Chapter 500 – Suddenly!

Almighty Sword Domain

The wilds.

“Biru, he’s here in the central territory.” The black clothed woman spoke to An Biru within a room.

An Biru remained silent.

The black clothed woman continued. “I really did underestimate his strength. Besides An Nanjing, there’s probably no one amongst the younger generation who’s a match for him. He’ll definitely become a formidable enemy for Luo Jun if he isn’t eliminated!”

An Biru fell silent for a short while before she said, “Has Luo Jun taken any action?”

The black clothed woman said, “He increased the bounty on Yang Ye!”

An Biru said, “What a scheme! If I’m not wrong, then the disciples of many clans and sects have gone after Yang Ye, right?”

The black clothed woman nodded and said, “All three Ninth Rank Sects, the Endless Sect, the Ascension Sect, and the Clear River Sect, have dispatched a huge group of inner court and elite disciples. Their objective should be Yang Ye. Besides that, the Mo Clan of the four great clans has dispatched experts as well. However, the other three of the four great clans haven’t shown any signs of movement. I’m very curious about why Luo Jun hasn’t directly sent those old geezers at the Exalt Realm from the Exalted Han Empire and took such unnecessary actions instead?”

An Biru laughed coldly and said, “Because he wants to use Yang Ye to make the profounders of the central territory feel hatred towards the profounders of the southern territory. The tempting benefits he provided would definitely make the sects, clans, and independent cultivators of the central territory charge successively in pursuit of Yang Ye. It would naturally be a good thing for him if they killed Yang Ye, and if they couldn’t, it wouldn’t be harmful to him as well. Because if Yang Ye killed those fellows, then Yang Ye would definitely offend numerous powers. In that way, Luo Jun would have succeeded in creating conflict between the profounders of the central territory and southern territory. At that time, it would be much easier for him to subdue the southern territory!”

“Create conflict between the profounders of both territories?” The black clothed woman frowned and said, “Just that fellow, Yang Ye, doesn’t have such ability, right?”

An Biru said, “Yang Ye’s reputation in the southern territory has risen to its peak. He’s the idol of the younger generation of the southern territory. Coupled with the support he receives from the Darkbeast Empire and Grand Qin Empire; he can be said to represent the entire southern territory. The people throughout the continent worship the strong. If Yang Ye crushes all opponents in the central territory, then his prestige in the hearts of the southern territory’s cultivators would definitely rise explosively. Conversely, the profounders of the central territory would consider Yang Ye to be their mortal enemy. Because Yang Ye is an outsider in their eyes!”

“Is he not afraid that Yang Ye would grow too strong?” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru said, “Regardless of whether it’s An Nanjing, Yang Ye, or Luo Jun, all of them are proud. Especially Luo Jun. He holds the Mortal Emperor Sword and has control of over 60% of the Exalted Han Empire’s forces. Moreover, he has successfully formed an alliance with those powerful sects. In his opinion, Yang Ye is just a clown!”

The black clothed woman shook her head. She was once a peerless genius as well, but she felt that she was much more inferior to Yang Ye. If a person like Yang Ye was the enemy, then it was best to annihilate him before he’d grown completely. Otherwise, once he grew into another Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect, then it would have been no different than courting death!

She had no doubt that Luo Jun was courting death right now!

An Biru said, “Luo Jun has probably never thought about how the reputation of his Exalted Han Empire would definitely crash if Yang Ye survives and arrives here safely. Conversely, Yang Ye’s reputation would improve greatly. However, he probably wouldn’t care about it now even if he did realize it. After all, the World Portrait and the inheritance of Saint Liu Yun are the most important to him right now!”

“Little Girl, what exactly do you intend to do!?”

“I intend to stand on whichever side is beneficial to my An Clan….”


Huntsman City.

The sun burned brightly like a ball of flames, and it mercilessly roasted the path into Huntsman City.

Noon was when the sun was the most merciless. The guards at the entrance of Huntsman City hadn’t been able to bear the extremely hot weather a long time ago, and they’d hid themselves beneath the shade of the city wall. Normally, guarding the city entrance was a well-paying job to the guards because a huge amount of wealth would enter their pockets every single day. But now, guarding the city entrance was an unprofitable job. Because no one was entering or leaving the city due to the weather!

Since no one entered the city, the guards naturally weren’t able to gain any profits. So, the two guards were very displeased right now!

“Damnable weather! Fuck! It’s really trying to cook us alive! How strange, I’m at the King Realm yet I’m actually unable to resist the scorching heat of the sun. Monkey, what do you think is wrong with the sun today?” A robust man in armor whose face was covered in stubble spoke with extreme displeasure.

“Ptooey!” A middle aged man whose face was covered in hair said, “We haven’t gained anything for an entire day, and we’re even suffering here like this. I’m going to go broke if this continues! Right, Barbarian! Do you think Yang Ye will pass by this place? Hehe, I heard the reward for his head is 5,000 top-grade energy stones, and some Heaven Rank techniques and treasures. Moreover, it even comes with the position of City Governor. Tsk, tsk….”

“Stop daydreaming! Is he even someone that you can kill? If he were to really pass through our city, then I think that you’ll be the first to run!” The robust middle aged man glanced at ‘Monkey’ as he spoke.

‘Monkey’ intended to say something else when a young man suddenly appeared in the distance. Both of them were delighted by this scene. ‘Monkey’ spat and said, “Someone is finally here, haha….”

Yang Ye walked slowly towards the city gates. He wanted to fly, but he noticed that these cities had formations that restricted flight. If he were to forcefully fly through here, then it would be equivalent to telling everyone that he, Yang Ye, had arrived! Moreover, it was still quite difficult for him to overcome the formation with his current strength. It wasn’t that it was impossible, but he needed a huge amount of time to accomplish it!

Yang Ye was slightly puzzled. Why has this city activated its Anti-Flight Formation? Could it have been done for me?

Yang Ye walked towards the entrance with these questions in his mind. Something worth mentioning was that his hair had recovered its black color. Yang Ye had experimented quite a bit before he realized that unless he released his Slaughter Sword Intent madly, otherwise, his hair wouldn’t turn scarlet red! However, he felt that was good because red hair was truly too striking!

Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving, and then he turned around to look behind him. He saw a woman walking over with a suckling infant in one arm while her other hand was holding the hand of a young girl around the age of 8. Both of them were clothed in rags and covered in dust, and they were walking towards him.

The woman was very young, her eyes were round and bright, and her figure was slender. However, her skin was very dark, rough, and covered in wrinkles. Besides that, her lips were dry while her hair was both disheveled and dirty. All of this made her seem old even though she wasn’t.

The young girl by the woman’s side was extremely thin, and it wasn’t excessive to describe her as being thin as a piece of bamboo.

The woman held the child in her right arm while she held the young girl’s hand in her left hand, and they were walking slowly in Yang Ye’s direction.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, turned around, and walked towards the city gates. Two guards stopped him when he arrived there, and ‘Monkey’ chuckled as he said, “Kid, do you know the rules?”

Yang Ye asked. “What rules?”

‘Monkey’ chuckled and said, “You have to pay a fee to enter the city. Hmm, you look like a good kid. I’ll take two energy stones.”

Yang Ye flicked his finger and 2 energy stones appeared in front of ‘Monkey’, and then he said, “Is that alright?”

Both of them were stunned by this scene. He paid so readily? ‘Monkey’ hastily put those energy stones away, and then he said, “Yes, go on in!”

Yang Ye nodded and walked towards the city gates. But he’d just taken a few steps when ‘Monkey’s’ voice resounded from behind him. “Hey, the three of you need to pay 2 energy stones each to enter the city. It’s a total of 6 for the three of you.”

Yang Ye stopped moving.

“Energy stones?” The woman gazed at ‘Monkey’ and ‘Barbarian’ with horror, and she said, “I… I don’t have any. Please let me in the city. My child hasn’t had any water or food for an entire day!”

“You don’t?” ‘Monkey’s face fell as he said, “You want to enter the city when you don’t have energy stones? Fuck off! Fuck off back to where you came from!”


The woman suddenly knelt on the ground and pleaded. “Big Brothers, please be merciful and let us through. My child has really not had anything to eat or drink for an entire day. Please Big Brothers, let us in the city. Please.” As she spoke, she pulled the young girl’s hand and said, “Child, quickly kowtow to these two uncles.”

The young girl knelt down just like her mother. But her knees had just touched the ground when a sharp cry resounded from her because the ground was too hot. She wanted to stand back up but was stopped by her mother.


Suddenly, ‘Monkey’ kicked the woman’s stomach, causing her to instantly start rolling on the ground. Fortunately, she held tightly onto the baby in her arm, so it wasn’t harmed at all.

‘Monkey’ spat on the ground and said, “Beggars without energy stones can fuck off! Don’t look fucking look for trouble with me!”

The young girl instantly burst into tears when she saw her mother being kicked away, and the child in the woman’s arms started crying as well.

The woman crawled up to her feet with great difficulty, and then she knelt before ‘Monkey’ again and pleaded. “Big Brother, please be merciful and let us in. We’ll do anything we can to repay you in the future. Please, I beg you!”

“Uncle, please….” The young girl hurriedly started kowtowing with all her strength as well.

“Monkey, I think you should let them in. Looks, if that woman were to be dressed up a little, she’ll definitely look quite good. Moreover, that young girl might become a beauty when she grows up as well. Hehe, if you let them in, then they’ll definitely do anything they can to repay you. Tsk, tsk. Just think about it, both mother and daughter serving a single husband…. Hahaha!” Barbarian laughed arrogantly and lustfully.

“Fuck of bastard! Are such trash even worthy of me?” ‘Monkey’ spat on the ground, raised his leg, and was just about to kick the woman. Right at this moment, ‘Monkey’ noticed that his shoulder had been grabbed, and he turned around and gazed at Yang Ye who’d grabbed his shoulder and said angrily, “Kid, what’re you doing?”

Meanwhile, Barbarian had withdrawn his spear and was looking at Yang Ye with a hostile expression.

Yang Ye released his grip on ‘Monkey’s’ shoulder, withdrew 6 energy stones, tossed them to ‘Monkey’, and said, “I’ll pay for them!”

‘Monkey’ was stunned, and then he hastily took those energy stones before he turned around to gaze at the mother and her two children. “You’re lucky!”

The woman on the ground hurriedly walked over to Yang Ye, and then she knelt down and spoke ceaselessly. “Thank you, Benefactor! Thank you, Benefactor….”

The young woman came over to Yang Ye and wrapped her hands around his leg before doing exactly as her mother did. “Thank you, Big Brother….”

Yang Ye was just about to speak when an unexpected change in the situation suddenly occurred!

The woman who was kneeling in front of him had suddenly raised her head while she dropped the infant to the ground. Moreover, a dagger had appeared in her grasp. She was like a cheetah on the hunt that charged forward swiftly while the dagger in her hand was like a cold glow that stabbed at Yang Ye’s throat.

It was swift like a bolt of lightning!

On the other hand, a dagger had suddenly appeared in the young girl’s hand, and it stabbed straight towards his nether regions. Besides that, the pitiable expression in the young woman’s eyes had vanished, and it was replaced by an icy cold and firm expression!

Meanwhile, 'Monkey' and 'Barbarian' had attacked as well. One stabbed his spear straight towards the center of Yang Ye’s brows while the other smashed his fist at Yang Ye’s head!

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