Chapter 783 – Comprehending The Dao!

Almighty Sword Domain

Supreme Exalt He and an old man in a dark golden robe appeared where the Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyao were standing just moments ago.

Supreme Exalt He glanced at the surroundings and said, “Brother Mu, you sensed it too, right?”

The old man nodded and said, “Both of us did. So it should be right.”

Supreme Exalt He spoke seriously, “That kid’s Sword Domain is truly terrifying. If he attains the Half-Saint Realm and grasps the energy of the Laws, then both of us wouldn’t be able to harm him. Moreover, if he lives, then it’ll probably be quite difficult for the defiant profounders to annihilate the inhabitants of Profounder Continent. Most importantly, the Stone of Suppression is in his possession. If it falls into the defiant profounders’ hands, then it would undoubtedly be a huge problem for us. So, he must die no matter what!”

The old man nodded and said, “I’ve asked the Devil Exalt and Demon Monarch to guard the teleportation formation which leads to Profounder Continent. Yang Ye will absolutely not be able to return while they are there!”

“Yang Ye’s ability to conceal his aura….” A wisp of worry flashed through Supreme Exalt He’s eyes.

The old man stated, “It’s fine. Grandmaster Shen Mo has set up a formation there. Yang Ye will definitely be unable to hide himself if he goes there!”

“Good!” Supreme Exalt He glanced at the surroundings again, and then his gaze descended onto a mountain in the distance. He pondered deeply for a moment, and then he suddenly raised his right hand and slapped it towards the mountain. An enormous palm that was even larger than the mountain instantly smashes against it!


The mountain collapsed while endless dust and dirt arose into the air. Moreover, countless large rocks shot towards the surroundings.

A long time passed before the old man said, “Looks like they’ve left. Let’s go. Our divine senses are able to cover an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers, so we’ll immediately notice their presence if they dare to show themselves. Let me see if he’ll be able to escape us again!”

The two of them vanished while they spoke.

Around two hours passed before the ground in the distance trembled slightly, and then it didn’t take long for the ground to split apart and Yang Ye’s group to emerge from below.

“That was close!” The Sword Spirit said, “Shaoyao, if you didn’t ask us to tunnel into the ground, then we probably would have been buried beneath that mountain. We must not go 3m away from Yang Ye in the future. Otherwise, we might not be so lucky next time!”

Ding Shaoyao said, “The 2 Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Halls are searching themselves. Looks like they really want to eliminate us. We definitely won’t be able to return to Profounder Continent because the teleportation formation is surely being guarded. Conversely, so long as we dare to expose our presence in the Hallowed Grounds, then they’ll be able to find us in an instant. This is quite a bad situation!”

The Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “We can’t be bothered about all of that for now. Let’s look for a safe place and allow Yang Ye to advance in his cultivation. He can deal with the rest once his strength improves!”

The Sword Spirit glared at Yang Ye when she spoke up to this point, and then she transformed into a ray of light that entered Yang Ye’s body.

Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao who had worried expressions on their faces, and he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take both of you back to Profounder Continent.”

Ding Shaoyao suddenly asked, “Would you have come to save me if Little Yao wasn’t there with me? Would you do the same even if you did come for me?”

Yang Ye replied, “What do you think?”

She answered, “I’m aware of the status she possesses in your heart, but I don’t know what sort of status I possess!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “When I found out that both of you had been captured, my first thought was that I must save both of you, and it wasn’t that I must save Little Yao.”

Ding Shaoyao cracked a smile and said, “Is that a confession?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

“That world within your body is your greatest secret, right?” Ding Shaoyao suddenly changed the topic.

Yang Ye nodded.

“In the past, only your wives were allowed to know about that greatest secret of yours. Now that I know about it as well, what will you do?” asked Ding Shaoyao.

“Then be my sister-in-law!” Little Yao spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye felt speechless again.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and smiled. She rubbed Little Yao’s head and said, “You really are his younger sister….”

They didn’t chat for long. Yang Ye placed Ding Shaoyao and Little Yao within the Primordial Pagoda before he started cultivating like a madman again. Yang Ye felt that when a person was about to die, the potential that would erupt from that person was absolutely unparalleled. Just like this very moment, he was more serious and worked much harder than he ever had during his cultivation!

In the blink of an eye, 10 days had passed.

At this moment, Yang Ye still hadn’t broken through, but the aura he possessed was gradually growing stronger. The Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyao’s eyes were filled with worry because Yang Ye’s face had a jet black tinge to it. Moreover, dense Death Energy was seeping out incessantly from within him.

It would be fine if he broke through, but if he didn’t, then it represented that he would face death!

In next to no time, the last day arrived. But Yang Ye still hadn’t broken through.

Both of their expressions were extremely gloomy.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire face was jet black, and the Death Energy within him was horrifyingly dense. It caused both the Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyao to dare not get close to him.

“Do you have any other way to save him?” asked Ding Shaoyao solemnly.

The Sword Spirit shook her head in response, “Life, death, age, and sickness are part of the supreme Laws of the Heaven Dao. They are the eternal laws of the universe. The Death Energy within him isn’t man made, so the only way to survive is to fight for it with the heavens itself! Actually, it’s truly a miracle that he’s still alive right now. In my opinion, the violet energy within him isn’t Quintessence Violet Energy. Because it’s impossible for Quintessence Violet Energy to keep someone alive when that person’s lifespan is exhausted!”

“That’s a secret of his!” said Ding Shaoyao.

The Sword Spirit said, “Now, we can only pray that he breaks through. Otherwise, prepare for his burial!”

Time passed by slowly, and the countenances of the Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyao turned paler and paler. Because Yang Ye seemed like a dead man no matter what! He had snow white hair, a jet black face, and was covered in the energy of death!

“He’s beyond saving….” The Sword Spirit closed her eyes.


Suddenly, a strand of aura suddenly surged out from within Yang Ye. The Sword Spirit opened her eyes, and there was undisguised happiness on her face, “I knew it! I knew that fool wouldn’t die so easily!”

Ding Shaoyao heaved a huge sigh of relief as well. Because Yang Ye was at the seventh rank of the Monarch Realm now. Moreover, the Death Energy around Yang Ye had vanished while Yang Ye’s face was gradually becoming rosy once more.

“How long will he be able to live now?” asked Ding Shaoyao.

The Sword Spirit sized Yang Ye up carefully and replied, “Around 2 months of time!”

“That little? How could that be possible?” Ding Shaoyao felt disbelief, “A single breakthrough would give him 10 years of life at least. How could it only be 2 months?”

The Sword Spirit explained, “His situation is different. He activated the Sword Domain by force, and it instantly transformed him into a dead person. In other words, he had negative lifespan before this.”

“2 months?” Ding Shaoyao’s brows knit together tightly as she said, “He either has to break through again or find treasures to increase his lifespan within 2 months. Otherwise, he’ll still die, right?”

“Yes!” The Sword Spirit said, “He isn’t such a genius to advance again in 2 months of time. Even if he can, I don’t suggest it. Because forcefully increasing his cultivation would harm his foundation. So, we must find some treasures to increase his lifespan during this period. Alas, how troublesome. We already have to avoid the defiant profounders and Hallowed Grounds, now we even have to look for treasures to increase his lifespan. How truly troublesome….”

“It’s fine so long as there’s a chance!” said Ding Shaoyao.

The Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “Profounder Continent is in a very bad situation right now. Because both the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders want to destroy it. Moreover, the current strength of Profounder Continent isn’t able to resist any one of them. So, I feel that he must abandon the Profounder Continent, otherwise he’ll be burdened to death by it!”

“He won’t!” Ding Shaoyao said, “So long as they don’t betray him, then he won’t betray them. I don’t know if he’ll be able to protect the continent, but he’ll definitely do his best. He’s that sort of person. He will never give up on you if you stand on his side. That’s why I chose him over the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun!”

“All of you will be the death of him!” The Sword Spirit spoke coldly, “If he gives up everything and focuses on the sword, then I guarantee that his attainments will absolutely not be inferior to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, and it might even surpass my first master.”

Ding Shaoyao suddenly said, “Do you know why he cultivates the Sword Dao? Do you know why he wants to get stronger?” 

The Sword Spirit remained silent.

Ding Shaoyao continued, “He doesn’t cultivate the Sword Dao and works hard to become stronger so that he can live forever. He hopes to possess strength to protect those he cares about. If you make him choose between the sword and those he cares about, then what do you think he would choose? You know the answer. So, it’s impossible for him to abandon everyone and focus on cultivating in the Sword Dao with you.”

“Nothing is impossible!” The Sword Spirit said, “He’ll choose the sword once his mind is clear!”

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and stopped arguing, and then she gazed at Yang Ye instead. When she saw Yang Ye still seated there with his eyes closed, she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s he doing?”

The Sword Spirit’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye. She gazed at him for a short while before happiness suddenly appeared in her eyes, “He’s actually comprehending! What a surprise!”

Ding Shaoyao was slightly stunned, and then she nodded while happiness appeared in her eyes as well.

The comprehending they spoke off was actually quite vague and impossible to discern clearly. Because it didn’t point to anything specific. Or perhaps it should be said that it represented many things. Sometimes, 10 years of cultivation couldn’t compare to a day of ‘comprehension’. No matter what Yang Ye was comprehending, they had no doubt that it was extraordinarily good news for Yang Ye!

“It surprises me as well!” A voice suddenly resounded out of nowhere.

Both the Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyao’s expressions changed drastically at the same time, and then they looked over to the source of the voice. They saw a woman standing not too far from them.

She wore a linen dress, a chain around her body, and had bare feet.

It was Nether Maiden!

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