Chapter 51 – I’ll Bet With You

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye had never expected that he would still be unable to injure this Sword Servant after attacking in such a manner. Moreover, his palm was even pierced through by the Sword Servant while the Sword Servant was actually able to execute a strand of sword qi towards him in the process of its retreat. Such combat instinct is too terrifying!

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think before he placed his sword horizontally before his chest.


The sword in Yang Ye’s hand trembled violently, and it obviously showed how ferocious this strand of sword qi was. Under the enormous force transmitted by this strand of sword qi, Yang Ye was struck to the point of retreating repeatedly.

On the other hand, at this instant the sword qi dispersed, the Sword Servant that was originally retreating had suddenly appeared before Yang Ye. Moreover, the sword in its hand appeared alongside it, and the sword stabbed extremely ruthlessly towards Yang Ye’s chest.

It won’t even give me the chance to catch my breath! As he watched the sword stab over once more, Yang Ye was slightly furious. However, he felt slight admiration in his heart as well  because this Sword Servant had grasped the flaws he revealed with extreme accuracy. Moreover, the combat instinct possessed by this Sword Servant was truly extremely terrifying!

Even though he felt admiration, Yang Ye’s admiration wasn’t at the point of making him surrender because of it. He executed Gale Steps and flashed to the side. At the same time, a strand of golden sword qi suddenly flashed out from Yang Ye’s sword, and it shot directly at the Sword Servant.

The Sword Servant didn’t dodge, and it slashed its sword down towards Yang Ye’s golden sword qi instead. Obviously, the Sword Servant was clearly aware that so long as it possessed speed and strength, then even a strand of sword qi could be slashed to dispersal. However, the Sword Servant had underestimated Yang Ye’s golden Profound Energy this time.


A clear and melodious clang resounded. The strand of golden sword qi directly pierced through the Sword Servant’s sword, and it shot towards the Sword Servant that stood behind the sword.

The Sword Servant seemed to be slightly surprised, and its figure stiffened slightly. However, it quickly recovered from its surprise, and its figure twisted in a strange manner to dodge Yang Ye’s golden sword qi.

Yang Ye was delighted when he noticed that his sword qi was actually so formidable, and he immediately and ceaselessly swung the sword in his hand and the fingers on his left hand that were pressed together to form a sword, causing over 10 strands of sword qi to shoot towards the Sword Servant like a storm.

Yang Ye didn’t have the slightest shred of confidence to defeat the Sword Servant in closed quartered combat, so he could only utilize sword qi to suppress it, and then find its weak point and give it a lethal strike. Yang Ye thought like this and acted like this. However, his way of thinking was good, yet reality was brutal.

At the moment Yang Ye executed strands of sword qi, the Sword Servant had similarly executed over 10 strands of white sword qi. Moreover, these strands of white sword qi actually shot towards every single one of Yang Ye’s golden sword qi.

When he saw this, the smile Yang Ye revealed just moments ago had instantly vanished, and his face was covered in an extremely solemn expression. He’d attacked first to gain an advantage, and he was the first to execute strands of sword qi. Under such circumstances, the Sword Servant was still able to utilize numerous strands of sword qi to block his own sword qi. What did this mean? It meant that the Sword Servant’s control of Profound Energy and sword qi far exceeded his own!


The sword qi from both sides collided, and then they instantly rumbled and dispersed.

Yang Ye didn’t execute sword qi any longer, and he held the sword in his hand as he charged and stabbed at the Sword Servant. In terms of Profound Energy, he was only at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm, and he would definitely be unable to compare to the Sword Servant at the First Heaven Realm. Since he couldn’t compare with it in terms of sword qi or close quartered combat, then he could only put his life on the line and fight desperately.

Yang Ye completely abandoned his defense. His speed was slightly inferior to the Sword Servant, but it wasn’t too much inferior. Coupled with the fact that he was fighting while completely disregarding his own life and was in a disadvantaged position, he still wasn’t suppressed completely as he had been at the beginning. However, he paid the price for this as well. In a short period of time, his clothes were already in rags, and numerous bloody marks covered his body.

Yang Ye paid no attention to those injuries. He only had a single thought in his mind, and it was to fight, fight without any regard for his life! You stab me, then I’ll stab you as well! Let’s see who has no regard for his life!

At this moment, the Sword Servant revealed a flaw once more. It was a Sword Servant that possessed combat instincts and didn’t possess any negative emotions, and this was an advantage. However, in a similar manner, it wouldn’t fight without any regard for its life like Yang Ye did. So, when both their swords were about to stab each other, it would first block Yang Ye’s sword before attempting to stab Yang Ye again.

It was exactly because of this that Yang Ye grew more and more ferocious and had less and less regard for his life as he fought. Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the golden Profound Energy within his body had suddenly started to flow slowly, and it was repairing the injuries on his body. This discovery caused Yang Ye to be slightly excited. He’d never imagined that the golden Profound Energy would actually repair his body on its own, and this caused him to fight even more fearlessly.


Since the Outer Court Exam began, two days had already passed. In these two days of time, not only had the number of people outside the Sword Servant Pagoda not reduced, it had increased constantly instead. It was even to the extent that some outer court elders had come over as well.

There were only two people left within the Sword Servant Pagoda now. One was Yang Ye and the other was Jiang Yuan. Even though Yang Ye had persisted within the pagoda until now, everyone had disregarded him. Because everyone’s thoughts had converged onto that super genius, Jiang Yuan!

Now, no matter if it was Yang Ye or Qingxue that had advanced into the First Heaven Realm, they were masked by Jiang Yuan’s radiance.

“Brother Huo, that Jiang Yuan really ascended to the 17th level with a cultivation at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm?” It was an outer court elder that asked this question. He was around 40 years old, and he was called Chen Feng. He was one of the elders in charge of the Assignment Hall. Originally, he wasn’t interested in this exam, but he wasn’t able to sit still any longer when he heard that someone was actually able to ascend to the 17th level while at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm.

Cao Huo combed his beard and said with a smile, “Of course, a 16 year old First Heaven Realm expert. If our Sword Sect fosters him well, then with his natural talent and potential, he’ll definitely be able to be ranked on the next Ascension Rankings!”

Chen Feng nodded with a smile when he heard this, and he said, “Not bad, not bad. I originally thought that no monstrous geniuses would appear amongst the outer court disciples this time, yet I never expected that one would actually appear. The heavens are really good to my Sword Sect! Right, who’s the other person within the pagoda?”

Cao Huo didn’t speak, and Elder Qian who stood at the side said hurriedly, “It’s Yang Ye. The Yang Ye that all of you used as a negative example when you taught disciples. At that time, I said that Yang Ye’s natural talent isn’t bad, but all of you didn’t believe me. Now, he’s still inside the pagoda, so he’s at least at the 15th level. Tell me, is someone capable of ascending the 15th level a genius?”

Elder Qian was slightly complacent as he spoke, and he seemed like someone that was intoxicated by success. However, it wasn’t his fault. At that time, both Yang Ye and him had suffered a great deal of ridicule from the other outer court elders, and if it wasn’t for the presence of a monstrous genius like Jiang Yuan, then Yang Ye’s ability to persist until now would be a direct slap to the face for all these outer court elders!

“It can’t be, right?” Chen Feng was obviously slightly doubtful, and he said, “At that time, he wasn’t even able to become a Profounder after an entire year. Moreover, I still remember that he’d been reduced to a Labor Disciple, yet he was able to persist within the pagoda for so long?”

Elder Qian laughed coldly. He would naturally not tell this old fellow that Yang Ye possessed five element Profound Energy!

Cao Huo smiled bitterly at the side and said, “Brother Qian is right, that kid, Yang Ye, really is within the pagoda, and it’s truly a surprise to me that he was able to persist for so long. However, don’t get complacent Brother Qian. Even though he isn’t bad, he’s much inferior to Jiang Yuan and Qingxue.”

“I don’t think so!” Elder Qian objected and said, “Jiang Yuan and Qingxue’s natural talent are not bad indeed. But Yang Ye isn’t inferior as well. Not to mention that nobody knows who exactly is at the 19th level!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Qian instantly felt slight regret. When he saw Cao Huo use Jiang Yuan to belittle Yang Ye, he was slightly displeased, and he’d accidentally blurted out such words.

Cao Huo instantly started roaring with laughter when he heard this. He laughed for a while before he said, “Brother Qian, do you dare to make a bet with me? We’ll bet who’s at the 19th level. I’ll bet my Sword Chest, that Earthbale Sword Chest. What do you think?”

The other outer court elders at the side were shocked when they heard Cao Huo. Cao Huo’s Earthbale Sword Formation was renowned in the Sword Sect. That sword chest of his contained 36 high-grade Yellow Rank swords. Moreover, a Talisman Master had even inscribed a mid-grade Profound Rank sword formation technique within it. When utilized against one’s enemies, the 36 swords would instantly form into a sword formation, and their might could only be described as terrifying.

Elder Qian was slightly surprised. He as well had never imagined that Cao Huo would actually bet with the sword chest that Cao Huo treated like a precious treasure. After all, that sword chest was even more important than his life to Cao Huo. Normally, he wouldn’t even allow the other outer court elders to have a look at it!

Elder Qian raised his head to glance at the Sword Servant Pagoda, and then he glanced at Cao Huo who had a teasing expression all over his face. Elder Qian knew that if he didn’t agree to the bet, then this old fellow would definitely ridicule him in the future.

“What do you want from me?” Elder Qian spoke in a low voice.

Cao Huo beamed from ear to ear upon hearing this, and he said, “Brother Qian, you ought to know how precious that sword chest of mine is. If I win, then I don’t want anything else. I just want that mid-grade Profound Rank inscribed sword of yours. What do you think?”

All the elders in the surroundings instantly shook their heads upon hearing Cao Huo. This Cao Huo really dares to dream!

Elder Qian’s inscribed sword was renowned amongst the outer court elders in the sect as well. Not only was it a mid-grade Profound Rank sword, but it was also inscribed with an amplification inscription by a Talisman Master. It could be said that with the inscribed sword in his possession, Elder Qian’s strength was improved by at least 30%!

Elder Qian’s chest rose and fell rapidly, and he was obviously infuriated. Just like Cao Huo, the inscribed sword was even more important than his life to him. After all, under the effect of the nurturing he’d provided it within his Dantian for over 10 years, it had already formed a slight link with him. Coupled with the inscription it possessed, in his opinion, this sword was already a part of him. If he lost this sword, then his strength would drop a few levels at least.

So, how could he possibly dare to bet with this sword?

Right when he was about to refuse, a clear and melodious voice resounded from behind the two of them. “Geezer, I’ll bet with you! You actually dared to look down on the little laborer!?”

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