Chapter 759 – Sword Spirit! I’m Coming!

Almighty Sword Domain

He’ll kill whomever who stops him? Lunar Rite Hall will cease to exist…?

All the members of Lunar Rite Hall who were present here felt infuriated, and they didn’t even glance at the person who’d arrived before intending to attack and kill him. However, they were stopped by Mu Qingfeng. Moreover, they noticed that an extremely solemn expression resided in her eyes.

All of them were quite stunned, and then they looked over towards the source of the voice. They saw a green robed man walking over slowly. The man was very young, and he seemed to be around the age of 20 if based on his appearance alone. There was a small ‘’ character embroidered on his left chest area, and it represented his surname, Gu. The expressions of all the members of Lunar Rite Hall immediately changed when they saw it.

“The Gu Clan! Its ancestor was the first Hallowed Lord of the Hallowed Halls, and it has existed for over 100,000 years. Its resources and reserves are simply unfathomable. Gu Yuexian, a genius of the Gu Clan’s younger generation, and its most terrifying genius since time immemorial.” Mu Qingfeng spoke seriously while she stood by Yang Ye’s side, “The Gu Clan is said to be the number one clan in the city. Actually, it isn’t just in the Ancient City of Hallows, it’s extremely influential throughout the Hallowed Grounds. Even Nether Maiden has to give the Gu Clan face. You absolutely can’t act rashly!” The last few words were the key point she wanted to convey.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Do you know what my background is?”

Mu Qingfeng was slightly stunned, and then she said, “Actually, I really don’t!”

“Allow me to tell you that my background is much greater than his!” Yang Ye spoke in a very serious manner, “So, don’t be afraid!”

Mu Qingfeng was speechless.

Yang Ye gazed at Fu Jinxian, yet he noticed that she was staring fixedly at the green robed man, and the resentment in her eyes even caused his heart to tremble.

“Young Master Gu, you’re here!” Qian Yan smiled at Gu Yuexian, and his eyes actually seemed to carry a trace of flattery.

Gu Yuexian didn’t even spare Qian Yan a glance. His gaze immediately descended upon Fu Jinxian, and then he laughed coldly, “You were such a beautiful woman. I never expected that you would have become like that. Don’t worry, this Young Master can restore your appearance. Not only am I able to do that, I’m even able to make you even more beautiful. Of course, the price you have to pay is that you’ll become a female dog by my side from today onwards!”

“If I’m a female dog, then wouldn’t you be a male dog?” Fu Jinxian laughed coldly.

Gu Yuexian’s gaze became icy cold, and then he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “You think you can go against me just because you have his support? Just watch, I’ll let you witness how worthless that fellow who you rely on is when he stands before me, Gu Yuexian!”

“Not to mention you, in my opinion, even you and your older brother together can’t even amount to half of him!” Besides still having resentment in her eyes, her emotions had calmed down once more.

‘How dare you! Fu Jinxian! How dare you speak to Young Master Gu in such a manner?” Qian Yan glared furiously at Fu Jinxian and seemed as if he intended to act against her.

Gu Yuexian laughed coldly, and then he gazed at Mu Qingfeng and said, “Mu Qingfeng, your Lunar Rite Hall can be considered to have a slight relationship with my Gu Clan, so I don’t want to leave no room for staying on friendly terms. I’m taking her. If you insist on stopping me, then I’ll just use my strength to destroy your Lunar Rite Hall.”

“She’s a member of my Lunar Rite Hall!” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a low voice. If she were to hand Fu Jinxian over just like that, then the prestige that the Lunar Rite Hall had just gained from attacking the Man Clan would be instantly destroyed.

Gu Jinxian had a savage smile on the corners of his mouth as he said, “So, Lunar Rite Hall intends to protect her, huh?”

Mu Qingfeng’s eyes drooped. At this moment, she was quite troubled. The members of the Gu Clan had never attempted to ascend the Hallowed Rankings, but she had no doubt that their strength was absolutely formidable. Just like Gu Yuexian who stood before her. If he were to attempt to ascend the Hallowed Rankings, then there would definitely be a spot for him in the top 5. So, if he really intended to attack Lunar Rite Hall, then it would undoubtedly be a calamity for Lunar Rite Hall.

But if she were to hand Fu Jinxian over just like that, then Lunar Rite Hall’s prestige would be completely destroyed.

“I withdraw from Lunar Rite Hall!” Suddenly, Fu Jinxian stepped forward while Mu Qingfeng was conflicted. She glanced at the members of Lunar Rite Hall in the surroundings and said, “I’m sorry. I haven’t done anything since I joined Lunar Rite Hall, but I constantly brought trouble to Lunar Rite Hall. Now, I can’t implicate all of you anymore. This is my own problem, so I’ll deal with it on my own!”

The other members of Lunar Rite Hall remained silent. Actually, many of them were quite displeased with her. Because it was indeed as she’d said. She really had caused a huge amount of trouble for Lunar Rite Hall since she joined. It was fine if it was just once or twice. But the trouble she brought Lunar Rite Hall was incessant….

“I withdraw from Lunar Rite Hall as well!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed slightly. Mu Qingfeng even walked over to Yang Ye and said, “You don’t have to do this. We, the Lunar Rite Hall, will stand with her!”

It wasn’t a huge deal to her if Fu Jinxian left, but if Yang Ye were to leave, then it would definitely be an enormous loss to Lunar Rite Hall. Because the name Yang Man was extremely influential in the Ancient City of Hallows.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m not withdrawing because I’m displeased with Lunar Rite Hall. It’s because I really don’t want to drag it down with me. I’m one who always causes trouble. Being alone is the best for a person like me. Because I wouldn’t be dragging anyone down with me. Allow us to deal with this by ourselves. Don’t try to persuade me. As the Hall Master, you can’t just think of the well-being of a few, you have to think of every single member.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Fu Jinxian, “I’ve realized that there’s no place for you in the Hallowed Grounds. You should head to my hometown once we’re done here. At the very least, you can cultivate in peace there, and you’ll be much safer as well. Moreover, no one knows you there, so you can restore your appearance and start over!”

Fu Jinxian just gazed silently at Yang Ye.

“She won’t have the chance to start over!” Meanwhile, Gu Yuexian spoke abruptly, “I’ve heard of you. You crushed Snow’s Lament on your own, and you almost crushed the Man Clan as well. However, all of that are only trivial matters to me. Do you know why you’re still alive until now? It’s because I’m giving Nether Maiden face. If it wasn’t for the fact that she seems to know you, I would have ended you a long time ago!”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Gu Yuexian, and then he shook his head and smiled, “You know… I really didn’t want to kill you. I really didn’t. because not only will your older brother come after me once I do, even your father and grandfather would. The older generation always try to avenge the young. It’s truly annoying. However….”

Yang Ye flipped his palm when he spoke up to this point, and the Herculean Hammer appeared in his grasp, “However, if I don’t kill you, then you would think that you’re really so great and almighty….”

“Yang Man!” Suddenly, Mu Qingfeng spoke anxiously, “He’s comparable to the 5th on the Hallowed Rankings, at least! Don’t act rashly….”

“The 5th? I wouldn’t fear him even if he’s in the top 3!” Yang Ye interrupted Mu Qingfeng, and then the Herculean Hammer smashed down like a mountain towards Gu Yuexian.

Everyone here was stunned. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would attack just like that. At this moment, even Gu Yuexian was slightly stunned. In his opinion, it was he who should be acting arrogantly, and it should be him who launched the first attack. However, this fellow before him was even more arrogant than he was and had even attacked first!”

It was contempt!

Complete and utter contempt! It was contempt to him, Gu Yuexian, and it was contempt to the Gu Clan!

“You’re courting death!” Gu Yuexian roared furiously as he slapped his palm towards Yang Ye’s hammer. Gu Yuexian’s right palm gradually enlarged as it moved towards the Herculean Hammer, and less than half a breath of time passed before his palm was more than 2 times larger than the Herculean Hammer.


A huge explosion resounded from the collision while Gu Yuexian’s legs caved from the force, and he was almost smashed to the ground. At this moment, there was astonishment in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s strength would actually be so terrifying!

“Down!” Yang Ye roared fiercely as he took the hammer in both hands and pressed it down….


Gu Yuexian was smashed into the ground. Yang Ye was about to follow up with another attack when 2 enormous palms slapped forcefully towards him from the right. Yang Ye stopped and swung the Herculean Hammer towards those palms. An enormous bang resounded as the palms dispersed amidst powerful rumbling.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Qian Yan and the Fire Spirit Race’s Grand Elder.

Yang Ye didn’t launch another attack. He grabbed Fu Jinxian’s shoulder, and then his figure flashed and vanished into the horizon.

He wanted to kill Qian Yan and Gu Yuexian, but the situation didn’t allow it. Because he’d sensed the aura of numerous Half-Saints rushing towards Lunar Rite Hall. So, he would definitely be locked in battle if he didn’t leave right now.

“Yang Man! I swear that I’ll kill you!” Gu Yuexian’s furious roar resounded from beneath the ground.

After flying for almost 500km, Yang Ye finally stopped when he confirmed that they weren’t being pursued.

Yang Ye gazed at Fu Jinxian and said, “There’s no place in the Hallowed Grounds for you or me. Head to Profounder Continent. As I said before, you can start over there. Moreover, if you want to take revenge, then the first thing you need is a safe place to cultivate in peace, right? Besides that, the Hallowed Grounds will fall into great chaos in a month of two from now. Once that happens, you won’t be able to survive in the Hallowed Grounds with the strength you possess right now.”

Fu Jinxian gazed at him and asked, “Why are you constantly helping me like this?”

Yang Ye replied, “Your experiences are slightly similar to my own. But my luck was better than yours, and I obtained some fortuitous encounters. So, I’ve taken my revenge. If you want to take your revenge, then you have to survive first. That’s all I can say.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye took out a 1,000 year old Firecrystal and gave it to her, “Good luck!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Fu Jinxian’s gaze was slightly blank as she held the Firecrystal in her hand.

Suddenly, the voice of a woman resounded, “Jinxian, that fellow’s body is full of Yang energy, and it’s like a scorching sun. Even the extraordinary geniuses from 100,000 years ago can’t compare to him. If you absorb his Yang energy and devour his cultivation, you’ll definitely be able to attain the Half-Saint Realm!” The voice carried a trace of excitement and madness.

Fu Jinxian’s expression instantly became icy cold when she heard this, and she said, “I’ll immediately take you down with me if you dare to do that!”

A short while passed before Fu Jinxian left. However, she didn’t head in the direction of Profounder Continent, and she headed towards a completely different direction instead.

Yang Ye returned to the Ancient City of Hallows. Of course, he didn’t return openly but snuck into the city instead, and he immediately headed to the Teleportation Hall of the Hallowed Halls.

“The Pagoda of Confinement!” Yang Ye gazed at the old man who stood before him and withdrew his point card.

The old man raised his head, glanced at Yang Ye, and then he took the card and tapped it lightly. 50,000 points immediately vanished from Yang Ye’s card.

The old man returned the card to Yang Ye and said, “The 1st room on the 4th level.”

Yang Ye took his card, and then he went to the 4th level. Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the room before him. He said, “Sword Spirit! I’m coming!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stepped into the room, and then a blue glow enveloped him. It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s figure to vanish from the room.

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