Chapter 849 – Sword! Sword! Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword shattered, and a ray of light flashed.

Lin Kai’s body was instantly split into two, and his internal organs sprayed all over the ground along with his blood. It was truly a bloody scene.

It was an instant kill!

With just a single attack!

The surroundings fell silent, deathly silent!

All the spectators gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief, and it was like they’d been petrified.

No one had expected Lin Kai to actually be killed from a single attack and without the ability to fight back at all, and this even included the members of the Ancient Sword School and Kong Lian.

After all, Lin Kai was a monstrous genius at the high rank of the Exalt Realm who’d once remained undefeated in a battle with a demon beast at the Half-Saint Realm! Yet now, he’d actually been unable to even resist a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword!

It made them wonder if Yang Ye was a high rank Half-Saint!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and waved it, and then the spatial ring on Lin Kai’s finger flew into his grasp. He nodded slightly upon inspecting its contents. Because Lin Kai hadn’t lied, and there really were 200,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it!

After he put it away, Yang Ye gazed at the other members of the Dao Order and said, “Playing with all of you is like playing games with children. It’s completely meaningless. But it’s fine since all of you are quite rich, yet I just happen to lack extreme-grade energy stones. Now, all I want to know is if all of you are going to attack me together, and will you fight me one by one?”

It was arrogant! Absolutely arrogant!

Needless to say, what Yang Ye said was extremely arrogant, but everyone felt that he was qualified to do so!

In the opinion of the spectators, Yang Ye was acting arrogantly because he was intentionally slapping the Dao Order’s face. But in Yang Ye’s opinion, he was merely stating a fact. It wasn’t that these geniuses of the Dao Order were weak, it was the Dao Order who’d underestimated his strength. Because he was once at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. Moreover, his combat strength had been on par with mid-grade Half-Saints of Profounder Continent, and he could even fight the high-grade Half-Saints there!

However, the Dao Order had sent Exalt Realm experts to kill him.

Under such circumstances, the Dao Order was falling into a lethal trap!

“It seems that my eyes betrayed me!” Kong Lian spoke in a heavy voice. Just that attack alone allowed her to realize that Yang Ye’s strength was at the same level as her, and it might even be stronger than her. Because even she couldn’t instantly kill Lin Kai!

Yang Ye glanced at the members of the Dao Order and said, “Since no one is stepping forward, then I’m leaving!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Fan Meng and Fan Li. The two of them understood his intentions and hurriedly walked over to his side. Yang Ye took Fan Meng’s hand and started walking forward.

A white robed young man from the Dao Order was about to step forward, but he was stopped by Kong Lian, “You aren’t a match for him!”

The young man spoke solemnly, “Our Dao Order would definitely be laughed at if he’s allowed to leave just like that!”

“Cause our Dao Order to be laughed at? Who does he think he is!?” Suddenly, a furious howl that sounded like the roar of a wild beast resounded, and then a sharp explosion resounded in the air before a golden ray of saber energy slashed down from the sky. Its target was Yang Ye!

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he clenched his right fist tightly, and then he smashed it towards the saber energy.


The saber energy was blasted into dispersal, and a powerful wave of energy swiftly swept out from there, causing the ground in the surroundings to be instantly cracked apart.

All the spectators were astounded by this scene, and they hurriedly moved backwards.

Fan Li swiftly pulled Fan Meng back with her as well. Because if they were to continue staying by Yang Ye’s side under such circumstances, then they would only be a burden for him!

Once the wave of energy dispersed, a man had appeared within their fields of vision. The man had a tall and robust figure which was at least 3 times larger than an ordinary person. Just a single arm of his was as thick as an adult’s thigh while his eyes seemed like they were the size of fists. Besides that, he had a huge saber that matched his size resting on his shoulder.

The man didn’t feel like he was human but a violent beast from deep within the mountains!

“Man Ba! It’s Man Ba!” Some were shocked.

Man Ba could be considered to be very renowned throughout Pine Prefecture, and he was an extremely terrifying existence as well. He was cruel, ruthless, and insane…. Perhaps he wasn’t the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Dao Order, but he was definitely the one whom others feared the most, and it was none other than because he was a complete madman!

Man Ba glanced at Yang Ye, yet his gaze descended onto Fan Meng and Fan Li in the end, and there was undisguised lust within his eyes, “The two of you belong to Yang Ye? Haha! He’s really quite lucky to actually have such gorgeous little beauties to accompany him all along the way. Don’t worry, once I twist off Yang Ye’s head, I’ll take good care of both of you in his stead. I guarantee that I’ll make both of you unable to get off the bed every single night. Hahaha!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly swung his saber at Yang Ye, and a strand of saber energy tore through the air and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged as he smashed his fist forward, and the saber energy was instantly blasted into pieces.

Yang Ye waved his hand, and a ray of light shot out from within the sword chest of a disciple from the Ancient Sword School and fell into his grasp. After that, Yang Ye started walking towards Man Ba, “Looks like your Dao Order doesn’t just intend to kill me, it doesn’t even intend to let my friends go!”


Man Ba struck his saber against the ground, and the ground instantly shook violently while countless cracks started spreading swiftly. There was a trace of madness and ferocity on the corners of his mouth as he spoke, “Of course not. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you later. I’ll make you kneel before the city gates. Do you know what you’ll be doing while kneeling there? You’ll be watching your women accept their customers!”

When he spoke up to this point, he roared with laughter and pointed at both Fan Meng and Fan Li, “Men in the city, hear me! I’ll cripple their cultivations later and make them lay before the city gates. You only have to pay a single energy stone to spend some time with them. Remember, only a single energy stone. Hahaha!”

Fan Li and Fan Meng’s faces had turned slightly pale. Fan Meng held tightly onto Fan Li’s hand while her figure trembled slightly. While Fan Li was comparatively calm, there was terror in her eyes.

In their eyes, the Dao Order was an existence that was countless times stronger than their Fan Clan! Or it should be said that it was an existence which they had to look up to in the past. Yet now, this existence which they had to look up to in the past intended to kill them, so how could they not feel fearful?

Yang Ye started smiling, and he smiled at Man Ba as he said, “Since I arrived at the Radiant Dimension, it’s the first time I’ve had the thought of annihilating the Dao Order!”

“Annihilate my Dao Order!?” Suddenly, cold laughter resounded from high above, “Yang Ye, you really are an extraordinary genius. You haven’t comprehended sword intent yet aren’t any weaker to those sword cultivators who’ve comprehended Heaven Rank sword intent. However, annihilate my Dao Order? Who do you think you are? If it wasn’t a fight between juniors, I would have killed you with just a swing of my palm!”

Yang Ye replied, “Then why don’t we wait and see?”

“Then we will!” The voice resounded from the sky, “Let me see if you, Yang Ye, can destroy my Dao Order, and I’m even more curious about whether you’ll be able to survive today. Man Ba, just as you said, don’t kill him later. My Dao Order will let the world witness the consequences of going against us!”

“Don’t worry, Elder!” Man Ba smiled, “I won’t kill him later. I’ll cripple him and make him a eunuch. After that, I’ll make him kneel before the city gates and watch how his women moan beneath other men all day and night! HAHAHA!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at Fan Meng and Fan Li, “Are you two afraid?”

Fan Meng immediately shook her head and said, “I’m afraid of nothing when you’re here.”

“You’ll be afraid in a moment!” Man Ba laughed ferociously, and then he gazed at Kong Lian, “Senior Sister Kong, let’s kill all of these disciples of the Ancient Sword School, alright? We won’t bully the weak, and we’ll fight against those at a similar realm of cultivation. Let’s allow the world to see if the Dao Order or the Ancient Sword School is stronger!”

Kong Lian spoke solemnly, “He’s very strong!”

“No matter how strong he is, can he be stronger than me?” As soon as Man Ba finished speaking, a terrifying pressure suddenly surged out from within him, and then space seemed like it was boiling and started to ripple!

1st level Heaven Rank Slaughter Intent!

The expressions of everyone here turned pale.

“HAHAHA!” Man Ba raised his saber and pointed it at Yang Ye, “Kill!”

Kong Lian and the others immediately attacked when they heard him. But they didn’t attack Yang Ye, they attacked the other disciples of the Ancient Sword School instead.

“Yang Ye, don’t worry about us and fight your battle! So long as you return alive to the Ancient Sword School, then it would be worth it even if we die!” As soon as Wu Yanzhong finished speaking, a ray of light instantly charged out from within the sword chest on his back and shot towards Kong Lian. At the same time, the other 4 disciples behind him raised their swords and attacked the other disciples of the Dao Order.

“Yang Ye, I’ll kill you in 10 moves!” Man Ba roared furiously as he shot explosively towards Yang Ye, and his saber carried the might to split the world apart as it slashed down towards Yang Ye. The force carried by the saber was so powerful that it pressured the space around it to the point of warping, and it was extremely shocking!

“All the disciples of the Dao Order here shall die today!” Yang Ye flipped his right palm, and a sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he swiftly made a flicking motion with it.


The saber and sword collided with each other. Both instantly trembled violently while space even shattered apart.

“I’ll cripple you with one attack!” Yang Ye stabbed his sword into the ancient sheath before swiftly drawing it. A sword howl shot into the sky as the sword shattered, and then a ray of light flashed.

Man Ba’s face turned grim, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He immediately took his saber in both hands before slashing it down swiftly, “Heavenbreaker!”

As soon as his voice resounded, a wave of saber energy shot out from the tip of the saber, and then it smashed against the sword energy.

However, everyone here watched with astonishment as Man Ba’s saber energy was instantly cut into two as if it was just a thin piece of paper!

“How could this be possible!” Man Ba was shocked, and he was about to dodge. Unfortunately, it was too late, and Yang Ye’s sword energy was about to smash his chest. Man Ba was horrified and quickly placed his saber before his chest to block the attack.


The saber shook violently yet didn’t shatter. However, Man Ba who stood behind it was blasted flying.

Man Ba wasn’t dead, of course. But that strike had covered him in blood. Moreover, disbelief still remained in his eyes because that attack of his was something that was even impossible for a Half-Saint to destroy with ease!

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye stomped his foot down on Man Ba’s face yet didn’t even look at him. Yang Ye looked up into the sky instead and said, “Dao Order! Just take a look! I can kill your disciples like dogs! I can kill them at will! You don’t believe me? I’ll demonstrate it once more!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his hand and a sword suddenly flew into his grasp. He sheathed it before swiftly drawing it.

The sword shattered while a ray of light flashed, and then a white robed disciple of the Dao Order was instantly chopped into two at the waist!

“Sword! Come to me!” As soon as he spoke, another sword flew into his grasp.

“I’m afraid you might have not seen it clearly, so I’ll demonstrate it again!” As soon as he finished speaking, his sword left its sheath and shattered. Meanwhile, a white robed disciple in the distance was instantly killed.

“Sword!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more.

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