and storms as well, and the exhaustion of profound energy was enormous!

Moreover, the ships were extremely swift, and they weren’t inferior in speed to an Exalt Realm expert. So, Yang Ye naturally intended to take a ship there.


The Ding Clan.

That old man who Ding Shaoyao addressed as Uncle Quan said to Ding Shaoyao upon their return to the Ding Clan, “Little Girl, I’ve obtained news that the Skydevil Sect and those other sects seemed to have located Yang Ye. At this moment, the Skydevil Sect has dispatched 3 Exalt Realm experts to pursue Yang Ye. Moreover, there are countless Spirit Realm and King Realm profounders lying in ambush on the islands that are on the way to the central territory. That fellow, Yang Ye, is probably in a very bad situation now!”

Ding Shaoyao spoke indifferently. “How can he go against Luo Jun if he can’t even escape these nobodies? After all, he’ll have the whole world as his enemy once he enters the central territory! Uncle Quan, I understand your intentions. Our Ding Clan really does have only two paths right now, and it’s either siding with Luo Jun or becoming allies with Yang Ye. Joining Luo Jun’s side is practically impossible, but Yang Ye….”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent when she spoke up to this point, and then she said, “At this moment, our Ding Clan will definitely be looked down upon if we took the initiative to speak about an alliance with the powers that stand behind him. That would be disadvantageous to our clan in the future. So, if we want to be respected and valued, then we must fully eliminate those sects and truly take control of the entire Ocean of Anarchy! Only then would our Ding Clan gain sufficient respect and authority in the southern territory!”

The old man grinned and said, “You always take everything into account. But it would probably be difficult for that fellow, Yang Ye, to reach the central territory without our Ding Clan’s help. Shouldn’t we lend a hand? After all, he’s Mister Xiao’s….”

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “Our Ding Clan will help him, but not now. I want him to seek our Ding Clan’s assistance, otherwise, if we were to take the initiative to help him, then he might not feel grateful and think that it’s a matter of course!”

The old man thought about it for a moment, and then he nodded and said, “You’re right. That kid should be given a lesson. He actually dared to kick you and cripple Qin Hao in front of us. If we were to take the initiative to help him, then it wouldn’t just be outsiders who would say that our Ding Clan is humiliating itself, even some members of our clan would start talking nonsense!”

“Uncle Quan, I’ll trouble you with paying close attention to the actions of those sects. If you notice the forces who are standing behind these sects….” When she spoke to this point, a strand of a cold glow flashed within her eyes as she said, “Kill them all!”



Yang Ye had to ride a ship in order to reach the central territory. However, only the Ding Clan and those large sects had such ships. Besides them, only some merchants in the Ocean of Anarchy had them. Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t go looking for the Ding Clan’s help. He wasn’t that thick skinned. On the other hand, he wasn’t that stupid to go give himself up to those sects.

So, he had no other choice but to look for merchants that possessed such ships.

“Young Master, you want to travel to the central territory?” At the hall of a merchant group called the Ocean of Clouds, an old man asked this question to a young man who stood before him. The young man was naturally Yang Ye. He’d inquired about it from numerous parties and found out that the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group frequently travelled to the central territory to do business, and this merchant group possessed the one and only ship that was on par with the ships of the Ding Clan and those other sects. So, he’d gone straight to them.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “We can discuss the price!”

The old man pondered deeply for a moment and seemed to be slightly troubled. “My merchant group is going to transport some goods to the central territory tonight, but those goods are extremely precious and require utmost caution. So….”

Yang Ye withdrew 30 top-grade energy stones and placed them on the table, causing the old man’s voice to stop abruptly before a satisfied expression appeared in his eyes while he said in his heart, he really knows how to do things. The old man was a manager of the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group, and he would earn a little extra income every single time the merchant group sent goods to the central territory. Taking others onboard in secret was one of his methods.

Of course, he wouldn’t just take anymore. For example, he would absolutely not accept Exalt Realm experts. Because once they caused trouble on the ship, then it would definitely be extremely troublesome. However, this young man before him was only at the Spirit Realm, and such a person wasn’t a problem at all!

The old man took those energy stoned and smiled. “Young Master, please head to the docks tonight. I’ll take Young Master aboard when the time comes. Remember that you must be on time!”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he stood up and left.

After he left the merchant group, Yang Ye looked for a deserted area and started cultivating with a few extreme-grade energy stones. Needless to say, he was still quite weak right now. If it was in terms of experts in the same realm of cultivation, then besides An Nanjing, practically no one else in the southern territory was a match for him. However, the problem was that his current opponents were experts at the Exalt Realm or above!

He could kill Exalt Realm experts now, but he had to utilize Dao Artifacts to do so! If he didn’t, then perhaps he could still defeat ordinary Exalt Realm experts, but he could absolutely not kill them. Especially if it were experts at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above. Just like Ding Xiang whom he killed that day. He would have absolutely been the one to be defeated if he didn’t have Hong and the others to assist him.

Yang Ye didn’t want to rely on external forces because he was clearly aware that only his own strength was true strength. At this moment, he was at the second rank of the Spirit Realm, and he could only swing Void Flash 3 times, utilize the sword formation within the sword chest once, and execute the Sword of Elements once, at most. In other words, he could only go against one Exalt Realm expert at most!

If he was up against the joint forces of two Exalt Realm experts, then he would have no choice but to flee….

He was going to the central territory, and that was the Exalted Han Empire’s territory. So there would definitely be countless Exalt Realm experts there waiting for him, so how would he deal with them? At that time, not to mention stopping Luo Jun from obtaining the World Portrait, even surviving would be a problem for him!

I’m really a little too weak! Around two hours later, three black figures suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye. Yang Ye opened his eyes before Hong, Black One, and Black Two immediately started to give him their report, and then his expression slowly turned gloomy as he listened to them.

The Skydevil Sect was definitely going to act against him, so he naturally refused to just wait for death to arrive, and he couldn’t passively fend off their attacks as well. So, he’d sent Hong and the others out once he parted with Ding Shaoyao, and he made them gather information. Now, they’d returned with the information they obtained.

“25 Exalt Realm experts, over 100 Spirit Realm experts, and countless King Realm profounders. Haha! They really think highly of me! Motherfucker! Do I look like I’m at the fucking Monarch Realm!? What’s with sending that many experts after me!?” Yang Ye cursed with a gloomy expression on his face.

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