Chapter 541 – The Milky Way System?

Almighty Sword Domain

Saint Liu Yun had entered Yang Ye’s sea of consciousness, but a little girl who wore a white dress of a princess was looking coldly at him.

“You… who’re you? What are you doing within his sea of consciousness!?” There was no indifference left on Saint Liu Yun’s face, and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

“You aren’t a piece of trash since you were able to cultivate into the Saint Realm. Unfortunately, you’ve actually been reduced to such an immoral state after 10,000 years, and you actually intend to seize the body of another to continue living. It’s fine if you tried that on someone else, and it wouldn’t matter even if you tried to seize that woman’s body because I wouldn’t care at all. But you just had to come and seize this idiot’s body. You really just had to walk into hell!” The little girl raised her scepter slowly, and the gem on it gradually emanated a seven colored glow.

“You… you… you’re someone from that world. What are you doing here? How could you possibly be…?” Saint Liu Yun gazed at the little girl with astonishment, and his face was covered in terror.

“You know too much!” The little girl waved her scepter, and then a seven colored glow instantly enveloped Saint Liu Yun, and then Saint Liu Yun’s furious howls resounded from within it.

“NO! NO!! I refuse to accept this! I’ve waited bitterly for 15,000 years! 15,000 years! I won’t accept this! I want to be reborn into the world! I want to be reborn! I’ll kill you!” A strand of green light started expanding within the seven colored radiance, and it seemed like it intended to charge through the seven colored radiance.

The little girl grunted coldly and said, “If you were at your original realm of cultivation, then I would really be helpless against you with the state I’m in right now. However, you’re merely in the form of a soul right now, and you just had to enter into this idiot’s territory. So you can’t utilize the Soul Techniques you possess. Wouldn’t that idiot laugh at me if I were still unable to deal with you under such circumstances?”

The little girl twisted her scepter, and the seven colored light grew brighter, causing the green light which had just charged out to be enveloped once more. After that, Saint Liu Yun’s shrill cry resounded from within the seven colored lights. It wasn’t long before his voice vanished and the seven colored light dispersed, and then countless strands of green liquid exploded out within Yang Ye’s sea of consciousness.

“That idiot is getting all the benefits again!” The little girl grunted coldly, and her countenance was slightly pale.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Saint Liu Yun’s shrill cry. The reason he’d dared to let Saint Liu Yun enter his sea of consciousness was because the little girl resided within him. The little girl didn’t disappoint him and succeeded at killing Saint Liu Yun.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression changed because he noticed a strand of terrifying energy was charging at his sea of consciousness and body. Yang Ye hurriedly sat down cross-legged and guided the energy.

The little girl appeared before Yang Ye, and then she glanced at him and seemed to be slightly exasperated as she said, “You’re still so weak. When will you be able to let me go home!?”

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes and said, “Go home? You want to return to that world you came from?” He’d heard everything Saint Liu Yun had said just now. Only then had he found out that the little girl wasn’t from this world, and it made him wonder. If she isn’t from this world, then which world is she from? Is that world like Profounder Continent?

“I’ve been here for a very long time, so my imperial father and mother definitely miss me greatly!” The little girl’s face had a wisp of sorrow on it as she said, “My older sister as well. They’re definitely looking all around for me. However, this place is too remote, so they’re utterly unable to find this place. So, I can only rely on myself to return. No, I have to rely on you. You idiot, you big idiot! Why are you still so weak after cultivating for so long?”

Yang Ye’s face darkened. My speed of cultivation is slow? But Yang Ye restrained his impulses when he remembered that she was just a little girl.

Yang Ye decided not to offend this little girl with an explosive temper. He closed his eyes and worked hard to absorb the green colored energy.

After around an hour passed, Yang Ye opened his eyes and stood up, and then a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he said, “The third rank of the Exalt Realm. I never expected that green energy would be able to let me break through to the third rank in an instant. Haha! I really gained fortune from disaster!”

“It was because of me!” Meanwhile, the little girl floated over towards him and said, “Your body would have been taken if it wasn’t for me.”

“Yes! Yes!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Thank you. I’ll work hard to improve my strength and send you back home. Right, how strong do I need to be in order to send you home?”

“Gain full control of that ‘tiny vortex’ of yours.” The little girl said, “You just have to bring it fully under your control and allow me to recover my strength.”

“How do I gain full control of it?” Yang Ye hurriedly asked this question because he wanted to gain full control of it as well. Even though it was within his body, he wasn’t able to control it at all, and that was something which made him feel very depressed.

“You just have to attain a similar strength as that fellow who just died!” The little girl spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye was stunned. That fellow who just died? Yang Ye’s expression quickly became unsightly. She’s talking about Saint Liu Yun! The Saint Realm….

“What? Is it very difficult?” The little girl’s expression became slightly cold.

Yang Ye nodded in a frank manner.

“Idiot! The reason the people of this world aren’t able to attain the Saint Realm is because they lack Primordial Violet Energy. But you don’t! That tiny vortex within your body possesses the purest Primordial Violet Energy. So long as you work a little harder, then it wouldn’t be difficult at all for you to break through into the Saint Realm. Understand?” said the little girl.

“You’re saying that the violet energy is Primordial Violet Energy?” Yang Ye was astounded.

“What else?” The little girl said, “If it isn’t Primordial Violet Energy, then do you think you would be able to attain such a realm of cultivation in such a short period of time? If it wasn’t Primordial Violet Energy, then do you think your physical body would be so strong? If it wasn’t, then do you think those Darkbeasts and Natural Treasures would choose to follow you?”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

He remained silent for a short while before he calmed down from his excited state, and he said, “What if others find out that I possess Primordial Violet Energy?”

“The Monarch Realm experts of this world will kill you!” said the little girl in a flat tone.

Yang Ye gasped, and he was shocked for quite a while before he said, “Since I possess Primordial Violet Energy in my body, doesn’t that mean that I can allow a Monarch Realm expert to enter the Saint Realm if I want?”


Yang Ye was delighted. What did it mean if he was able to create Saint Realm experts? It meant that he would obtain extraordinary and invincible backing. At that time, the Exalted Han Empire and all sects would be nothing before him!

However, the little girl quickly destroyed his dreams and said, “There is very little pure Primordial Violet Energy within you right now, and it’s utterly insufficient to allow a Monarch Realm expert to attain the Saint Realm. If they find out that you possess Primordial Violet Energy, then the only outcome would be your capture and subsequent ‘rearing’ like an animal, so that you can provide them with Primordial Violet Energy. You have no room to resist at all with your current strength, right?”

Cold sweat dropped down from Yang Ye’s forehead. She’s right. I almost courted death. Even though he had quite a good relationship with Xiao Tianji and the Demon Emperor, Yang Ye didn’t believe that they would be able to endure the temptation of Primordial Violet Energy. After all, it was something that could allow them to become Saints. Not to mention that they were only using each other right now, even if they were relatives or even father and son, they would probably kill him!

What was their years of cultivation for? It was naturally to attain the Saint Realm, and everything else was worthless before becoming a Saint!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about creating Saints. He said, “Right, where’s your home? How far is it from here?”

“The Milky Way System. It’s around a trillion lightyears away from here.” A trace of sorrow covered the little girl's face, and she seemed very pitiable.

“The Milky Way System? Where is that? And how far is a trillion lightyears?”

“You’re too stupid! You don’t even know this.”

Yang Ye was speechless again.

A trace of a smile appeared on the little girl’s face as she gazed at Yang Ye’s dark face. But she quickly restrained her smile and said, “In any case, it’s impossible for you to get there even if you attain the Saint Realm. You just have to work hard on improving your strength, gain control of the tiny vortex, and help me recover my strength so that I can contact my imperial father. My imperial father will take me back home. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be rewarded for it. Have you heard of the Golden Pill of Nine Transformations? An idiot like you definitely doesn’t know about it. You just have to eat a single one of that medicinal pill to immediately attain the Saint Realm. I’ll compensate you with a bottle gourd full of them when the time comes.”

A single pill can allow me to instantly attain the Saint Realm? Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He was truly unable to maintain his calm. But can that really be believed?

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and carefully worded his reply. “Err, isn’t that a little too exaggerated? Of course, I have no intention to doubt you. Even you know that I’ve never heard of it here, so it’s truly too inconceivable, right?”

“Bumpkin!” The little girl glanced at Yang Ye with disdain and said, “I forgive your ignorance for being a bumpkin. Ignorant bumpkin, all of you have to do right now is work hard on becoming stronger because the Order of this world is about to collapse. If you aren’t strong when that happens, then you won’t be able to struggle free of this world’s restraints. If that happens, then you’ll die, understand?”

Yang Ye spoke with a solemn expression on his face. “Is the end of this world really coming?”

“Do you think I have any reason to deceive you?” The little girl said, “Not to mention this world, any world without a Saint would meet its end sooner or later. If you don’t want to die, then cultivate faster, and work hard on becoming strong. Alright, someone is coming. Don’t bother me if it isn’t important. You’re really so tiring. I’m going to rest!”

The little girl vanished as she spoke.

Right at this moment, the old man in Daoist robes flew in from outside, and he was delighted when he saw Yang Ye. He said, “Saint Liu Yun, now that you’ve succeeded, shouldn’t you remove the seal on me and return my freedom to me?”

Saint Liu Yun? Yang Ye was stunned, and then he realized that the old man had taken him to be Saint Liu Yun.

A smile arose onto the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he thought up to this point.

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