Chapter 701 – Do You Know What The Sword Is?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed silently at the pair of red hammers in her hand, and then he said, “Those are your weapons. Aren’t you afraid that I would lose them?”

“If you lose them, then you lose them!” Xiaoman spoke with an unconcerned tone, “In any case, I still gained more.” Even though she said that, her gaze still frequently descended onto the hammers.

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he gazed at Tong Fen, “Give the Natural Treasure back to me. I’ve changed my mind!” Yang Ye was extremely displeased because Xiaoman was giving him everything she had while Tong Fen refused to give him anything.

Everyone here was stunned including Tong Fen.

“What are you trying to say?” Tong Fen spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “Isn’t it obvious? It belongs to me, and I don’t want to give it away as dowry anymore. Because I want to use it to make this bet!”

The 2nd Elder’s eyes instantly lit up when he heard Yang Ye, and the blazing desire in his eyes was seemingly material.

This time, Tong Fen’s expression turned unsightly.

Yang Ye continued when Tong Fen remained silent, “What? Could it be that someone intends to shamelessly take it by force?”

“Exactly!” Meanwhile, 2nd Elder added, “Tong Feng, you wouldn’t be that shameless, right? If you even seize the possessions of an Exalt Realm profounder by force, then you would truly be bringing shame to our Fire Spirit Race. Moreover, I would look down upon you from now on. It’s even to the extent that I would feel it to be humiliating to be an elder like you!”

He’d returned everything Tong Fen had spoken about him just moments ago, and this caused the 2nd Elder to feel extraordinarily pleased!

“Ye Yang, do you understand what you’re doing!?” Tong Fen gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Of course I do. Elder Tong, since you still haven’t returned it to me, could it really be that you intend to seize an Exalt Realm profounder’s possession by force? Or you, Elder Tong, intend to act shamelessly for the sake of a Natural Treasure?”

Countless people gasped when they heard him. Are his balls made of steel? He actually dared to speak like that to a Half-Saint!?

“You’re not a match for him!” said Tong Fen.

“That’s my problem!” Yang Ye didn’t show weakness in the slightest as he stared Tong Fen in the eyes.

Xiaoman intended to say something but Yang Ye spoke before she could, “Miss Xiaoman, I owe you my life, and I’ll remember that forever. If you insist on taking the Nether Ghostflame, then I’ll agree to give it to you. But don’t ever mention anything about a marriage after that, alright?”

Xiaoman fell silent for a short while before she said, “If you do that, then I….”

Meanwhile, Qian Yan ridiculed, “Tong Fen, you kept saying that I’m a despicable and shameless person, but now it would seem like you’re exactly the same when facing a treasure, aren’t you?”

Tong Fen paid no attention to Qian Yan, and he just gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’ll die right away if I give it to you. Understand?” The meaning behind his words was that he would return it but stop protecting Yang Ye, so Yang Ye would still die even if Yang Ye won the bet!

How could Yang Ye not understand what he meant?

Yang Ye immediately smiled, “I believe that if I use it as my dowry, then many elders would be willing to marry their granddaughters to me. So, they would naturally be willing to protect me as well!”

Yang Ye understood the situation very clearly. All of these elders were only united on the surface. Both the Grand Elder and 4th Elder desired the Nether Ghostflame, and the only reason they hadn’t tried to seize it was because they lacked a reason. He who was the owner of the Nether Ghostflame just happened to be able to give them such a reason!

The reason he acted in this way was mainly because he couldn’t stand the sight of Tong Fen!

In his opinion, if he couldn’t stand the sight of someone, then he would bring even greater displeasure to that person!

The Grand Elder and 4th Elder were instantly tempted when they heard him. After all, it was a Natural Treasure which could improve their strengths. So, not to mention a granddaughter, they would even be willing to give up 2 granddaughters!

“I won’t give it back to you because you’re already considered to be married to Xiaoman!” Tong Fen put the Nether Ghostflame away once he finished speaking. He would naturally not take it by force if it was anything else. However, it was a Natural Treasure. It wasn’t just related to his strength; it was even related to his survival. So, he wouldn’t give it up no matter what!

He was truly giving up any and all sense of shame!

So, what else could Yang Ye say? After all, he couldn’t take it back.

“I’ll help you with it!” It was the Grand Elder who’d been silent until now that had spoken.

Everyone here was shocked, and they gazed at the Grand Elder with disbelief.

The 2nd Elder and Tong Fen were extremely surprised as well. They hadn’t expected that the Grand Elder who’d always kept a low profile would step forward at a time like this. Moreover, he was even helping a human profounder.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the Grand Elder. Could that geezer have seen through my strength? But it wasn’t long before he rejected such a thought. After all, while the old man’s strength was formidable, he was absolutely not stronger than Lu Yan. So, it was absolutely impossible for the old man to see through the seal which Lu Yan had placed upon him.

But that made him even more puzzled.

The Grand Elder didn’t provide any explanation. He flipped his palm casually, and then 5 palm-sized and fiery red crystals appeared there. He said, “If you win, then just give me 2 of the Firecrystals you win!”

“What if I lose?” asked Yang Ye.

He replied, “It doesn’t matter. Just consider it as me being old and having bad vision!”

Yang Ye took a deep and long glance at the Grand Elder, and then he waved his hand and the 5 1,000 year old Firecrystals instantly flew into Yang Ye’s grasp. Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he held them because the energy within them was actually not inferior to the Watersoul which that woman from the Mermaid Clan had given to him! Now, he believed Xiaoman, and he knew that his injuries could definitely be healed in the shortest possible time if he consumed one of them!

If he consumed all 5 of them and the Watersoul, then he might even be able to attain the Monarch Realm!

“Grand Elder, 5 1,000 year old Firecrystals aren’t easy to gather!” The 2nd Elder spoke flatly, “Aren’t you afraid that he’ll lose them?”

“But what if he wins?” The Grand Elder smiled, “If he wins, then I would gain 2 more just like that.”

The 2nd Elder grunted coldly, and then he gazed at Bai Chen and said, “Are you confident?” After all, 5 1,000 year old Firecrystals were extremely precious even to him because they could improve his strength. After all, there weren’t many treasures in this world that could improve the strength of a Half-Saint!

Bai Chen smiled with confidence, “Not to mention that he’s at the Exalt Realm, he wouldn’t be able to resist 3 attacks of mine even if he’s at the Monarch Realm!”

Yang Ye didn’t know what to say in response.

The 2nd Elder nodded, and his concerns vanished. After all, the gap between a Monarch Realm and Exalt Realm profounder was still extremely huge. It wasn’t that Exalt Realm experts who could fight Monarch Realm experts didn’t exist, such existences were quite rare even in the Hallowed Grounds. Moreover, he’d never heard of a genius called Ye Yang. So, it was very likely that it was just an independent cultivator!

Moreover, his discerning ability was naturally sufficient for him to discern that Yang Ye was heavily injured. So, he felt that Bai Chen would be able to deal with Yang Ye even if Bai Chen only utilized a few percent of his strength!

Even though he ceaselessly found reasons to console himself, there was still a trace of anxiousness and uneasiness in his heart. However, he had no choice but to go on with the bet now!

In next to no time, a place of marriage and happiness had become a place of battle. Everyone moved aside, and only Yang Ye and Bai Chen stood facing each other at the center!

Bai Chen grabbed the hilt of his sword and drew it slowly. A cold glow flashed while Bai Chen’s aura became sharp and lofty, and the faint smile on his face still remained. In the eyes of everyone else, it was naturally a sign of confidence, a sign of absolute confidence towards himself.

Bai Chen didn’t attack. He took out a white handkerchief and started to slowly wipe his sword. Moreover, the serious expression on his face made it seem like his sword was his lover.

Some say that confident and serious men were the most handsome, and that was true. Bai Chen wasn’t just serious and confident, his appearance was truly handsome as well. So, when he started wiping his sword, the heartbeats of countless women in the surroundings instantly started speeding up!

At this moment, the smile on Qian Mei’s face could be said to be even brighter than sunlight. Because he was her man. In the Fire Spirit Race, a woman’s prestige was extremely important, and there were 2 ways to earn it. The first was with one’s own strength, and the second was through one’s partner. Obviously, her man was doing that for her right now!

As for Ye Yang?

She turned her head to glance at Yang Ye, and then she couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s face was slightly pale from the injuries he suffered. As for his aura and bearing, he did have a little if one looked carefully. However, when the two of them were compared, it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

Bai Chen suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “Do you know what the sword is?”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He thought for a moment and said truthfully, “I think that it isn’t important because all swords are used to kill!”

“How crude and ignorant!” Bai Chen suddenly roared furiously, “Just hearing what you said tell me that you’re an ignorant and crude independent cultivator. The sword is the king of all weapons, the monarch of all weapons! It’s noble! Yet you actually said that it’s used to kill! How crude and ignorant to the extreme! It’s an insult to my sword to draw my sword against you!”

“Nice!” Qian Mei was the first to cry out. Many others in the surroundings were shocked by his words as well, and then they started shouting loudly.

“See, that’s a true sword cultivator. That’s how sword cultivators should be!”

“Even I feel like training in the Sword Dao after I heard that….”

“I heard the Patriarch’s daughter is skilled in both the sword and saber. I wonder if her Sword Dao or Bai Chen’s Sword Dao is superior….”

“He really is too handsome. Unfortunately, Qian Mei has made a move on him….”

Yang Ye was stunned for a long time before he said, “Fine, that’s your Sword Dao. I don’t want to say anything about it. However, in my opinion, the sword is used to kill because a sword that doesn’t kill isn’t a sword!”

“Crude! Ignorant!”


“Let’s move further away from that fellow. Staying close to him is a disgrace to us….”

This time, it wasn’t Bai Chen who insulted Yang Ye, and it was the other profounders of the Fire Spirit Race.

“Killing you with my sword is an insult to it!” Bai Chen flicked his finger once he finished speaking, and then a strand of sword qi shot towards Yang Ye….

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