Chapter 751 – Burials Are Included!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Are you that confident!?” Long Xuan chuckled, “Regardless of whether it’s those old geezers of my race or the others from the outside world, everyone says that you’re a peerless genius of the Hallowed Grounds, and you’re the strongest amongst the current younger generation. I’m extremely doubtful of that, and I’m not convinced of your ability at all. Unfortunately, while I’ve headed to the Hallowed Halls to challenge you, you’ve never responded to my challenge. Now that I’ve had the fortune to encounter you here today, let’s have a spar. Let me see if you really deserve your reputation as the number one genius of the Hallowed Grounds!”

“All of you choose one from the others. Don’t hold back. We’ll include burials if they die!” Nether Maiden’s figure was already charging towards Long Xian once she finished speaking, and then rumbling explosions resounded. The formidable force of their collisions caused the water of the ocean to surge and roil.

“That woman is mine!” Qing Ming charged off once she finished speaking.

“Who do you want?” Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Wang Yan.

Wang Yan pondered deeply for a moment and said, “You’re a body refiner, and Man Li is a strength type fighter. So, I’ll choose the fellow from the Lei Clan!” As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly arrived in front of Lei Huan, and a battle instantly erupted between them.

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he gazed at Man Li and said, “Don’t waste your breath. Come on!”

There was no arrogance or haughtiness on Man Li’s face now, and he’d become extremely serious. Moreover, he didn’t try to ridicule and mock Yang Ye as well. This caused Yang Ye to be quite surprised. He’d thought that Man Li was a rash idiot, but now it would seem like Man Li was much more composed than he’d imagined.


Man Li stomped his right foot on the ground, and the formidable force he exerted caused the ground to instantly split apart. Meanwhile, his figure instantly arrived before Yang Ye. At the same time, his right fist smashed forward towards Yang Ye’s head, and the powerful force it carried caused huge torrents of water to erupt from the ocean behind Yang Ye.

Right when Man Li’s fist was only a few dozen centimeters away from Yang Ye, Yang Ye flipped his rip palm, and the ice shield appeared in his grasp before he held it up.


Man Li’s fist smashed against the ice shield. Just as Yang Ye expected, a muffled bang resounded before Man Li was blasted flying, and he was blasted over 3km away….

Yang Ye stretched his slightly numb right arm, and then he said, “Your strength isn’t bad. It’s much greater than Man Xi.”

Even though the ice shield had reflected the force of Man Li’s punch, Man Li’s strength was too great, so Yang Ye had been shaken by the aftershock. Of course, such a little bit of force was nothing to him.


Meanwhile, Man Li appeared not too far away from Yang Ye. He had a savage expression on his face while his right arm was shivering. Obviously, he’d been injured by his own strength.

“You’re Yang Man?” Man Li spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and he spoke with surprise, “You know me?”

“So Man Xi died at your hands?” said Man Li.

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed!”

Man Li’s eyes narrowed slightly while killing intent surged within them, “He was my cousin! You killed my cousin! I intended to head to the Ancient City of Hallows to look for you once I was done here, but I never expected that I would encounter you here. Looks like it’s a chance the heavens is giving me to avenge my cousin brother!”

“It’s pointless even if he was your father!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Besides that, how do you know the heavens’ plan isn’t to send you down to accompany him?”

“Then let’s see what the heavens’ intentions are!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had shot forward explosively. But it wasn’t long before he stopped and retreated because the ice shield was in Yang Ye’s grasp. Man Li’s face turned gloomy as he gazed at the ice shield. Because unless his strength far surpassed the limits of the ice shield’s reflective ability, then he would mostly have his strength reflected to the point he killed himself!

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “What? You don’t dare to attack me?”

“Yes, you do have a treasure, but do you think I don’t?” Man Li flipped his palm, and an enormous dark gold hammer appeared in his grasp. The hammer was huge, and it was even longer than Man Li’s height and larger than his figure as well. Moreover, the hammer was densely covered in spikes. Every single spike was over a dozen centimeters long, and it made the iron hammer seem exceptionally terrifying.

“Watch out! That’s the Herculean Hammer!” Nether Maiden’s voice suddenly resounded.

The Herculean Hammer? Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then his eyes lit up. He’d experienced how terrifying the Herculean Armor was. So, since the Herculean Hammer was strong to the point Nether Maiden warned him about it, then it was definitely not an ordinary treasure.

“That hammer of yours is mine!” Yang Ye chuckled as he put the ice shield away because he didn’t want the ice shield to be smashed apart. In the end, the ice shield was only at the Dao Rank while that hammer was at the Saint Rank. So, even if the ice shield had that Ice Spirit as its equipment spirit, it was probably unable to resist the terrifying might of that hammer.

“You want it?” Man Li laughed ferociously and said, “Alright, then I’ll give it to you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Man Li’s figure flashed into the sky above Yang Ye, and then he held the hammer with both hands as he smashed it down towards Yang Ye. The formidable force that the hammer carried caused the ground around Yang Ye to instantly collapse, and everything around Yang Ye was instantly transformed into powder!

However, Yang Ye didn’t try to put up a defense against it. His figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the distance. Only an instant passed before he vanished from Man Li’s field of vision.

“You’re fleeing? Where can you go!?” Man Li’s figure flashed in pursuit of Yang Ye.

Nether Maiden who was fighting Xuan Long in the distance noticed this scene, and her beautiful brows knit together slightly. She suddenly pushed her palm forward, and a formidable wave of force surged out and blasted back the enormous dragon that stood before her. At the same time, she crossed her palms and waved them simultaneously. A faint ripple undulated, and then both horns on the enormous dragon’s head were chopped off….


The enormous dragon roared furiously, and its roar carried both rage and terror.

“If you don’t want Man Li to die here, then quickly go save him!” said Nether Maiden.

“From that fellow?” The enormous dragon revealed disdain in his eyes as he said, “Even a Half-Saint wouldn’t be able to kill Man Li while he holds the Herculean Hammer in his grasp. Nether Maiden, let’s continue!”

“I’ll cripple you if you attack again!” Nether Maiden spoke abruptly, “I’ve only not killed or crippled you because the defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal, and all of you’ll be part of the main forces of our Hallowed Grounds. It’s not because I can’t kill you or cripple you, understand?”

“Nether Maiden, you’re too merciful!” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded. Nether Maiden’s eyelids twitched slightly, and then she slowly closed her eyes. On the other hand, the others stopped fighting as well, and their gazes converged onto Yang Ye.

“Where’s Man Li?” Long Xuan returned to his human form and stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Yang Ye shrugged and said, “We both left, and only I returned. So, he’s dead, of course.”

Man Li was dead, of course. Because Yang Ye naturally stopped hiding his strength once he left Nether Maiden and the others, and he utilized the Stone of Suppression and his Sword Servant, Man Yuan. Coupled with the strength Yang Ye possessed, Man Li was practically unable to fight back before he was instantly annihilated. On the other hand, the Herculean Hammer had fallen into Yang Ye’s possession. It wasn’t just the Herculean Hammer, Yang Ye had even obtained around 5,000 extreme-grade energy stones and over a dozen Dao Rank treasures!

“I refuse to believe that!” Long Xuan spoke in a low voice.

“You can wait if you don’t believe me. See if he comes back!” Yang Ye walked over to Nether Maiden and said, “Now, it’s four against three. If you’re willing to do it, then we’re absolutely capable of annihilating them all. All of them possess extraordinary backgrounds, so they definitely possess a huge amount of treasure. Nether Maiden, let’s kill them and share their possessions….”

The corners of Nether Maiden’s mouth twitched slightly. She opened her eyes and glanced at Yang Ye before she said, “While he did commit a mistake, he didn’t deserve death. So long as he advanced into the Half-Saint Realm, he would definitely be able to kill many defiant profounders in the future. Yet you….”

Yang Ye puckered his lips and said, “You told us not to hold back, and that we will include burials if they die!”

She fell silent for a short while before she said, “I shouldn’t have said that!”

“Unfortunately, it’s too late!” Yang Ye shrugged.

Meanwhile, Long Xuan spoke abruptly, “No matter who you are, the Man Clan will definitely kill you!”

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule as he turned to look at Long Xuan’s group. He said, “What? You’re being sore losers now? You intend to bring out your backing? Since you can’t accept defeat, then why act so arrogantly just now? Huh? Why were all of you being so arrogant? You can’t accept defeat yet wanted to fight us, then became sore losers once you lost. Tsk, tsk. Trash like you calls himself a member of the Dragon Race? The Dragon Race should have been annihilated if it’s filled with trash like you.”

“How dare you!” Long Xuan was furious, and a strand of terrifying Dragon Pressure instantly enveloped Yang Ye. However, everyone noticed to their surprise that the pressure didn’t affect Yang Ye at all.

What a joke! Yang Ye had the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor. The Dragon Ancestor wasn’t just the ancestor of the dragons on Profounder Continent, he was even the ancestor of the dragons in the Hallowed Grounds. So, Long Xuan was clearly courting death by trying to use his Dragon Pressure against Yang Ye. Because no dragon in this world could affect Yang Ye with their Dragon Pressure.

Moreover, unless the dragons in this world attained the Saint Realm, otherwise, all of them would be suppressed by the bloodline Yang Ye possessed!

“How could this be possible?” Long Xuan’s eyes were filled with disbelief. After all, even Nether Maiden was slightly affected by his Dragon Pressure, but this fellow who stood before him wasn’t affected at all.

Yang Ye gazed at Nether Maiden and said, “If you don’t want to kill them, then I’ll do it.”

“Allow me instead!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and the expressions of everyone including Yang Ye changed drastically. Because that voice came from beneath the ocean.

“We’re in danger!” Nether Maiden revealed a rare trace of seriousness on her face.


Right at this moment, the ground they stood on suddenly collapsed, and then countless torrents of water surged out from the ocean and swept all of them into the Netherworld Ocean.

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