Chapter 629 – Horizon Warp!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Ocean of Anarchy.

At this moment, Ding Shaoyao and the southern territory’s army were looking forward with heavy expressions on their faces. A young man was standing not too far in front of them. He wore a blue and white colored robe, and there was a tiny ‘’ character embroidered on his left chest.

He wasn’t very old and was only around the age of 20, and he was chewing on an unknown blade of grass while a sly smile hung on the corners of his mouth. Coupled with his ponytail that hung down to his waist, it made the young man seem even more devious.

“I presume you’re a genius of the Hallowed Grounds. Let me guess, your ranking in the Hallowed Grounds just happens to be above Yao Ye, right?” said Ding Shaoyao.

The young man spat out the blade of grass while his smile widened, and he said, “You’re right. Unfortunately, there’s no prize for that.”

Ding Shaoyao grinned and said, “Actually, I really don’t get it. You, Zuo Dengfeng, and Yao Ye aren’t the best geniuses in the Hallowed Grounds, so why is the Hallowed Grounds dispatching all of you starting from the weakest and not the stronger? If you sent the strongest at the very beginning, then I presume both Zuo Dengfeng and Yao Ye would probably have no need to die!”

“Do you use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?” The young man grinned, “Firstly, I have to admit that Yang Ye is definitely outstanding since he was able to kill Zuo Dengfeng and Yao Ye, and he’s absolutely one of the best even if he was compared to the younger generation of my Hallowed Grounds. However, that’s all he is. Let me put it in this way. Those ranked in the top 5 of the Hallowed Rankings would still refuse to take Yang Ye seriously right now, understand?”

“Arrogance and haughtiness will bring only death!” said Ding Shaoyao.

The young man smiled as he nodded and said, “I really do agree to that. But I have to say that you’re wrong. Their arrogance and haughtiness come from the fact that they really possess such strength to back it up. Actually, your southern territory’s decision to go against my Hallowed Grounds is truly foolish. The reason my Hallowed Grounds hasn’t destroyed all of you is merely because we have to deal with the defiant profounders. If it weren’t for the defiant profounders, then annihilating all of you and that Half-Saint would really be as easy as blowing off dust.”

“But the facts are that your Hallowed Grounds has practically lost all its members!” said Ding Shaoyao.

The young man roared with laughter and said, “Let’s not talk about all of that anymore. You’ll find out about my Hallowed Grounds’ true strength and reserves in the future. You would think that I’m exaggerating and scaring all of you if I were to speak more about it now. Come, ask Yang Ye to show himself and fight me. I’ll immediately leave if I lose.”

Ding Shaoyao was slightly surprised and said, “I thought that you were confident in your victory. But do you really think you’ll be able to leave if you lose?”

The young man shrugged and said, “I merely came here to challenge Yang Ye and not to fight him to the death. Even though I’m from the Hallowed Grounds, I wouldn’t put my life on the line for such a thing like this. That would truly be too foolish. Of course, if Yang Ye has the ability, then he too can live if he loses. However, the southern territory will probably suffer. Because besides him, the Sword Emperor who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart, there’s probably no one beneath the Monarch Realm who can deal with the formations of my junior brother and sister!”

“You didn’t come alone!” Ding Shaoyao spoke in a low voice.

“Of course!” The young man said, “I merely came here to deal with Yang Ye. There are naturally others to deal with this army. Alright, let’s cut the crap and ask Yang Ye to show himself. I’m really curious about what sort of person this Sword Emperor is. After all, he actually dared to disregard my Hallowed Grounds and even destroyed the Sword Team and Saber Team of my Hallowed Grounds!”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent. Yang Ye still hadn’t woken up now, so how could he fight the young man? On the other hand, Corpse Ancestor still hadn’t recovered from his injuries, so he couldn’t fight at all. Thus, could anyone in the southern territory fight this fellow from the Hallowed Grounds?

The answer was no!

“Could it be that Yang Ye still hasn’t recovered from forcefully improving his strength that day?” The young man suddenly revealed a strange smile and said, “If it’s like that, then I won’t hold back at all. Even though I’m unable to destroy your army by myself, my strength is sufficient for me to kill a few dozen Exalt Realm experts before swaggering off.”


Suddenly, over 100 colossi that seemed like mountains appeared in the sky on the other side of the Ocean of Anarchy. All of them were shaped like ships but they were slightly unlike ships because all of these colossi had a huge pitch black cannon at the front.

Everyone here was shocked upon witnessing this scene.

“Those are Nimbus Ships!” Ding Shaoyao’s pupils constricted as she said, “I never expected that your Hallowed Grounds actually brought Nimbus Ships over….”

Both Nimbus Ships and ordinary ships were actually treasures from the ancient times, but the difference was that ordinary ships couldn’t compare to the might and ability possessed by Nimbus Ships. Just like this very moment, the Nimbus Ships could fly and accommodate a few tens of thousands of people, but ordinary ships couldn’t accomplish such feats.

Most importantly, Nimbus Ships could fire energy beams that could threaten Monarch Realm experts. It was just like the offensive formation within the ordinary ships, but the offensive formations of ordinary ships couldn’t compare to the energy beams of the Nimbus Ships.

Ding Shaoyao hadn’t imagined that the Hallowed Grounds would actually bring such ships over, and it was even over 100 of them!

“They really are quite fast!” The young man chuckled as he gazed at the ships, and he said, “Looks like it doesn’t matter whether Yang Ye shows himself or not. Because I just have to keep him busy and your southern territory will definitely be unable to survive the attacks of these Nimbus Ships. What a pity! The reason I snuck over here before them was because I wanted to have a fair fight with Yang Ye. But I never expected that my junior brother, junior sister, and the Exalted Han Empire would actually act so quickly.”

“Shaoyao, what should we do?” asked Lu Jianyao who stood by Ding Shaoyao’s side.

Ding Shaoyao clenched her fists as she gazed at the Nimbus Ships that were approaching, and she had a solemn expression on her face. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, and a wisp of delight surged through her eyes. She said, “According to rumor, Nimbus Ships have a weakness, and it’s that they are weak to lightning. I wonder if it’s true.”

Xiao Yuxi and the others were slightly stunned, and then they revealed smiles as well. All of them looked at Lei Lin.

At this moment, Lei Lin’s dressing was quite shocking. Because a bolt of lightning was hanging on her neck, and it was formed by the Violetcloud Lightning. Besides that, a mini tornado sat atop her head, and it was formed from the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. As for the Nether Ghostflame, it had transformed into two wheels that resided beneath her feet….

The Greenwood Spirit was in Lei Lin’s hand, and it was shivering. Because Lei Lin was staring fixedly at it while drool flowed down from the corner of her mouth….

If it wasn’t for the violet mink, the Greenwood Spirit would be in Lei Lin’s stomach by now.

The young man gazed at Lei Lin as well, and then the smile on his face instantly vanished when he saw her. Moreover, his smile was replaced by shock as he said, “A Element Monarch…. How could this be possible? How could there be an Element Monarch in Profounder Continent!?”

An Element Monarch?

Ding Shaoyao frowned slightly. She wasn’t able to think about anything else when she looked at those Nimbus Ships that had arrived in the sky above the Ocean of Anarchy. She immediately flashed over to the violet mink and said, “Ask her to zap all of those things down from the sky, alright?” The reason she hadn’t spoken to Lei Lin was because Lei Lin practically only obeyed Yang Ye and the violet mink….

The violet mink nodded, and then she slapped Lei Lin on the head before she pointed up at the Nimbus Ships in the sky.

Lei Lin blinked, and then she stretched out her hand towards the violet mink….

The violet mink blinked before she seemed to have thought of something, and then a huge spirit fruit appeared on Lei Lin’s hand with a wave of her little claw.

The first thing Lei Lin did upon obtaining the spirit fruit wasn’t to summon lightning. She swiftly took a bite from the spirit fruit, and as she chewed on it, she seemed to have become addicted and completely forgot about summoning lightning to zap the ships down from the sky.

Everyone was looking at her….


The violet mink slapped Lei Lin on the head again, and then she pointed at the ships in the sky.

Lei Lin puckered her lips before she casually waved her hand towards the sky. In an instant, the sky dimmed down while dark clouds densely covered the sky. After that, numerous thunderclaps resounded.

In the sky, Zhen Yun and Zhen Ling who were in the Nimbus Ship that led the group had hurriedly charged out from within the ship. As he gazed at the lightning that was right before him, Zhen Yun spoke with shock, “How could this be possible? How could there possibly be lightning right now?”

“Look at that little girl down below….” Zhen Ling suddenly pointed at Lei Lin and spoke with astonishment, “That’s a Element Monarch. Moreover, it’s a Lightning Element Monarch. Dammit! How could there be an Element Monarch in Profounder Continent!”

“A Lightning Element Monarch….” Zhen Yun was stunned, and then he swiftly shouted, “Senior Brother, please stop her or our Nimbus Ships will definitely be lost here today….”

“Protect Lei Lin!” Ding Shaoyao’s voice resounded at practically the exact same moment, and then all the experts of the southern territory instantly surrounded Lei Lin.

“Actually, I didn’t want to kill you, but I have no other choice. My Hallowed Grounds will suffer terrible losses if I don’t kill you today!” The young man took a step forward when he spoke up to this point.

“Horizon Warp!” As soon as he finished speaking, a bang resounded as he completed that step, and the space where his foot descended had instantly collapsed while the young man’s figure vanished on the spot.

“Watch out!” Ding Shaoyao was horrified as she turned around to look at Lei Lin. Everyone else looked over towards Lei Lin as well. At this moment, a person had appeared in front of Lei Lin, and it was that young man from the Hallowed Grounds.

Lei Lin blinked. She seemed as if she still hadn’t realized what had just happened.

The expressions of Ding Shaoyao and the others had changed drastically as they charged madly towards Lei Lin. However, they were still too slow because a sword had already pierced through Lei Lin’s chest.

In an instant, the dark clouds in the sky had vanished, and so had the lightning….

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