Chapter 754 – The Founding Ancestor!

Almighty Sword Domain

He’s going back on his word! Yang Ye seemed to have expected it, and he spoke without the slightest shred of surprise, “Senior, are you sure?”

The middle aged man glanced at the mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servant by Yang Ye’s side and laughed with ridicule, “Puppets are puppets in the end. How can they compare to humans? I’ll give you a chance. Hand over those puppets you took and that mid-grade Half-Saint puppet of yours, and I’ll spare your life. Otherwise, even death would be a dream for you!”

“Alright. Actually, I intended to kill you, but I didn’t have an excuse to do so. Fortunately, I do now!” Yang Ye waved his right hand, and 6 Half-Saints appeared around him.

A wisp or ridicule appeared on the corners of the middle aged man’s mouth when he saw them, and he said, “You intend to kill me with just these puppets? How laughable! You’re only at the Monarch….”

The middle aged man’s voice stopped abruptly, and he revealed shock in his eyes. Because his cultivation had instantly fallen to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

“The Stone of Suppression! You actually have the Stone of Suppression!” There was some panic in his voice.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. He issued a command, and then Guardian Lin shot explosively towards the middle aged man. At the same time, the other Half-Saint Sword Servants pounced at the middle aged man’s Half-Saint puppets.

“Stop! You can have the other 4 puppets!” Suddenly, the middle aged man who was in fierce battle with Guardian Lin spoke anxiously. While he was a mid-grade Half-Saint as well, the Stone of Suppression had caused him to be comparable to an ordinary Half-Saint at most.

“It’s too late for that!” A strand of Sword Intent sprayed out from Yang Ye, and it smashed down like a mountain upon the middle aged man, causing his mobility to be instantly reduced. At the same time, a ray of light flashed.

The middle aged man’s expression changed drastically at the same time, and there was even horror in his eyes. He forcefully twisted his figure, but it was still a little too slow.


His left arm flew off into the air.

Meanwhile, Guardian Lin’s sword emanated a ray of light as it slashed down towards him!

The middle aged man was horrified. He used his remaining hand to slap forward, and a formidable energy palm shot forward explosively. It collided with Guardian Lin’s attack while he turned around and shot explosively in the other direction.

He was extremely swift, and it merely took him less than a breath of time to charge over 6km away.

However, a ray of light suddenly charged out from below, and it was even faster than him and instantly caught up to him. The middle aged man’s expression changed drastically. He was just about to act against it when Guardian Lin appeared before him. Guardian Lim pushed his palm forward, and a powerful torrent of water blasted the middle aged man down to the bottom of the ocean.

At the same time, the ray of light shot through the middle aged man’s chest….

A short while later, the middle aged man was lying on the ground while his body was nailed to the ground by swords. Moreover, 6 Half-Saints were standing on guard around him.

“You’re so young yet possess Heaven Rank Sword Intent, and your own combat strength is actually so terrifying. I never imagined that such a genius would have actually appeared in the Hallowed Grounds!” The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke. Even if he was nailed to the ground, he didn’t show any signs of panic and fear.

Yang Ye walked over to the middle aged man and said, “Are you fearless because you think that you can’t be killed?”

The middle aged man replied, “Kid, I lost. Let me go and take those puppets.”

“I can still take those puppets even if I don’t let you go!” Yang Ye continued, “You can have your freedom, but only if you can make it worth my time. Otherwise, I’ll take you back to the Hallowed Grounds. Hehe. You’re equivalent to a defiant profounder now. I’m sure you can imagine what the Hallowed Grounds would do to you!”

“I’ve been sealed here for 100,000 years. Do you think I would have any treasures?” said the middle aged man in a low voice.

“None? Then prepare to return to the Hallowed Halls. I presume that I’ll definitely obtain a huge amount of points from taking you back with me!” said Yang Ye.

The middle aged man spoke hastily, “Wait!”

“What?” asked Yang Ye.

The middle aged man pondered deeply for a short while, and then he said, “You cultivate the sword, and you possess 1st level Sword Intent right now. While it’s strong, it doesn’t affect Half-Saints much. Only 2nd level Sword Intent is capable of posing a threat to Half-Saints. I can help you attain 2nd level Sword Intent!”

“Really?” Yang Ye’s face became slightly serious. Since he utilized Intent Ignition that day, he’d been constantly frustrated by the drop of his Sword Intent. Because it was just like the middle aged man had said, 1st level Sword Intent wasn’t a threat to Half-Saints at all. But practically all his opponents were Half-Saints right now. So, 1st level Sword Intent was quite insufficient.

“Of course. But you have to let me go first!” said the middle aged man.

“I’m not convinced!” said Yang Ye.

“Devouring Sword Intent!” The middle aged man said, “You should be aware that stronger Sword Intent is capable of devouring weaker Sword Intent. So long as you devour a huge amount of Sword Intent, then your Sword Intent would have a chance at advancing by a level. There was a pitiably small amount of sword cultivators who comprehended Sword Intent during my time. I presume that it’s the same right now. So….”

“So you have a way to help me. Or to be more precise, you know where I can get Sword Intent to devour, right?” Yang Ye smiled.

“Of course!” The middle aged man smiled as well, “I’ll take you there right now if you let me go.”

“Take me there first. I’ll let you go once I’m done!” Yang Ye said, “Don’t try to bargain with me because you were the one who went back on his word. I can’t trust you any other way.”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “You really will spare me?”

Yang Ye said, “I didn’t go back on my word just now, right?”

“Alright, I’ll take you there!” stated the middle aged man.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he turned around with the intent of taking the other 8 stone coffins. He said, “How long more before that thing within you will die?”

The middle aged man replied, “I can sense it weakening. It should vanish in 2 months at most!”

Yang Ye said, “In other words, all of you’ll become ordinary people in 2 months?”

The middle aged man replied, “Sort of.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he waved his right hand and took all 8 stone coffins. Of course, he didn’t place them within the Primordial Pagoda but the ancient sheath. He’d originally intended to refine the middle aged man into a Sword Servant, but he abandoned the idea in the end. Because that black worm was too terrifying, and he didn’t want to court death.

However, wouldn’t it be a completely different story if those black worms were dead? He could refine them into Sword Servants once the black worms were dead. Every single one of those people within the stone coffins was a mid-grade Half-Saint at least! So, if he refined them into Sword Servants, it would be equivalent to possessing 9 mid-grade Half-Saints and 10 ordinary Half-Saints!

“What’re you doing!?” said the middle aged man in a deep voice.

“They seem to be not bad, so I intend to give them away. What? Can I not do that?” Yang Ye glanced indifferently at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the swords which nailed the middle aged man to the ground immediately flew to him. He said, “I hope you’re sincere this time. Otherwise, I guarantee that you’ll regret it.”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye as he stated, “If it’s a one on one battle, then I can fight 100 people like you!”

Yang Ye chuckled and replied, “If I’ve lived as long as you have, then I would be able to kill someone like you with a single glance! Anyway, stop all this nonsense. The current situation is one where the eight of us will attack you if you dare to attack, so feel free to do so if you think that you can fight 8 by yourself!”

The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye. He didn’t’ speak a single word, and he just moved towards the depths of the ocean.

Yang Ye naturally followed him.

The deeper they went, the greater the pressure Yang Ye felt pressing down upon him, and it started to feel like over a dozen mountains were pressing down upon him and almost suffocating him.

The middle aged man led the way ahead. Of course, there were 7 Half-Saint Sword Servants around the middle aged man.

“Make your puppets help you if you can’t hold on. Otherwise, you might get squashed to death by the water pressure here!” The middle aged man frequently shot glances at Yang Ye and said, “Don’t be afraid of losing face. According to my knowledge, all those so-called geniuses who’ve come here to train in the past have never gotten this deep!”

The middle aged man’s expression suddenly changed when he spoke up to this point, and his gaze towards Yang Ye had become extremely solemn. He said, “You’re actually not using any profound energy and merely relying on your body to resist the pressure!”

Yang Ye didn’t answer the middle aged man. He glanced at the surroundings and said, “This is quite a good place to train! While using the strength of his body alone to resist the pressure, he faintly sensed that a fine transformation was occurring within him. Even though it was very small, it was still very shocking to him.

Because his body was at an extremely terrifying level right now, and ordinary methods of cultivation were utterly incapable of improving it in the slightest. However, he was able to feel that his body was improving here.

Since it can improve the strength of my body, can it do the same for my Sword Intent? Yang Ye hesitated for a moment when he thought up to this point, and then he released his 11th level Sword Intent and allowed it to ceaselessly resist the water pressure from the surroundings.

The middle aged man took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye before he continued leading the way.

Just like that, they continued walking for around another hour while the water pressure around them grew stronger and stronger. In the end, Yang Ye even started to gasp for breath. However, his eyes flickered with excitement because he felt that his Sword Intent was showing signs of advancement!

What a freak! The middle aged man was extremely shocked because the water pressure here was even a threat to Half-Saints. Just like this very moment, those Half-Saint Sword Servants around him were moving extremely slowly now.

They continued travelling for around another 2 hours, and then a palace appeared within their fields of vision.

Suddenly, the middle aged man frowned, and he gazed at the entrance of the palace and said, “The Unfettered One was here? The Unfettered One? What the heck is that?”

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