Chapter 562 – Do You Dare To Fight Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

“A visit?” A mocking smile appeared on the corners of Ding Shaoyao’s mouth when she heard these words. Even though the Mo Clan was just a Hidden Clan of the central territory, not to mention the Sword Sect, even the Origin School couldn’t compare to it. Yet now, the Patriarch of the Mo Clan had actually come to pay a visit to the Sword Sect’s Master. Ding Shaoyao knew that it was definitely because the Mo Clan knew that Yang Ye had a master at the Half-Saint Realm.

Who was the Sword Sect’s Master? It was Su Qingshi. Who was Su Qingshi? She was Yang Ye’s wife. A master was like a parent. In other words, Su Qingshi was equivalent to the daughter-in-law of a Half-Saint. The Mo Clan could give no face to Yang Ye, and it could give no face to Su Qingshi as well. However, it absolutely didn’t dare to give no face to a Half-Saint!

Su Qingshi’s eyes were filled with a bewildered expression. The Mo Clan?

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi spoke a few words by her ear, and then Su Qingshi instantly came to an understanding, so she looked at Yang Ye.

“Let’s go. Since they’ve come politely, then we can’t be rude!” said Yang Ye.

All of them left Sky Hall, and they saw a middle aged man and a woman. Yang Ye knew the woman. It was Mo Qingyue.

The middle aged man sized up Yang Ye carefully before he said, “You really do look like your mother.”

“She’s dead!” said Yang Ye.

The middle aged man sighed softly and said, “I know you have some resentment towards the Mo Clan, and I won’t argue about it with you. I’ve brought 350 Exalt Realm experts with me today, and 100 of them are at the fifth rank or above. I don’t have any other intentions and just want to tell you that the blood of the Mo Clan runs through you no matter what. You’re a member of the Mo Clan!”

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “It was a member of the Mo Clan that caused the death of my grandmother and forced my mother to flee for her life, right?”

The middle aged man said, “The culprit was the daughter of the last Patriarch of the Mo Clan, and the Mo Clan has crippled her Dantian and sentenced her to eternal imprisonment in the Mo Clan’s jail.”

Yang Ye said, “Just a single person?”

The middle aged man’s expression changed slightly, and then he laughed bitterly. This nephew of mine is really as ruthless as the rumors said! If only father paid more attention to that younger sister of his that was born of a maidservant, then he wouldn’t have been forced by his grandson to personally cripple and imprison his own wife, and he wouldn’t have been removed from the position of Patriarch by our clan’s Ancestor!

It was a Half-Saint!

Even if the Mo Clan were to side with Luo Jun, wouldn’t it be extremely easy for a Half-Saint to destroy the Mo Clan? If the Mo Clan wanted to avoid destruction, then the only way was to obtain Yang Ye’s forgiveness. Because not only would the danger it faced be resolved upon obtaining Yang Ye’s forgiveness, it would even obtain the support of an extraordinary genius and a Half-Saint to become the number one Hidden Clan in the central territory!

But now it would seem like it wasn’t that easy to obtain Yang Ye’s forgiveness!

Fortunately, it wasn’t my mother who caused the death of my younger sister’s mother and forced my younger sister to flee the clan. Otherwise, not to mention becoming the Mo Clan’s Patriarch, even surviving would be a problem for me!

The middle aged man pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “That’s the best my Mo Clan can do right now. Because she’s your grandfather’s daughter, no matter what. Moreover, she’s the daughter of the Situ Clan’s Patriarch. If I were to kill her, then it would definitely cause war to erupt between our clans. So, if you do want to kill her, then you have to attain the Monarch Realm or ask your master to do it.”

“I’ll make a trip to the Mo Clan!” Yang Ye said, “I’m not an unreasonable person, and I won’t act against the entire Mo Clan. But I’m not someone who’s easy to deceive as well. Regardless of what her identity is, I’ll definitely kill that person myself!

The middle aged man heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It’s fine so long as he doesn’t act against the entire clan. Because our Mo Clan really can’t endure the rage of a Half-Saint Realm expert! Even if that Half-Saint doesn’t act against our Mo Clan, once Yang Ye attains the Monarch Realm in the future, then he wouldn’t need anyone’s help. Because the natural talent he possesses would probably allow him to crush the Mo Clan on his own!

The middle aged man smiled. “The Ancestor of our clan said that you’re a member of the Mo Clan, so the Mo Clan will stand on your side no matter what. Even if it’s against the Exalted Han Empire.”

Yang Ye wasn’t a pedantic fellow, so he naturally didn’t refuse. Of course, if it was the entire Mo Clan which had caused the death of his grandmother and forced his mother to leave, then he wouldn’t hesitate to kill this man and woman who stood before him!

Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in the space before Ding Shaoyao, and a short while passed before her beautiful brows knit together.

“What’s wrong?” asked Yang Ye.

“Zhao Zhangfei has arrived at the southern territory. The first thing he did was immediately stop all the disciples of the four sects from coming to the Sword Sect, and then he gathered all of them together. After that, he sent the assassins of the League of Doom to ceaselessly assassinate the high ranking officials of the Grand Qin Empire. At this moment, many areas of the Grand Qin Empire have started to fall into disorder. What a plan! He’s actually thinking of throwing our alliance into disorder as soon as he arrived,” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye said, “Since Monarch Realm experts can’t join the fight, it’ll become disadvantageous to us if such a situation were to continue.”

Ding Shaoyao nodded and said, “He’s forcing us to fight an all out and decisive battle. Unfortunately, he never imagined that it’s exactly what we want as well.”

If it was just a while ago, then their side had no chance of victory against Zhao Zhangfei’s forces. But now that they had the Mo Clan’s support, even though the amount of Exalt Realm experts they possessed was still inferior, they had Yang Ye and the Divine Gold Dragon!

Regardless of whether it was Yang Ye or the divine gold dragon, both of them were invincible in the same realm of cultivation!

“Are we really going to fight a decisive battle right away?” asked Shu Xin.

“This is only the beginning!” Ding Shaoyao said, “If I’m not wrong, then Zhao Zhangfei’s objective is to annihilate us if possible, and if it isn’t possible, then he’ll seek to exhaust our strength. Luo Jun has become the Emperor of the central territory, but that will definitely cause unrest in the Exalted Han Empire. For example, all of those other princes would definitely be unwilling to accept it. So, Luo Jun must deal with the internal matters of the Exalted Han Empire before he can march on the southern territory. He will definitely not allow us to have an easy time during that period, and that’s why he sent Zhao Zhangfei here!”

“We don’t just have to win; we must attain an overwhelming victory!” said Yang Ye.

Ding Shaoyao nodded and said, “You’re right, we must attain an overwhelming victory. Only then will we be able make those in the southern territory who haven’t chosen a side to feel inclined to join us. So long as we have a chance to win, then I believe that they will definitely not be willing to be dogs for Luo Jun. After all, no one is willing to hand their territory over to another!”

“How will we attain that overwhelming victory?” It was Lu Jianyao who asked this question.

Ding Shaoyao grinned, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The 1st step is to boost the morale of our forces.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand!”

At this moment, all the experts of the Ghost Sect, Flower Palace, and Brightmoon Sect had been summoned to the Origin School by Zhao Zhangfei. Zhao Zhangfei was very clearly aware that if the experts of these sects were to swarm the Sword Sect like bandits, then all of them might be annihilated by Yang Ye regardless of how numerous they were.

If they weren’t united, then no one could resist Yang Ye and that divine gold dragon!

“General Zhao, we have almost 5,000 Exalt Realm experts right now. Isn’t it extremely easy for so many experts to annihilate the Sword Sect? Why are you still unwilling to launch the attack until now?” An expert from the Origin School gazed at Zhao Zhangfei who sat at the seat of the host within a grand hall in the Origin School.

Zhao Zhangfei glanced coldly at that elder and said, “I know that all of you aren’t soldiers and don’t have the understanding of a soldier, but allow me to warn all of you that I have my own plans for everything. All of you only have to obey my orders and cooperate with me, not question me. I’ll let it go because it was your first offence, but I’ll definitely kill you without mercy if it happens again!”

The face of that elder from the Origin School and all the other elders of the Origin School flushed red when they heard this, but they didn’t dare flare-up at all. At the same time, they felt very uncomfortable in their hearts .After all, they were elders of the number one sect in the southern territory. It had always been others who acted according to their will. When had they ever had to act according to the will of another?

“Have you figured out the forces Yang Ye possesses?” Zhao Zhangfei glanced at a refined man at the side.

The refined man took a step forward and nodded. “General, everything has been investigated clearly. If the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire aren’t included, then Yang Ye has less than 800 Exalt Realm experts on his side. If the 2 empires are included, then there should be over 2,000. If those two empires use all their trump cards, then it should be around 3,000 instead. However, their strengths are much inferior when compared to ours, and they’ll definitely lose in a head-on battle!”

“You missed something! You missed Yang Ye and that divine gold dragon!” Zhao Zhangfei spoke coldly. “Regardless of whether it is Yang Ye or that divine gold dragon, it’s utterly impossible to go against them without at least 50 Exalt Realm experts at the fifth rank or above. Especially Yang Ye who possesses numerous Dao Artifacts. I think that even the joint forces of 100 Exalt Realm experts would be helpless against him!”

The refined man said, “Even then, we still have an absolute advantage!”

Zhao Zhangfei said, “What would we do if our armies collide and both Yang Ye and that divine gold dragon charge into our army? Would we be able to harm them with the physical defenses they both possess? So, we have to think of a way to deal with Yang Ye, otherwise, that divine gold dragon and him will definitely be able to strike a disastrous blow against us during the battle!”

The refined man said, “Besides the Mortal Emperor and An Nanjing, there’s probably no Exalt Realm expert in the entire world that can go against him!”

Zhao Zhangfei’s face fell. If the army of the Exalted Han Empire could get here, then even if he couldn’t defeat Yang Ye with the forces of an entire army, he could still keep Yang Ye busy. It was even to the extent that if he had another 1,000 Exalt Realm experts, then it might even be possible for him to kill Yang Ye. Unfortunately, besides Exalt Realm experts, other troops couldn’t arrive at the southern territory in time at all. Because only Exalt Realm experts could tear through space!

The refined man suddenly said, “Should we use the Grand Formation of Blood Sacrifice?”

Zhao Zhangfei’s pupils constricted, and the expressions of the others who’d come here with Zhao Zhangfei from the central territory had changed drastically as well.

Zhao Zhangfei remained silent for a long time before he said, “Allow me to give it some thought!”

“Exalted Han Empire! Do any of you dare to fight me?” Right at this moment, a voice resounded from outside the hall.

“It’s Yang Ye! What… what’s he doing here?” One of the elders from the Origin School spoke with shock.

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