Chapter 864 – Alright! Let’s Head To The Dao Order!

Almighty Sword Domain

High above in the clouds.

Yang Ye stood on one of the clouds while Daoist Gu stood before him. There were 2 other old men in robes that were a mix of white and green standing on either side of Daoist Gu.

All of them were Saints!

Daoist Gu asked seriously, “Who exactly are you!”

If it was anyone else who pretended to be his disciple, then he would have ended that person’s life a long time ago. After all, he didn’t want his reputation to be destroyed. But not only was his reputation not spoiled by Yang Ye, Yang Ye had improved his reputation greatly, and he’d absolutely gained a huge amount of prestige as well.

After all, the old fellows in the Ancient Sword School had expressed disdain when he said that he’d found a genius in the Sword Dao who was comparable to Lu Wan’er, and it was even to the extent that they’d ridiculed him and said that he’d lost his mind. But the very same old fellows had a 360 degree turn in their attitudes when Yang Ye made an appearance. All of them praised him for his discerning ability and for finding such an extraordinary genius for the Ancient Sword School.

Of course, he was baffled when he heard about Yang Ye. Because only he was clearly aware that the genius he’d taken as his disciple wasn’t named Yang Ye at all.

At that time, his only reaction was to immediately find Yang Ye and end Yang Ye’s life before whipping Yang Ye’s corpse. However, once he found out about Yang Ye’s accomplishments in battle, he’d finally calmed down. Because as far as he was concerned, this fellow, Yang Ye, was not bad. At the very least, Yang Ye hadn’t brought shame to him.

Even though Yang Ye’s natural talent in the Sword Dao was absolutely extraordinary, he didn’t want to just allow Yang Ye to become a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. Because Yang Ye’s background and origins were unknown!

If a person like Yang Ye were to join the Ancient Sword School, he would definitely become part of its core. But if he’d been sent over by an enemy of the Ancient Sword School or had some ulterior objectives, then it would be a lethal blow to the sword school!

But they really didn’t want to abandon a genius in the Sword Dao like Yang Ye!

So, the Ancient Sword School hadn’t just sent him here, it had sent 2 other Saints with him!

Yang Ye glanced at them before bowing slightly to them, “Seniors, pretending to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School was my mistake, and I caused a huge amount of trouble for the sword school. I feel very sorry for that. However, I really do want to become a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, and that was why I pretended to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School when I had no other choice that day. Moreover, no one would believe me even if I said that I wasn’t one.”

He was only telling half-truths. After all, he absolutely had to grab onto the support of such a powerful sect like the Ancient Sword School in this current situation. In this world or any other world, it was absolutely impossible to live for long without powerful backing. Just like this very moment, if it wasn’t for the Ancient Sword School, the Dao Order would have definitely sent experts to annihilate him a long time ago.

The old man on Daoist Gu’s left asked, “It wouldn’t be difficult at all for you to join my Ancient Sword School with your strength. So, why did you pretend to be one?”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Senior, you can’t blame me for that. The Ancient Sword School’s requirements for new disciples is that they have to possess 6th level sword intent at least. But I… I’m sure you’ve noticed it. I can’t even be considered to possess 1st level sword intent!”

The old man on the left asked again in a low voice, “That’s impossible! How could your sword intent be that weak with the natural talent that you possess!?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Because I once utilized a secret technique to ignite 13 levels of sword intent. So….”

“13th level Sword Intent!?” The expressions of all the old men changed slightly when they heard him. The old man on the left stretched out his hand and placed it on Yang Ye’s shoulder. A short while passed before he withdrew his hand, and then he gazed at Daoist Gu and the other old man before nodding, “He isn’t lying!”

Daoist Gu and the other old man had shock in their eyes when they heard this. 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and the Sword Domain….

To a certain extent, his natural talent in the Sword Dao is much more terrifying than Lu Wan’er!

The old man on the left asked another question in a serious tone, “Who exactly are you!?”After all, it was impossible for Yang Ye to be unknown in Pine Prefecture with the natural talent he possessed. Simply speaking, he wasn’t just curious about Yang Ye’s identity, he was suspicious of it!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and said, “I’m from the same place as Lu Wan’er!” He knew that it was impossible to deceive these 3 Saints, and it was impossible to trick them as well. So, he just told them the truth!

“You’re from the lower dimensions!” Daoist Gu was astounded, and there was disbelief in his eyes.

Yang Ye nodded.

“That should be impossible….” Daoist Gu said, “If you are from the lower dimensions, then you shouldn’t have come here. You should be in the Central Divine Prefecture instead….”

Yang Ye was quite puzzled, “The Central Divine Prefecture?”

Daoist Gu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “There’s an Entrance Pool in the Central Divine Prefecture, and all who come from the lower dimensions would arrive there. Since you’re from the lower dimensions, you should have arrived there as well and not Pine Prefecture.”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t know. In any case, I was here when I woke up!”

The 3 of them exchanged glances, and there was a trace of bewilderment in their eyes. Based on their strength and experience, they were naturally able to discern that Yang Ye wasn’t lying. Yang Ye was naturally not lying, and that was exactly why they were bewildered.

A long time passed before Daoist Gu said, “Why did you pretend to be my disciple?”

Yang Ye had thought of an answer to this question a very long time ago, so he immediately said, “Because I look up to you, Senior. I heard a very long time ago that Senior Gu is a matchless expert, and your sword technique is extraordinary and peerless. Moreover, you are a heroic and courageous person with morality that reaches up to the clouds. So, I’ve looked forward to meeting Senior for a long time, and that was why I pretended to be Senior’s disciple. Please do forgive me.”

The corners of the other 2 old men’s mouths twitched, what flattery….

Daoist Gu revealed a slight smile when he heard Yang Ye, and then he nodded, “Kid, while there’s some flattery in there, it can still be considered to be true. Right, out of consideration that you’re not so bad, I’ll forgive you for pretending to be my disciple!”

Yang Ye heaved a slight sigh of relief when he heard this. If Daoist Gu didn’t make a fuss about it, then the others in the Ancient Sword School would definitely not say a thing. No matter what, the matter between him and the Ancient Sword School had finally been resolved peacefully.

Yang Ye glanced at the 3 old men and said, “Seniors, I hope to join the Ancient Sword School, but my sword intent is only at the 1st level. If the Ancient Sword School is unwilling to accept me, then to be honest, I have no choice but to join the Endless Devil Sect or the Ocean of Clouds Academy because it’s the only way for me to survive after offending the Dao Order.”

“No!” All 3 of them spoke simultaneously.

They exchanged glances and seemed slightly embarrassed. The old man on the left coughed and said, “Err, the rules were set by the dead, but we are alive. While your sword intent hasn’t attained the 6th level, your strength and natural talent in the Sword Dao far exceeded the requirements of the sword school. Moreover, your sword intent was once at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank, and the only reason it’s at its current state is because you utilized a secret technique. So, you’re entirely qualified to join our Ancient Sword School!”

Daoist Gu spoke as well, “Presently, the entire world is aware that you’re a member of my Ancient Sword School, so wouldn’t everyone laugh at our Ancient Sword School if you don’t join our sword school?”

“You sincerely wish to join the Ancient Sword School?” Suddenly, the old man on the right spoke, “Or do you just intend to use the Ancient Sword School for now to protect yourself?”

Daoist Gu and the other old man revealed solemn expressions when they heard this. Yang Ye’s natural talent was extraordinary indeed, and the Ancient Sword School naturally welcomed such a monstrous genius in the Sword Dao. However, if Yang Ye was merely joining to keep himself alive, then it was better for the Ancient Sword School to reject him no matter how monstrous his talent was. Because they might nurture an ungrateful bastard!

Yang Ye knew that this was their final question. If he answered it well, then he would be allowed to join the Ancient Sword School; if he failed, then the consequences were obvious. After all, he’d caused such huge trouble for the Ancient Sword School and caused many of its disciples to die. So, how could the Ancient Sword School let the matter go if it didn’t gain anything in the end?

The Ancient Sword School was no angel!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “To tell all of you the truth, when I first pretended to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, I did intend to use that identity to protect myself. However, I met many disciples of the Ancient Sword School after that. To be honest, my impression of the Ancient Sword School is very good, so if I were to choose a power to join, then the Ancient Sword School would be my first choice. I know what you’re worried about, and all I can say to that is that I won’t betray the Ancient Sword School if it doesn’t betray me!”

The old man on the right asked, “You know that little girl, Wan’er?”

Yang Ye nodded.

The 3 of them exchanged glances, and then they nodded. Daoist Gu said, “Since you were able to comprehend 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and the Sword Domain, it proves that you’re absolutely not one to go against your own heart. So, from this moment onwards, you’re a disciple of our Ancient Sword School. Right, there are 9 peaks, which one will you choose?”

Daoist Gu’s gaze was fixed on Yang Ye when he spoke up to this point.

Yang Ye smiled, “The Heavenly Sword Peak, of course!”

“You have a good eye!” Daoist Gu grinned, “Kid, I’ll protect you from now on!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

The other 2 old men shook their heads. They naturally wanted to take Yang Ye as their disciples as well, but Daoist Gu had the upper hand!

“Let’s go back to the Ancient Sword School!” Daoist Gu continued, “The important matter at hand is to recover your sword intent!”

Yang Ye was astounded, “Sword intent can be recovered?”

Daoist Gu smiled, “I can only say that you’re lucky. Because I’m afraid my Ancient Sword School is the only place throughout Pine Prefecture that can help you recover your sword intent. But you might have to suffer a little!”

Yang Ye was overjoyed! As for suffering, would he even fear that?

Daoist Gu smiled, “Let’s go!”

Yang Ye replied, “How long would it take to recover my sword intent?”

Daoist Gu pondered deeply for a moment and said, “You ignited 13 levels of sword intent, so that’s quite difficult and troublesome to recover. It would take a month at least!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he said, “Let’s put it aside for now because I’m heading to the Dao Order tomorrow!”

Daoist Gu and the others revealed solemn expressions when they heard this, and Daoist Gu spoke in a low voice, “You’re not joking?”

“Of course!” Yang Ye said, “I’ve already told them that I would. If I don’t, then it wouldn’t just be my honor that’s tarnished, the Ancient Sword School would face the same fate. Can we even afford to lose face like that?”

Daoist Gu spoke solemnly, “You might lose your life!”

“If I don’t, then even more from the Ancient Sword School might lose their lives!” Yang Ye continued, “I caused all of this, so let me put an end to it!”

Daoist Gu remained silent for a long time before he finally spoke, “Alright! Let’s go to the Dao Order!”

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