Chapter 828 – I’m From The Ancient Sword School!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword images were like a storm that filled the air as it enveloped down towards Yang Ye.

All of them knew that these sword images were actually ethereal, and the true lethal attack was hidden amongst them. However, how could anyone determine which one was the real attack amongst so many?

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then he pressed his index and middle finger together before tapping it forward.


An ear piercing sword howl resounded, and then they watched with astonishment as the sword images dispersed to reveal a sword. Moreover, the tip of that sword was being clamped by 2 fingers!

Everyone here was stunned, including the green clothed man from the Ancient Sword School.

Yang Ye’s fingers shook slightly, and then the sword trembled violently. After that, the green clothed man’s pupils constricted violently, “You… you actually eliminated the connection between me and Green Sunlight!”

That sword of his had a spirit of its own. After the disciples of the Ancient Sword School became inner court disciples, they were permitted to choose a sword from the Graveyard of Swords. So long as they found a sword which suited them, and that sword was willing to follow them, then they could store it within their Dantians and utilize their profound energy to nurture it all day and night. In that way, they were able to cooperate with the sword, or in other words, it meant that they formed a mental connection.

If one formed a mental connection with a sword, then to a certain extent, that sword could be considered to be a part of that person’s body. So, the strength it was able to display would be much greater. The reason the green clothed man was shocked was because it was extremely difficult to eliminate the connection between a sword and its master.

There were only 2 ways to accomplish that. Firstly, it was to far surpass the sword’s owner’s strength. Secondly, it was to make the sword eliminate the connection willingly….

Yang Ye gazed at the sword in his hand. It was over a meter long, a finger wide, completely smooth, and flickered with a ghastly and cold glow. It wasn’t the best amongst the swords that he’d seen, but it wasn’t very weak. At the very least, it was very useful to him right now. After all, it was at the Dao Rank.

“Who exactly are you!?” The man in green clothes gazed at Yang Ye. There was no contempt in his eyes any longer, and it was replaced by a trace of seriousness and solemnity.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “He says that he’s a disciple of the Ancient Sword School!”

Everyone here looked over towards the source of the voice, and they saw Zi Xin walking slowly towards them with 10 middle aged men. Zi Xin was staring fixedly at Yang Ye. If her gaze could kill, then Yang Ye would have been killed a hundred times by now.

The green clothed young man sized up Yang Ye and said, “You’re not a disciple of the Ancient Sword School!”

“Hahaha!!” Zi Xin suddenly started laughing. She pointed at Li Qingyi, Fan Li, and the others as she said, “Hear that? Yang Ye pretended to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. Now that there’s proof, all of you who are related to him will die! Especially the Li Clan. Stellar Sky City will cease to exist from today onward, and your Fan Clan won’t be able to escape as well!”

All the members of Stellar Sky City and the sisters from the Fan Clan revealed grim expressions on their faces. The Ancient Sword School’s strength was no joke, and it didn’t even have to act if it wanted to destroy them. It just had to say the word and they would be obliterated!

“My Fan Clan isn’t close to him, and we didn’t know that he was pretending to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School!” Meanwhile, Fan Li spoke abruptly. Fan Meng wanted to say something, but Fan Li held tightly onto her and even glared fiercely at her.

Yang Ye glanced at them. Fan Li glanced at him as well, but she didn’t say a word. As for Fan Meng, she gazed at Yang Ye with an aggrieved expression, and her eyes were filled with apology and helplessness. Moreover, there was even sadness in them.

Yang Ye smiled at Fan Meng to indicate that she had no need to worry, and then he gazed at Li Qingyi.

Li Qingyi was about to speak when Li Maozhen spoke abruptly, “Qingyi, one must always keep a clear conscience. If you really do know him, and you are his friend, then you absolutely can’t betray a friend. While my Stellar Sky City is weak, it absolutely can’t discard its backbone!”

Yang Ye glanced at Li Maozhen and said, “If I have the chance, I’ll definitely save you!”

“Those are very good words!” The green clothed man suddenly said, “Unfortunately, backbone won’t be able to save all of you. Just as Miss Zi Xin said, Stellar Sky City will cease to exist from today onward….”

Li Qingyi and the others turned pale when they heard him. Li Qingyi wanted to say something but didn’t speak in the end. Yang Ye really wasn’t friends with her, but he’d saved her on numerous occasions. If she were to deny any and all connections with Yang Ye, then she would be acting ungratefully.

But if she didn’t. then how could Stellar Sky City endure the rage of the Ancient Sword School?

Li Qingyi was extremely conflicted.

Suddenly, Yang Ye gazed at the man and asked, “Which peak are you from?”

He replied, “Verdant City Peak!”

Yang Ye asked, “Do you know which peak I’m from?”

His eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “You still intend to deceive me and say that you’re a disciple of my Ancient Sword School? How laughable!”

“How presumptuous!” Yang Ye suddenly shouted, “I’m an Elite Disciple of the master of Heavenly Sword Peak. According to seniority, you have to call me Martial Uncle or Senior Brother at least. However, you’ve constantly spoken disrespectfully to me. Perhaps I’ll have to teach you a lesson on behalf of your master so that you’ll know your place!”

Yang Ye took a step forward as he spoke, and just this step allowed him to instantly arrive in front of the man. After that, a ray of light shot forward like a bolt of lightning and stabbed at the center of the man’s forehead.

The man in green clothes was astounded. He waved his right hand, and a sword appeared in his grasp before he stabbed it towards Yang Ye’s sword. However, right when they were about to collide, Yang Ye’s sword suddenly moved slightly to the side. It curved along a very tricky arc and stabbed at the side of the tip of the green clothed man’s sword.


His sword shook slightly and almost left his grasp. This completely shocked the green clothed man. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s sword moved like a venomous snake that stabbed straight at his chest!

The green clothed man’s pupils constricted, and he stomped his right foot on the ground, “Shadow Steps!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared over 100m away.

However, a sword suddenly appeared before his chest when he’d just appeared there!

The green clothed man was horrified. He swiftly stomped his right foot against the ground and vanished once more. But this time, a strand of blood sprayed from where he stood just a moment ago.

Yang Ye withdrew his sword and didn’t follow up with another attack. He just gazed coldly at the green clothed man who was around 200m away, “That was so you realize that there’s a difference in status between us!”

Everyone here was shocked speechless, and it was especially so for Zi Xin’s group. They hadn’t imagined that this disciple from the Ancient Sword School would actually be no match for Yang Ye. Moreover, Yang Ye’s strength seemed much greater than before.

My god! Is he a monster!?

Li Qingyi and the others were shocked as well. After all, the green clothed man was from the Ancient Sword School, and he was even at the Exalt Realm and possessed 8th level Sword Intent. While he was only at the mid rank of the Exalt Realm, his strength was even sufficient to defeat some Monarch Realm experts!

However, Yang Ye had defeated him with such ease!

Li Qingyi and Fan Li were staring fixedly at Yang Ye. They’d thought that they’d almost fully grasped the extents of Yang Ye’s true strength. However, they realized that Yang Ye was much more mysterious than they’d imagined, and he was much stronger as well.

As for Fan Meng, she instantly started cheering happily when she saw Yang Ye defeat the green clothed man with such ease, but her older sister kept flaring fiercely at her….

The green clothed man looked down at his chest. There was an injury there which was over 10 centimeters long, and blood was seeping out incessantly from it. It didn’t take long for that area on his clothes to be drenched red with blood.

The green clothed man took a deep breath, and a cold glow flashed through his eyes when he raised his head to look at Yang Ye once more, “The Heavenly Sword Peak? So what if you are? When has my Verdant City Peak been under the command of the Heavenly Sword Peak?” As soon as he finished speaking, the sword chest behind him shook slightly before a ray of light shot into the sky!

The man pressed his index and middle fingers together before he swiftly pointed it at Yang Ye, and then he shouted, “Thunder!”


The sky above the man was covered in jet black clouds, and then a bolt of lightning tore through the sky. It formed the shape of a sword as it shot down towards Yang Ye. It was extremely swift and powerful, and it left a long line of lightning behind as it descended towards Yang Ye, causing the space there to tremble violently. It was an extremely horrifying sight.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he waved his right hand, and the sword in his hand transformed into a ray of light that shot at the sword of lightning!

“Break!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, his sword collided with the sword of lightning. After that, everyone watched as the sword of lightning shook violently before shattering in midair.

A ray of light flashed, and that sword returned to Yang Ye. Moreover, it was shaking violently as if it was excited and happy.

“How could that be possible?” The man’s eyes were filled with shock. His sword technique was at the mid-grade of the Dao Rank, and he’d even cultivated it to perfection. So, even a Monarch Realm expert could only dream of resisting that with ease. However, this fellow before him had actually destroyed his technique with such ease!

The green clothed man was shocked while Li Qingyi and the others were astounded. It was especially so for Li Qingyi and Fan Li. Because they’d never imagined that Yang Ye was actually so strong.

Is that his true strength?

Unlike the green clothed man and Li Qingyi’s group, Zi Xin and the others felt terrified. Because Yang Ye was truly too terrifying. Even if he wasn’t a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, with the strength and natural talent in the Sword Dao that he possessed, it wouldn’t be a problem at all for him to become one!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye started walking towards the green clothed man and said, “You disregard status and are unable to discern right from wrong. You knew it was a mistake yet still committed it. Today, I shall clean up on behalf of my Ancient Sword School!”

“You… you really are a disciple of my Ancient Sword School?” The expression on the green clothed man’s face was quite unsightly.

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