Chapter 795 – 3rd Level Heaven Rank Sword Intent?

Almighty Sword Domain

“Let go!” Yang Ye’s voice was slightly icy cold.

Xiao Ying stared fixedly at him for a short while, and then she let go of him and said, “It’s impossible for Quintessence Violet Energy to exist in this world. How could you possibly possess it?”

Yang Ye said, “Nothing is impossible. As for why I have some, I can’t tell you the reason. All I want to say is that I can attain the Saint Realm, and I can help you attain the Saint Realm as well. It’s not just an empty promise!”

“Allow me to attain the Saint Realm right now and I’ll crush both the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders for you!” Xiao Ying’s eyes burned with desire.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Attaining the Saint Realm now will only end in death. Because our enemy isn’t just the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders, it’s the Outer Heavens as well. After you crush the defiant profounders and the Hallowed Grounds, would you be able to enter into the Outer Heavens? Moreover, can you guarantee that you’ll be able to break through into the Saint Realm?”

There was another reason he hadn’t spoken about, and it was that he didn’t want the Outer Heavens to be aware that this world still had Quintessence Violet Energy in it. At the very least, he didn’t want them to find out until he had the strength to protect himself. Once they found out that this sealed off world had Quintessence Violet Energy, then they would definitely not let the matter rest. At that time, countless Saints and even more terrifying figures might come looking for him!

Xiao Ying fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “I’d still have an opportunity to become a Saint after the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders annihilate all the living beings throughout the continent. Moreover, I wouldn’t have to pay any price to get that. I just have to wait patiently until Profounder Continent is destroyed.”

Yang Ye said, “But what if their pillar of blood fails? Or perhaps some other mishap occurs? You should be well aware that anything is a possibility. However, my Quintessence Violet Energy is something that really exists. Moreover, you can forget about taking it from me or getting any ideas about it. Since I dared to reveal it to you, then I naturally have something to rely on!”

Her eyelids twitched because she really had aroused the intent to seize it from him. However, she couldn’t help but feel hesitant. Yang Ye was too mysterious. He was mysterious to the point even she feared him slightly. So, in the end, she hesitated for a long time and abandoned her intentions to seize it from him. Because the slightest mistake wouldn’t just make her lose the chance to obtain Quintessence Violet Energy, it might cause this madman before her to go berserk. At that time, her losses would outweigh the benefits!

She remained silent for a short while before she said, “If I help you, then when can I attain the Saint Realm!?”

“One or two attaining the Saint Realm is utterly useless!” A wisp of madness flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, “If we’re going to make Saints, then it’s best for there to be a hundred or even a few hundred. In that way, we might have a chance. However, I’m unable to create that many Saints right now. So, I need time!”

Xiao Ying’s eyelids twitched when she heard that he intended to create a few hundred Saint Realm experts, and her chest that rose and fell rapidly revealed just how shocked she was. What sort of a notion was it to have a few hundred Saints? If she hadn’t felt the Quintessence Violet Energy that Yang Ye possessed, then she would really think that he was a madman!

A long time passed before Xiao Ying took a deep breath and said, “How long do you need?”

“It should be enough when I attain the Half-Saint Realm!” replied Yang Ye.

She asked, “How long will that take?”

“It shouldn’t take too long!” said Yang Ye.

Xiao Ying remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “In short, you can make your choice right now. Will you choose my side and follow my path, or will you choose the pillar of blood that the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders are creating?”

“Let me see the Quintessence Violet Energy again!” said Xiao Ying.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he flicked with his finger. A strand of Primordial Violet Energy entered Xiao Ying’s body, and she instantly trembled as if she’d been struck by lightning. Moreover, her face was covered in an expression of comfort. A long time passed before she gazed at him and said, “At the deepest depths of the ground are over 5,000 Half-Saint Fire Spirits that are in deep sleep. There are at least around 200 that are mid-grade Half-Saints. As for high-grade Half-Saints, I’m the only one. In total, I have around 6,000 Half-Saint Fire Spirits on my side. However, their strengths are inferior to both the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders.”

When she spoke up to this point, she paused for a moment and said, “If it’s possible, I hope that you’ll give them a chance to attain the Saint Realm as well!”

“If it’s within my ability, then I will!” replied Yang Ye.

She nodded and said, “Should we set out for Profounder Continent right now?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Gather your forces for now and give me 3 days! Right, do you have 1,000 year old firecrystals? Give me as many as you can!”

She glanced at Yang Ye, and then she waved her hand and a pile of firecrystals appeared in front of Yang Ye. She said, “The thing we lack the most here are firecrystals. Not only are there 1,000 year old firecrystals here, there are even those that have a few thousand years of age. However, while it’s extremely useful to humans like you, it’s useless to us!”

Yang Ye felt his heartbeat quicken as he gazed at the firecrystals before him. Because there were a few thousand in that pile!

Yang Ye took the firecrystals, thanked her, and then casually chose a hall before summoning all his Sword Servants. Presently, he had an entire 1,300 plus Sword Servants, and almost 100 were mid-grade Half-Saints while the rest were ordinary Half-Saints.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he flicked with his finger. The firecrystals instantly flew forward and entered every single Sword Servant. After that, he placed them within a room in the Primordial Pagoda. At the same time, he sent all the Primordial Violet Energy within the pagoda into that room!

He was madly increasing the strength of those Sword Servants.

Yang Ye was very well aware that he was forcing their advancement, and that it would be bad for their foundations. However, he had no other choice right now. If they couldn’t attain the mid-grade Half-Saint Realm, then they weren’t even the slightest threat to the defiant profounders or the Hallowed Grounds. It would be the same even if Xiao Ying’s Half-Saint Fire Spirits were included.

After they absorbed the energy within the firecrystals and the Primordial Violet Energy, some of those ordinary Half-Saint Sword Servants immediately became mid-grade Half-Saints. Yang Ye was very well aware that it was mainly because of the Primordial Violet Energy. Even though the energy within the firecrystals wasn’t bad as well, it was absolutely incapable of allowing an ordinary Half-Saint advance into a mid-grade Half-Saints. It was even to the extent that Yang Ye felt that the so-called Quintessence Violet Energy of this world didn’t possess such terrifying ability!

He had no doubt that his Primordial Violet Energy was much more superior than the Quintessence Violet Energy, and it was at a higher level!

After that, there was an ordinary Half-Saint Sword Servant that attained the mid-grade almost every few minutes.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his time as well. He was studying the 3 strands of sword intent he’d gained from the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. After all, he’d personally witnessed how terrifying they were.

He was able to improve his strength by absorbing sword intent, and Yang Ye had thought about absorbing those 3 strands of sword intent so that his own sword intent could attain the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank. It was entirely possible because he was at the peak of the 2nd level! However, he still hadn’t attempted to absorb them until now because they were very powerful. After all, they contained the Dao of the Unfettered One.

The slightest mistake might cause him to be the one who was absorbed!

However, Yang Ye decided to try in the end! Of course, he wouldn’t absorb all 3 at one, and he divided one from the group and sent it into the Primordial Pagoda. After that, he released his sword intent and enveloped that strand of sword intent. The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s sword intent didn’t try to dodge while under Yang Ye’s control, and it didn’t resist as well. It just remained there quietly. However, Yang Ye noticed that his own sword intent was actually resisting him!

His sword intent had a mind of its own, and it instinctively resisted and rejected danger. In other words, it felt that the Unfettered One’s sword intent was dangerous.

Yang Ye could force his sword intent to absorb that strand of sword intent, but he didn’t. He took a deep breath, and then started communicating with his sword intent, “You’re afraid of it?”

He received no reply from his sword intent, but Yang Ye was certain that it understood him, or perhaps it was asking him something.

Yang Ye continued, “I’ve said it before. I intend to surpass the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. But if I can’t even defeat a strand of sword intent he left behind, then how could I possibly surpass him in the future? I know that it’s dangerous to absorb it, and it’s very risky as well. However, it’s very beneficial at the same time. Isn’t it? Eat it and you’ll become even stronger; if you don’t, then you might not have another opportunity to improve!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye paused for a moment before he continued, “Anyone can devour something weaker, but only by devouring something stronger will you be extraordinary. We must be extraordinary!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye urged his sword intent to pounce on that strand of sword intent again. This time, it didn’t resist him!

Once again, Yang Ye witnessed how formidable the Unfettered One’s sword intent was. Because his sword intent actually started to disperse before it could even get close to it!

The Unfettered One’s sword intent was devouring his sword intent!

Yang Ye’s heart shook. Should I give up or continue? In the blind of an eye, a wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he immediately urged all his sword intent to envelop that strand of sword intent!It was a war!

A mad war between Yang Ye’s sword intent and the Unfettered One’s sword intent!

Yang Ye’s sword intent was at a disadvantaged position while the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s sword intent ceaselessly devoured his sword intent, and it was ceaselessly growing stronger under such nourishment. On the other hand, Yang Ye’s sword intent was growing weaker, and it was even to the extent that he felt his sword intent was actually about to drop by a level….

Should I give up? Or continue?

Yang Ye didn’t choose to give up, and he continued emanating even more sword intent.

If I can’t even deal with a strand of sword intent that he left behind, then how can I possibly surpass him? Yang Ye’s voice was ferocious while his sword intent surged out madly!

Under the condition that Yang Ye stopped at nothing, his sword intent started to stabilize, and it gradually fought the Unfettered One’s sword intent on equal grounds.

While the Unfettered One’s sword intent was formidable, it was like a plant without its roots. On the other hand, while Yang Ye’s sword intent was weaker than it, his sword intent was endless while he was still alive. So, this gap between them naturally caused the Unfettered One’s sword intent to lose. Of course, it was because Yang Ye dared to attempt this. After all, the slightest mishap might cause his sword intent to drop a level!

Time passed by slowly….

Two days later.


The hall which Yang Ye was in suddenly exploded into pieces, and then it was immediately transformed into specks of dust and dirt!

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