Chapter 638 – 12th Level Sword Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Sword Intent which surged out from him trembled slightly before it transformed into a man who looked exactly alike to Yang Ye, and it stood by Yang Ye’s side.

The ‘Yang Ye’ formed from Sword Intent was exactly similar to Yang Ye in appearance, and only its expression was different. It had a clear and innocent gaze while Yang Ye’s gaze was deep and icy cold.

Yang Ye glared at the ‘Yang Ye’ beside him, and the latter smiled before transforming into an Intent Sword that floated in front of Yang Ye.

“12th level Sword Intent…. How could this be possible?” Mo Yixie’s eyes were filled with disbelief because he was absolutely unable to imagine that Yang Ye’s Sword Intent was actually not at the 11th level but the 12th!

Yun Qingyao’s gaze was just like Mo Yixie’s, and it was filled with disbelief!

9th level Sword Intent would undergo a qualitative transformation, and its might was a few times greater than 8th level Sword Intent. After Sword Intent attained the 10th level, its might would multiply a few times again. Of course, Earth Realm Sword Intent wasn’t much of a threat to them, and only Heaven Realm Sword Intent was a true threat to them!

After Sword Intent attained the Heaven Realm, it would undergo another qualitative transformation, and that was the ability to condense into form and become material. So, unless an external force completely transformed it into powder and obliterated it, otherwise, 11th level Sword Intent was eternal!

On the other hand, 12th level Sword Intent….

The might of 12th level Sword Intent wasn’t something that 11th level Sword Intent could compare to at all. Because it wasn’t merely Sword Intent anymore. Once 12th level Sword Intent was attained, it represented that the Sword Intent had gained intelligence, true intelligence. It represented intelligence that was sufficient to govern itself. As for its might….

Mo Yixie had once witnessed the might of 12th level Intent from one of the geniuses in the top 5 of the Hallowed Rankings. At that time, a Monarch Realm expert had died at the hands of that genius’ Intent. That genius hadn’t attacked at all, and it was only the Intent which had taken physical form that had fought the battle.

It was formidable because it was eternal while its owner was alive. Even if a Half-Saint acted against the Intent, that Half-Saint could only seal it and couldn’t destroy it unless its owner was killed!

Yun Qingyao was stunned, and then she suddenly shook her head while speaking in a slightly crazy tone, “Impossible, absolutely impossible. How could you possibly possess 2nd level Heaven Realm Sword Intent? How could this be possible? AH!!! Attack! Attack...”

As soon as she spoke, the enormous sword above the city had suddenly shot towards Yang Ye.

“Go!” Yang Ye flicked his finger, and the intent sword in his hand shot into the sky, and then it instantly started glowing. In next to no time, it collided with the enormous sword in the sky.


Mo Yixie and Yun Qingyao watched with horror as the intent sword tore through the tip of the enormous sword with ease, and then it pierced straight through it and shot towards Yun Qingyao.

Yun Qingyao didn’t dodge as she was still overwhelmed with shock.

Right when it was about to arrive above the walls of Immortal Qilin City, a barrier of light appeared and enveloped the entire city.


The intent sword smashed against the barrier of light, causing it to tremble violently while numerous cracks appeared on it. Moreover, these cracks were spreading at an alarming speed.

The yellow robed young man and the others were horrified, and he immediately howled madly, “Attack!”

All the crossbows in the hands of those profounders on the city walls released their arrows, and they rained down towards Yang Ye.

“Draconification!” Yang Ye shouted, and then his entire body was instantly covered in dragon scales. At the same time, he stomped the ground with his right foot and shot up like a cannonball. He charged through the rain of arrows as he recalled the intent sword into his grasp. In the next moment, he swung it and almost 100 strands of sword qi swept forward!

All of them smashed against the barrier of light, and then a huge explosion resounded before the barrier of light exploded into pieces….

“Retreat….” The yellow robed young man was already over 1km away when he spoke these words. The Exalted Han Empire had severely underestimated Yang Ye’s strength because Yang Ye’s Sword Intent wasn’t at the 11th level at all! It was at the 12th level! Even ordinary Monarch Realm experts wouldn’t be a march for Yang Ye and his 12th level Sword Intent! Moreover, coupled with the abnormal physical defenses that Yang Ye possessed, numbers were utterly meaningless before him!

At this moment, Yang Ye was a true god of war!

After the young man fled, all the other soldiers on the city walls were stunned for a moment before they fled swiftly as well….

Yang Ye paid no attention to them because he had a single target, and it was Yun Qingyao.

Yang Ye was just about to attack when a ray of white light suddenly arrived before him.


Yang Ye waved his hand casually and a throwing knife shattered apart in midair.

At the same time, Mo Yixie appeared in front of Yun Qingyao, and he had 2 throwing knives in his hand. Mo Yixie glanced at Yang Ye, and then the throwing knives shot off from his grasp before he turned around to gaze at Yun Qingyao. He said, “Leave. His 12th level Sword Intent isn’t something we can go against!”

“Lianqi is dead, so what’s the point of leaving?” Yun Qingyao shook her head.

“Is there any point in dying with him?” As he spoke, 2 more throwing knives appeared in his grasp and shot forward. This time, Yang Ye was less than 300m away from them.

“Lianqi died because of me!” Yun Qingyao gazed at Yang Ye who was only 150m away from them and spoke softly.

“Someone will die right before you now if you don’t leave!” Four more throwing knives appeared within Mo Yixie’s hands, but they didn’t shoot forward this time.

Yun Qingyao glanced at Mo Yixie and said, “He won’t be able to catch up to you with the Horizon Warp technique you possess.”

“But you won’t leave!” said Mo Yixie.

Yun Qingyao gazed at Mo Yixie for a short while and said, “It isn’t worth it!”

Mo Yixie grinned, and then he looked her seriously in the eye and said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s worth it or not. It’s only a matter of willingness. Don’t make my sacrifice meaningless, alright?”

“Why?” asked Yun Qingyao as she gazed at him.

Mo Yixie said, “There’s no need for a reason. I feel that I’m willing to do this, so I’m doing it. Leave right now or it’ll be too late. I don’t think I can hold him off for long!”

“You know your limitations well!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye appeared in front of them. At the same time, an invisible force instantly enveloped them. It was the combined suppression of his Sword Domain and Sword Intent….

Mo Yixie had a bitter expression on his face as he said, “Looks like we have no choice but to die together!”

Yun Qingyao gazed at him in silence.

Mo Yixie gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Can you give us a swift death?”

Yang Ye said, “I’m very interested in your movement technique!”

Mo Yixie was slightly stunned, and then he revealed a delighted expression and said, “I’m willing to tell you everything!”

Meanwhile, Yun Qingyao remained absolutely silent.

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