Chapter 78 – Master Lin’s Disciple!

Almighty Sword Domain

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye’s actions in Southpeace City had been reported to the Capital City in the State of Jing by that guard leader, and the Vice City Governor of the Capital City, Liu Rong, was immediately infuriated. Not only had Yang Ye annihilated a clan in Southpeace City, but he’d even killed the City Governor of Southpeace City on the streets itself. This was utter contempt towards the laws of the Grand Qin Empire. Of course, most importantly, the City Governor of Southpeace City was his subordinate. So, he immediately sent someone to notify the Talisman Master’s Association branch in the state’s capital city, and he asked the Talisman Master’s Association to severely punish Yang Ye.

When the officer in the branch investigated Yang Ye and noticed that Yang Ye was Master Lin’s disciple, his intentions to arrest Yang Ye had instantly vanished. What a joke? Punish Master Lin’s disciple? Indeed, he had the authority to punish Yang Ye, but to offend Master Lin for the Liu Clan and a tiny little city governor that wasn’t related to him at all? There wasn’t anything wrong with his head!

So, this officer started to play a game of ‘Taichi’[1]. He said that Yang Ye wasn’t within his jurisdiction, and he asked Liu Rong to head to Rising Sun City.

Liu Rong almost exploded with rage when the branch officer gave him such an excuse. However, he didn’t dare flare up at the members of the Talisman Master’s Association, but was unwilling to let the matter go and leaving it unsettled. So, he headed to Rising Sun City to look for the officer there.

However, Liu Rong had never expected that as soon as he spoke about the reason for his arrival, the expression of this officer immediately turned icy cold, and the officer even asked him to leave. “Sorry, I don’t have the authority to deal with Yang Ye. He’s directly managed by the headquarters in the Imperial Capital, so you have to go there.”

This time, Liu Rong wasn’t infuriated. Since he was able to rise in the ranks to assume the position of Vice City Governor in a large city, he was naturally not an idiot. He knew that the origins of this Grade Four Talisman Master, Yang Ye, was definitely extraordinary. So, he immediately inquired about Yang Ye’s origins from the officer.

“He’s Master Lin, Lin Shan’s, disciple!” As soon as he finished speaking, the officer walked back into his own room.

When he heard these words, Liu Rong was stunned for a long time, and then he broke out in cold sweat. My God! I was actually trying to get Master Lin’s disciple punished? Am I courting death?

Not to mention a Vice City Governor of a large city like him, even the Marquis that controlled all the troops in the State of Jing didn’t dare rashly offend Lin Shan. Yet he’d actually been going all around to look for someone to punish Yang Ye. This was no different than courting death.

However, he couldn’t just forget this matter. After all, Yang Ye had killed the City Governor on the streets and annihilated a clan. If he didn’t pursue the matter, then the Grand Qin Empire would definitely not spare him, and if he did pursue the matter, then the members of the Talisman Master’s Association would definitely utilize their connections in the empire to deal with him.

Moreover, he couldn’t push the matter to the person ranked above him like those beneath him had done because he was already that person at the top. Even though there was another true ruler of the State of Jing, he didn’t dare to push this matter to that person. Because he existed to deal with matters like this, and if he pushed it up to his superior, then it represented that there was no value in his existence.

It was a problem to pursue the matter, and it was also a problem if he didn’t!

After he left the Talisman Master’s Association, Liu Rong felt even more depressed and conflicted the more he thought about it. In the end, he couldn’t help but curse. “Motherfucker! A tiny little city governor like you and a lousy clan actually dared to look for trouble with Master Lin’s disciple! It doesn’t matter if all of you died, but don’t fucking implicate me as well! Do you think it’s easy for me to be a vice city governor?”

Even though he cursed like this, Liu Rong still headed to the Talisman Master’s Association’s headquarters in the Capital City of Qin. This time, he didn’t say he wanted to punish Yang Ye, and he just described everything Yang Ye had done in Southpeace City instead. Of course, he didn’t exaggerate as well, and as soon as he finished speaking, he waited silently for Master Lin’s reply.

After waiting for a long time, he raised his eyes to look because Master Lin still hadn’t spoken after so long, and he was almost immediately infuriated to the point of leaping up with rage. Because Master Lin had actually fallen asleep!

Liu Rong forcefully endured his rage and said in a light voice, “Master Lin, about this matter….”

“Ah….” Lin Shan opened his eyes and glanced at the surroundings, and then he rubbed his drowsy eyes and gazed at Liu Rong as he said with a puzzled expression, “You are?”

Liu Rong’s eyelids twitched while a million curses surged through his heart. He took a deep breath and forcefully endured his rage before he described everything once more.

After he heard Liu Rong, Lin Shan frowned and said, “That kid actually caused such huge trouble in Southpeace City. He’s truly a bastard! Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely not protect him, and I’ll personally bring him back here and teach him properly. How outrageous!”

That’s all? Liu Rong was stunned, and then he said, “Master Lin, according to the laws of the empire….”

Lin Shan suddenly stood up and said with slight anger, “Didn’t I say that I’ll punish him? What else do you want? Are you trying to get my disciple killed? Huh?”

As he spoke, a strand of fiery red Profound Energy surged from his body, and he seemed like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Liu Rong retreated repeatedly and said, “Master Lin, calm your rage. I didn’t mean that. I really didn’t. I just need to give my superiors an explanation!”

Lin Shan grunted and said, “You don’t have to explain anything. I’ll go look for Minister Li Si to deal with this matter. You can leave!”

Liu Rong heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and he said, “I’ll be taking my leave now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly turned around and left. He really didn’t want to deal with Talisman Masters ever again in his entire life.

After he watched Liu Rong leave, Lin Shan laughed bitterly and said, “This fellow is just like Bao’er. Both of them can’t stay away from trouble!”

Even though Lin Shan hadn’t met Yang Ye, he’d already taken Yang Ye to be his disciple. This wasn’t entirely because of Yang Ye’s natural talent, it was also because Yang Ye had saved Bao’er in the Sword Sect. In his heart, Bao’er’s value surpassed everything. So, even if Yang Ye wasn’t a Talisman Master, wasn’t his disciple, and was just an ordinary person, he would still stand out to protect Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye had saved Bao’er!


After bidding his farewells to Qing Hong and the others, Yang Ye gathered a great deal of information about the Flower Palace in Southpeace City. After wasting an entire day of time like this, Yang Ye didn’t stay here any longer, and he utilized the teleportation formation to return to the Sword Sect.

Upon arriving at the Sword Sect, Yang Ye thought about Su Qingshi and Little Yao. However, he didn’t know where Su Qingshi lived, so he could only give up and head to Cool Breeze Gorge.

On the enormous rock, Yang Ye called the little fellow out, and then he passed over the Vermillion Spirit Fruit he won from Qingxue in the bet.

He was very curious about what sort of profound effects this Vermillion Spirit Fruit had because it actually caused the little fellow to not hesitate to intend to seize it by force.

When it saw the fruit, the little fellow hurriedly embraced the fruit in its arms, and then rubbed the fruit with its little head. Its little mouth opened slightly, and it was about to eat the fruit when it seemed to have thought of something. After that, it closed its mouth again and seemed to be troubled.

When he saw the little fellow act like this, Yang Ye said with a smile, “If you like it, then eat it!”

The little fellow shook its head, and then it transformed into a violet ray of light that entered Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian. After that, under Yang Ye’s astounded gaze, the little fellow placed the fruit within the pool of Profound Energy in Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian.

“Little Fellow, what’re you doing?” asked Yang Ye when he saw the little fellow do this.

The little fellow waved its claws a few times. Even though it was slightly difficult to understand, Yang Ye still figures it out in the end. He gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and then he asked. “You’re saying that if that fruit is planted there, then there’ll be numerous fruits in the future?”

The violet mink nodded excitedly.

Yang Ye was speechless. This little fellow is really too mischievous.

However, he didn’t stop it because so long as the little fellow was happy, then he’d decided to let the little fellow do as it pleased.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to the little fellow, and he withdrew the sword chest that Bao’er gave him. He gazed at the talisman markings on the sword chest and hesitated for a while before he poured his Profound Energy into it.

As soon as his Profound Energy poured into the sword chest, the talisman markings on it instantly lit up, and the talisman markings seemed as if they’d come to life and flowed swiftly on the sword chest’s surface. Suddenly, the 36 high-grade Yellow Rank swords within it shot out into the air, and they transformed into numerous sword lights that floated in the sky above the forest in the distance.

The 36 swords laid down horizontally in the air and formed a circle in the sky above the forest. After that, the circle they formed started revolving at high speeds.

At a certain period in time, the tips of the 36 swords suddenly pointed downwards, and then they suddenly shot down towards the forest beneath them!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That expanse of the forest was blasted apart. The mountains and the earth shook while countless bits of trees shot into the sky.

In the next moment, the 36 swords emanated numerous strands of sword lights as they danced throughout the forest, and it wasn’t long before that expanse of the forest had become a barren expanse of level ground.

As he gazed at the barren expanse of level ground, Yang Ye gulped, and then he said in a low voice, “What a formidable sword formation!”

The might of this sword formation had truly shocked Yang Ye. He believed that even some high-grade Profound Rank sword techniques couldn’t compare in might to this sword formation. In any case, his Energy Split Sword Technique and Sword Qi Finger were absolutely unable to compare to this sword formation!

However, this sword formation had a flaw, and it was that the amount of Profound Energy it consumed was truly too enormous. During this period of time that he’d activated the sword formation, he had to ceaselessly pour his Profound Energy into the sword chest because only in this way could the sword formation be activated, and at this moment, utilizing it for this short period of time had almost dried up the Profound Energy within his body.

Yang Ye hurriedly stopped pouring his Profound Energy into the sword chest. As soon as he stopped, the 36 swords that were flying about in the sky stopped moving, and then they flashed back into the sword chest.

“I can utilize this as a life-saving trump card in the future!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he gazed at it.

A violet glow flashed, and then the violet mink appeared before Yang Ye. The violet mink pointed its little claw at Yang Ye’s sword chest, and then it pointed at Yang Ye’s stomach.

“You’re saying that I should place this sword chest into the tiny vortex?” Yang Ye asked with an astounded expression.

The violet mink nodded.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded. However, he felt slightly depressed because he didn’t know how to put things into his Vortex Dantian. In the end, he looked at the little fellow and said, “Help me place it in there!”

The little fellow nodded and then waved its little claw before entering Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian along with the sword chest that was in Yang Ye’s hand.

Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at the glimpse of brightness in the horizon, and he said in a low voice, “I have to head to the Technique Pavilion to see if there are any body refinement techniques. I have to advance to the First Heaven Realm as soon as possible. Mother, you must wait for me….”

1. The concept of Taichi is to disperse force by moving along with it and redirecting it away.

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