Chapter 756 – The Sword Spirit’s Master!

Almighty Sword Domain

The 10,000 swords fueled by a mysterious force shot towards Yang Ye and the middle aged man, and the might they possessed could simply be described as obliterating.

Shit! Yang Ye cried out in his heart when he heard the mysterious voice, and he hurriedly activated the Herculean Armor once more. At the same time, he withdrew the ice shield and placed it before himself. However, he quickly noticed that countless cracks had started to appear on the ice shield after just 2 breaths of time. Yang Ye was shocked by this discovery. He hurriedly put it away as he didn’t want to lose it here.

Once he lost the ice shield’s protection, sword intent immediately surged madly out of him, and his formidable sword intent formed a barrier before him. But it wasn’t long before even the shield created by his 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent had started to crack….

Yang Ye was shocked. He glanced at the middle aged man and noticed that he was in quite a miserable state. All sorts of swords had stabbed through his body and nailed him to the ground. He couldn’t move at all. Even then, Yang Ye noticed that he was still alive!

Needless to say, the undying body of the defiant profounders was beyond extraordinary!

After the middle aged man fell, the other swords in the surroundings immediately surged towards Yang Ye. They formed a dense mass that enveloped Yang Ye. Fortunately, he had that barrier made of sword intent, so he still didn’t have to fight a melee battle with the swords yet.

The countless swords formed a huge ball of swords and Yang Ye was painstakingly persisting within it.

At this moment, Yang Ye was very clearly aware of the situation he faced. His sword intent couldn’t stop these swords if such a situation were to continue. The reason he could resist until now wasn’t because he was stronger than the middle aged man, it was because he’d comprehended sword intent. The damage these swords inflicted upon his sword intent was much weaker than what it did to the middle aged man!

Otherwise, not to mention him, even his Sword Servant, Guardian Lin, wouldn’t be able to resist these swords. Because every single one of these swords carried a strand of faint sword intent!

In other words, the swords weren’t formidable because they were at the Dao Rank, the true reason was the sword intent that they carried!

Time flowed by slowly. Cold sweat started to appear on Yang Ye’s face, and the barrier he created from sword intent was on the verge of shattering….

Do I really have no choice but to utilize the Herculean Armor and my own physical defenses to resist these swords? Yang Ye was quite afraid of using the Herculean Armor to go against these swords. Because once it failed him, then losing the Herculean Armor wouldn’t be his greatest problem. The greatest problem he faced would be his own death.

The Herculean Armor was very terrifying, and even Half-Saints couldn’t destroy it with ease. However, these swords were far more terrifying than Half-Saints, and they were even much stronger than mid-grade Half-Saints!

But how am I to protect myself from them if I don’t use the Herculean Armor?

After a long moment of deep thought and right when those swords were about to shatter his barrier, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up. He took a step forward and activated the Sword Domain.

The Sword Domain! That was his solution!

The Sword Domain was absolutely more terrifying than sword intent, but he hadn’t grasped its true secrets. So, its ability in real combat was inferior to his sword intent. Even then, it was absolutely not useless.

What was the Sword Domain?

Yang Ye didn’t know the answer to that question. All he knew was that he could sense everything within an area of 1.5km around himself once he activated it. It was like a shapeless and invisible net that covered the surroundings, and it was an embodiment of his spirit, energy, essence, and will. It was a very strange feeling. It was like everything covered within the net was a part of his body….

To put it simply, it was control!

He felt like he was the overlord in that area, he was the god of it!

He had such a feeling, yet he didn’t know how to govern it….

As soon as the Sword Domain appeared, Yang Ye noticed that the swords within its scope started to slow down, and the glow they emanated gradually dimmed down as well.

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes. He could sense everything within the Sword Domain’s scope even without using his eyes. It was a very strange yet clear feeling, and it was clear to the point he could sense everything about those swords. Even the state they were in right now or how strong they were….

Simply speaking, he could see through everything within the Sword Domain’s scope.

The swords within the Sword Domain had stopped moving.

Quite some time passed before Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and a wisp of disappointment and bewilderment flashed through his eyes. He felt like he’d touched something yet wasn’t able to catch it. So, he was still unable to truly grasp the secrets of his Sword Domain. As for why the swords had stopped, it wasn’t because of his Sword Domain. They’d stopped on their own!

“12th level sword intent, the Sword Domain, and the Enlightened Sword Heart…. You… pass!” The voice resounded, and then all the swords returned to their original state.

Yang Ye didn’t walk forward. He glanced at the swords in the surroundings instead. After all, it was 10,000 Dao Rank swords! Could he give up on obtaining them? The answer was definitely no.

But he was disappointed because he couldn’t move a single one of them. They were like rocks that he couldn’t even shake with his full strength.

While Yang Ye was rendered helpless, the damaged sword chest within his spatial ring suddenly flew out, and then Yang Ye watched with astonishment as all the swords actually transformed into rays of light and shot into it….

It wasn’t long before all 10,000 swords had vanished.

After that, the sword chest returned to his spatial ring.

Yang Ye stood silently on the spot for a short while, and then he flipped his palm. Solemnness and bewilderment filled his eyes as he gazed at the sword chest, Looks like its strength is far beyond my expectations. Could it be at the Saint Rank? Even if it is, it’s impossible for it to subdue 10,000 Dao Rank swords, right? If it isn’t at the Saint Rank, then could it be a treasure that’s above the Saint Rank? Looks like I have to find the time to head back to Nameless City and ask that old man where he got this sword chest!

Yang Ye didn’t waste anymore time and put the sword chest away. Because those swords and the sword chest were his anyway!

“Go on ahead by yourself. I won’t be following you!” Suddenly, a weak voice came from the side.

Yang Ye looked over and saw that the middle aged man was still lying on the ground. Even though the swords were gone, his body was still riddled with holes, and it was recovering at an extremely slow pace!

Yang Ye shook his head. He felt that while that undying physique was great, but there were many times that it was merely something that brought torture to its possessor. Just like this very moment, the middle aged man was definitely in a state where living was worse than death.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the middle aged man. He left a Sword Saint behind before he turned around and continued forward.

The Half-Saint Sword Servant wasn’t there to take care of the middle aged man, it was there to watch him. In that way, his every move would be within Yang Ye’s control.

Yang Ye walked for a while before the scene around him warped. A short while later, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he noticed that he wasn’t in the hall any longer. He was on a square.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed because countless strands of invisible sword intent had suddenly appeared around him, and they surged towards him like a surging torrent!

1st level Heaven Rank sword intent!

Endless 1st level Heaven Rank sword intent surged towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye wasn’t surprised but overjoyed by this instead. He would definitely face a huge amount of trouble if it were a day ago, yet now…. His sword intent was at the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank. In other words, he could devour them, madly devour them!

Yang Ye was doing just that. He completely disregarded putting up any defenses and just allowed it to surge into him….

In the beginning, it felt absolutely satisfying to Yang Ye. Because he clearly sensed his sword intent rising madly, but it wasn’t long before the situation turned slightly bad. It was because the speed at which he absorbed and converted the sword intent was too slow, but the sword intent around him hadn’t reduced in the slightest. Moreover, it was even growing more and more. So, he had too much sword intent within him!

Yang Ye’s entire body had swelled up, and it was growing larger and larger. Since he couldn’t absorb and convert them in time, they started to surge through his meridians and bones, and that was why his body started to swell up.

Yang Ye didn’t dare allow the sword intent to surge wildly through his body. He hurriedly released his own sword intent, and it surged out madly. In that way, his body was equivalent to a transit station, and new sword intent was entering to be absorbed while his own surged out towards the surroundings….

Of course, it was extraordinarily beneficial as well. Because once the sword intent surged into his body, they were being gradually devoured by him and strengthening his own sword intent.

Time slowly passed by just like that.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye finally finished absorbing all the sword intent around him. He stood there on the spot with his eyes slightly closed while the space around him rippled as if some sort of terrifying thing was smashing against it.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a peerless sword which was about to be unsheathed, and his aura was extremely fierce and sharp to the point it could pierce the sky!

A long time passed before Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and 2 rays of light actually shot out from within them. Everywhere they passed, even space was instantly torn apart.


Yang Ye took a deep breath and spoke softly, “What a pity…. The peak of the 12th level. I’m only a step away, just a step away from the 13th level! What a pity!”

Even though he’d devoured a huge amount of sword intent, he hadn’t risen to the 3rd level of Heaven Rank sword intent. However, he’d gained great gains. Firstly, he was at the peak of the 2nd level, and he was only a step away from 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. No, he was actually just half a step away. Because he’d touched its threshold and even taken one step through it!

So long as he had some sword intent to devour or had a fortuitous encounter, then he was confident in his ability to immediately step foot into the 3rd level!

Even though he hadn’t, the might of his sword intent was countless times stronger than before, and it couldn’t compare to the past at all!

In short, his gains were enormous!

“Congratulations! You’re only half a step from the 3rd level of Heaven Rank sword intent!” Meanwhile, a scholarly man appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw the man. Because the man was holding a sword, and the sheath of that sword was actually the ancient sheath!

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