Chapter 761 – The True Heavenrend!

Almighty Sword Domain

It won’t budge at all? Yang Ye’s pupils constricted behind his mask. Meanwhile, he sensed a few white robed old men were charging towards him from afar. Obviously, they knew what his intentions were.

What should I do?Leave?

But how could he be willing to leave just like that? Moreover, if he left now, then it would undoubtedly be beyond difficult to try and rescue the Sword Spirit’s main body again. So, he couldn’t let this opportunity slip by!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then Guardian Lin and 10 other Half-Saint Sword Servants appeared before him and engaged the white robed Half-Saints in battle.

“Half-Saint puppets! Who exactly are you!” The old man’s shocked and furious voice resounded, and then numerous explosions resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the seal that floated above the sword, and a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes as he swung Lunar Reverie at it!


A muffled explosion resounded. The seal trembled violently, but Lunar Reverie trembled even more violently in Yang Ye’s grasp. Moreover, Yang Ye was shocked to notice that cracks had even appeared on Lunar Reverie!

“How dare you! That sword is the key to sealing the defiant profounders! All the defiant profounders will cease to be restrained if you destroy that! Do you know what the consequences of that would be?” The white robed old man who led the group of experts against Yang Ye’s Sword Servants roared with fury.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man. As he gazed once more at the seal, he didn’t dare underestimate it at all. He flipped his palm, and he exchanged Lunar Reverie for the Herculean Hammer. He took it in both hands, and then he smashed it down towards the seal.

This time, he didn’t hold back at all, and he even utilized the Herculean Armor’s boost in strength. So, the strength of this strike tore space apart.


The Herculean Hammer struck the seal again, and both the hammer and the seal trembled violently. Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised the hammer and struck down once more.


A huge explosion resounded as the seal exploded apart before the eyes of everyone.

“Don’t you dare!” The old man’s eyes almost split apart from rage, and they were completely crimson red. He seemed to be filled with madness and astonishment.

Yang Ye paid no attention to that. He grabbed the sword’s hilt with his right hand. This time, it didn’t take him much effort to pull the sword out. However, a strand of emotions that carried unwillingness, resentment, and madness surged into his mind at the moment he pulled it out, causing his face to instantly turn savage.

Those emotions filled his mind, causing him to only have a single thought left, and it was to kill! Kill everything before him!

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s mind to regain clarity, and then he gazed at the sword with shock. He hadn’t expected that it could actually throw his mind into disorder. After all, he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, and he’d even comprehended 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent.

Yang Ye didn’t dare hold the sword for a moment longer. Because the negative emotions within it hadn’t reduced at all, and it was even surging incessantly towards him like a torrent.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the ancient sheath appeared before him. He sheathed the sword within the ancient sheath before he turned around, waved his hand, and placed the Sword Servants back into the Primordial Pagoda.

After that, he stomped his right foot against the top of the pagoda, and he transformed into a ray of light which shot towards the exit.

“Stop him! Stop him!” The white robed old man roared hysterically with rage.

However, right when Yang Ye left the top of the pagoda, the entire Pagoda of Confinement suddenly started trembling violently.

The white robed old man was horrified, and he hurriedly shouted, “Everyone get back here and guard the pagoda! Disregard him!”

When they saw the Pagoda of Confinement trembling violently and seeming to be on the verge of splitting apart, all the other white robed experts were horrified, and they couldn’t be bothered to stop the other defiant profounders. All of them charged towards the pagoda.

Meanwhile, the defiant profounders didn’t stay for a moment longer. All of them shot into the air and charged towards the exit. Because all of them were very clearly aware that a huge amount of reinforcements was definitely on the way, and only death would be awaiting them if they stayed a moment longer!

Right when Yang Ye was about to charge out, an enormous being appeared at the exit. It was completely pitch black, had the head of a lion, the horns of a deer, the eyes of a tiger, the scales of a dragon, and the tail of a dragon. At this moment, it was staring fixedly at Yang Ye with a cold and vicious gaze, and it caused Yang Ye to feel extremely uncomfortable.

A Qilin!A Qilin of legend!

Yang Ye was shocked. He hadn’t expected that he would see a legendary Qilin here. But aren’t Qilins auspicious beasts? That’s clearly not an auspicious beast. If it were, then it would absolutely not emanate such a cold and vicious aura. It’s like the convergence of the evil throughout the world.

The black Qilin opened its enormous mouth, and it seemed like it intended to bite Yang Ye. However, a voice suddenly resounded from its back, “Blacky, we have important matters to attend to.”

Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the voice, and he saw a man standing on the Qilin’s back. He wore a dark golden robe, and the robe was covered in all sorts of strange symbols. The symbols seemed as if they were alive, and they were actually moving slowly. As for the man’s appearance, he was extremely handsome with angular features that seemed as if they were carved by a blade. Besides that, there was a broad ink black sword hanging from his waist while he held a scroll that had strange symbols inscribed on it. At this moment, his handsome face had a carefree grin on it, and he emanated a refined yet vicious aura.

Yang Ye’s gaze focused on the man. The man grinned as a palm sized talisman appeared before him. He said, “If I activate this talisman, then this exit will be immediately sealed. Trust me, you won’t be able to escape even if you’re at the Half-Saint Realm.”

Yang Ye filled his palm, and the Stone of Suppression appeared in his grasp. At the same time, his 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent surged out madly and pressed down like a million mountains from above the man and the Qilin. Moreover, strands of dazzling light surged out, and less than a breath of time passed before 10,000 swords formed an enormous ball that enveloped all 3 of them.

“I’ll die if I can’t escape. Do you think I’ll be able to drag you down with me before that happens?” Yang Ye gazed at the man as he spoke.

The man sized up the surroundings, yet there wasn’t a trace of panic on his face. He just revealed a trace of surprise before he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Around the age of 20. Peak 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart. Tsk, tsk. How extraordinary. Besides those freaks of the Nether Pavilion, this world was actually capable of producing a genius like you. However, if you intend to rely on all of this to drag me down with you, then I’m afraid it isn’t sufficient!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 11 Half-Saint puppets appeared around him as he said, “What about now?”

The man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “You can leave. Let’s spar if we have the chance.”

“As you wish!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the swords and Half-Saints returned into the Primordial Pagoda. After that, his figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that charged out from the exit.

As soon as Yang Ye left, the talisman that floated before the man exploded apart, and then a translucent barrier of light appeared at the exit. The defiant profounders charged over to the exit as well, but not a single one of them could break through it.

Meanwhile, rays of light flashed from the teleportation platforms below, and then Half-Saints appeared in succession. In next to no time, over 100 Half-Saints had appeared here, and a battle erupted.

“Grandmaster Shen Mo, please lend us a hand!” A white robed old man appeared before the man who stood on the Qilin, and his voice and face were filled with anxiousness. Because the Pagoda of Confinement seemed as if it would collapse at any moment.

As he gazed at the pagoda down below, the man who was called Shen Mo had a trace of a heavy expression in his eyes. He said, “All of you can’t come out right now!” As soon as he spoke, the black Qilin brought him to the top of the pagoda.

Shen Mo drew the sword on his waist and pointed it up towards the sky, “With the world as my talisman, with the sun and moon as my brush, and with the Grand Dao as the catalyst! Heaven Seal! Form!”

As soon as he spoke, he swung the sword swiftly, and then a change suddenly occurred in the heavens and the earth in an area of 5,000km around him. Countless strands of mysterious energy descended from the sky and surged out from the ground before converging at the tip of his sword.

The old man who stood by Shen Mo’s side was astounded. Because he was able to sense that the spirit energy in an area of 5,000km was actually being completely extracted, and it was converging at the tip of the man’s sword.

In next to no time, an enormous talisman that was over 30m long and 10m wide appeared in the air. At the same time, Shen Mo’s countenance turned slightly pale.

“Seal!” He roared furiously as he pressed the sword down, and the enormous talisman descended like a mountain upon the pagoda. A strand of golden energy that carried the aura of the Grand Dao instantly stormed down, and then the trembling Pagoda of Confinement immediately fell silent.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene.

Meanwhile, Shen Mo said, “This seal is able to seal them for half a month at most because the energy within it will be exhausted by then. So, you have to constantly dispatch Half-Saints to transfer energy into this talisman. Only then would it be able to last for 2 months.”

“Understood!” The old man hurriedly nodded.

Shen Mo glanced at the pagoda and said, “Two months from now, life and death will be decided in battle!” As soon as he finished speaking, he patted the Qilin on the head. The latter understood his intentions, and it roared before transforming into a ray of black light that vanished from where it stood.

After Yang Ye left the exit, he fled madly all along the way. At this moment, Yang Ye’s face was covered in excitement and joy. He’d obtained the Sword Precursor, and that meant that he could execute the true Heavenrend. Moreover, he could even grasp the true secrets of the Sword Domain. So, from today onwards, he could kill Half-Saints like dogs!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh madly when he thought up to this point.

However, it wasn’t long before he stopped fleeing, and the smile on his face had even froze. Because the Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race was standing before him. Moreover, 11 other Half-Saints were standing by his side as well. Qian Yan, Tong Fen, and the Grand Elder were amongst them.

“Yang Ye, I thought that you’d never swing your sword again!” The Fire Spirit Race’s Patriarch spoke fiercely, “I immediately rushed over when I sensed your sword energy. The heavens reward those who wait. I’ve finally found you. Today, I’ll make you pay a million fold for the destruction of my Fire Spirit Race!”

So it was because of my Sword Intent! Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he noticed to his astonishment that the Ancient City of Hallows was actually just nearby. So the Pagoda of Confinement was just near the Ancient City of Hallows.

Not only did Yang Ye show no signs of fear as he gazed at the Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race and the other 11 Half-Saints, he even revealed a trace of excitement. He said, “You old dog! I’ll allow you to witness the true Heavenrend today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye took the Sword Precursor’s hilt in his right hand and pulled….

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