Chapter 548 – Heavenly Tribulation! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

High above in the sky, Luo Tian revealed a smile as he said, “Zhao Zhangfei did quite well. He actually conquered the eastern territory in such a short period of time. Haha! He can even kill a new Monarch Realm expert with the Faith Energy of two territories and the Mortal Emperor Sword. Demon Emperor, your investment is bound to fail!”

The Demon Emperor’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t speak at all. He just gazed at Yang Ye while a trace of worry appeared in his eyes. If Yang Ye wasn’t able to defeat Luo Jun, then Yang Ye might really die here. Because he was utterly unable to rescue Yang Ye with Luo Tian here. In other words, Yang Ye’s fate depended solely on himself!

Did Yang Ye still have other trump cards?

Could his trump card resist Luo Jun?

Everyone in the surroundings was curious about that.

Luo Jun waved the Mortal Emperor Sword casually, causing lightning and gales to rage around it. Even a wave of ripples had appeared in space. He pointed the Mortal Emperor Sword at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, haven’t you always wanted to fight me one on one? I’ll give you the opportunity to do so today. Draw your sword and have a proper one on one fight with me. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die too quickly!”

As he watched the white colored energy surge incessantly towards Luo Jun, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and a strand of sword qi shot violently towards the white energy. However, his sword qi hadn’t even come close to it when it was instantly blasted apart by an invisible force. After that, a strand of divine lightning descended down from above Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s face fell, the Violetcloud Lightning flashed up and transformed into countless bolts of lightning that smashed against the divine lightning!


An enormous explosion resounded from above, and then countless arcs of electricity descended like meteors towards the surroundings. The sight of this astounded countless profounders in the surroundings!

“HAHAHA!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun roared once more with laughter and said, “Yang Ye, my Karmic Luck is acknowledged by the heavens and protected by it. Are you dreaming of using the strength of an ant like you to go against the heavens?”

“You really talk too much!” Yang Ye had just finished speaking when he suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. At the same time, he stabbed Lag towards Luo Jun’s throat. However, a strand of white energy suddenly shot out from within Luo Jun when Lag was just a few centimeters away from Luo Jun’s throat, and then Yang Ye was blasted over 100m away!

“Do you have any other moves? Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance! Go ahead and use them all!” A wide smile that was filled with ridicule appeared on Luo Jun’s face. The reason he hadn’t attacked was because he wanted to humiliate Yang Ye before the entire world. He wanted Yang Ye to be utterly humiliated, and he wanted the Sword Emperor to become the laughingstock of the world before he killed Yang Ye before the entire world. Only then would he be able to vent the hatred in his heart!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at the whit energy around Luo Jun and in the sky above. He knew that he had to break the Karmic Luck apart if he wanted to kill Luo Jun. There were two methods to accomplish that. The first was the destroy the territories which Luo Jun had conquered. Because once they were gone, he would lose the Faith Energy from them, and the Karmic Luck would naturally be gone as well.

The second method was to use strength to destroy it by force!

Destroying it by force represented going against the heavens itself!

“I seem to have no other choice!” Yang Ye chuckled as he flipped his right hand, and the ancient sheath appeared before him before he slowly sheathed Void Flash within it.

After he finished sheathing Void Flash, Yang Ye didn’t spare a single glance at Luo Jun, and he gazed at the heavens instead as he said, “Let’s determine the victor with a single move.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye drew Void Flash slowly. Just a small part of Void Flash had appeared when the sky dimmed down, and the lightning in the air above Yang Ye became violent. It danced about incessantly in midair as if it was afraid of something.


At the same time, the ground around Yang Ye cracked apart, and it wasn’t long before the cracks had extended for a distance of around 10km, and it was still continuing!

The expressions of all the spectators changed drastically, and they hurriedly flew up into the air while they gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

What sword technique is this?

The smile on Luo Tian’s face gradually vanished, and it was replaced by a solemn expression. Conversely, the Demon Emperor’s expression eased up, and a smile appeared on his face.

“What an interesting kid!” An Nanjing’s ancestor seemed to be lost in thought as he gazed at Yang Ye. He’d thought that his granddaughter was definitely an invincible existence amongst the current younger generation. However, he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye wasn’t inferior to her at all. Of course, the biggest headache he had was that the relationship between his granddaughter and that fellow seemed to be too close!

Luo Jun’s expression became fierce. His intuition told him that the sword technique Yang Ye was executing could pose a threat to him, and he should attack and stop Yang Ye immediately! However, he’d told Yang Ye to go ahead and use all his techniques in public, so wouldn’t he be ridiculed by the world if he were to go back on his word right now?

Ridicule? Would anyone dare to ridicule me if I win? Luo Jun grunted coldly, and then he flipped his palm. In an instant, the white energy in the sky surged madly towards the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand. The enhancement provided by the white energy caused the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand to tremble, and then he suddenly moved his wrist and pointed it up towards the sky!

In an instant, a few thousand bolts of divine lightning transformed into a pillar of lightning which descended down towards the Mortal Emperor Sword.

The spectators in the surroundings watched in shock as a pillar of lightning was formed between the divine lightning in the sky and the Mortal Emperor Sword in Luo Jun’s hand.

Moreover, the terrifying divine might contained within it caused the bodies of countless people in the surroundings to tremble uncontrollably.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly exerted strength with his right hand, and then half of Void Flash’s blade had left the ancient sheath. Yang Ye’s entire right arm instantly split apart, and blood flowed incessantly from within it. At the same time, the ground in an area of 3km around Yang Ye rumbled as it sank down.

Countless spectators were astounded by this scene!

Is this really something an Exalt Realm profounder caused? Are they really just Exalt Realm experts and not Monarch Realm experts?Bang!

Right at this moment, a strand of nine colored divine lightning appeared in the sky. The nine colored divine lightning transformed into an enormous lightning dragon circled around the area above the pillar of lightning!

Heavenly Tribulation!

The expressions of the Demon Emperor and the others who were high above in the sky had changed!

What was Heavenly Tribulation? As its name implied, it was a form of tribulation and punishment of the heavens. There were only two circumstances that would cause it to appear. The first was when Exalt Realm experts broke through into the Monarch Realm because breaking through to the Monarch Realm consumed an enormous amount of the energy in the world. So, the heavens would stop such a thing from happening. Only those who overcome it successfully could become Monarchs and enjoy a lifespan of 3,000 years!

The other circumstance was when the actions of someone defied the heavens. It had infuriated the heavens, so the heavens sent its punishment to strike that person!

Yang Ye clearly belonged to the second circumstance!

Could it be that the world refuses to tolerate Yang Ye’s existence anymore? The Demon Emperor slowly clenched his fists.

The worry on Luo Jun’s face instantly vanished. This time, he wasn’t worried at all. After all, how could Yang Ye possibly turn the situation around when even the heavens refused to tolerate his existence?

The Grand Elder of the devil race shook his head. He actually favored Yang Ye because he’d constantly felt that he was unable to truly see through Yang Ye. But at this moment, when the Heavenly Tribulation appeared, he knew that it wasn’t Luo Jun who intended to kill Yang Ye now, and it was the heavens itself. Not to mention Yang Ye, even they had to fear and revere the heavens while they resided within this world!

The Dragon Emperor glanced at the Demon Emperor and remained silent. The entire demon territory was clearly aware that the Demon Emperor was helping a human, and some of the clans within the demon territory had felt displeased by his actions. However, they didn’t dare to step forward and object to it out of consideration for the Demon Emperor’s power and influence. But now, Yang Ye was someone that even the heavens wanted to eliminate. So, if the Demon Emperor still intended to protect Yang Ye, then not to mention that he wouldn’t agree to it, all the other clans in the demon territory would refuse to agree as well!

After all, wouldn’t helping Yang Ye be equivalent to defying the heavens with Yang Ye? What a joke! In any case, the Divine Gold Dragon Clan would definitely not defy the heavens with Yang Ye!

“How could this be?” Yin Xuan’er’s eyes were filled with disbelief as she gazed at the nine colored lightning dragon that emanated terrifying heavenly might. She was utterly unable to figure out why Yang Ye who possessed that divine treasure would be someone the heavens wanted to eliminate! Could it be that the heavens intend to eliminate him precisely because he possesses that divine treasure?

All the spectators in the surroundings shot gazes filled with pity towards Yang Ye when they found out that the nine colored lightning dragon in the sky was the Heavenly Tribulation of legend. Needless to say, Yang Ye was truly a monstrous genius. But as they say, the heavens envy the outstanding. So, they felt that perhaps Yang Ye was too monstrous, so even the heavens refused to tolerate him!

“Haha!” Luo Jun was first stunned when he saw the nine colored lightning dragon, and then he roared madly with laughter. He laughed for a while before he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye! Oh! Yang Ye! Go on acting arrogantly! Haha! Even the heavens can’t stand the sight of it and intends to destroy you! Now, let me see who can save you! Who exactly can save you! Hahaha!”

The heavens want to destroy me?

A wisp of a dazed expression appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the nine colored lightning dragon. Until this point in his path of cultivation, he’d never aroused any disrespect towards the heavens, nor had he thought of defying the heavens. In his opinion, the heavens were fine and well, and it hadn’t offended him at all. So, why would he act like he had nothing better to do and scream about defying the heavens?

On the contrary, Yang Ye even had a trace of reverence towards the heavens and the earth. After all, it had nurtured him!

But now, the heavens intended to destroy him!

The heavens intended to annihilate him!

A strand of vicious energy surged into Yang Ye’s eyes, and then 9th level Slaughter Intent surged out madly from within him. Yang Ye revealed a savage smile on his face as he gazed at the nine colored lightning dragon, and he said, “You want to kill me? HAHA! Good! Very good! I refuse to offend the heavens if the heavens haven’t offended me. But since you want to kill me, then I, Yang Ye, will defy the heavens throughout this lifetime of mine!”


As if it was answering Yang Ye, the nine colored lightning dragon opened its mouth and spewed out countless bolts of lightning. The bolts of lightning seemed to form a net as they descended from the sky. The net carried the might of the heavens and seemed as if it intended to obliterate the world, causing the countless profounders on the ground below to flee madly in all directions.

“Bring it on!” Yang Ye smile fiercely as he watched the lightning net descend, and he forcefully endured the intense pain coming from his arm as he used all the strength in his body to draw his sword.


A sword howl could be heard throughout the entire central territory!

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