Chapter 764 – Supreme Exalt He!

Almighty Sword Domain

The middle aged man seemed to be around the age of 30. He wore a grey and loose robe, and his long hair hung loosely above his shoulder. He seemed to have a rather lazy appearance.

Based on his outward appearance, there was nothing very special about the middle aged man. Actually, he should be described as very ordinary, extremely ordinary.

However, both the Sword Spirit and Yang Ye acted as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

After all, he’d been standing near them for an entire day, but they hadn’t noticed him at all!

It was especially so for Yang Ye. His expression was extremely solemn right now because the feeling of danger he sensed from the middle aged man was something he’d only sensed from Elder Mu and Lu Yan.

So, he was definitely not weaker than the two of them!

“You’re the Hallowed Lord of the Hallowed Halls?” Yang Ye started to circulate his profound energy in secret while the 21 Half-Saints and Stone of Suppression were ready to be utilized at any moment.

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit’s voice resounded within his mind, “Don’t summon your Sword Servants. His strength far surpasses mid-grade Half-Saints. So it’s pointless to use your Sword Servants against him. Acting according to the situation later.”

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He surpasses mid-grade Half-Saints. In other words, he might be a high-grade Half-Saint!

He’s dangerous! Extremely dangerous!

Yang Ye’s face was unprecedentedly serious.

The middle aged man shook his head and said, “They call me Supreme Exalt He. You should have heard of me!”

Supreme Exalt He! Yang Ye gasped. The Hallowed Halls had 3 supreme experts. The first was the mysterious Hallowed Lord, and the other 2 were the Supreme Exalts. He’d thought that the Supreme Exalts were mid-grade Half-Saints at most, just like the Fire Spirit Race’s patriarch. However, he’d never imagined that Supreme Exalt He would be an existence that surpassed mid-grade Half-Saints!

Both the Supreme Exalts are ranked beneath the Hallowed Lord. So how formidable would the Hallowed Lord be?

The middle aged man’s gaze suddenly descended upon the Sword Spirit, and he said, “That sword is the key to sealing the defiant profounders. Even though she isn’t needed to seal the defiant profounders anymore, she’s still a huge threat to them. So, she must leave with me.”

The Sword Spirit’s expression changed slightly because she hadn’t expected that Supreme Exalt He had actually come for her.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man’s gaze descended upon Yang Ye, and he said, “I originally came for her alone. I never expected that I would encounter you. You’re Yang Ye, right? I’ve heard of you. I never imagined that a genius like you could be born on Profounder Continent. It truly is quite a surprise. Since I’ve encountered you today, then come back to the Hallowed Halls with me as well!”

“Why!?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice while the profound energy within him was surging like a torrent.

The middle aged man smiled, “It would truly be quite a waste to kill you. So, I’ve decided to change you and make you into a member of my Hallowed Halls. Of course, you might not be able to escape death if it’s truly impossible to change you. After all, you’ve truly caused too much trouble, and there are many in the Hallowed Grounds who want to see you dead!”

“Suppress him!” Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit suddenly roared furiously.

As soon as the Sword Spirit spoke, Yang Ye immediately activated the Stone of Suppression, and a mysterious force appeared here. The middle aged man’s brows knit together slightly.

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit formed a seal and chanted, “Metal Sword! Form! Wood Sword! Form! Water Sword! Form! Fire Sword! Form! Earth Sword! Form!” As soon as she finished chanting, a small circular sword formation that was made from 5 different colors appeared beneath Yang Ye and her feet.

“Five Element Sword Flight!” As soon as she finished speaking, their figures immediately vanished on the spot and appeared 5,000km away.

“Five Element Sword Flight?” A smile arose on the corners of the middle aged man’s mouth, “Quite interesting!” He pointed his finger forward while he spoke.

5,000km away. Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit’s figure had just appeared here when an enormous finger that could hold up the sky suddenly appeared behind them. The enormous finger contained terrifying force capable of destroying the world, and it hadn’t even come into contact with them when the aura it emanated pressed down upon them like 100 mountains, causing them to feel suffocated.

Yang Ye knew he couldn’t resist this attack, nor could he avoid it!

At the critical moment, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and a talisman appeared behind him and the Sword Spirit. The enormous finger struck it.


The talisman trembled violently while Yang Ye who stood behind the talisman instantly spat out over 10 streams of Blood Essence. Yang Ye was shocked because it was a Divine Talisman, the Divine Talisman that Nether Maiden had got for them from that Divine Talisman Master. He’d been reluctant to utilize it, but he had no other choice right now. According to Nether Maiden, that talisman was capable of resisting 50% of the strength of any attack….

However, he was still heavily injured even after the talisman resisted 50% of that attack’s strength. Even if he was wearing the Herculean Armor, he still felt like the bones throughout his entire body were on the verge of shattering. So, if he didn’t have that divine talisman, then even if that attack couldn’t kill him, it would have probably incapacitated him!

Supreme Exalt He was actually that terrifying!

“Flight!” Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit hurriedly executed the Five Element Sword Flight technique again, and they vanished once more. As soon as they vanished, the talisman shattered into pieces, and then the space in an area of 3 km around the talisman collapsed!

“A Divine Talisman?” A trace of surprise flashed through the middle aged man’s eyes as he stood 5,000km away, and he said, “I never expected that he would actually possess a divine talisman. I’m really quite surprised.” As he spoke, he took a step forward, and it only took 2 breaths of time for him to arrive where Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit stood earlier.

“Five Element Sword Flight? Interesting indeed!” The middle aged man took another step forward.

At this moment, Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit were fleeing madly. In less than 10 breaths of time, the Sword Spirit had executed the Five Element Sword Flight technique no less than 15 times. Even then, they could still sense that the middle aged man was behind them, and that feeling they had was growing stronger. It was like he would appear in front of them at any moment.

They didn’t dare relax at all, so the Sword Spirit continuously executed her sword flight technique while Yang Ye was responsible for ceaselessly transferring profound energy to her.

“He’s still following behind us. If this continues, then we’ll be exhausted to death even if he doesn’t kill us,” said the Sword Spirit in a heavy voice while she continued to execute the Five Element Sword Flight technique.

“Why don’t we return to Profounder Continent?” Yang Ye suggested. If they returned to Profounder Continent, then they would naturally have no need to fear the middle aged man because Elder Mu and Lu Yan were there. Even though the middle aged man was slightly overwhelmingly strong, he didn’t think that the middle aged man could fight both Elder Mu and Lu Yan.

“We won’t make it!” The Sword Spirit said, “We’ve started slowing down while he’s speeding up. So long as we stop, then it’ll take half a breath of time at most for him to appear before us. Hey, you’re a man, so quickly think of a way out of this situation!” The Sword Spirit’s voice carried a trace of anger as she finished speaking.

“Can you not be so fierce?” Yang Ye glanced at her with displeasure. Because her temper was absolutely terrible when compared to the old Sword Spirit.

“If we’re captured, then I’ll lose my freedom, but I won’t die. You, on the other hand, won’t just lose your freedom. Just think about it, how many members of the Hallowed Grounds have you killed in the past? Would they let you live? So, quickly think of something if you don’t want to die. If you really can’t think of anything, then I’ll have no choice but to use the only method I can think of!” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “You have a method? What is it?”

She replied coldly, “Leave you here and flee alone!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he gave her a thumbs up as he said, “You… really are the best! Actually, I have a way that I’m not certain of. Head towards the left. Go to Nameless City!” At this moment, he’d thought of a person, Yin’yin!

He hadn’t seen her fight, but he knew that the little girl was definitely an extremely terrifying existence. As for whether she could fight the middle aged man, he didn’t know the answer to that. In any case, he had no other choice, and he could only try it as a last resort.

The Sword Spirit didn’t hesitate at all when she heard him, and she immediately changed their direction and fled towards Nameless City. Unless she had no other choice, she didn’t want to abandon Yang Ye. After all, she needed an incessant supply of sword intent to improve her strength. Moreover, while she was immune to sword intent and sword energy, she couldn’t ceaselessly produce sword intent like humans could.

Just less than a breath of time after they vanished, the middle aged man appeared where they had been, and he gazed towards the direction they were fleeing towards and frowned, “The City of Sin?” He hesitated for an instant before he strode forward once more.

“Why are we heading to Nameless City?” asked the Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit was unconscious when he was at Nameless City that day, so she didn’t know anything about it. Or it should be said that she only possessed memories of what happened before he left the Fire Spirit Race’s territory, and she had no memories of what happened after that.

“To look for help, of course!” said Yang Ye.

She glanced at him and said, “I hope your help is strong enough!” They vanished once more after she finished speaking.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at Nameless City. They didn’t fly straight into it but walked through the entrance instead. Because according to the Sword Spirit, there was a grand formation in the air above the city, and it was formidable to the point that even she couldn’t get through it!

They’d just arrived at Nameless City when a fat man obstructed their path. He held a pair of axes in his hands, and he glared fiercely at them and said, “I own this path. If you want to enter the city, then leave some money….”

“Fuck the hell off!” How could Yang Ye have any time to waste on the fatty? He casually swung his fist forward, and the powerful force it carried blasted the fatty flying. Meanwhile, their figures flashed and instantly vanished on the spot. At the same time, Yang Ye led the way, and they raised their speed to its maximum as they shot towards the ‘Tower of Buddha’.

“Bastard!” The fatty crawled up from the rubble created from the collision between him and the ground, and then he returned to the entrance of the city. However, he didn’t even see a shadow flash by before a middle aged man arrived at the entrance.

The fatty thought the middle aged man was a companion of the previous 2 people, and he immediately flared up. His figure flashed over to the middle aged man while he swiftly swung his axes down, and he roared furiously, “My fucking axes are thirsty for blood!”

However, the axes stopped just over 10 centimeters away from the middle aged man’s head.

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