Chapter 685 – It’s Time!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Exalted Han Empire was destroyed, and its forces instantly collapsed. Coupled with the northern territory’s surrender to the southern territory, the entire human world on the continent had truly been unified.

On the next day after the Exalted Han Empire was destroyed, the oceanic clans and the devil race immediately dispatched a representative to surrender to the southern territory!

If Lu Yuanhao and Lu Yan were included, then there were 4 Half-Saints on the southern territory’s side. 4 Half-Saints was sufficient to annihilate both the devil race and oceanic clans.

So, both had surrendered immediately.

After all, with Yang Ye’s character, they would probably vanish from the face of the continent if they didn’t surrender!

At this point, the entire continent was truly unified.

Yang Ye locked himself behind closed doors once he returned to the southern territory, and he constantly practiced Lightspeed which Lu Yan had given him. Amongst the profounders in the same realm of cultivation whom he’d fought, Yao Ye’s blade had the most terrifying speed. Because even he couldn’t avoid it and had no choice but to clash with it head-on. However, he was certain that if he cultivated Lightspeed to the 1st stage, then the speed of his sword would far surpass Yao Ye’s blade!

Besides Lightspeed, he spent a huge amount of time studying alchemy every single time.

After all, it was related to the little girl, Xiao Qi’s, fate, so he had to work hard on it!

Fortunately, he’d obtained a huge number of herbs from the white dragon’s abode all those years ago. So, his materials to practice pill refinement was very sufficient.

After a period of painstaking studying and practicing, Yang Ye was finally able to refine a medicinal pill called the Healing Pill. It was a Mortal Pill, and its effects weren’t miraculous at all. It was merely capable of healing minor injuries like a Healing Talisman. That was what Yang Ye thought.

However, Yang Ye was shocked once he tested its effects. It wasn’t just Yang Ye who was shocked, even Elder Mu and Lu Yan were shocked.

The reason for Elder Mu’s shock was the effects of the Healing Pill. Because it could actually affect him. Even though it was an almost indiscernible effect, it was still effective! This was exactly the reason why Yang Ye was shocked. Because the Healing Pill was just a Mortal Pill, so it was impossible for it to affect a Half-Saint. But it just so happened to have!

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye figured it out. The Healing Pill was a Mortal Pill, and it was impossible for it to heal Elder Mu. The only explanation was that the pill wasn’t the cause of the effect which Elder Mu sensed; it was the Primordial Violet Energy within the pill. Yang Ye had utilized the Primordial Violet Energy within the pagoda when he crafted the pills, so the pills had Primordial Violet Energy within them, and Primordial Violet Energy was the best healing medicine in the entire world for Half-Saints!

However, it wasn’t very effective because there wasn’t much Primordial Violet Energy within the pills!

On the other hand, Lu Yan was shocked because Yang Ye actually knew how to refine pills….

In the room, Lu Yan gazed at the medicinal pill in his hand for a short while before he took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You know how to refine pills?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “A little.”

Lu Yan revealed a trace of excitement as he said, “You’re probably not aware of how important and respected Alchemists are. Simply speaking, the status of Alchemists far surpasses the status of cultivators in our world. Even if you don’t possess any cultivation right now, you’ll still be able to return to the Yang Clan, and the entire Yang Clan will think highly of you!”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “There are Alchemists on the continent and the Hallowed Grounds as well….”

A wisp of disdain flashed through Lu Yan’s eyes as he said, “Alchemists? Them? They are herbalists at most. True Alchemists must possess profound energy of the five elements. Even though the profound energy within this pill has fused into it, I have no doubt that it’s definitely profound energy of the five elements. Because only pills that are refined with the profound energy of the five elements possess such effects. It’s even to the extent that I yearn for them a little!”

Actually, if he analyzed it carefully, then Lu Yan’s strength would have been sufficient to notice that it wasn’t profound energy of the five elements but Primordial Violet Energy. However, he hadn’t because he’d never thought of Primordial Violet Energy at all.

There was no Primordial Violet Energy throughout Profounder Continent, so how could Yang Ye possess any?

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard Lu Yan. Fortunately, Lu Yan thought it was profound energy of the five elements. After all, it would be a huge problem if Lu Yan found out that it was Primordial Violet Energy.

Looks like it’s best for me to not reveal these pills to others in the future! Yang Ye decided that he would try his best not to reveal such pills in the future. He was weak now, but he possesses something that all the experts in this world yearned for. So once it was exposed, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

“You must return to the Yang Clan!” Meanwhile, Lu Yan suddenly said, “To take back what is rightfully yours!”

Yang Ye said, “Mine?”

“The Patriarch of the Yang Clan had 6 sons and 3 daughters. Your father was the youngest amongst them. The Yang Clan possesses 7,000 minor worlds under its command, and 1,300 of them were under your father’s command. However, his eldest brothers and 2 others joined forces and schemed against him. Not only were all your father’s possessions taken back by the Yang Clan, he was almost crippled as well. Fortunately, your aunty provided him protection in secret, and it allowed him to escape calamity. But he was still banished from the Yang Clan and thrown into the chaotic flow of space.”

“We can talk about returning in the future. The important matter at hand is how we should survive!” said Yang Ye. He didn’t have any sense of recognition towards that place, but he had to go there. Because it was very likely that Xiao Qi came from the same world as Lu Yan.

Lu Yan glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Right, we’ll talk about it later. How’s your cultivation of Lightspeed?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ve attained some comprehension, but there still are some things which I don’t understand!”

Lu Yan said, “Tell me about it!”

Yang Ye was delighted as he knew that Lu Yan intended to provide him with guidance, and he hurriedly described the questions in his heart….

After that, he started to practice Lightspeed and Heavenrend madly every single day, and he could be said to be advancing by leaps and bounds under Lu Yan’s guidance.

One month later, Yang Ye had attained the 1st stage of Lightspeed, and he could overlap 7 Heavenrends at once!

If he was able to take his enemies by surprise with an attack that carried 7 overlapped Heavenrends which were enhanced by the 3rd stage of Critical Strike and 1st stage of Lightspeed, then Yang Ye was confident in its ability to instantly annihilate a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert!

He was even confident to face that 1st ranked expert on the Hallowed Rankings whom he met that day, Nether Maiden!

Unfortunately, he was still at the Exalt Realm.

According to Lu Yan, he’d arrived before a barrier, and the key to overcoming the barrier wasn’t continuous and frenzied cultivation but comprehension and a critical factor. So long as he obtained it, then his advancement to the Monarch Realm would come naturally. Because he was at the limits of the Exalt Realm right now!

Yang Ye didn’t continue his painstaking cultivation because it was time to meet Qin Bufan!

It was time to head to the Hallowed Grounds!

— End of Book Five —

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