Chapter 576 – The Sword Ruler and The Other Half!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Hahaha! No one will be able to threaten this ancestor from now onward! Hahaha!” At the Ghost Sect of the southern territory, the Corpse Ancestor was madly absorbing the blood and baleful energy throughout the Ghost Sect. The corpses of a few tens of thousands of disciples of the Ghost Sect were lying on the ground all around him, and their blood was still warm. Obviously, they’d just died not too long ago.

When Yang Ye had attacked the Flower Palace and its founding ancestor had shown herself that day, he’d left without making a sound. In the end, he was absolutely overjoyed when he heard that Yang Ye had been killed by the Flower Palace’s founding ancestor. Because once Yang Ye was dead, then no one could control him anymore, and he just had to absorb the blood and baleful energy from 100 million people in order to recover 80% of the strength he once possessed!

Once he recovered 80% of his past strength, then he could definitely sweep through the entire continent when it was a world without any Saint Realm experts. At that time, he could devour the baleful energy and blood from all the humans, devils, and demons of the entire continent!

Just thinking about such a scene caused the Corpse Ancestor to be unable to help but roar complacently with laughter!

“AH!!!” Suddenly, a shrill cry resounded from the Corpse Ancestor’s mouth. He turned around to look towards the north, and his voice contained monstrous rage and bewilderment. “How could this be possible? You… how could you possibly be alive?”

“AH!!!” As soon as he finished speaking, another shrill cry had resounded from him.

“You bastard! I’ll kill… AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Big Brother! Big Brother! Stop doing that with the Soul Control Tablet. I’m coming! I’m coming!!!” Corpse Ancestor transformed into a red ray of light that flashed explosively towards the north!

The Sword Sect.

Yang Ye arrived at the Sword Sect without making a song. The worry in Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi’s hearts had finally eased up when they saw that he was fine. They could be said to have suffered tremendous torture throughout this period of time, and it was especially so for Su Qingshi because she was about to give birth soon!

Yang Ye listened silently as Su Qingshi told him about everything that had occurred throughout these two days. Yang Ye’s face was very calm when he heard the Mo Clan had left because it was entirely within his expectations. There were no feelings between him and the Mo Clan at all, and the reason they’d come to help him was none other than because of his potential and the presence of his master who was at the Half-Saint Realm. All they wanted was to benefit from being associated with him!

So, it was very understandable that they’d left when they found out that he would definitely die. However, he hadn’t expected that the Treant Clan had left as well, and it was Ding Shaoyao, a woman who pursued nothing but gains, had actually stayed behind and even moved the entire Ding Clan to the southern territory!

“At this moment, many clans, small sects, and various other powers of the southern territory are prepared to side with Luo Jun. So long as Luo Jun steps foot onto the southern territory’s soil, then there would probably be countless powers that would go to greet him. The current situation in the southern territory is very bad for all of us.” Su Qingshi frowned.

Yang Ye pulled Su Qingshi into his arms, and then he placed his hand on her bulging tummy. Su Qingshi blushed but didn’t resist. On the other hand, a wisp of envy flashed through the depths of Xiao Yuxi’s eyes as she gazed at Su Qingshi’s bulging tummy.

Yang Ye rubbed her tummy lightly and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t bother about all of this. Just leave it all to me. You concentrate on taking care of our baby that you’re carrying. Understand?”

Su Qingshi nodded. Actually, she didn’t want to pay any attention to the matters of the Sword Sect once she’d become pregnant. However, no one would be able to do it besides her, so she had no choice. But it was different not because Yang Ye was here, and all of that would naturally become his responsibility!

Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Yuxi and grinned before he gestured to her. Xiao Yuxi hesitated for a moment before she walked over to Yang Ye’s side. Yang Ye took her hand and smiled, “Do you want a child as well?”

Xiao Yuxi blushed, and she hesitated for a moment before she nodded in an almost imperceptible manner.

“Then we have to work hard….” Yang Ye roared with laughter and hugged them tightly.

After two days of baby making efforts, Yang Ye left for Death Abyss with Corpse Ancestor.

“Kid, I’ll wait for you up here!” Corpse Ancestor spoke abruptly on the ground above Death Abyss.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he nodded. He knew that this fellow was afraid of Elder Mu. Even though Corpse Ancestor’s body was comparable to the body of a Half-Saint, Elder Mu was a true Half-Saint, so it was normal for this fellow to be afraid.

As if he knew what Yang Ye was thinking, Corpse Ancestor grunted coldly and said, “Kid, I admit that he’s stronger than me now. But if it were all those years ago, I could kill a bunch of experts like him with a wave of my hand!”

Yang Ye pursed his lips and paid no further attention to Corpse Ancestor. He just leaped down into Death Abyss.

Before the cottage.

“I never expected that some Saint Realm experts of legend aren’t dead, and they went to another world instead. So, there’s another world beyond our own. I really want to go have a look….” Elder Mu sat cross-legged on the ground as he muttered softly.

At this moment, Elder Mu seemed even older than he was in the past. His hair had turned completely snow white, and his back seemed to be even more hunched.

Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel really sad when he saw Elder Mu in such a state. Because while the old man was one of the supreme experts of this world, the old man lived a lonely life.

“You know….” Elder Mu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’d thought that even if my strength were inferior to a Saint Realm expert, it should be sufficient for me to exchange a few blows with one. But I never imagined that just the soul of a Saint Realm expert would be capable of rendering me completely helpless. Haha, just a soul. Even though she had her main body to rely on, it still only possessed less than 1% of her full strength! All below the Saint Realm really are ants….”

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He hadn’t imagined that Mu Hanshan’s strength was actually that terrifying!

Wait! Yang Ye suddenly thought of something. Saint Liu Yun was just a soul as well, but why was the gap between him and Mu Hanshan so huge?

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye figured it out. Mu Hanshan was a complete Saint Realm expert who still had her main body, so her soul was still the soul of a Saint Realm expert.

On the other hand, Saint Liu Yun’s body had been destroyed, and his cultivation had declined. Strictly speaking, his soul couldn’t be considered as a soul of a Saint Realm expert. Coupled with the fact that his soul had suffered a heavy injury, Saint Liu Yun couldn’t compare to Mu Hanshan at all!

Meanwhile, Elder Mu suddenly asked, “Was that little girl the Equipment Spirit of that divine treasure?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “She isn’t. She’s a person from another world, and she only arrived at our world due to certain reasons.”

Elder Mu fell silent.

Yang Ye said, “Elder Mu, I came to see you because I want to borrow some swords from you….”

After all, all the Dao Artifacts he possessed had been destroyed after he executed the Heavenrend, and it really made Yang Ye’s heart ache. Now, he had no more Dao Artifacts left. In other words, he wouldn’t be able to execute Heavenrend anymore. So, he had no choice but to ask Elder Mu for more swords.

Elder Mu laughed bitterly when he heard this and said, “Kid, do you think Dao Artifacts are rocks that you can just grab from the side of the road? Not to mention me, even the Exalted Han Empire can’t sustain your usage of Dao Artifacts.”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and spoke in a slightly helpless tone. “I can’t help it!” His heart was still bleeding from his loss of Void Flash and Lag. After all, those two swords were outstanding weapons, but… but they were gone just like that….

Elder Mu gestured with his right hand, and then a ray of white light shot out from within the cottage before transforming into a pitch black ancient sword. The ancient sword’s make wasn’t really great as it was covered in holes. As for its edge… there wasn’t one. It actually seemed more like a ruler.

“What’s this?” Yang Ye was astounded.

“This sword is called the Sword Ruler. According to legend, it was forged by condensing a star that had fallen from the sky. I don’t know if the legend is true, but this sword really is extremely heavy. Ordinary Exalt Realm experts aren’t able to pick it up at all, and that was why I didn’t give it to you in the past. While your current physical body is still inferior to some Monarch Realm experts, it isn’t much inferior, so you can give it a try!” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he stretched out his hand to take the Sword Ruler. His hand suddenly moved over 30cm down as soon as he took the Sword Ruler in his hand, and the ground where Yang Ye stood had actually collapsed instantaneously!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he hurriedly exerted his strength to hold it firmly. A wisp of surprise flashed through his eyes as he gazed at the sword in his hand, and he said, “Elder Mu, this sword is truly heavy. If I combine it with my physical strength, I think I should be able to rely on my physical strength alone to smash an Exalt Realm expert to death with a single swing of it. But this sword is really ugly…. Moreover, it’s much more inferior when compared to Void Flash and Lag….”

“You don’t want it?” Elder Mu nodded and said, “Then give it back to me. I only have that one last Dao Artifact, and it just happens to work well for chopping wood!”

Chopping wood? The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. He hurriedly put the ancient sword away and said, “Thank you for the sword, Elder Mu. But… err… do you have more? After all, my sword techniques really consume swords, and just one isn’t enough….”

Elder Mu was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry, and he said, “Kid, do you really think Dao Artifacts are common like cabbage? All of these that I’ve given you are Dao Artifacts that I collected over the course of 10,000 plus years! To tell you the truth, this sword is my last Dao Artifact. So, don’t utilize that Heavenrend Drawing Technique of yours in the future. It’s absolutely wasteful!”

Wasteful? Yang Ye laughed bitterly. Actually, he felt the same way. Because it destroyed a Dao Artifact every single time that he utilized it. How many Dao Artifacts had he destroyed until now? However, he really couldn’t help it because other ordinary swords weren’t just unable to be utilized to execute Heavenrend, they couldn’t even be sheathed within the ancient sheath!

So, he could only blame the ancient sheath for being too picky!

“Alright, go on. Quickly kill that fellow, Luo Jun, and then work hard on your cultivation and strive to attain the Monarch Realm as soon as possible.” Elder Mu turned around and entered the cottage after he finished speaking.

Right at this moment, a ray of light flashed, and then the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheath appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned. What’s she doing out here?

The Sword Spirit remained silent for a moment before she said, “Let’s go look for my other half!”

“Your other half?” Yang Ye hadn’t been able to react to the meaning behind her words.

She said, “The sword of the ancient sheath!”

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