Chapter 553 – Is Someone There!?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye walked through the door. The area behind it was a boundless expanse of white, and he wasn’t able to see anything clearly.

After that, Yang Ye seemed to have noticed something, and he pinched his face before he revealed an expression of astonishment. Because he noticed that his figure hadn’t been condensed out of his consciousness at all; it was his true body that had entered this place!

What’s going on? How could I have possibly entered the tiny vortex within me?

Yang Ye’s mind was filled with questions!

Suddenly, a little black pagoda that was around the size of an adult’s arm appeared within his field of vision. The little pagoda gradually grew larger before Yang Ye, and it didn’t take more than a few breaths of time for a pagoda that was around 600m wide and almost 3km tall to appear before him.

An extremely terrifying primordial aura assaulted Yang Ye’s face!

Yang Ye was practically unable to resist this aura at all, and his knees started bending. However, his 9th level Sword Intent surged out from within him when his knees were about to touch the ground. Moreover, even his Sword Domain had been activated, and only by utilizing both of them was Yang Ye able to prevent himself from kneeling.

Yang Ye felt like an invisible mountain was pressing down upon him, and the pressure it exerted upon him caused the bones throughout his body to crack. It was even to the extent that breathing had become difficult for him. He wanted to stand up, but his efforts were all in vain!

The pressure upon him was growing stronger and stronger, and his knees were only less than 20 centimeters away from the ground.

“AHH!!!” Yang Ye roared furiously and used all his strength to resist the pressure. Throughout his lifetime, he’d never knelt before the heavens nor had he knelt before the earth, so how could he possibly kneel now? He refused even if it meant death!

What did kneeling represent? It represented an admission of defeat, it meant submission, it meant giving up….

What was his Sword Dao? It was one that advanced courageously, would rather break than bend, and would never give up.

So, he refused to kneel no matter what!

The pressure didn’t increase anymore, yet it didn’t decrease as well, and it just maintained itself at its current level. Yang Ye tried to stand up on numerous occasions, but his body felt like it weighed 5,000kg, so not to mention standing up, even moving a little was difficult for him.

Yang Ye crazily poured out his Sword Intent with the intent to resist the pressure, but its effects were minimal, and it was only able to prevent his knees from moving closer towards the ground!

Yang Ye bit the tip of his tongue for the sake of keeping his mind clear, and the intense pain allowed his mind to maintain a clear state.


A light crack resounded from within Yang Ye, and then countless clear and melodious cracks resounded like firecrackers from within him. A wisp of shock appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes because the bones throughout his body were breaking inch by inch!

What exactly is that pagoda trying to do?

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye slumped to the ground because the bones throughout his body had been broken into bits. It wasn’t just his bones, even the meridians within his entire body had started to crack apart.

“I’m finished!” That was what Yang Ye thought right now. He didn’t know what the pagoda was trying to do, but he was very clearly aware that he’d become a true cripple that even Life Water couldn’t save! Most importantly, he was wide awake right now yet the bones and meridians throughout his body were breaking inch by inch and being transformed into powder. Such violent pain made Yang Ye feel like letting out shrill cries!

However, he didn’t even have the strength to open his mouth right now!

This wasn’t the end of it all.

Yang Ye noticed to his astonishment that his skin was actually starting to fall off like he was a snake shedding its skin!

He experienced pain, pain that struck deep into his marrow!

Such intense pain was 10 times more terrifying than the pain he experienced when he tempered his body with the Nether Ghostflame!

Yang Ye ‘greeted’ all the ancestors of that damnable pagoda. After all, killing him only took a instant, and there was no need to torture him like this.

In next to no time, Yang Ye was covered in blood, but he still hadn’t died.

Meanwhile, the door on the 1st level of the pagoda opened up slowly, and then a strand of violet energy drifted out from within it. The violet energy arrived before Yang Ye, and then it enveloped him. After that, Yang Ye felt like his entire body was undergoing a transformation. He couldn’t notice anything in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before he did!

His body was actually growing new bones!

Is the pagoda rebuilding my bones?

An overjoyed expression appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes!

Time flowed by slowly while the bones within Yang Ye’s body grew bit by bit. However, the newly grown bones weren’t white color, and they were violet instead. Dark violet. Moreover, it wasn’t just his bones, even his newly grown meridians were the same dark violet color, and those dark violet meridians were much larger than Yang Ye’s original meridians!

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye’s skin had gradually grown as well. Fortunately, his skin was normal, and it wasn’t dark violet as well!

Yang Ye stood up, stretched his body, and the bones throughout his body crackled. Yang Ye gazed at his body as he stretched out his hand to touch his chest, yet he didn’t feel anything unusual. He pondered deeply for a short moment before he smashed his fist forward.


The air around his fist was instantly blasted into powder while space warped, and there were even numerous cracks stretching through it!

“How strong!” Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with the glow of excitement as he gazed at his fist. After all, just a casual punch of his had cracked space apart. What did that represent? It represented that the strength of his fists were equivalent to some Dao Artifacts!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion, and then Lag appeared in his grasp before he stabbed it forward without the slightest hesitation!


A clear and melodious clang resounded!

Yang Ye gazed at his arm, and he noticed that he hadn’t suffered the slightest injury. Moreover, there wasn’t even a mark there!

My physical body is strong to such an extent? Yang Ye felt slight disbelief. His current physical body was probably on par or even stronger than his past physical body when it was combined with the defensive ability of the Mortal Emperor Armor. In other words, his physical body was actually on par with some Monarch Realm experts!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the pagoda, and he noticed 3 large characters written above the door of the 1st level ‘鸿蒙塔’, the Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he walked through the door. He’d just arrived before the door when he suddenly stopped moving because the Mortal Emperor Armor and Mortal Emperor Seal in his possession had suddenly flown out from within him. Both of those Natural Dao Artifacts were trembling violently, and it seemed like they didn’t dare go through the door.

Meanwhile, a little golden dragon had flown out from the Mortal Emperor Armor. It flashed over to Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then it grabbed Yang Ye’s shoulder tightly with its claws while looking at the door with terror. Moreover, it was shaking its head incessantly as if it was telling Yang Ye not to go in.

Yang Ye frowned. The little golden dragon instinctively rejected things that were a threat to it. In other words, there was something behind the door which was harmful to the little golden dragon, or perhaps there was something which could severely threaten its existence?

“Haha! What’s wrong? You’re already at the door yet still refuse to come in?” Right at this moment, a chuckle resounded from within.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Someone is actually inside there?

Someone is there?Someone is actually in there?

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