Chapter 678 – Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s Shock!

Almighty Sword Domain

An Nanjing!

Emperor Han and Yin Xuan’er’s faces turned grim when they saw An Nanjing. They’d naturally heard of her strength, and some of the people here had even witnessed it. If there was someone in the younger generation of the continent who could fight Yang Ye, then it was definitely her! After all, she was a peerless genius who could fight the 2nd ranked genius on the Hallowed Rankings!

“Wasn’t she heavily injured to the point her fate was unknown!?” Emperor Han’s face was beyond unsightly. Just Yang Ye alone was a huge headache for them, so what would it be like with An Nanjing here as well?

Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing. She said, “My injuries are fine now. The latent problems within me will only affect my future advancement into the Monarch Realm but not affect my current strength. In short, I’ve made my decision!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s join forces and destroy everything before us!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly drew his intent sword, and a beam of violet sword energy flashed forward. Everywhere it passed, all the Gold Guards which came into contact with it instantly fell to the ground, and it slaughtered around 10 Gold Guards before 3 Super Gold Guards jointly dispersed!

Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the group of Gold Guards. Meanwhile, An Nanjing transformed into a ray of golden light that flew by his side!


As soon as they charged into the group of Gold Guards, numerous explosions resounded incessantly, and then Gold Guard after Gold Guard were ceaselessly blasted towards the surroundings.

An Nanjing was clearly extremely terrifying while she had Skysplit in her grasp. Any Gold Guard that was struck by her spear would instantly have countless cracks appear on its armor…. Not a single Gold Guard could take 2 blows from her spear!

As for Yang Ye, the incessant supply of energy supplied by his extreme-grade energy stones allowed him to execute 2 attacks which consisted of overlapped Heavenrends every 15 minutes. Moreover, the heads of over 10 Gold Guards would fly into the air with every attack he executed.

It was a slaughter!

The terrifying Gold Guards that used to be at the Monarch Realm were simply like sheep waiting to be slaughtered when facing An Nanjing and Yang Ye’s joint forces. It was a complete and utter slaughter!

Emperor Han and the others finally felt slightly worried. An Nanjing and Yang Ye were truly too strong, and there was no one in the Exalt Realm who could stop them. As for Monarch Realm experts…. Not to mention the Undertaker, even if they did dispatch Monarch Realm experts, those experts might not even be able to resist Yang Ye and An Nanjing!

“Grand Preceptor….” Yin Xuan’er spoke with an anxious expression, “Our Gold Guards will be completely annihilated if this continued!”

The grey robed man remained silent for a short while before he said, “Haha…. The Martial God and Sword Emperor. They were supposed to be rivals, yet they’ve joined forces now. Xuan’er, you’re right. Our Gold Guards really will be annihilated if this continues, and it’ll probably make no difference even if I summon even more!”

Emperor Han’s expression changed drastically when he heard this, and he gazed at the grey robed man and said, “Are you thinking of going back on your word?”

The grey robed man said, “It’s not that I want to, but I’m powerless to help.”

“We might be able to stop them if we join forces!” said Emperor Han in a low voice.

The grey robed man replied, “Unfortunately, your Exalted Han Empire doesn’t have any experts anymore.” As he spoke, the grey robed man gazed at Yang Ye and An Nanjing as he said, “You can stop. You’ve won.”

“Why should I do as you said?” Yang Ye laughed coldly as he swiftly drew his sword, and a beam of sword energy shot forward before over 10 Gold Guards were instantly annihilated.


A spear transformed into a ray of golden light that flashed forward, and it instantly pierced through numerous Gold Guards, causing them to crash to the ground. An Nanjing gestured at Skysplit, and it flew back into her grasp before she walked over to Yang Ye’s side.

“Kill!” Yang Ye glanced coldly at the grey robed man, and then he charged forward and stabbed his sword at the chest of the Gold Guard which stood before him. The Gold Guard was instantly blasted flying.

An Nanjing’s reaction wasn’t any slower. Her spear stabbed the chest of a Gold Guard at the same time that Yang Ye blasted that Gold Guard flying, and her attack caused the armor of that Gold Guard to instantly split apart. After that, An Nanjing’s spear pierced straight through that Gold Guard!

Yang Ye glanced at An Nanjing’s Skysplit, and then gazed at the intent sword he held. A trace of bitterness couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. Even though the intent sword was powerful, it was still a sword formed from Sword Intent, and its might and various other aspects couldn’t compare to Skysplit at all. Moreover, it was even much more inferior to Skysplit. If he had a formidable sword like Skysplit, then it would be much easier for him to deal with these Gold Guards!

Yang Ye shook his head and was about to continue his attack when the grey robed man waved his hand, and then those Gold Guards instantly transformed into rays of golden light that vanished before Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

The Grey Robed man said, “I’d thought that you were alone, but I never imagined that the Martial God would be by your side as well. I miscalculated. These Gold Guards of mine aren’t able to stop your joint forces. Now, both of you can do as you please. However, allow me to give you one last piece of advice. You might not be able to bear the consequences if you really intend to annihilate the Exalted Han Empire’s royal family!”

Yang Ye and An Nanjing exchanged glances, and then both of them suddenly shot forward. They were extremely swift, and almost no one here was able to see their movements clearly.

They appeared before the grey robed man. At the same time, a sword and a spear stabbed towards the grey robed man’s forehead and stomach respectively!

An Nanjing and Yang Ye’s speed were definitely at the peak of their ability, and less than half a breath of time had passed since they moved to the point their sword and spear had arrived before the grey robed man!

However, it wasn’t long before both their faces changed!

Because both his sword and her spear were held by 2 fingers!

The grey robed man’s left hand held the tip of An Nanjing’s spear with 2 fingers while he clamped the blade of Yang Ye’s sword between 2 fingers on his right hand!

At this moment, it wasn’t just the expression on Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s face that had changed drastically. Even the expressions of Emperor Han and Yin Xuan’er had changed. It was especially so for Yin Xuan’er. Her eyes were filled with shock and astonishment. Because she knew that the Grand Preceptor was very formidable, but she’d never imagined that he was actually formidable to such an extent!

Even a peak ninth rank Monarch Realm expert wouldn’t be able to defend himself against Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s joint attack with such ease! Could the Grand Preceptor be a Half-Saint?

It wasn’t just Yin Xuan’er who’d thought of this possibility. Countless others in the surroundings had thought of it as well!

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