Chapter 736 – The Hallowed Halls’ Technique Pavilion!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed, and the ice spirit instantly stopped on the spot because a spatial wall had appeared around it!

“You can’t flee. This ice shield’s strength would plummet without you!” Yang Ye grabbed it and forced it back into the shield. Of course, it resisted, but it was futile. Even though it was a Natural Treasure, it hadn’t truly formed intelligence of its own. Moreover, he wouldn’t fear it even if that had happened. Unless it was capable of attaining a level similar to Xiao Ying!

Once the ice spirit was forced back into the shield, Yang Ye instantly felt like the ice shield had ‘come back to life’ like a person that had regained his soul. Yang Ye couldn’t help but fall into deep thought because of this. Because it was the first time that he realized that Natural Treasures could be utilized in such a manner. In other words, couldn’t the Ninth Hell Cold Gale he possessed be utilized in the same way?

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale can improve speed. In other words, wouldn’t it be able to multiply my speed if I added it to my shoes?

He was wearing the Stellar Shuttle right now. But it seemed to be quite useless to him once he advanced into the Monarch Realm. Because his own speed far surpassed it!

So, he wondered what would happen if he added the Ninth Hell Cold Gale to the Stellar Shuttle!

Yang Ye was quite tempted, but he could only think about such a thing. After all, it wasn’t something that could be merged at will. The reason he could merge the ice spirit into the ice shield was because there was a fusion point within the shield, and he was able to sense that the ice spirit and ice shield conformed to each other. That was why they could be fused.

As for the Stellar Shuttle and Ninth Hell Cold Gale….

In short, he had the desire yet lacked the ability. However, he believed that someone within the city could definitely accomplish it!

Yang Ye placed the matter of fusing the Stellar Shuttle and Ninth Hell Cold Gale aside, and his gaze descended onto the ice shield again. He had no doubt that its might and ability weren’t inferior to the Mageforce Shield. Or it should be said that each excelled in their own way. The Mageforce Shield could absorb energy attacks, and it could send the energy back. On the other hand, the ice shield could directly reflect physical attacks…. Moreover, because the ice shield had that ice spirit within it, it had ice element attacks and a freezing effect.

Such effects couldn’t be underestimated. After all, even Yang Ye’s movements and speed were affected by the coldness emanated from the ice shield. Even though it didn’t affect him severely, it was sufficient to display how terrifying it was!

In short, his gains were very great this time.

Yang Ye started to recuperate after that. Just as Mu Ling had said, he’d exhausted a huge amount of strength during the battles with Yu Wushuang and the white robed man. So, he had to recover to his peak state. After all, he didn’t feel safe at all while he resided in the Hallowed Halls’ territory.

2 days later.

Yang Ye left Lunar Rite Hall and arrived at a place called the Technique Pavilion. As its name implied, it was where the Hallowed Halls stored its techniques, and anyone from the human race was permitted to enter it. Of course, the precondition was that person had points.

The entrance fee was 100 points. That was naturally nothing to Yang Ye. However, he truly understood what Fu Jinxian said that day. Everything in the Hallowed Halls really did require points! Indeed, he couldn’t even eat without points!

The pavilion had 4 floors. The 1st floor was filled with Earth Rank techniques! The box of every single technique was labeled with the required points, and one could take them immediately if one possessed sufficient points. Of course, one could only take a copy!

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then the corners of his mouth twitched. Because these Earth Rank techniques required around 5,000 points! He suddenly noticed that the points he possessed seemed to be not much at all….

Yang Ye wasn’t interested in Earth Rank techniques at all, so he spent 200 points to ascend to the 2nd floor.

There were fewer people on the 1st floor, but there were much more on the 2nd floor. Besides that, Yang Ye noticed that the 2nd floor was many times larger than the 1st. It was a few dozen kilometers wide. Moreover, there were all sorts of black jade counters here, and there were at least 10,000 of them. Every single one of those counters had at least 10 techniques lying on them!

In other words, there were at least 100,000 Heaven Rank techniques on the 2nd floor!

What was it like to have 100,000 Heaven Rank techniques?

Even if all the Heaven Rank techniques throughout Profounder Continent were included, it still might not be able to amount to 100,000….

Besides a few profounders, there were no guards here. But Yang Ye was very well aware that it was actually heavily guarded. Because no less than 5 consciousnesses had swept him when he arrived at the 2nd floor, and they were at least Half-Saints!

That was also why he’d temporarily abandoned his intention to ‘plunder’ this place!

Yang Ye glanced at the jade counter by his side. There was a Heaven Rank combat technique right at the top, and a small row of words were written on it — 15,000 points.

15,000 points!

Yang Ye felt he was getting poorer by the minute!

Since the 2nd floor stored Heaven Rank techniques, then the 3rd should be where the Dao Rank techniques were!

This time, Yang Ye paid 500 points to ascend to the 3rd floor. There were much lesser people here, and it was slightly smaller as well. However, it was still around 3km long and wide, and there were almost 1,000 jade counters on the floor. In other words, there were over 10,000 Dao Rank techniques on this floor!

Over 10,000!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but gasp at 10,000 Dao Rank techniques!

Did those Saint Realm experts from 100,000 years ago move all the Dao Rank techniques of Profounder Continent here?

At this moment, he finally understood why the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds far surpassed Profounder Continent. What a joke! If the Hallowed Grounds was still inferior to Profounder Continent when it possessed such resources, then they could really just kill themselves!

Yang Ye glanced at the labels on those Dao Rank techniques, and his eyelids twitched. Because the cheapest required over 30,000 points! In other words, he was merely able to exchange his points for a single Dao Rank technique!

Even though Dao Rank techniques are very good, but….

Yang Ye gazed at the 4th floor. The 1st floor was filled with Earth Rank techniques, the 2nd was filled with Heaven Rank techniques, and Dao Rank techniques filled the 3rd. So, what about the 4th? It made him wonder if techniques above the Dao Rank existed!

Yang Ye carried such questions in his heart as he walked over to the 4th level. This time, he paid 3,000 points!


Even Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel that it hurt! However, he still chose to ascend to the 4th floor because he was very curious about what sort of techniques would be placed above the Dao Rank!

The space on the 4th floor was much smaller than the 2nd and 3rd floors. It was only around 30m wide, and there were merely 3 jade counters. Moreover, there were only 5 scrolls on each of those counters.

There were only 3 people here. A man and a woman.

Both of them immediately looked at him when he arrived at the 4th floor, and their gazes carried a trace of surprise and curiosity. Yang Ye gazed at them as well. The man was around the age of 20. He was a handsome man with beautiful features and eyes that were filled with spirit. He wore a violet gold colored robe, his hair hung loosely on his shoulders, and he emanated a dense scholarly aura.

The woman’s appearance couldn’t be seen clearly because she was wearing a moon white veil. Logically speaking, it would be impossible for a veil to obstruct Yang Ye’s vision, but the veil succeeded. So, besides her seemingly icy cold eyes, Yang Ye wasn’t able to discern the other parts of her face!

Something worthy of mentioning was that the violet robed man had a diagram of a crossed sword and saber on his left chest while there was a diagram on the woman’s left chest as well. That diagram was very familiar to Yang Ye because he had the exact same diagram on his left chest! She was a member of Lunar Rite Hall!

Her gaze descended onto Yang Ye’s left chest, and a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes when she saw the insignia there, “Lunar Rite Hall?”

Her voice was very gentle like the summer breeze.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he walked over to them. Meanwhile, she said, “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I just joined, so it makes sense for you to have not.”

“So that’s why!” She nodded and said, “You’re only at the second rank of the Monarch Realm. The techniques here aren’t suitable for you. Moreover, the points required for the techniques here are probably not something you can afford to pay.”

“I was just curious!” Yang Ye chuckled, “You’ve asked me 2 questions, so I can ask you some questions too, right?”

The woman was slightly stunned when she heard this. On the other hand, the violet robed man revealed a strange smile instead, and he seemed like he was amused by the show playing out before him.

The woman pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Go on!”

Yang Ye said, “The 1st floor had Earth Rank techniques, the 2nd had Heaven Rank techniques, and Dao Rank techniques filled the 3rd. Then what about the 4th?”

He’d glanced at those jade counters. Unfortunately, they were enveloped by a mysterious force, so he couldn’t see through them at all.

“The 4th naturally contains Saint Techniques!” It wasn’t the woman who spoke these words but the violet robed man, “It’s very normal for you to be unaware of the Saint Rank. Because ordinary people and even those fellows on the Hallowed Rankings would find it very difficult to obtain Saint Rank techniques. It isn’t just them, even some Half-Saints find them difficult to obtain. Because it’s so difficult to obtain, so the people of the world are only aware of the Dao Rank!”

“The Saint Rank, huh?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He hadn’t expected that a Saint Rank actually existed above the Dao Rank. Of course, he’d never imagined that the Hallowed Halls would actually possess so many. Exactly how terrifying is the true strength of the Hallowed Halls?

“You really shouldn’t have come here!” The violet robed man spoke abruptly, “Your cultivation is too low. You won’t be able to cultivate it even if you obtain one. Not to mention you, even a Half-Saint would probably find them difficult to cultivate successfully.”

“Then aren’t they just like decoration now?” Yang Ye chuckled.

The violet robed man shook his head and said, “One person succeeded at cultivating a Saint Rank technique, and she’s only at the Exalt Realm!”


“That freak at the 1st position on the Hallowed Rankings!” A wisp of bitterness arose on the corners of the violet robed man’s mouth, “Throughout the Hallowed Grounds, she’s the only person beneath the Half-Saint Realm who has succeeded in cultivating a Saint Rank technique. Moreover, she has succeeded at more than one!”

Nether Maiden! The shock in Yang Ye’s eyes lessened slightly because he felt that it was quite normal if it was her. After all, to a certain extent, her level of genius was even more terrifying than An Nanjing!

“Since both of you can’t cultivate them, then what are you doing here?” asked Yang Ye.

“Waiting for someone!” said the woman.

She added, “Nether Maiden!”

“For what?” Yang Ye was like a curious child.

Meanwhile, the man chuckled and said, “Qingfeng, this new member of your Lunar Rite Hall is really interesting. Let me tell you, we’re waiting here for her so that we can determine how huge the gap between us is!”

“Isn’t that simple?” Yang Ye said, “Just challenge her!”

The corners of the man’s mouth twitched, and then he laughed bitterly, “We’ll be bashed up!”

Yang Ye replied, “But you won’t die!”

The corners of the violet robed man’s mouth twitched fiercely again, and then he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Hey, there’s no point in continuing with that act!”

“What act?” Yang Ye frowned.

He pointed at the woman and said, “It’s understandable that you don’t know her. After all, she’s always elusive. However….” He pointed at himself and said, “Don’t tell me that you don’t even recognize me!”

Yang Ye gazed carefully at him and said, “I really don’t!”

“Fuck!” He pointed a finger at Yang Ye while his lips trembled from the rage he felt, “You actually don’t even recognize me, Qin Die? You… you… did you come out from a cave? Qingfeng, don’t you stop me! I’m going to fight him in a one on one battle! One on one!”

“She’s here!” Meanwhile, the woman spoke abruptly.

Qin Die instantly fell silent, and he recovered his calm and composed bearing from before.

Yang Ye turned around and saw that a woman had suddenly appeared there.

She has silver hair, wore a linen dress, and her feet were bare!

It was Nether Maiden!

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