Chapter 614 – Choice!

Almighty Sword Domain

All of them hadn’t noticed that Yao Ye’s body was densely covered in injuries created by a sword, and there was even terror in his eyes.

“Hahaha!” Countless experts on the Exalted Han Empire’s side started roaring with laughter. As far as they were concerned, since Yao Ye had emerged from beneath the ground, then Yang Ye had naturally lost or died. Once Yang Ye died, then victory would naturally belong to the central territory. So, they were excited and delighted!

On the other hand, the members of the southern territory had turned ghastly pale while terror filled their eyes.

“I surrender….” Suddenly, some of the profounders on the southern territory’s side charged out and ran madly towards the central territory’s forces.

Ding Shaoyao’s expression changed. Meanwhile, Luo Jun’s voice resounded in the sky above Ancient Domain City. “The heavens are benevolent. So long as you’re able to kill a profounder of the southern territory to atone for your crimes, then my Exalted Han Empire will pardon all those who surrender. If you resist stubbornly until the end, then the moment the city falls is the moment your sects and clans are annihilated!”

“My Li Clan is willing to surrender….” Over 10 profounders suddenly flew off upon hearing Luo Jun, and then flew towards the forces of the central territory.

“My Wang Clan is willing to offer its allegiance to the Mortal Emperor….” Another group of over 10 profounders flew off towards Luo Jun’s forces.

“My Tai Clan….”

It wasn’t long before over 20 clans had betrayed the southern territory and took Luo Jun’s side.

“HAHAHA!” Luo Jun roared madly with laughter, and it was filled with satisfaction and delight.

Ding Shaoyao’s expression was calm while her gaze didn’t even ripple.

“Shaoyao….” Meanwhile, a young man from the Ding Clan appeared by her side and opened his mouth with the intention of saying something. However, Ding Shaoyao glanced coldly at him and said, “You fool, do you really want our Ding Clan to be doomed?” The others hadn’t noticed Yao Ye’s expression, but she’d noticed it clearly! Most importantly, the Spatial Mink who was the closest to Yang Ye still hadn’t shown herself until now!

If Yang Ye had really died, then the little fellow would have definitely shown herself! So, Ding Shaoyao was very certain that Yang Ye wasn’t dead!

As the young man spoke with Ding Shaoyao, a few more clans had left the southern territory and sided with Luo Jun.

A wisp of a fierce expression flashed through the young man’s eyes when he witnessed this scene, and he said, “Shaoyao, our Ding Clan can’t accompany the southern territory in its destruction! I….”

Suddenly, a sword had pierced through the young man’s head, and it was Ding Shaoyao who held its hilt. Everyone else on the city wall was stunned by this scene.

Ding Shaoyao glanced at all of the others around her as she said, “If Ancient Domain City stands, then my Ding Clan stands. If anyone from my Ding Clan dares to surrender, I’ll kill every single one of them!”

“You….” One of the members of the Ding Clan was exasperated. He was just about to say something, but his heart instantly trembled upon noticing Ding Shaoyao’s icy cold gaze, and he didn’t dare speak another word.

Ding Shaoyao was a member of the Ding Clan, but she had another identity, and it was the commander of the entire army in Ancient Domain City. It was a position that the Monarch Realm experts had given to her, so she could command the entire army right now!

“Miss Ding!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City, and he suddenly said, “The southern territory’s defeat is certain. Could it be that Miss Ding intends to bury the entire Ding Clan with the southern territory? I, Luo Jun, promise that so long as Miss Ding is willing to surrender, then I’ll let bygones be bygones. Moreover, the Ding Clan will maintain its position of superiority in the Ocean of Anarchy!”

The countless disciples of the Ding Clan in the surroundings were instantly tempted by this, but Ding Shaoyao remained completely unmoved. She said coldly, “If Ancient Domain City stands, then my Ding Clan stands. If it falls, then so will my Ding Clan!”

Gloominess flashed through Luo Jun’s eyes. He was just about to speak when a ray of light that came from a sword shot into the sky, and then Yang Ye appeared before everyone.

“Haha!! Herby, did you say all of that on purpose so that I would hear because you knew that I was alive!?” Yang Ye appeared in the sky above the city, and he roared with laughter as he gazed at Ding Shaoyao. Actually, he was about to emerge from beneath the ground after Yao Ye had, but he’d stopped himself when he heard the others surrendering. He wanted to see how many within Ancient Domain City weren’t loyal. Never had he imagined that he hadn’t just been able to find out the answer, he was even shocked by it. He’d never imagined that there would actually be so many who surrendered at the critical moment….

Fortunately, it just so happened to be the best opportunity for him to clear out all of these ‘weeds’ on his side!

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned when they saw Yang Ye, and the smile on Luo Jun’s face had instantly frozen. On the other hand, the countenances of all the profounders who had betrayed the southern territory had instantly turned ghastly pale!

Yang Ye is still alive?

That was the only thought which remained in their minds….

Countless people turned around to gaze at Yao Ye. At this moment, they noticed that Yao Ye’s body was actually covered in countless injuries from the sword, whereas, besides damages to his clothes, Yang Ye hadn’t suffered any injuries!

The hearts of all the profounders from the Exalted Han Empire and the profounders who’d betrayed the southern territory sank to rock bottom!

Ding Shaoyao instantly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart upon seeing Yang Ye. Earlier, she was making a huge gamble because if Yang Ye had really died, then her decision would definitely bury the Ding Clan by Yang Ye’s side. Fortunately, Yang Ye was alive!

Yang Ye intended to say something but Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi had suddenly appeared in front of him, and then both of them embraced him. Yang Ye’s heart hurt when he saw their slightly pale countenances as he knew that they’d definitely been worried just now.

Yang Ye held the two of them in his arms and was just about to console them when he suddenly felt himself being embraced. He turned his head to look and saw Qin Xiyue looking at him with a spurious smile on her face. Yang Ye instantly laughed bitterly. This seductress…. But Yang Ye’s heart felt quite warm when he noticed her slightly pale countenance. Even though both of them had mostly been using each other at that time, he felt that she still had some feelings for him!

After the excitement they felt passed, Xiao Yuxi and Su Qingshi blushed as they left Yang Ye’s embrace. Xiao Yuxi lowered her head a little and remained silent, whereas Su Qingshi quickly recovered her calm. Su Qingshi glanced at Qin Xiyue yet didn’t say anything about her, and she just said softly to Yang Ye, “Be careful!” As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately returned to Ancient Domain City with Xiao Yuxi.

Qin Xiyue gave Yang Ye a peck on his cheek and chuckled. “Be careful. I’ll make you wear a green hat if you die!” Her figure flashed back towards Ancient Domain City once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, and then he turned around to gaze at Yao Ye before he said, “What a disappointment. I thought that you would decide life and death with me while we were down there, but I never expected that you would actually flee. Zuo Dengfeng was weaker than you, but he was still a man. Yet you are just like how you act. You’re not a man at all!”

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded by these words!

Yao Ye lost the battle down there?

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