Chapter 525 – The Desert Of Exile!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Become a vassal of mine?” Yang Ye was stunned.

Shu Xin nodded and said, “Young Master Yang, you’ve seen it as well. The Exalt Han Empire is targeting my Treant Clan. My clan’s current strength isn’t sufficient to go against the Exalted Han Empire at all. Moreover, the world is about to fall into chaos, so there’ll definitely be a battle between the human race and demon race. My Treant Clan’s home isn’t within the demon territory, so we’re utterly unable to resist if the Exalted Han Empire intends to attack us. Young Master Yang is the only one throughout the world who can go against the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun.”

Shu Xin wasn’t doing this impulsively, and it was mainly because of 2 reasons. The first reason was the Greenwood Spirit. Even though the Greenwood Spirit wasn’t able to communicate very clearly with her just now , she understood that it wanted her to form a good relationship with Yang Ye. Secondly, it was because of the strength and potential that Yang Ye had revealed. She firmly believed that he would definitely rise to prominence, and coupled with Yin Xuan’er’s attitude towards him, she’d decided to make a gamble!

The elders of the Treant clan who were about to speak out in rejection had fallen silent upon hearing her. All of them were treants that had attained intelligence, so they were naturally clearly aware that Shu Xin wasn’t wrong at all. The Treant Clan really did need formidable backing, and they only wondered whether the forces standing behind Yang Ye were strong!

“Miss Shu Xin, are you sure?” asked Yang Ye.

Shu Xin nodded and said, “How could I joke around on such an important matter?”

“You won’t regret it?”

“I won’t!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then make preparations immediately and move your Treant Clan to the southern territory.” Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t refuse because even though the Treant Clan had no Monarch Realm experts, their forces couldn’t be underestimated at all. In any case, the more the better!

“Move?” Shu Xin was stunned.

“Of course!” Yang Ye said, “Do you think Luo Jun would let your clan go if he found out that you’ve sided with me? Wouldn’t it be extremely easy for him to annihilate your Treant Clan in the central territory? So, you have to move to the southern territory because only there would your safety be guaranteed. After all, Luo Jun’s forces don’t possess absolute power there!”

Shi Xin fell silent. Moving the entire Treant Clan meant giving up on their current territory, and she could imagine all the trouble it would cause and how many treants would be against it. The slightest mistake might even cause chaos to appear in the situation within the Treant Clan that had just been stabilized!

“Perhaps we can side with the Exalted Han Empire. We wouldn’t have to move if we did that.” Right at this moment, another one of the treants spoke abruptly.

Many of the others were quite tempted by this suggestion.

“Shit!” cried Yin Xuan’er in his heart. Sure enough, Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Side with the Exalted Han Empire? That’s fine as well. Because then I would be able to take the Greenwood Spirit with a clear conscience.”

Shu Xin’s expression changed while Shu Jin who stood by her side spoke furiously. “Yang Ye, what’re you trying to say!?”


The Nether Ghostflame appeared in Yang Ye’s palm as he glanced at the surroundings and said, “I’m very kind towards my friends, but I’m also very cruel towards my enemies. If you chose to be my enemies, then trust me. I’ll definitely burn off all the trees on this mountain!”

“Don’t you dare!” Shu Jin and the other treants in the surroundings glared angrily at him, and they were ready to attack.

Right at this moment, a sword suddenly flew out from the sword chest on Yang Ye’s back, and the sword arrived right before Shu Jin’s forehead before she could even react. Shu Jin was astounded by this, and she heard Yang Ye’s icy cold voice. “Who do you think you are? You dare shout and make noise in front of me? Trust me, I’ll kill you right now! If you don’t believe me, then speak a single word. I’ll kill you right now if you do that. Do you want to try me?”

All the treants were stunned. Never had they imagined that Yang Ye who was friendly and amiable just a moment ago would suddenly become so vicious, and they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack within their palace. Is he not afraid that we would besiege him?

Shu Jin was stunned as well. Never had she imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack her and even act so arrogantly. This is the territory of my Treant Clan! It isn’t the southern territory!

Shu Jin’s face was livid from being threatened in front of all the treants here, but she didn’t dare speak another word. She could only glare angrily at Yang Ye as if she wanted to kill him with her gaze.

“Young Master Yang, please show mercy!” Meanwhile, Shu Xin sighed lightly. She hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would actually attack within their palace. At this moment, she suddenly noticed a problem. Could her Treant Clan kill Yang Ye if he really attacked them? The answer was that even if they could kill him, around 90% of the Exalt Rank treants within her clan would probably be wiped out. Moreover, the precondition to that was that Yin Xuan’er didn’t lend a hand to any side.

Simply speaking, both sides would end up heavily injured if they fought, and the slightest mistake might cause the Treant Clan to be annihilated.

Yang Ye glanced at Shu Xin, and then he commanded the sword that was right before Shu Jin’s forehead to return back into the sword chest. He said, “Miss Shu Xin, it was you who raised the request to join my side, and it wasn’t I who forced you. You must recognize that clearly. Secondly, while I do feel that I owe you because of the Greenwood Spirit, but that’s under the condition that we’re friends. If you chose to become my enemy, then I can only say that we have to let fate decide who lives and who dies!”

Shu Xin shook her head and said, “Young Master Yang, you must be joking. The Scholar Tree Clan colluded with Luo Jun and almost destroyed my Greenwood Clan, so how could I possibly side with him? Even if I did, he would probably not trust my Treant Clan. So, my Treant Clan will probably be sacrificed as cannon fodder in the end. I’ve considered Young Master Yang’s suggestion to move to the southern territory, and I’ve decided to listen to your suggestion. I’ll order all the treants who are willing to leave to the southern territory with me to move there within the next few days. What do you think, Young Master Yang?”

“Are you really sure?” asked Yang Ye.

Shu Xin nodded.

Yang Ye said, “I promise that I will absolutely not betray your Treant Clan if your Treant Clan doesn’t betray me.”

“It’s a promise!” said Shu Xin.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I never go back on my word. Miss Shu Xin, head to the Grand Myriad Mountains and look for the Beast Emperor once you’ve arrived at the southern territory. He’ll arrange for a place for all of you to stay at. If, I mean if the southern territory is unable to resist Luo Jun, then I’ll take all of you to the demon territory. Of course, I hope that you won’t refuse if I need the Treant Clan’s help!”

“You can take us to the demon territory?” Shu Xin was surprised. The demon territory was very much against outsiders, and it looked down upon all other members of the demon race that weren’t in the demon territory. Because many demon beasts outside the demon territory had sided with humans and became their mounts or slaves. So, the members of the demon race from the other territories can only dream of entering the demon territory. But Yang Ye actually said that he could take them there, so besides feeling surprised, she couldn’t help but feel slightly doubtful.

“That’s something you probably don’t know!” Meanwhile, Yin Xuan’er said, “He is friends with the Demon Emperor’s daughter, and they’ve gone through situations of life and death together. That little fellow listens to everything he says, and the Demon Emperor has acknowledged him as well. Do you know why he is still alive even when he has openly gone against the Exalted Han Empire? It’s because the Demon Emperor himself stepped forward and warned the Monarch Realm experts of the human world that he would kill any Monarch Realm expert who dared to act against Yang Ye!”

“Really?” asked Shu Xin.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Miss Yin exaggerated a little. But if worse comes to worse, it shouldn’t be a problem to take all of you to the demon territory.”

Shi Xin smiled. She knew that her decision was correct. Even though Yang Ye was a human, he was a unique human because he had a very good relationship with the Demon Emperor. Luo Jun was a human as well, but Luo Jun was bound to become an enemy of the demon race. Even though she knew that the demon race of the demon territory looked down upon her Treant Clan, she still didn’t want to help Luo Jun fight the demon race.

In short, the benefits she gained from siding with Yang Ye was much greater than what she would gain from siding with Luo Jun. After all, there wasn’t a single member of the demon race that didn’t want to return to the demon territory. Because that was their true home!

After they found out that Yang Ye could lead them back into the demon territory, the Treant Clan stopped objecting Shu Xin’s decision to side with Yang Ye. Throughout the next day, Shu Xin immediately started making arrangements to move her clan to the southern territory. Some treants were really against it at the beginning and were even unwilling, but Shu Xin’s ruthless suppression of such opinion caused those treants to just vanish from the face of the mountain.

After she took full control of the Treant Clan, Yang Ye, Yin Xuan’er, Lu Jianyao, and the others continued on their journey.

A day later.

Yang Ye gazed at Lu Jianyao who’d been silent all along the way, and then he asked. “Why have you been silent all day. That’s not how you usually are!”

Lu Jianyao glanced at him, remained silent for a while, and then she said, “Yang Ye, tell me the truth. Did you kill Qingyue?”

Oh, so she was actually being silent because of that. Yang Ye shook his head while he laughed bitterly and said, “What makes you think that?”

“I know that you are afraid she would expose you now that she’s aware of your identity, so you kill her. Right?” Lu Jianyao was slightly angry. Even though she was really holding herself back, but Yang Ye could still feel it.

“I didn’t kill her. She went home!” This could be considered as Yang Ye’s explanation.

“Huff!” Lu Jianyao immediately heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this, and then she smiled. “I knew that while you’re usually very ruthless, you are absolutely not someone who likes to kill the innocent. You’re a good person. I really didn’t misjudge you!”

Yin Xuan’er glanced at Lu Jianyao, and then she shook her head. This girl is truly ignorant! Yang Ye is a good person?

Po Kong and Po Xing glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent. After they found out that Yang Ye had instantly annihilated Chen Teng with a single attack, both of them were very clearly aware that this human wasn’t someone they could offend.

“You believe me that much?” Yang Ye glanced at her and asked flatly.

“Of course. Even though you’re quite lecherous, you're unlikely to lie and deceive others!” said Lu Jianyao as if it was a matter of course.

Yang Ye’s face darkened!

“HAHA!!!” Yin Xuan’er couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

“Princess, we’ve arrived at the Desert of Exile!” Meanwhile, Jin Sha who was following behind Yin Xuan’er had spoken abruptly.

Yang Ye stopped moving and looked over before his brows knit together.

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