Chapter 67 – High-grade Talisman

Almighty Sword Domain

“From here. Right, don’t stop, complete it in one stroke….” Yang Ye stood at Xiao Yu’er’s side. Just like Xiao Yu’er, he was staring at the talisman paper with full concentration, and once Xiao Yu’er showed signs of making a mistake or hesitation, then he would immediately guide her in a light voice.

Yang Ye had a slightly good impression of this woman that had assisted him earlier. So, when he noticed that Xiao Yu’er was in trouble, he didn’t hesitate at all to help her.

Yang Ye was such a person, and he treated others how they treated him.

When Xiao Yu’er first agreed to utilize Yang Ye’s method, she still felt extremely perturbed in her heart. After all, this was her last chance, and she truly couldn’t afford to fail. However, once she really started drawing, she noticed to her pleasant surprise that the method Yang Ye taught her was countless times better than the method she utilized before this!

Especially when Yang Ye guided her from the side, it was simply like being provided with sudden enlightenment. Now, she finally understood why she kept failing before this. At the same time, she was shocked in her heart and wondered who exactly Yang Ye was because she’d never seen such techniques and methods in the past!

Xiao Yu’er suppressed the shock in her heart and concentrated on drawing the talisman according to Yang Ye’s guidance.

Gradually, because Yang Ye wasn’t paying attention to it as he guided her, the two of them grew closer and closer. Yang Ye was already able to clearly smell the fragrance that came from her body. However, Yang Ye’s thoughts and emotions didn’t run wild, and he moved towards the side instead. He’d taken this woman to be a friend. So, since she was a friend, he would respect her.

Xiao Yu’er noticed this tiny action that Yang Ye took, and she immediately glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. In her heart, she felt grateful, warm, and slightly apologetic as well. Because in the beginning, she thought Yang Ye was intentionally guiding her to get close to her and take advantage of her, so she couldn’t help but feel slightly unhappy in her heart. However, now, Yang Ye’s actions allowed her to realize that he’d done so unintentionally, and that caused her to feel slightly sorry.

In next to no time, Xiao Yu’er withdrew her talisman brush and took a deep breath while a wisp of excitement surged onto her face. Under Yang Ye’s guidance, she’d already drawn the shape of the Strider Talisman, and all that was left was to imbue it with spirit.

“Take it slow and don’t get nervous!” Yang Ye smiled as he encouraged her.

As she gazed at the grin on Yang Ye’s face, Xiao Yu’er was dazed for an instant, and a strand of unusual emotions flashed within her heart. However, she quickly suppressed this sort of feeling and nodded to Yang Ye. After that, she took a deep breath, and then she took the Spirit Herb Sap and Darkbeast blood on the table before she started to imbue the talisman with spirit….

In terms of imbuing spirit, there were numerous techniques and methods within the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique that Bao’er gave him, but he wouldn’t give this to Xiao Yu’er. After all, Bao’er had told him that he couldn’t allow anyone else to look through it. However, guiding Xiao Yu’er for a while should be alright.

With the success from before, Xiao Yu’er didn’t doubt Yang Ye’s guidance this time, and she imbued the talisman with spirit according to the method that Yang Ye provided.

At an unknown period in time, Master Zhang that was originally lying on the chair had appeared behind the two of them. As he listened to some methods and techniques that Yang Ye spoke off, Master Zhang’s slightly drowsy eyes instantly brightened, and in next to no time, a book had appeared in his hand….

Yang Ye sensed that Master Zhang was behind him, but he paid no attention to Master Zhang. Presently, it was the most critical moment for Xiao Yu’er, and at this moment, not a trace of a mistake could be allowed to appear, otherwise, all their previous efforts would be wasted.

Time passed by slowly. After two hours had passed, Xiao Yu’er suddenly withdrew her brush at a certain point in time, and the Strider Talisman instantly lit up.

When she saw the Strider Talisman light up, Xiao Yu’er instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and excitement and an overjoyed expression surged onto her pretty face. Because she was too excited, Xiao Yu’er suddenly hugged Yang Ye that stood by her side, and said, “I succeeded, I succeeded, I really succeeded, I really….”

Yang Ye’s figure stiffened from being suddenly embraced by her. Right when he was at a loss for what to do, Master Zhan suddenly cried out from the side. “It’s actually a mid-grade Strider Talisman, a mid-grade….”

When she heard Master Zhang, Xiao Yu’er returned to her senses as well, and she hurriedly released Yang Ye while a wisp of a blush appeared on her face. She was slightly afraid of looking at Yang Ye as she said in her heart, How embarrassing! I actually hugged a man on my own….

There wasn’t any unusual expression on Yang Ye’s face, and he said with a smile, “Young Miss Xiao, congratulations!”

Xiao Yu’er raised her head to glance at Yang Ye when she heard this, and she heaved another sigh of relief in her heart when she noticed Yang Ye’s face was covered in a grin. After that, she gazed at Master Zhang who was holding the mid-grade Strider Talisman and said, “Master Zhang…. My… my… my Strider Talisman is really at the mid-grade?”

When he heard Xiao Yu’er, Master Zhang reluctantly moved his gaze away from the mid-grade talisman, and then he looked at Yang Ye. He was naturally not interested in this mid-grade talisman, and he was actually interested in Yang Ye’s methods and techniques. He was were clearly aware of Xiao Yu’er’s ability, and it could already be considered as extraordinary performance for her to be able to craft a low-grade talisman. Yet now, by utilizing this kid’s methods and techniques, she was actually able to craft a mid-grade talisman!

If I’m able to obtain the complete methods and techniques from this kid, then….

When he thought up to here, Master Zhang said, “Kid, where’s your talisman? Let me have a look!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he passed the Strength Talisman and Transmission Talisman to Master Zhang.

When he saw these two talismans, Master Zhang instantly froze on the spot. After a long time, he gulped down a mouthful of saliva and muttered while seeming as if he’d lost his soul. “How could this be possible? How could this be possible? Both of them are high-grade talismans, high-grade….”

Master Zhang couldn’t be blamed for this. Because not only did they require extremely pure Profound Energy, high-grade talismans also required extremely superior techniques and methods. Even an Earth Talisman Master like him found it difficult to craft high-grade talismans, yet this kid before his eyes had actually crafted high-grade talismans successfully, and it was even two of them!

Is he a monstrous genius? Is he even human?

Xiao Yu’er was shocked as well. She’d never imagined that both the talismans Yang Ye crafted would actually be high-grade talismans! My god! High-grade talismans!

Since she’d entered into the profession of Talisman Masters, she’d never witnessed a Talisman Master crafting a high-grade talisman, yet now, these high-grade talismans had actually appeared right by her side!

When he noticed their shock, Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said in a low voice in his heart, Is there any need to feel shocked? Isn’t it just two high-grade talismans?

If Master Zhang and Xiao Yu’er knew Yang Ye’s thoughts, they would definitely bash him up to death!

After a short while, Master Zhang hesitated for a moment and asked. “Young Brother, can you tell me your master’s name? I don’t have any other intentions, and it’s just because you need to be recommended by someone in order to become a Talisman Master. Of course, even if you don’t have a recommendation, you can still become a Talisman Master.”

When he heard these words, Yang Ye’s heart shook. He knew it was very likely that this Master Zhang who stood before him was interested in his techniques and methods of crafting talismans, and the reason Master Zhang asked for his master’s name was probably because Master Zhang was probing him. So, if his Master wasn’t a formidable figure, or perhaps he didn’t have a Master at all, then it was very likely that this Master Zhang would transform into a wolf!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Master Zhang, I’m a disciple of the Sword Sect!”

“The Sword….” Suddenly, Master Zhang’s eyes opened wide, and he cried out involuntarily. “You…. You’re Master Lin’s disciple?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he said with a bewildered tone, “But… but doesn’t Master Lin only have a single disciple? Hmm, I saw his disciple from afar in the past, what was his disciple’s name again….”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched, and he knew that Master Zhang was probing him again, so he immediately said in a composed manner. “Bao’er is my Senior Sister!”

When he heard Yang Ye, Master Zhang sighed in his heart. He knew that this young man was really that Master Lin’s disciple. Since the young man was Master Lin’s disciple, then it was impossible for him to arouse any other intentions towards Yang Ye.

When he thought up to here, he revealed a smile and said, “Right, Bao’er. I never expected that Young Brother is Master Lin’s disciple. But I don’t understand something. Since you’re Master Lin’s disciple, then why didn’t you head to the Imperial Capital to be tested?”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “Master Zhang, am I considered to have passed or not? If I haven’t, then I’ll be taking my leave!”

If it was before this, then he would definitely not speak in this way, yet now, since he could utilize the name of his ‘master’ to terrifying Master Zhang, he didn’t mind doing so.

When he heard Yang Ye, Master Zhang knew that he’d asked too much, and he immediately smiled and said, “Of course, of course.”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Xiao Yu’er who stood slightly anxiously at the side. He hesitated for a moment before he said, “Yu’er has passed as well. Right, I have a thought. Yu’er, you don’t have a master, and I still don’t have a disciple. I intend to take you as my disciple. Are you willing to be my disciple?”

An explosion could be said to have suddenly resounded in Xiao Yu’er’s mind when she heard this because happiness had come too abruptly. She only recovered from her shock after a short while, and she immediately bowed as a disciple bowed to the master before she said, “Master!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she glanced at Yang Ye out of the corners of her eyes. She wasn’t stupid, and she knew that it was probably because of Yang Ye that Master Zhang had suddenly taken her as his disciple. However, she didn’t mind. Because from today onwards, not only would the danger her Xiao Clan faced vanished, she would receive guidance in the Dao of Talismans.

When she thought up to here, she glanced once more at Yang Ye, and she immediately withdrew her gaze when she saw him smiling lightly at her. Moreover, she seemed to have thought of something, causing her face to blush again.

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