Chapter 636 – It’s Not At The 1st Level!

Almighty Sword Domain

Five arrows had been released simultaneously!

The 5 arrows were linked together in a chain, and they were shooting towards Yang Ye from different directions instead. However, they suddenly turned upon arriving 300m away from Yang Ye, and then they converged together to form a long arrow that was a few meters long. The long arrow spiraled towards Yang Ye, and the space in its path seemed like glass that was instantly shattered into powder!

He Lianqi’s countenance had instantly turned ghastly pale once he executed this attack, and he took a knee in midair.

Yun Qingyao clenched her fists when she witnessed this scene, and excitement covered her face. He Lianqi had executed this technique when he challenged the 5th ranked expert on the Hallowed Rankings. Unfortunately, He Lianqi lost. Since that battle, she’d never seen He Lianqi execute this technique again because no one was worthy of it besides those top 5 geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings!

Now, he’d executed it again!

However, its target was just a first rank Exalt Realm sword cultivator in Profounder Continent!

Could Yang Ye resist that attack?

Yun Qingyao felt that he couldn’t, even if he possessed the Sword Domain. Of course, it would be a completely different story if Yang Ye had truly grasped the secrets of the Sword Domain!

At this moment, the yellow robed young man and all the profounders of the Exalted Han Empire were stunned. As far as they were concerned, it wasn’t something that an Exalt Realm expert could execute at all, and even some Monarch Realm experts weren’t this terrifying!

The Hallowed Grounds!

At this moment, all of them felt even more reverent and respectful to the Hallowed Grounds!

Yang Ye took a step forward as he deactivated the Sword Domain. The intent sword in his hand entered the ancient sheath before he drew it swiftly…. Yang Ye instantly repeated this action 3 times, and 3 Heavenrends overlapped together, causing the sword energy that came from the ancient sheath to be practically on par with He Lianqi’s attack!

Everyone watched as Yang Ye’s sword qi collided with the long arrow.


In just an instant, the space around the point of collision collapsed and shattered into powder….


A clear and melodious clang resounded. Yun Qingyao’s pupils constricted because the 1st arrow in the chain had been broken but Yang Ye had lost a strand of sword qi as well!


Another clear and melodious clang resounded as another arrow was blasted apart. However, Yang Ye lost another strand of sword qi as well.


When Yang Ye’s 3rd strand of sword qi smashed against the 3rd arrow, both of them trembled violently before a wave of energy erupted from the point of collision, and then a moment of silence ensued before both of them exploded apart. They transformed into specks of light that rained down in the surroundings.

Since there were no more sword qi to obstruct it, He Lianqi’s last 2 and strongest arrows instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

He Lianqi heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene, and a slight smile appeared in his eyes. Because the outcome had been decided. The last 2 arrows were the strongest amongst the arrows he’d shot. Once these arrows came close to Yang Ye, it didn’t matter even if Yang Ye destroyed them. Because the energy which would erupt from those arrows would be sufficient to kill Yang Ye!

Yun Qingyao heaved a sigh of relief, and her tightly clenched hands relaxed. At the same time, the dazzling glow emanated from the sabers of those 360 skeletons had gradually dispersed.

Even though she’d allowed them to fight a one on one battle, it didn’t represent that she would stand by idly. She wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand if He Lianqi lost!

However, it seemed like that was no need for that now!

The yellow robed young man suddenly revealed excitement on his face when he noticed the expressions of Yun Qingyao and He Lianqi. Because the Exalted Han Empire would be able to rise once more if Yang Ye really died right now, and it was very likely for him to become the next emperor of the empire. As for Luo Jun, he’d been completely eliminated from the fight for the throne!

Yang Ye sighed lightly when he saw all 3 of his sword qi were destroyed. Needless to say, He Lianqi was really strong, and he was the strongest Exalt Realm expert that Yang Ye had met besides An Nanjing. No, it should be said that if An Nanjing’s strength still remained the same as it was when before they’d parted, then she would definitely be unable to defeat this fellow!

However, Yang Ye firmly believed that An Nanjing would definitely remain on the spot without advancing, and he just didn’t know exactly how strong she was right now!

Yang Ye cleared the distracting thoughts in his mind, stretched out his hand, and condensed an intent sword in his grasp. He smiled as he said, “Needless to say, you would really be a huge problem for me in the past, but now…. Bring it on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly swung his sword!

“Critical Strike!” As soon as he spoke, the blade of the intent sword slashed forcefully against the tip of He Lianqi’s 4th arrow.

At this moment, He Lianqi shook his head while Yun Qingyao laughed with ridicule. Because Yang Ye’s 11th level Sword Intent enhanced by the Critical Strike technique was formidable indeed, and it was as strong as a Dao Rank technique. However, utilizing such an attack at this moment was no different than courting death. After all, even if he could slash through the 4th arrow, what about the 5th?

The 5th arrow was absolutely not something that Yang Ye’s 11th level Sword Intent could slash through! He Lianqi was very confident in it because he was clearly aware of the might possessed by 11th level Sword Intent. After all, he’d witnessed its might in the Hallowed Grounds, and he’d fought it in the past. So, he knew that the best 11th level Sword Intent could do was to destroy his 4th arrow, and that was only because Yang Ye’s physical strength far surpassed ordinary profounders!


Suddenly, He Lianqi and Yun Qingyao were stunned, and then they watched with disbelief as Yang Ye’s intent sword actually slashed He Lianqi’s 4th arrow into 2 with ease…. It was like a hot knife slicing through butter, and it was beyond easy….

After that, Yang Ye’s intent sword arrived before He Lianqi’s final arrow, and it stopped for a moment. However, it wasn’t long before it was easily split into 2 just like the 4th arrow had been!

“How could this be possible!?” He Lianqi and Yun Qingyao’s eyes were filled with disbelief because the might of 11th level Sword Intent was utterly incapable of being that terrifying, and it was absolutely not this terrifying even if it was enhanced by the Critical Strike technique!

“Watch out!” Suddenly, Yun Qingyao shouted from atop the city wall while her hands moved slightly at the same time. The 360 skeletons on the ground below swiftly swung their blades, and an enormous beam of saber qi whistled through the air as it flashed towards Yang Ye.

It turned out that Yang Ye was already in front of He Lianqi, and it caused He Lianqi’s expression to change. He flicked his fingers successively, and 100 golden arrows instantly shot forward.

However, Yang Ye just swung his sword casually, and all of them were dispersed and transformed into nothingness….

He Lianqi seemed to have thought of something, and it caused his pupils to constrict while shock filled his eyes. No, it should be described as terror. But even then, his reaction wasn’t slow at all, and he suddenly shouted. “Horizon Wa….”

He hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when an invisible force pressed down upon him like a mountain, and it caused his body to stop for an instant. It was precisely this instant that allowed a sword to stab through his chest….

“It’s not at the 1st level….” He Lianqi gazed at Yang Ye while shock still filled his eyes.

“You’re right. Unfortunately, it’s too late!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded by He Lianqi’s ears, and then a ray of light shot through his body before he lost all signs of vitality.

“NO!!!” Suddenly, Yun Qingyao howled like a wild beast from atop the city wall.

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