Chapter 836 – I Can Fight 100 Experts Like Him!

Almighty Sword Domain

Fan Meng’s grandfather’s eyes instantly opened wide while disbelief filled them. But it didn’t take long for the color in his eyes to dim down.

Yang Ye tossed the old man’s corpse, and it exploded into a pile of mush. After that, he turned to look at Fan Meng and said, “Having such a grandfather alive will be of no benefit to you. So, it’s best for him to be dead!” As he spoke, he turned to glance at the remaining 2 experts of the Fan Clan and said, “Have they ever bullied you?”

The other 2 Monarch Realm experts of the Fan Clan were horrified. They were truly fearful of Yang Ye. After all, 2 Monarch Realm experts had practically been unable to resist Yang Ye, so how could they not fear him?

It wasn’t just the Monarch Realm experts of the Fan Clan who were afraid, even the others from the Ye Clan were afraid. So, even if Yang Ye had killed Ye Yu and Ye Tian’nan, they hadn’t dared to attack him.

Fan Meng hurriedly shook her head when she heard Yang Ye. While she didn’t like both her uncles, it didn’t mean she wanted them dead.

Yang Ye glanced at the members of the Fan Clan, and then he gazed at Fan Li, “Get us a Skyward Carriage!”

A Skyward Carriage was a type of carriage, but it wasn’t pulled by ordinary horses. It was pulled by pegasus horses!

Fan Li nodded. While she intended to leave the Fan Clan, she still had a huge amount of authority in the Fan Clan. So, it didn’t take long for a carriage to appear before Yang Ye’s group.

Yang Ye said, “Get on!”

Fan Meng was quite worried about Yang Ye, so she was hesitant. However, Fan Li pulled her into the carriage because she knew that both she and her younger sister couldn’t help Yang Ye at all. Not only were they unable to help, they were burdens to him!

A Monarch Realm expert of the Ye Clan stepped forward when he saw that Yang Ye intended to leave, and he spoke in a low voice, “Who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at that Monarch Realm expert while a wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of his mouth, “You want to take revenge? You can. If your Ye Clan has the ability, then come to the Dao Order to look for me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around, got onto the carriage, and then patted the pegasus. The latter neighed before vanishing on the spot.

The Dao Order!

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically when they heard these words, and the members of the Ye Clan even broke out with cold sweat. The Dao Order was a Platinum Rank sect, so wouldn’t seeking revenge from it be no different than being tired of living? Not to mention taking revenge, with the way the Dao Order did things, the deaths of 2 people of the Ye Clan might only be the beginning!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, an old man, a woman, and 2 other men arrived here.

“Ye Zhan!” The expressions of the last 2 Monarch Realm experts of the Fan Clan changed drastically when they saw the old man. Because the old man was the ancestor of the Ye Clan, and the one and only high rank Monarch Realm expert in Skywind City.

Once they noticed the horrible state both Ye Tian’nan and Ye Yu were in, the expressions of Ye Zhan and the woman by his side had instantly become ferocious.

“Who did it!?” The old man gazed at one of the Monarch Realm experts of the Ye Clan.

The woman by the old man’s side spoke gloomily, “No matter who he is, I’ll kill him to comfort the souls of my father and younger brother!”

“Haha. I never expected that someone would actually not give face to my Broken Saber Villa!” The man who stood by the woman’s side took her hand and said, “Don’t worry, Yue’er, my Broken Saber Villa will seek justice for you, no matter who he is!”

“He said he’s from the Dao Order….” Meanwhile, one of the Monarch Realm experts of the Ye Clan spoke abruptly, and there was a trace of bitterness on his face. Because if that fellow, Yang Ye, was truly from the Dao Order, then the Ye Clan’s members would have died for nothing. Not only that, the Ye Clan would even have to think about how it would calm the wrath of the Dao Order. Otherwise, it wouldn’t just be the Ye Clan that would be destroyed, even the Broken Saber Villa which was related to the Ye Clan would suffer annihilation!

The Dao Order always annihilated everyone!

The Dao Order! All of their expressions changed when they heard these words. At this moment, the killing intent in their eyes had vanished, and there was only heaviness and fear in their eyes. While the Dao Order was very far away from here, its influence covered the entire Pine Prefecture. If such a power intended to crush the Ye Clan, then it wouldn’t even have to give the order. It merely had to display slight displeasure towards the Ye Clan, and then the Ye Clan might be destroyed!

“The Dao Order?” The man by Ye Yue’s side suddenly frowned, and then he gazed at the man on his right. The man’s appearance was quite mysterious. He wore a red robe, and had extremely strange eyes that were unlike the eyes of ordinary people because they were blood red. While he hadn’t spoken a single word, the others sensed a strong sense of danger coming from him!

The red robed man frowned and said, “He said that he’s from the Dao Order?”

The Monarch Realm expert of the Ye Clan nodded and said, “That’s what he said before he left!”

The red robed man pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “I’ll go inquire about him and see if any disciples of my Dao Order have come to Skywind City!” As he spoke, his figure shook slightly before it vanished on the spot.

Ye Yue spoke with astonishment, “Duan Lang, that… that friend of yours is from the Dao Order?”

The other members of the Ye Clan gazed at him with astonishment as well. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that he would actually know someone from the Dao Order.

The man who stood by Ye Yue’s side nodded and said, “Brother Liu Sha is a disciple of the Mortal Path of the Dao Order’s 3 paths. We encountered each other by chance, and we became friends because we got along well. Don’t worry, Yue’er. If that fellow, Yang Ye, is truly a disciple of the Dao Order, then Brother Liu Sha’s status in the Dao Order would definitely be sufficient to resolve the enmity between him and your Ye Clan. If he isn’t a member of the Dao Order. Hmph! Pretending to be a disciple of the Dao Order is undoubtedly a form of provocation to the Dao order. Based on the way it does things, that fellow will definitely die!”

Ye Yue nodded, and then she gazed at the members of the Fan Clan, “My younger brother and father died miserably because of the Fan Clan. Every single member of the Fan Clan will die today!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a slaughter began!

On a plain.

A carriage was dashing swiftly, and it caused rumbling to resound in its wake from the extreme speed it traveled at.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged within it while ceaselessly absorbing the extreme-grade energy stones he got from Fan Li. While he seemed to have instantly annihilated 2 Monarch Realm experts with such ease, he’d actually paid a huge price. He’d utilized a movement technique, the Horizon Warp technique. After all, just the speed his physical strength granted him was utterly insufficient to instantly kill Monarch Realm experts!

Moreover, if he didn’t immediately deter the rest upon attacking, then they would definitely join forces against him. Once that happened, then the price he would have to pay wouldn’t be as small as it was now!

The sharp pain that came from his meridians was nothing. After all, such pain wasn’t lethal to him, and it just hurt a little. The true problem was that he’d realized that constantly utilizing profound energy had caused the problem with his meridians to worsen. He noticed that the meridians within him were showing signs of breaking even further.

I must gain access to the Primordial Pagoda as soon as possible! Yang Ye knew that the only way to fully restore his meridians was the Primordial Violet Energy from the Primordial Pagoda. Only Primordial Violet Energy could restore him to his peak strength as soon as possible. Besides recovering his former cultivation, there was something else that he wanted to recover, and it was his sword intent!

While his attainments in the Sword Dao were extremely formidable, but the lack of sword intent to support it caused his combat strength to be greatly reduced!

A long time later, the problem with Yang Ye’s meridians had finally been temporarily suppressed after he absorbed the energy within over 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones, and the sharp pain had lessened drastically as well. However, there was a problem that troubled him. While he’d consumed over 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones, not only had his cultivation shown no signs of advancing, it hadn’t even strengthened in the slightest!

Looks like I have to think of some other way to improve my strength to the Monarch Realm! Yang Ye shook his head lightly, and then he opened his eyes slowly. As soon as he did, Yang Ye noticed that Fan Meng was squatting in front of him, and her hands were supporting her chin up as she stared fixedly at him.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “What are you looking at me for? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll have nightmares?”

Fan Meng suddenly stretched out her hand and touched the scars on Yang Ye’s left cheek, “It surely hurts a lot for you, right?”

Yang Ye’s heart softened when he noticed the pain in Fan Meng’s eyes, “That’s nothing. The hardships I suffered in the past were much more terrifying than this!” He wasn’t lying because just thinking about how it felt when Elder Mu used the Nether Ghostflame to temper his body…. Even now, that feeling was still engraved deeply within him!

Fan Meng asked another question, “How did you fall to such a terrible state?”

She still remembered that Yang Ye was only at the Mortal Realm when he was at the Fan Clan, and he was even taking care of the horses. Even if he’d only done it for a few days….

Fan Li looked at him as well. Actually, she wanted to know the answer as well. After all, Yang Ye wasn’t even able to move when she found him that day!

Yang Ye remained silent.

Fan Meng asked softly, “You can’t tell me?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Me and many others fought a very powerful enemy. That enemy was so powerful that many of us died. While I survived, I suffered extremely severe injuries. The time I met your older sister was the time that my injuries were the most severe, and I still haven’t recovered until now!”

She asked again, “Were you very strong in the past?”

Yang Ye rubbed her head and said, “I was just ordinary!”

Fan Meng asked, “How strong is ordinary? Were you as strong as the Ye Clan’s ancestor? He’s a high rank Monarch Realm expert. I heard he’s only half a step away from the Half-Saint Realm!”

Yang Ye replied, “I can fight 100 experts like him!”

Suddenly, a furious roar resounded from outside the carriage, “Yang Ye! You killed my son and grandson! I’ll slaughter you!”

Fan Meng blinked and said, “He’s the Ye Clan’s ancestor. You said you can fight 100 experts like him….”

Yang Ye was speechless.

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